These kinds of “poisoned milk bottles” are the most harmful to the baby, and may be stealing the health of the child, and the parents have not noticed it yet

These kinds of “poisoned milk bottles” are the most harmful to babies and may be stealing their children’s health. Parents have not noticed it.

According to the information given by the Ministry of Health, six-month-old babies in my country are breast-feeding The rate is 67%, which is far from the 85% target. 

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In this case The correct feeding of milk powder is very important for children. To ensure that babies drink formula milk healthily, in addition to paying attention to the safety of milk powder, the quality of the milk bottle should also be taken seriously. 

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Four kinds of “poisoned milk bottles” to prevent in advance

1. Feeding bottles with unsafe materials

There are many milk bottles on the market to choose from. There are mainly three common materials. Among them, baby bottles containing PC components are not desirable. It refers to polycarbonate, which easily releases toxic bisphenol A substances during use-often easily lead to children’s endocrine disorders, metabolic disorders, and even Induce precocious puberty. 

In addition, some brightly colored baby bottles may also contain the substance “lead”, which is a huge threat to the health of the child’s nerves, digestion, and blood system, so it is not suitable to choose . 

2, frequent mixing Milk bottles

Children’s milk bottles usually have several replacement bottles. Cleaning one is difficult and free. Therefore, many parents will wait until the bottles are not replaced before mixing and disinfecting them. 

This seems to be a lot easier, but in fact, the remaining milk on the bottle can easily breed a lot of bacteria. If it is not cleaned up in time, it may slowly steal the health of the child, but the parents have not noticed it. 

3, long use time Milk bottle

Many parents think that the bottle is used as a tool for drinking milk. As long as it is not broken, it is enough to clean and change the nipple frequently. But in fact, this is not the case. All things have a shelf life, and there are also milk bottles, especially plastic milk bottles, which may affect the health of children for more than half a year. 

The service life of baby bottles of different materials is different:

Plastic material (PP), safe and worry-free, high temperature resistance, but poor wear resistance, it should be replaced every 3 months; PES material is also a plastic material, but it is more wear-resistant, but it also has aging problems. It should be replaced in about 8 months; glass material has poor high temperature resistance and is fragile. Usually, it should be replaced if there are broken marks. It is recommended to replace it every 6 months or so. 

There are some other materials on the market, and mothers also need to understand the service life when buying and replace them regularly. 

4. Worn bottles

When cleaning the bottle, some parents may put the bottle aside and accumulate a certain amount for cleaning. At this time, the milk stain is completely attached to the bottle. 

In order to rinse off, mothers will take out a lot of effort and even some brushes for cleaning. At this time, it is easy to cause the bottle to be worn and produce some bad effects:

Even if there are milk stains during washing, it may be difficult to distinguish clearly, and bacteria will enter the child’s body from this;

There is no way to see the specific scale clearly. It is difficult to control how much water is added when brewing milk powder. As a result, the concentration of milk powder is not accurate enough, which delays the development of the child. 

The three elements of choosing a baby bottle

√Material safety

First of all, ensure the safety of the ingredients. There are several common safe ingredients on the market: pp (polypropylene), glass , Silica gel, etc. 

The characteristics of these materials are different. Although the composition of the glass is safe, it is necessary to pay attention to prevent it from breaking when using it. 

Silicone and pp are not fragile, and silica gel is more resistant to heat aging. When choosing a baby bottle, parents can buy it according to their specific needs. 

√Functional and practical

After the baby is born, the digestive system is still in the stage of continuous development, so it is immature, and it is easy to have abdominal bloating and vomiting of milk. 

Therefore, when choosing a feeding bottle, you should consider its function of insulating air, so that when the baby inhales milk, he will inhale as little air as possible to reduce the chance of flatulence. 

√Convenient cleaning and disinfection< /p>

The baby bottle will be replaced after a certain period of time, but it is impossible to change one at a time, so the baby bottle must be strictly cleaned and disinfected. 

The bottle itself is not big, and it is more troublesome to clean it. If there are some dead spots or small accessories, it is even more difficult. Therefore, try to choose a simple style with high safety. 

Wrong cleaning methods are not only difficult to clean, but also cause trouble for parents and damage the baby bottle. 

The steps to properly clean the baby bottle should be like this.

If there is any remaining milk, pour it out first, and then fill the baby bottle with water and rinse again. This process is just after the baby has finished drinking it. Milk is a process that must be carried out, especially for some using plastic baby bottles, the cleaning effect of this washing process is better. The body of the baby bottle should also be rinsed, because children usually hold the baby bottle and drink milk by themselves. If the bottle body is not clean, it is easy to transmit bacteria to the baby. The bottom of the bottle usually needs to be cleaned. You can wipe it with a towel, or add a little bottle of detergent, and then rinse it off. 

At this time, you can start to rinse the pacifier, this part It needs to be cleaned thoroughly, because it is in direct contact with the child. Be careful not to use too much force, because the nipple is relatively fragile to prevent it from cracking. Usually the pacifier needs to be scalded with boiling water every time it is cleaned, and the bottle body can be disinfected once a day. Too frequent will cause the bottle to age faster. 

[Say a sweet word with you] The bottle is in There are many parts that need to be paid attention to when using it. Parents need to insist on “cleaning on time and replacing on time”, not to save money, and not to be lazy.  After the fall, the height of the child is ushered in The developmental “transplantation period”, seize the opportunity to grow longer

There is a saying: “Turn the bones to take advantage of the fall”. 

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People of the older generation say that although spring is the season when everything grows, they want children to grow up. To be tall, in fact, the “transition period” is also very important. If you seize this critical period, your child will often grow taller. 

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In the four seasons of the year, children tend to grow up quickly in spring, but they seem to be stagnant in autumn. But in fact, if you want your children to grow taller, autumn is also a stage that cannot be ignored, especially for children in adolescence. As parents, you can make your children grow faster within the limits of their ability. 

Is your child in the “transition period”? 

The “transplantation period” is the second peak period of adolescent growth and development. 

In addition to congenital factors, if children want to grow taller, acquired nutrition and exercise are also very important. 

Under normal circumstances, the “transplantation period” is divided into three stages: the preparation and growth period for 8-9 years old; the golden growth period for 10-17 years old; and the consolidation growth period for 18-22 years old. 

In these three stages, the golden growth period is particularly important. If you can take good care of your child, not only will your child grow taller, but the body’s various functions can also be developed more perfect. 

1. What should I eat during the bone transfer period? 

◆Yam: the best nourishing food for autumn

Yam contains protein, sugar, vitamins, fat and other ingredients, and also contains iodine, calcium, iron, phosphorus and other indispensable inorganic substances for children. Salt and trace elements are the food of choice for nourishing the spleen and stomach in autumn. 

For children in the transitional stage, a good product like yam that enters the lungs, invigorates the spleen, and invigorates the kidneys can not only supplement the child’s nutrition, but also open the child’s appetite and help the child grow taller. 

Yam can be used in porridge with red dates, used in soup, or stir-fried with various ingredients. 

◆Black-bone chicken: high-protein, low-fat tonic

Black-bone chicken is a tonic with high nutritional value, which can improve physiological function, strengthen muscles and bones, and prevent and treat osteoporosis. It has obvious effects. If it is eaten regularly, it can regulate the child’s physiological function and improve the body’s immunity. 

Black-bone chicken has special nutritional and medicinal value. It is mostly used in soup, and can be stewed with chestnut, black bean and fungus. 

◆Fish: the best seafood for autumn and winter tonic

Fish is one of the indispensable seafood for autumn and winter. 

Fish meat is delicious, whether it is meat or soup, it is fresh and delicious. Not only that, fish meat also contains a lot of protein, which can promote bone growth and brain activity, so there are also many older generations. People say: “Children who love fish are smarter.” 

Studies have shown that children often use fish meat, their growth and development are often faster, and their intellectual development is also better, which is even more beneficial to children in the “transplantation period”. 

Fish can be steamed, braised, or in soup. 

2. Sufficient sleep is needed during the ossification phase.

In addition to food supplements, there is another extremely important factor in the ossification phase-adequate sleep. 

Autumn is coming, it is inevitable to get sleepy, and it is extremely important for children in the transitional period to have adequate sleep. 

Because during this period, especially for children in the puberty stage, the secretion of growth hormone will take on the shape of wavy lines, that is, from 9pm to 12pm and around 6am. This stage is the peak period of growth. 

During the period, one of the conditions for the secretion of growth hormone is deep sleep. Therefore, at these two key points of growing taller, it is also something that family members need to pay attention to. 

3. Exercise moderately during bone transfer.

According to surveys, children of the same age and sex are 4-10 cm taller than those who do not exercise. 

This shows that moderate exercise is also a very important point for children in the growth stage. 

Of course, not all sports are conducive to height growth. For example, weightlifting, which tends to put a lot of pressure on the bones, or long-distance running that consumes a lot of physical energy, has a negative effect on growth. 

If you want a child to sprint, jogging, rope skipping, dancing, basketball, volleyball and other sports are very suitable. In addition, sports games such as rubber band jumping, shuttlecock kicking, sandbag throwing can also promote bones. increase. 

Regarding growing taller, what are the most common misunderstandings? 

1. Genetic factors determine height

Many parents believe that genetic factors are the only criterion for determining height. This is not the case. Parents are short, and children do not necessarily grow short. Reason, parents grow taller, children do not necessarily grow taller. 

In fact, compared with genetic factors, acquired factors are an important factor in determining personal height. As long as you intervene early at the right time, it is easy for your child to grow faster among peers. 

2. Blindly supplement their children with nutrition

Some parents will blindly supplement their children with nutrition when they see that their children are short, thinking that as long as the nutrition keeps up, the children’s height will also be Will grow with it. 

But in fact, this concept is wrong. Blindly tonic, not only the child’s body can’t digest it, but it’s also easy to cause the child to become obese, which is harmful to the body without any benefit. 

The height development of the human body is not determined by a single factor. Factors such as genetics, diet, sleep, exercise, disease, etc., are all important conditions that can affect a child’s height. Parents should know more about this knowledge and can also “strengthen their strengths and avoid weaknesses”. The child grows faster. 

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