These things are very popular with children, they are actually dirtier than rubbish, and some are thrown away soon

These things are very popular with children. They are actually dirtier than trash, and some are quickly thrown away.

Every parent hopes that their children can grow up healthy and safe, but many parents find that once the children grow up When there is neglect, it is easy to harm the child. 

Especially for one or two-year-old babies, their bodies are more fragile, their resistance is also very weak, and they are easily hurt by some small factors. Some of these factors are hard for parents to think of, such as pacifiers and teethers bought for their children. 

We know that the protection of infant products is the highest level, but what moms can’t think of is that some businesses will make mistakes on this, resulting in great discounts on the quality of products for babies.

Sophie The quality of the gum is worrying, and the mothers are afraid.

Some time ago, the star mother Yi Nengjing posted a paragraph about the quality of Sophie teether on Weibo, and reminded the majority of mothers to pay attention to the quality when using Sophie teether. problem. 

While Yi Nengjing was taking care of her baby, a fan sent her a picture of Sophie Teether’s quality problem through Facebook. The gutta-percha has been cut out on the photo, and the inside is full of black mold. . 

The teether is put in the mouth every day, and the child may ingest a lot of mold from the bad quality teether. It is scary to think about it. 

For a child of one or two years old, the body is very fragile, and the resistance is very weak, and it is easy to cause illness from the mouth. Therefore, the goods bought for the child must be clean and hygienic, otherwise it will be given to the child Cause certain harm to their health. 

Except for things like gutta-percha, in fact, many mothers have not noticed that these four things often used for children are easy to cause harm to children. 

These four Children like things, but they are dirtier than rubbish. Some of them are quickly thrown away at home.

1, pacifiers

Some babies are milk-fed, and some are breast-fed, but they will eat it at a certain time A pacifier, which is also a baby’s dependence, can give the baby a sense of security. 

Many mothers can also see that babies love pacifiers, but do you know? The pacifier is easy to breed bacteria. Sometimes the baby puts the pacifier in his mouth to allow it to suck, and then throws the pacifier aside at will. If the pacifier is not cleaned in time, it is easy to be contaminated with other bacteria and even mildew. 

2. Straw cup

For babies, it takes a certain amount of time to learn to drink water, so many mothers buy sippy cups for their children to drink water. 

But when buying a screw-top straw cup, it is easy to be inadequate in cleaning, especially at the joints. A large amount of milk and juice will be produced in the cup, which will breed bacteria after a period of time. Moreover, the mold residue in the nozzle on the inner wall of the straw is also difficult to be removed. 

3. Bathroom toys

Some parents will buy some bathroom toys for their children in order to comfort their children and take a good bath, so that when they take a bath, the children will also take a bath obediently. 

But when children play with bathroom toys, they will bite them in their mouths. The child’s bath water itself is not hygienic. Some bathroom toys may not be cleaned in time after being put in the water for many times, and invisible bacteria and mold will grow on it. 

4. Teether

When the baby is in the period of teething, parents will buy the teether for the child to ease the tooth pain. Therefore, the teether is an indispensable item in the growth process of the baby, but the cleaning problem of the teether is the most noteworthy. 

When the child sucks and bites the teether, it will leave saliva and food on it. If the parents do not clean the teether properly, the teether will breed bacteria, and some teether manufacturers are very black-hearted, and the quality of the teether itself is also required. note. 

In order to protect the health of the baby, what issues should parents pay attention to? 

1. Action

For one or two-year-old babies, although they are about to learn to walk independently, they are not very stable, so parents should help their babies avoid dangerous places. 

Help your child not to walk too far away from him. It is best to buy a fall-resistant head back cushion for your baby. Even if you fall while learning to walk, it will not fall on your baby’s head. 

2. In terms of diet

For young babies, try not to put salt and sugar when adding complementary foods to children. I believe everyone knows this common sense. Because adding salt will burden the child’s kidneys, and it will also damage the child’s taste buds. If you are worried that your baby will have no taste when eating, you can add some children’s soy sauce to the complementary food, even if you add a small amount of it, just adjust the taste. 

3. Early education

For children, the body is gradually developing. This period is also a good time to learn quickly, so early education is necessary. 

Talk to your baby more and teach your baby some new vocabulary to help your baby know more things, accept more new things, and help your baby improve brain development and learning ability. 

Baby needs special protection and guidance during the growth process. Only by paying attention to protecting things in life can the baby grow up healthily. 

Finally, what opinions do you have on how to protect the risk factors around your baby? Please leave a message in the comment area. Don’t worry, boys in your family don’t grow taller, but develop late. These features are signal lights.

Compared with girls, most boys have the characteristics of late development. On the contrary, girls are The main group of “precocious puberty”. 

But many parents don’t understand this situation. Seeing that so many children of the same age as their own boys have developed, why are my children still underdeveloped? Could something be wrong? Do you want to take it to the hospital? 

Such doubts are probably what parents with boys often think about. In fact, it is normal for boys to develop later than girls, and most boys develop late, which is also normal. 

Boys develop late These features are signal lights.

1. The voice has not changed for a long time.

It is said that after boys develop, their voices will change from immature swigs to hoarse adult male voices, but due to parents If you live with your child for a long time, even if there is a little change, it is difficult to notice. 

For my aunt, I couldn’t give an accurate answer to whether my child’s voice changed. In the end, I asked someone else to listen. 

Therefore, it is recommended that if parents adopt this method to observe whether the child has developed, they can find friends who are not familiar with the child to listen to, so that outsiders can more easily hear the difference. 

The relatively early boys may change their voice around 14 years old, but there are still some boys who have not changed their voice when they reach the age of sixteen or seventeen. The latter is the case of late development. Parents Don’t worry too much, just wait patiently for the child to sprout. 

2. The Adam’s apple has not changed.

Some parents observe the changes of the child’s Adam’s apple. If the child’s Adam’s apple is already prominent, it means that the child is in the developmental stage. At that time, nutrition should be adequate for the child. 

But if the child’s Adam’s apple has not changed after 14 years of age, and has not developed like the voice, then don’t worry, it means that the child’s body is still sleeping. When it grows, the Adam’s apple will naturally also Will stand out. 

3. The hair on the legs has not grown.

After some boys are developing, due to the massive production of male hormones, the body hormones have undergone major changes, which can stimulate the laryngeal knots and vocal cords. While changing, it may also stimulate body hair growth. 

If the child’s body hair has not grown, on the one hand, it may be that the child itself is not a body hair physique, on the other hand, it may be that it has not yet reached the point of development. 

At the stage of development of my little nephew, his voice and Adam’s apple hadn’t changed much, but the hair on his legs grew vigorously. At that time, my sister-in-law said it was about to develop. Nutritional supplementation was immediately arranged for the child. As a result, after a while, the child’s voice really changed, and it officially entered the golden period of development. 

The point that needs to be explained here is that some children may start to grow leg hair before they develop. This is because body hair is more affected by hormones. However, some children begin to grow body hair after they have developed, that is, changes in voice, Adam’s apple, etc., which indicates that the children’s hair follicles are less sensitive to hormones. 

The child develops late , What issues should parents pay attention to? 

1. Nutrition is indispensable

Some parents only wait until their children start to develop before they give their children a lot of nutrition. In fact, this approach is wrong. Parents should learn to “prepare for a rainy day.” Before the child officially enters the golden period of development, it is actually the child’s developmental period, but the growth and development speed at this stage is relatively slow. 

But it should be noted that although the speed is relatively slow, it is still the preparatory stage of development. If the preparation stage cannot be provided with sufficient nutrition to pave the way, the child will “grow long” after entering the golden period of development. The effect will also be worse. 

Therefore, it is necessary to supplement the child with sufficient nutrition at ordinary times. At the same time, pay attention to the balance of the nutritional structure. You must not consume protein or minerals alone, and neglect vitamins and fiber. After all, most Boys are all “carnivores” and mostly reject fruits and vegetables. 

2. Exercise is indispensable

Nowadays, many children would rather stay in bed and play with mobile phones or sleep, rather than go out and play with other children, because of the extreme lack of exercise. 

Children who have not exercised for a long time will not only have poor physical fitness, but also become obese, and their cardiopulmonary function and metabolic ability will be weakened. 

It is precisely because of this that children need more exercise. On the other hand, if the child lacks exercise for a long time, the body will lack growth hormone that stimulates growth and development, and the condition for the child to grow taller is restricted. The bone scale line is closed early due to lack of stimulation, and I am afraid that it will never grow again. Taller. 

Therefore, parents should arrange for their children to exercise at least three times a week. Each exercise time is controlled at about 1 to 2 hours. Do not do excessive exercises. Start with low intensity. Only Only in this way can it truly achieve the effect of conditioning the body. 

Parents, don’t be too anxious, take one step at a time, and do the preparatory work for their children in a down-to-earth manner, not afraid that their children will grow up!

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