These “little problems” of children may seem insignificant, but in fact, most of them are hidden risks. Parents should not be careless.

The children’s “little problems” may seem insignificant, but in fact most of them are hidden risks. Parents should not be careless

Since the child is still young and the immune system has not yet fully developed, colds and illnesses are normal, and even become commonplace. 

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For parents, raising children is never a thing Simple things, taking care of your children’s daily life and education have already consumed a lot of energy. If the baby gets sick at this time, it will really be exhausted. 

For parents, children’s illness is the most uncomfortable thing, but people who eat whole grains cannot avoid some illnesses. This is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that the baby is sick and the parents did not find out in time. , Thereby delaying the opportunity for treatment. 

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Xuan Xuan is 6 years old this year. He is a lively and cute little boy. His parents usually take good care of him, but even no matter how careful he is, there will be times of negligence. 

During this period, Xuanxuan’s mental state was not very good, and she would have fever from time to time. At the beginning, parents believed that the child was caused by a cold, so they bought some cold medicine for the baby. There is no relief at all. 

Not only did it not improve, Xuanxuan became more and more uncomfortable, and she often clamored about her pain, and later fainted. The parents realized the seriousness of the problem and hurriedly took the baby to the hospital. 

After a series of examinations, it was discovered that his son Xuanxuan was suffering from “leukemia”. The doctor also said that if he could come to the hospital for treatment earlier, the effect would be better. After the parents heard the doctor’s words, they were on the spot. I started to cry, I really didn’t expect that the child would get leukemia. 

In real life, children’s bodies will always have various small problems, especially some seemingly normal but actually sick “subtext”, parents should pay attention to. 

The child appears here Several phenomena may indicate illness

1. Frequent cold and fever

Because the child is still young and the immune system has not yet fully developed, it is easy to catch a cold and get sick. It seems to have become a commonplace meal. . 

But if the child has a frequent cold and fever, this is probably not only the reason for the poor resistance, but also the frequent fever and cold caused by the lack of iron in the body. 

2, the back of the head often sweats

Children’s metabolism is faster than that of adults, so they sweat more easily than adults. However, if their back of the head often sweats, it may be due to digestive system problems. Caused. 

In addition, it may also be caused by lack of vitamin D and calcium in the body, or due to physical weakness. Therefore, if their children often sweat the back of their heads, parents need to be vigilant. 

3. Frequent farting

Children often fart. Some parents may think this is cute and ignore it, but they don’t know that frequent farting is a manifestation of poor gastrointestinal function. 

Therefore, if your child frequently farts, it is recommended that parents take the child to the hospital for examination and treatment in time. 

4. Drinking water frequently

It is well known that drinking water helps metabolism and the rapid excretion of toxins from the body. Therefore, when children drink water frequently, parents will not feel that there is any problem and think this is a good thing. . 

However, if the child frequently urinates while drinking water frequently, it may be caused by gastrointestinal dysfunction. Parents must take the child to the hospital in time. 

What should parents do Make children less sick? 

1. Diet

Due to the daily consumption of the human body, various nutrients are needed to maintain, and these need to be ingested through diet. If the eating habits are not good, the nutrient intake is insufficient. Easily lead to a decline in resistance, resulting in easy disease. 

Therefore, if parents want their children to be less sick, they need to help them establish a good eating habit, and studies have shown that babies are lacking in vitamins, protein, calcium, etc., which can easily lead to weakened immune functions. 

2. Exercise

Modern children will stay at home for a longer time, which will cause insufficient activities. Parents should take more children outside to breathe fresh air. Appropriate exercise can not only promote blood circulation, enhance cardiopulmonary function, but also greatly enhance the baby’s immunity and enhance the sterilization ability of human white blood cells. 

3. Wash your hands correctly

Infants and young children are in an exploratory period. They like to touch around with their hands and stuff things they touch into their mouths. 

“Illness comes from the mouth”, so parents should help their children wash their hands correctly, so that they can effectively prevent the invasion of infectious diseases. 

4. Wear clothes correctly

Some parents often put heavy clothes on their children for fear of cold, but they don’t know that this will easily make the metabolic baby sweat, but not in time. Changing clothes or the attack of the cold wind can cause a cold to catch a cold. Parents can properly exercise their children to withstand the cold, and don’t always think that they will be cold.  The four most “discussed” categories during inspection Pregnant women, one is more annoying than the other, I hope you are not among them

Once you are pregnant, the entire pregnancy is very important. 

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During pregnancy, the birth check is essential, so that not only can we better understand the pregnant woman and the fetus If an abnormality is found, measures can be taken for treatment in time. 

However, not only do pregnant women hate the “queuing for two hours and checking for ten minutes” of the obstetric check-ups, as doctors, they face dozens of pregnant women every day. The hardship is also indescribable, especially if you encounter people Pregnant women with headaches can collapse within minutes. 

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So, what type of pregnant women are most afraid of encountering when a doctor is undergoing a birth check? 

Case: The pregnant mother would like to follow the doctor’s advice. The check-up was easy and smooth.

Ms. Wang was 12 weeks pregnant, and it happened to be the day when she went to the hospital for a check-up. 

Because after the pregnancy was diagnosed, the doctor told Ms. Wang many precautions, and Ms. Wang always followed the doctor’s instructions and acted carefully in accordance with the doctor’s instructions. 

During the inspection, Ms. Wang was also very cooperative. I would answer whatever I asked. If I didn’t know, I would follow up and write it down carefully. So the whole inspection process went smoothly and it was done in a short time. . 

The doctor who gave Ms. Wang also sighed: “If every pregnant woman knows how to cooperate fully, then the doctor’s job will be much easier.”

Ms. Wang has some doubts: the doctor’s words are more authoritative and follow the doctor’s instructions. As it should be, do some pregnant women still confront the doctor? 

The doctor replied: “It’s not. It’s just that during the check-up process, some pregnant women don’t know about it, and some pregnant women conceal the situation and do not report it. As a result, they will be held accountable by the doctor when something goes wrong, which makes people helpless and speechless. .”

< p>Which 4 kinds of pregnant women are the doctors most afraid of encountering during the check-up? 

The maternity check-up itself is more complicated and requires pregnant women to cooperate with the doctor to complete it. Otherwise, it will not only delay a lot of time, but also cause unnecessary troubles. As a doctor, the most feared are the following 4 Kind of pregnant women. 

Ⅰ. Pregnant women who don’t know one question and three questions

As a doctor, there may be dozens or even hundreds of sicknesses in a day, and the examination time is reserved for each pregnant woman. Often not much. 

When doing a maternity check-up, the doctor will often ask about the pregnant woman’s own condition, such as the birth rate, menstrual history, or whether there is any abnormality such as pain and bleeding in the usual way, according to these to understand the preliminary state of the pregnant woman and the fetus. 

However, if the pregnant woman is not aware of these, the doctor always asks three questions when inquiring, and cannot tell the specific situation. This will not only delay time, but also easily cause the doctor to misdiagnose. accident. 

Ⅱ. Pregnant women who conceal the situation and do not report it

Many women have had different medical histories before pregnancy, or have had inappropriate behaviors during pregnancy, such as taking medicine indiscriminately, etc. , Causing the development of the fetus to be affected to a certain extent. 

At the time of the obstetric check-up, when facing the doctor’s inquiry, as a pregnant woman, for the sake of the health of her own and her fetus, she must know everything without saying anything. 

However, some pregnant women always like to deliberately conceal the facts, which hinders the process of pregnancy check-ups. Doctors cannot grasp the situation well. It is difficult to prescribe the right medicine. It may also endanger the health and health of the pregnant women. The growth and development of the fetus. 

Ⅲ. Pregnant women who are harassed

For doctors, pregnant women who are harassed are the most troublesome. 

As a medical worker, it is the duty to treat and solve problems for the patient. As a patient, you should respect the doctor and follow the doctor’s advice. 

However, once some pregnant women find an abnormal situation and the doctor cannot solve it in a short time, they will act outrageously and think it is the doctor’s negligence, so they will keep pestering the doctor and make a lot of noise, which will not only delay The smooth progress of the birth check will also affect the normal work of the doctor. 

Ⅳ. Pregnant women who don’t cooperate with the doctor

After the pregnancy check-up, if the pregnant woman or her fetus is found to have abnormalities, the doctor will advise the pregnant woman to do a few more checks based on her own experience. Or directly prescribe some drugs to pregnant women, these are to ensure the health of the pregnant women, and cause the normal development of the fetus. 

However, some pregnant women may feel that this is a trick for doctors to cheat money, and are always unwilling to cooperate. Even when problems arise in the future, they will put all the responsibility on the doctor, thinking that this is the doctor’s negligence. 

Pregnancy itself is a hard task. As a mother-to-be, you must know how to be responsible for yourself and your fetus. The doctor’s advice is generally very pertinent. Even if there are more instructions, pregnant women should also cooperate with the doctor and follow Medical advice. 

Precautions for prenatal checkups

★Choose a trustworthy hospital

If it is the first checkup, the pregnant woman should choose a trustworthy hospital, and every subsequent checkup, until delivery. This hospital, do not change hospitals and doctors frequently. 

★Know the health status of family members

Before the birth check, it is necessary to understand the health status of all family members of both spouses. It is best to let the family accompany them. 

Faced with the doctor’s culture, one must know everything without saying anything, and there must be no concealment, especially on one’s own physical condition. Any discomfort should be explained in time. 

★Know the preparatory work required for the check-up in advance

Before going to the hospital for the check-up, you must first know what check-ups need to be done in advance. 

Some prenatal check-ups require fasting, so pregnant women should also make relevant preparations in advance so that the check-up can proceed more smoothly. 

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