These fruits are equivalent to eating plastic when you eat them in your stomach. Don’t buy them at home.

These fruits are equivalent to eating plastic when you eat them in your stomach. Don’t buy them at home.

Fruits are rich in vitamins. Eating more fruits can not only supplement the nutrients needed by the human body, but also strengthen the human body. The body’s resistance. But although fruits are rich in nutrients, if they are eaten incorrectly, they can cause great harm to the human body! 

The baby named Xiao Ai’s family is named Xiao Pupe because Xiao Ai loves to eat grapes when she is pregnant. It is said that children who eat more grapes have big eyes. It’s fulfilled on the body, and Grape’s eyes are really big and round, which is especially attractive. 

Xiao Ai and her husband run a fruit shop together. Usually, the children in the fruit shop can eat whatever they want. Sometimes when Xia Ai is busy, there is no time to take care of the children. As long as the children are hungry, they will pick the fruits in the shop. 

But recently, Little Grape always had diarrhea after eating the fruit. It didn’t happen before, so Xiao Ai hurriedly took her daughter to the hospital for an examination. 

As a result, I came to the hospital. After an operation, the doctor told Xiao Ai that the child’s diarrhea had a lot to do with the child’s weak spleen and stomach, because the child often eats some cold fruits, and the child The spleen and stomach cannot be absorbed at all, so the child will have diarrhea. 

The doctor also said to Xiao Ai that although he runs a fruit shop in his own home, some fruits cannot be eaten casually for the child. The improper eating has a great impact on the child’s health. 

Don’t give Fruits that children eat

1. Mulberries

Mulberries are very fresh for babies. They are not as common as apples throughout the year, and they are not easy to eat at ordinary times, so the mulberries come down as soon as they arrive. During the season, parents always provide mulberries to their children. Although mulberries are rich in nutritional value, they should not be consumed too much. 

Mulberries contain a lot of tannic acid. Excessive intake will affect the absorption of other elements in the body. And overdose of mulberries can easily cause poisoning, especially for children, severe poisoning can directly cause shock. Therefore, parents need to be cautious when giving mulberries to their children. 

2. Mangosteen

Mangosteen looks like garlic, and it is not very common in daily life. The nutritional value of mangosteen is also quite high, and the babies are willing to eat it, but the mangosteen is cold, so parents should not give the baby more. 

Because the baby eats too much cold fruit has a great impact on the body. It can easily lead to weak spleen and stomach, and even indigestion. 

3. Persimmons

Parents should not give persimmons to their babies. Although persimmons have a sweeter taste and children are willing to eat them, there are many things to avoid when eating persimmons. It is easy for parents to forget if they are not paying attention. Once they eat food that is incompatible with persimmons, it is easy to cause life-threatening. 

4. Lychee

A ride on the Hongchen concubine laughs, no one knows that it is Lychee. The ancients had a love for lychees, which shows that lychees are even more popular with people. Especially in summer, eating an iced lychee will be so cool. 

Although lychee is good, you can’t eat more, because lychee contains a lot of fructose, but the fructose is ingested into the body and converted into glucose. 

If you consume too much lychee, the excess fructose will not be converted in time, and it will enter the blood directly, which will easily cause disease! So when parents give lychees to lychees, they shouldn’t be greedy and stop at it. 

5. Pineapple

Pineapple is no stranger to parents and children. Pineapple is sweet and sour and tastes endless aftertaste. But pineapple contains serotonin. Excessive intake of this element can cause blood vessels and smooth muscle to contract, which may cause high blood pressure in children. 

If parents insist on letting their children eat, don’t eat them directly. When eating pineapple, they must first soak in salt water and then hot water again. After treatment, it will be better for children to eat. 

6. Mango

Some parents don’t understand when they see mangoes. Why can’t they be eaten by their children? Although mangoes have high nutritional value, mangoes contain fruit acids and amino acids. Children with sensitive physical fitness are prone to allergies. For example, itching all over, a rash on the body and so on. If the child is allergic, it is best for parents not to ask for trouble. 

7. Apricot

Apricot is a kind of fruit that is not eaten much at ordinary times, that is, it is only eaten when it is in season. Because apricots contain iron, calcium and other elements needed by the body, but apricots are hot, and children will get angry if they eat too much. Also, apricots are high in acid, so eating too much is bad for the stomach and teeth. 

Although fruits have high nutritional value, parents should also control the amount of fruit their children consume, and they should not allow children to eat casually. Eating too much of the best food is a kind of harm to the body, not to mention many Fruit is not suitable for children. 

Furthermore, parents should also pay attention that fruits cannot be eaten as meals. Some parents treat their children as their staple food in order to get used to their children. It does not matter if the children do not eat, as long as they eat more fruits. This idea is completely wrong. If you want a baby to be born “completely”, don’t eat these three foods. You can’t help but take the risk.

The reason why pregnant mothers are so careful during pregnancy is to keep their stomachs inside. Fetal babies can develop healthily. But now it’s not as “stiff” as it used to be. Since many rumors have been rejected, some pregnant mothers think that there seems to be nothing to be taboo, as long as they eat less. 

In fact, this is not the case. The food that should be taboo during pregnancy is still taboo. After all, the main thing that can directly affect the growth and development of the fetus is the diet of pregnant women. 

What’s more noteworthy is that in recent years, the rate of abnormalities in domestic newborns has increased. This is also a wake-up call for pregnant mothers. It’s time to shut up! 

1. Alcoholic drinks< /p>

There are now some alcoholic beverages that have a higher alcohol content than beer. However, some pregnant mothers like to drink this type of beverage, and they also found a good excuse for themselves, “It It’s a drink, so it doesn’t matter.”

There are also some pregnant mothers who have the habit of drinking red wine. They think that a glass of red wine every day is good for their health, but they don’t know that the alcohol content of red wine is higher than beer. 

Be aware that as long as it is alcoholic beverages, whether it is red wine or other such beverages, pregnant mothers are not allowed to drink, otherwise it may cause fetal baby distortion for a long time. The most common symptoms in the data are “cleft lip and palate”, “hands and feet deformities” and so on. 

The time I was most impressed was when I accompanied my girlfriend to the birth checkup. When the doctor got the checkup report, he looked for a while and said, “Did you have a habit of drinking during pregnancy?”

This sentence guilty the questioning of my girlfriend, but also scared the question, worrying about what’s wrong with the child. 

“The growth rate of the fetus is much slower than the previous stage. Under normal circumstances, the fetal head is so big as a fist, and this finger…”

My girlfriend was even more panicked, but then the doctor also said that it might also be the problem of insufficient nutrition during this period of time. I can’t find anything for the time being. I can continue to observe in the later period. Generally speaking, there is no problem and no need to worry. 

Since that time, my girlfriend took the wine. Fortunately, there was no problem with the fetus in the subsequent examinations, otherwise she really didn’t know how to deal with the children born in the future. 

Therefore, it is not recommended for pregnant mothers to drink alcohol, even during pregnancy preparation period, because drinking during pregnancy preparation period will also affect the quality of the egg, and may also cause the fertilized egg to become incomplete, and then lead to the “incomplete fetus” “. 

2. Cigarettes

Let’s talk about a friend of mine. When I met her, I had a habit of smoking. She said that she could not change it. She was already addicted. During pregnancy, she smoked secretly with her mother-in-law behind her back. of. 

As a result, the child developed cleft lip and palate after birth. The doctor attributed the cause to her smoking problem. The habit that could not be changed before, seeing the child become “incomplete” because of her, has changed since that day. 

Fortunately, the child is 10 years old this year, and the conditions at my friend’s house are pretty good. I used to find the best hospital in Shanghai to perform cleft lip and palate surgery on the child. Now the traces have become very light. 

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers must quit smoking for the sake of their children’s future health. At the same time, it should be noted that the second-hand smoke environment is more dangerous than first-hand smoke. 

Therefore, if the husband has the habit of smoking, he should also discuss with him, otherwise pregnant mothers will also smoke second-hand smoke every day, which means that the fetus will also be affected, and it is no less than direct absorption by the mother Caused by. 

3. Pickled foods

Many pickled foods are made with a lot of seasonings, of which sodium ions are the most, not only salt that contains sodium ions, but also other seasonings. Contains a lot of sodium ions, so pickled foods are most prone to excessive sodium ions. 

More importantly, sodium ions will be converted into nitrite after salting, and this component may also directly cause fetal distortion. 

However, some pregnant mothers become particularly fond of pickled foods after pregnancy and cannot control their mouths. You must pay attention to this. If you can’t manage it, you will have to bear the risks behind it in the future. 

It is also necessary to remind pregnant mothers that the most easily damaged nitrite is the nervous system of the fetus. This also means that it may not only cause teratogenicity, but may also affect the brain development of the fetus. 

In addition to eating, pregnant mothers should pay special attention to “radiation.” What fetuses fear most is the source of radiation, and radiation is far more “lethal” than the above-mentioned types of food. 

Therefore, when pregnant, pregnant mothers are best not to go to the heavy computer room, let alone some base stations, try to avoid these places, and protect themselves and their babies. 

During pregnancy, you may feel that there is nothing wrong with it, but when you really see your child’s “incomplete” moment, it’s too late to regret it. Don’t let your child pay for your “incompleteness”. This is too unfair to children. 

If you want a child to be born “complete”, don’t eat these three kinds of food, you can’t help but take risks

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