These three common foods are more “damaging to the spleen and stomach” than instant noodles. Children can’t eat more if they like it.

These three common foods are more “damaging to the spleen and stomach” than instant noodles, and children cannot eat more if they like it

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When I was a child Children who want to taste instant noodles may have heard the warning from their parents: “Instant noodles are junk food, and they won’t grow well.”

At that time, parents basically grew up eating natural foods. Because of doubts about the safety of instant noodles, a common processed food, and there are always “experts” in the newspapers promoting the dangers of instant noodles, parents naturally don’t want their children to eat it. 

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Children who grow up listening to these words will also prevent their babies from eating instant noodles when they become parents. The difference is that they will choose healthy snacks for them. 

But many snacks seem to be healthy, but they are more harmful than instant noodles. 

Feed nutritious biscuits for breakfast. The more you eat, the more you eat.

Xin Yue returned to the workplace when the child was in kindergarten. If there is no time to make breakfast for the child in the morning, he will prepare a small meal for him. For breakfast, biscuits, bread and the like. 

She thinks foods such as biscuits and bread are made of eggs and milk. They are very nutritious and suitable for children’s breakfast. 

But after more than a year, the weight of the child gradually exceeded the average weight, and became picky. He likes to eat biscuits, bread and the like. For meals and the like, if it’s meat , I am willing to eat more, if it is vegetables, I don’t want to move at all. 

The stomach and intestines have also become poor. I often suffer from constipation at a young age, and sometimes my stomach hurts. 

Although he is fat, but However, the physical fitness is very poor, and I often feel sleepy and have no energy to do anything. 

Xin Yue, who was worried about her child’s health, took time to take her to the hospital for an examination. The doctor said that the child was too picky, and eating too much biscuits caused the body to gain weight. He also consumed less vegetables and water, which caused it. The spleen and stomach are weak, so they are always constipated, and their spirit and appearance are poor. 

Xin Yue regrets not carefully studying the nutritional value of biscuits, and using these foods as staple food for her baby, as a result, she harmed her children. 

These three common foods are very harmful to children

There are many snacks in life that seem to be healthy but are actually very harmful to children. The following three are very common. Parents should Pay more attention. 

1. Processed meat

In the past, the most common processed meat on the street was hot dogs. At that time, parents realized that there were too many additives, such as preservatives, in this food. Unhygienic and healthy, letting children eat more will affect their health. 

But now the rise of hot pot culture Various processed meats such as beef balls, fish balls, and crab fillets are convenient and delicious to add. Parents gradually forget the harm of these foods. Instead, they think that the meatballs with fish and crab meat are very nutritious. 

Actually, there is not much meat in the balls. Even shrimp balls, etc., may be made of surimi, starch and various condiments, and contain a lot of salt and oil. 

If you give your children too much, it will not only fail to supplement their nutrition, but it will also endanger their health. 

2. Dried fruit preserves

Some parents like to buy snacks such as dried fruit preserves for their children as appetizers. They think that these snacks are made of fruits, and their nutritional value may be higher. a little. 

But there are actually many dried fruits and preserves Nitrite is added to it, which is very harmful to the body after consumption. 

There are also preserves whose content and name simply don’t match up. For example, the dried blueberries written on the package are actually made from plums. In order to taste similar, this kind of snack will also add a lot of food additives and colorings. , Not suitable for children. 

If parents see that there are only fruits and sugar in the ingredient list, don’t be happy too early, because many dried fruits only rely on the sugar in the fruit to make it difficult to make the taste better, so the amount of sugar in it is likely to exceed the standard Yes, and too much sugar intake will not only make the child fat, but may also cause harm to the spleen and stomach. 

3. Biscuits

For parents who like to use biscuits as breakfast for their children, they must change it. The dietary fiber in the biscuits is insufficient, and the child needs to eat a lot to be full. This It is easy to cause their intake of sugar and food additives to exceed the standard. 

The taste is also very good, and it is very easy to cause addiction and partial eclipse to children. In the future, they may be malnourished because of eating too many biscuits and not eating normal food. 

The most important point is that most biscuits and desserts contain trans fatty acids, which are harmful to the human body. National regulations must be marked on the packaging. 

But if 100 grams of food contains less than 0.3 grams of trans fatty acids, it can be marked as 0, so parents must be careful when choosing biscuits and bread for their children. Some foods may be more harmful than instant noodles. Spleen and stomach. 

Although most snack pairs Children’s health is dangerous, but parents shouldn’t deny them altogether. Giving their children snacks in addition to the regular meals can supplement snacks that cannot be obtained from the three meals and protect the children’s intestines and stomach. 

Precautions for choosing snacks for children

1. Choose by nutritional content

When choosing snacks for children, you can’t just think about whether they love them or not. You also need to check the list of ingredients and nutritional ingredients. It is best not to choose snacks with too many food additives, and it is best not to choose snacks with more than 10% sugar, so as not to cause the child to gain weight. 

Fruits and nuts are good snacks to supplement children’s nutrition and reduce hunger. 

Children can eat about 150 grams of fruits and 15 grams of nuts every day. 

2, pay attention to snacking Time

It is best not to eat snacks when it is very close to the meal, so as not to affect the child’s normal diet and nutrition. Do not eat snacks within 30 minutes before going to bed, so as not to affect the stomach and sleep quality. 

3, pay attention to safety

Some snacks have small or large particles, and children are easy to choke or choke when eating. Parents can help them to handle them to a suitable size. , And then let the child eat. Return to Sohu to see more

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After pregnancy, if the body has four conditions , It may be that the blood sugar is too high, which easily affects fetal development

According to statistics, the prevalence of gestational diabetes in China is 1%~5%, and it is 1%~14% globally. It mostly occurs in people with advanced age, obesity, endocrine disorders, and genetic history. Pregnant mother. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

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The health of pregnant mothers is the basis for the normal growth and development of the fetus. Once the mother has a problem, the fetus is bound to be affected, just like the blood sugar level. If it is too high, it will be very May cause harm to the mother and baby. 

If the blood sugar level is too high during pregnancy, it will affect the body Sending a signal

1, often thirsty and want to drink water

If the blood sugar content of pregnant mother is too high, it is easy to cause the blood osmotic pressure in the body to rise, leading to the phenomenon of thirst, but drinking water Can’t be relieved, there is a feeling of thirsty as you drink. At this time, you need to be wary of whether it is blood sugar. 

In addition, the increase in blood sugar content in the body will also lead to an increase in urine sugar, that is, more sugar excreted from the body. When diabetes develops, the daily urine output can reach 3000~4000ml, up to 10000ml, and The number of pregnant women going to the toilet will also increase, sometimes up to 20 times a day. This phenomenon will cause the body to lose more water, and thus become thirsty and want to drink water. 

2. Eat a lot but gain weight slowly

During pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s appetite will become larger. After all, the nutrition needed by the fetus comes from the mother, but if the expectant mother’s appetite is too high, it needs to cause Pay attention. 

This is because if the secretion of insulin (a hormone that can lower blood sugar) in the human body is reduced, the glucose in the food cannot be absorbed normally, which will cause the brain to receive the wrong signal and cause the body to feel In a state of hunger, always wanting to eat. 

In addition, the increase in blood sugar content will lead to an increase in urine sugar, and when the loss of sugar in the body exceeds 500g, it will make the body in a half-starved state, feel hungry, want to eat, and finally It creates a vicious circle. 

The human body with high blood sugar cannot fully absorb glucose, so fat and protein will be decomposed faster, which makes the capacity consumption higher than normal people, and there is a phenomenon of slow weight gain or even weight loss due to eating too much. . 

3. Feeling of skin itching

This phenomenon is easy to be ignored by people. Therefore, there will be mosquito bites in spring and summer, and excessive dryness in autumn and winter can cause skin itching. 

In fact, if the blood sugar level in the human body increases, it will cause endocrine disorders, which will cause acne, hyperhidrosis and other phenomena in the pregnant mother’s body. Without timely intervention, it is likely to cause peripheral neuropathy and induce Insufficient blood circulation, causing itching of the skin. 

4. Dizziness and weakness

Excessive high blood sugar levels in pregnant mothers will lead to insufficient insulin secretion, making glucose unable to be fully absorbed and in a free state, which promotes oxidized phosphoric acid in the brain If the change is weakened, the brain cells will experience dizziness and weakness due to insufficient capacity. 

In addition, the increase in blood sugar will also cause the blood concentration to become higher, resulting in poor blood circulation, insufficient blood supply to the brain, and dizziness and weakness. 

Blood glucose check during pregnancy

When the pregnant mother is 24 to 28 weeks pregnant, a glucose tolerance test will be performed, which is to take blood from the mother-to-be for blood sugar testing to determine if she has gestational diabetes. 

This test requires the pregnant mother to have an empty stomach for at least 8 hours before the test can be performed, and no food is allowed during the whole process. 

After taking blood on an empty stomach, pregnant mothers need to receive 75 grams of glucose powder from the doctor, and then completely melt it in 300 ml of water and drink it within 5 minutes. This sweetness is really too shabby. People, many expectant mothers vomited up again not long after drinking, and can only continue to drink. One hour, two hours, and three hours after drinking glucose water, they need to secrete and draw blood for examination. According to the final result To judge. 

Under normal circumstances, the fasting blood glucose value is 3.89~6.1mmol/l, it will reach twice the fasting value after 1 hour, will be less than 7.0mmol/L after 2 hours, and will return to the fasting level after 3 hours. If two of these four values ​​exceed, it will be judged as gestational diabetes. 

About pregnancy blood glucose The hazards of high levels

High blood glucose levels during pregnancy are likely to cause gestational diabetes, which is a type of diabetes that is normal before pregnancy and has high blood sugar levels during pregnancy. 

According to statistics, the incidence of gestational diabetes in my country reaches 1%~5%, and it reaches 1%~14% globally. It mostly occurs in pregnant mothers with advanced age, obesity, endocrine disorders, and genetic history. 

The emergence of gestational diabetes is accompanied by some harms, not only for the pregnant mother, but also for the fetus. 

Harm to pregnant mothers

a. Hypertension in pregnancy. According to research findings, gestational diabetes mellitus will be associated with gestational hypertension, and the risk of suffering from it is 4 times that of normal pregnant women. 

b. Abnormal amniotic fluid. According to investigations and studies, the probability of abnormal amniotic fluid in patients with gestational diabetes is 10%~30%. This is because the pregnant mother’s blood sugar is too high, which causes the fetus’s blood sugar to also become high, which causes the fetus to have osmotic diuresis and cause excessive amniotic fluid. 

c. Infection of the urinary system. Because pregnant mothers suffer from gestational diabetes, the body’s resistance will decrease, which will cause the urinary system of expectant mothers to be easily infected. 

2. Harm to the fetus

a. Congenital malformations. According to survey data, pregnant mothers suffer from gestational diabetes, and the probability of fetal congenital malformations is 2 to 3 times that of ordinary fetuses. 

b, huge. Pregnant mothers suffering from gestational diabetes can easily cause the fetus to stay in a high-sugar environment for a long time, which will cause the appearance of huge babies and increase the difficulty of delivery. 

c. Obesity. Pregnant mothers suffer from gestational diabetes, and the fetus growing in this environment is likely to become obese after birth. According to surveys, children born to pregnant women with gestational diabetes are more likely to be obese than children born to normal pregnant women. It’s much higher. Return to Sohu to see more

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