These six lines on the baby’s face are “beauty lines”, one of which is very lucky. If they all grow up, their appearance is not low.

These six lines on the baby’s face are “beauty lines”, one is very lucky, if they all grow up, their appearance is not low

These six lines on the baby’s face are “beauty lines”, and one is very lucky. If they all grow up, their appearance is not low.

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Although it is very realistic, but more and more Many parents have realized that cute and good-looking children will receive more preferential treatment in life. 

Therefore, many parents will make efforts for the beauty of their children:

For example, eating black food during pregnancy can make the fetus hair look better;

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Cut eyelashes for newborn babies so that they have long eyelashes;

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Some parents even for children You’re looking good, and you’re on the wrong path, such as leggings for newborns. 

But in fact, many methods are not only useless, they can also cause harm to the baby. Moreover, when the baby is born, the legs are bent and the eyelashes are basically short. 

This does not mean that they will be uglier when they grow up. 

However, certain features on children’s faces hint that they may be beautiful in the future, especially the “beauty line”. 

There are these six on the baby’s face Line, it tends to look good when grown up

1, double eyelid line

The appearance index: ★★★★★

Babies with double eyelids generally have larger eyes and they are less likely to droop. It seems that the whole person is more energetic and more lovely. 

Many people who are dissatisfied with their appearance have seen their appearance rise by a big margin after undergoing double eyelid surgery. 

It can be seen that it has a great impact on human faces. 

Therefore, there are double eyelid lines on the baby’s eyes, and they are relatively parallel. Mommy doesn’t have to worry too much about the child’s appearance, just pay more attention to protect the child’s eyes. 

2. Lying silkworm line

The value index: ★★★★

Lying silkworms and double eyelids are two magic weapons that make the eyes look bigger. There are silkworms that can make people look even better. Young and cute. 

Many girls who don’t have silkworms have to describe themselves when putting on makeup. 

Therefore, if your baby has a silkworm, parents can also look forward to his looks when he grows up. 

Usually, we should also pay attention to keeping children staying up late, and pay attention to the rest of the eyes. If eye bags grow prematurely, lying silkworms will disappear. 

3. Seagull line

Amenity index: ★★★

There is a line between the upper part of the nostril and the head of the nose. The proportions of the nose wings are perfect, and the shape of this line will look like a seagull spreading its wings. 

So, If the baby has seagull lines on her nose, it is likely that her nose will develop better when she grows up. 

4. Hairline

Amenity index: ★★★★

Good-looking hairline can modify the shape of the face. If there is a “beauty tip” “Or the hairline is rounded, so even if the forehead is exposed, the child is likely to look better. 

Also, if the hairline is too high or too low, it will reduce the appearance of a person. However, the proportion of children’s faces is different from that of adults, and it is difficult to see whether their hairline is high. 

However, it is also important to prevent children from staying up late and stressful, lest they grow up and their hairline moves backwards, which may be unsightly. 

5. Chin line


Amenity Index: ★★

The chin line is the line in the middle of the chin, which makes people look sexy and attractive. A baby with a chin line may be the envy of others when they grow up “Moon Chin”. 

6. Lip line

The appearance index: ★★★

People with lip liner generally have perfect lip shape. If the child not only has lips Lines and shapes are also good-looking, and their appearance is generally higher in the future. 

However, parents should also protect their lips as they grow up to prevent the baby’s lips from chapped, licking, and uneven teeth, so as not to affect the shape of the lips. 

These lines are relatively rare. The baby who occupies one is blessed, and if a few occupies, the appearance value will often not be low in the future. 

However, parents should also pay attention to their children Habits are cultivated. If babies have these bad habits, their appearance may decrease. 

▶ Unable to control weight

Children who cannot control their own weight may be too obese and thin, which will affect the facial features:

Fat people tend to be crowded and deformed in their facial features; thin people tend to lose collagen on their faces quickly, making them look older. 

▶ Poor posture

Posture will affect the development of the body’s bones, such as:

It is easy to hunch back when playing with a mobile phone, and the chin may become shorter; opening your mouth at night to sleep will cause buck teeth, which will make your lips and jawbone. It’s not good-looking; children with cross-legged legs may bend the spine, which affects the whole person’s temperament. 

▶ Don’t talk about hygiene

Children who don’t clean their bodies may have more problems with the skin on their faces than other children, and they are at risk of accelerating aging and growing other things. 


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There are “four taboos” in caring for babies under 2 years old. Parents are best not to touch each other to avoid hurting the children’s spine

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Finalized: Su Zihou

After the baby is born, many parents think that the hanging heart can finally be put down, but they are still very fragile. If the parents do not pay attention to some details, they may cause a kind of injury with the baby, such as spinal problems . 

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About children’s spine problems

According to a statistical survey, about 68% of children in China have spine problems of varying degrees, of which scoliosis accounts for 20%. 

When a baby is born, the spine is on a horizontal line and is in a straight line. If it grows vertically, it will bend forward and backward. Normally, the thoracic and sacral vertebrae will be backward, and the cervical vertebra, The lumbar spine will move forward, showing a kind of “S-shaped body.” 

But if there is a problem with spine development, most of them will show two situations, as follows:

1. Humpback. Under normal circumstances, the angle of the spine bends between 20 and 40 degrees. If the thoracic spine is bent too backward and the angle is greater than 40 degrees, the common phenomenon of hunchback in our daily life will occur. 

2. Scoliosis. Under normal circumstances, the spine will not bend to the left and right sides. If the scoliosis angle exceeds 20 to 40 degrees, it is considered to be scoliosis and requires surgical treatment. 

Take care of 2 years old There are “four taboos” for the inner baby.

1. Avoid premature holding up: 3 months.

When the baby is born, his body is softer and his spine is well developed. It has not been perfected, the physiological curvature has not been completed, and it cannot bear the weight of the body. 

Therefore, parents must pay attention to the posture of holding the baby, especially in the first 3 months, and must not hold it upright or hold it for too long, otherwise it will easily cause the baby’s head, cervical spine and spine to not be in a straight line. This leads to problems with the development of the spine. 

Recommendation: Parents should hold the baby horizontally within 3 months, and avoid vertical hugging. The correct horizontal hug posture is to place the baby’s head on the curve of the left arm, with the wrist and palm supporting the waist and back; placing the right arm with the leg and the palm supporting the buttocks; you can change the direction. 

When the baby is about 6 months old, you can start to hold it vertically, but be careful not to exceed 10 minutes each time. 

2. Avoid sitting or walking prematurely: 6 months.

Baby’s growth and development have a regular pattern. If parents want their children to develop prematurely, let them They learn to sit and stand, and the spine cannot bear too much load, which causes injury and leads to scoliosis. 

Recommendation: Parents should follow the baby’s growth pattern and do not use the method of growing up. Babies generally start to learn to sit and stand after 6 months, and only start in Baoma after 10~12 months. Learn to walk with help. 

3. Avoid the wrong diaper changing posture: 1 year old

When changing diapers, many parents do not pay attention to the method or only For convenience, lift the baby’s feet directly, take out the dirty diaper directly, and put on a clean one, but this behavior can easily cause a lot of pressure on the middle of the spine, which can lead to developmental problems. 

Recommendation: When changing diapers, parents should gently lift their buttocks instead of lifting their feet, because the baby’s spine is not yet fully developed. 

4. Avoid taking shit and urine too early: 2 years old

In order to save money on diapers, or want babies to urinate and defecate themselves as soon as possible, they should give them excrement and urine early. Before the baby is 1 year old, the spine development is not complete. This behavior of the parents can easily lead to the lack of support at the baby’s spine, and the lower limbs are stretched too far, which will cause damage to the spine development. 

Recommendation: Parents should not carry out the act of urinating and defecation before the baby has the ability to urinate and urinate prematurely. At least wait until the baby is 2 years old, excretion and control the muscles, and then gradually quit diapers. 

Children’s spine problems The harm it will bring

1. Posture

Under normal circumstances, a person’s posture presents an upright and upright posture, but if there is a problem with spinal development, It will cause the appearance of hunchback, long and short legs, pelvic tilt and other phenomena, which will damage the body image. 

2. Body

Because the human body’s spine is in the position of the Governor Vessel and penetrates the nerves of the back, if there is a problem with the development of the spine, it will easily lead to the corresponding Nerves are affected. 

Scoliosis can easily lead to abnormal nerve function in the spine and affect the digestive system. 

Some studies have found that the number of alveoli in people with hunchback is much lower than that of normal people. If children do this for a long time, then cardiopulmonary function is likely to be affected, resulting in shortness of breath and shortness of breath. 

3. Psychology

As the saying goes: “Everyone has the heart to love beauty”, the above said Because of the spinal problems, the posture and image will be affected. After children grow up, especially during adolescence, they pay much attention to their own image. If they suffer from strange eyesight from others due to their own spinal development problems, they may breed babies. Inferiority complex affects psychological development. 

Especially for girls, the scoliosis of the spine may also affect the development of the chest and even the development of reproductive functions. 

To sum up, in the process of raising children, parents must pay attention to careful care, and must not cause harm to them due to their own behavior, or even It affects the baby’s life. Return to Sohu to see more

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