These foods are loved by children, they are actually dirtier than rags, and many parents love them too.

These foods are loved by children. They are actually dirtier than rags. Many parents also love them.

Children are greedy. The stranger the food, the more they like to eat. Some junk foods are made by black-hearted businesses. It is aimed at the appetite of the child, making the child the first-choice consumer. 

Behind the low prices are lower production costs and huge profit margins. Some parents not only don’t discourage their children, but they also like to eat them. In fact, some junk foods are dirtier than rags. The bacteria in the production workshop contains more bacteria than the toilet water. Parents must be careful not to let their children eat. 

Ms. Yang from Nanning, Jiangsu, likes junk food very much. Ms. Yang is so greedy that she will give her children more pocket money and ask her to bring some small snacks exclusively for elementary school students from school. 

These small snacks are not easy to buy. They are not found in decent supermarkets and larger shopping malls. They are only available in the canteens of children’s schools. Ms. Yang has an almost addictive need for these foods, and she has to eat them every day. 

One time when Ms. Yang went to the unit for a physical examination, she was told by the doctor that her stomach was not good and she had to go to the hospital for a detailed examination. After Ms. Yang went to the hospital with a horror for the examination. 

The doctor asked Ms. Yang about the situation and told Ms. Yang that eating too much of these things will reduce the body’s immunity. These small snacks are popular with children, but they are actually dirtier than rags. Never continue to eat. 

A few junk foods that children and adults can’t eat

1. Spicy strips

The most common and popular snack in the school canteen is Spicy strips. The price of spicy strips is very low. , It is specially provided for the consumption of primary school students, but there is a huge profit space behind that low price. This is because the production cost of spicy strips is very low. 

The sales volume is very wide. There are many elementary school students and many adults who like to eat it, but spicy strips are one of the most hated foods by doctors in the top three hospitals. People with a little medical knowledge know spicy strips. The production space is not closed and is very unhygienic. 

This is also the reason why serious supermarkets and businesses reject adding spicy strips on the shelves. Most spicy noodle manufacturers have not obtained temporary production permits and do not have relevant certificates for food safety. 

The production workshop is not only dirty, but also rarely cleans. Not to mention the raw materials of spicy strips. The raw materials of spicy strips are very disgusting and are prohibited by many foods on the market. 

Long-term use of spicy strips will not only lead to weakened body’s immunity, but also cause children to catch colds and get sick easily. 

Although serious illnesses are not easy to get, if you eat too much spicy strips, you will get more minor illnesses, and you may end up with chronic diseases. 

Moreover, there are some addictive substances in the spicy strips. People will always want to eat after eating them. If one pack is not enough, they will buy another pack. After buying several packs, the merchant makes money. The body was injured. 

2. Jelly Beans

Some canteens will buy some one-dollar coins, which are actually black chocolate and some brightly colored jelly beans. 

In the process of making jelly beans, a lot of cheap flavors and cheap pigments are used. If it is not a cheap flavor but an expensive flavor, there is actually no harm. 

Among perfumes or skin care products, many major European and American manufacturers will increase the amount of fragrances, which is not harmful, but cheap fragrances that enter the human body through the way of eating will definitely cause harm to the human body. It is cheap The same is true of additives. 

This is because most of the cheap flavors are artificially synthesized from unqualified materials, the production cost is low, and the production process is simple. 

There is no need for human safety at all. Expensive flavors are often formulated after a lot of experiments and proportioning to meet the needs of human safety and will not cause harm to the human body. 

Many cheap flavors are used in jelly beans. A lot of artificial colors and cheap additives are used, which are harmful to the body. 

3. Fried skewers on the roadside

Children and adults like to eat, as well as the fried skewers on the roadside. The fried skewers on the roadside are actually frozen food markets made by frozen chains. And after high-temperature cooking, the heat is extremely high, which can easily lead to excessive obesity. 

In the process of purchase and processing by the merchant, the bacteria in the refrigerator eroded the meat in the frozen food, and the protein has long been mutated, and it is very likely that you will have diarrhea if you eat it. 

The fried skewers on the roadside, even after high-temperature frying, cannot completely clean up these harmful substances. Instead, these harmful substances are mutated due to the high temperature. Too much human consumption will definitely affect the body. 

Children can eat A few healthy snacks from

1, milk

Milk is recognized by the Children’s Association worldwide, one of the healthiest snacks for foster children, yogurt made from milk, cheese-related dairy products for kids You can eat and take with confidence. 

Milk is originally milk produced by cows for the purpose of giving birth to children. It is rich in protein, calcium and related nutrients. If children eat regularly, their stature will increase rapidly and their weight will increase healthily. Can cause obesity. 

2. Biscuits and bread

Biscuits and bread are mostly made of wheat flour. As a staple food that people often eat, wheat is made into flour, and flour is made into biscuits and bread, so children eating bread and biscuits are completely beneficial to the body and can also satisfy their hunger. 

It’s just that some biscuits and bread have been stored for too long and have a lot of nutritional loss. They should not be taken regularly. It is fine to eat occasionally as a snack. 

In life, these kinds of snacks must not be given to children, and do not eat them yourself. Eating too much will lead to weakened immunity and physical damage. Have you remembered? Parents, don’t be confused. Give your children these “tonics” instead of drinking boiled water

As children grow up, parents want to give their children nourishment. They also want to break their heads. I heard this If something is good for the child, I can’t wait to give it to the child. If the thing is good for the child, I should quickly collect it and prepare it for the child. 

But have parents considered a question, are those so-called “supplements” really good for their children? In fact, there are many similar “fake nutrition products” on the market, and if they eat too much, they hurt their health. 

1. Fake honey

When the children reach the age suitable for honey, parents like to buy some pure natural honey for the children to drink. It is said to be helpful for the children’s brain development and can also nourish the lungs. Wait a minute, but most parents don’t know how to tell if it is truly natural honey. 

When you open the mobile phone to buy online, you will find that most businesses have advertised their honey as “natural”. Who knows how many adulterated ingredients are? 

Previously, CCTV reported specifically on “fake honey”. Many honeys on the market are artificially manufactured and the cost is extremely low. Those fake and inferior honey poses a great threat to children’s health. 

At the same time, one point that needs to be noted is that the most important ingredient of honey is sugar, and the content of other nutrients is extremely low. If parents want to enhance their children’s brain development in this way, That still dispels this idea. 

Also personally, I do not recommend parents to drink too much honey water for their children. After all, children are in the period of changing teeth, and most children do not like to brush their teeth, which can easily lead to early tooth loss, and Tooth decay occurs earlier, destroying gum health. 

Besides, parents must not be greedy for cheap and buy extremely cheap honey on the market, because it may be artificially faked inferior honey, and many contain hormones. This is for children. The most harmful. 

If your child likes it, you can actually give it to your child to drink, but it is not recommended to eat too much. After all, it is also a kind of sugar. In essence, it is not much different from eating white sugar, but The taste of honey is better than that of white sugar. 

2. Only drink bone soup for children

It can be said that most children like to drink bone soup for children. They believe that they can’t bite the meat, so they simply give the children soup, and think the soup has more nutrients. high. 

In fact, this is not the case. Many doctors have repeatedly emphasized that the nutrition of stewed broth is not in the soup, but in the meat, but only a few people understand it. 

Parents can simmer the meat, and then use a spoon or chopsticks to mash the meat to make it easier for children to bite and swallow. 

Be aware that simple broth and bone broth have fewer nutrients and more fat. If children drink too much, they may gain weight instead, so it is also for parents. It is an illusion that the child has gained weight recently after drinking bone soup, indicating that the nutrition has been supplemented. 

This kind of misconception is common among parents, and many parents believe in it. This is why parents need to be reminded. 

3. Like to drink fruit juice for children

Children usually don’t like to eat whole fruit, but parents want to add vitamins to their children. When they find that the children can drink fruit juice, they can accept it. Use a juicer or a wall-breaking machine to break the fruit into juice for the child to drink. 

But in fact, parents need to be clear that the juice produced by the machine, especially the wall breaker, will break up the fruit ingredients and finally break it down into sugar, which means that the juice that the child drinks Most of them are sugar, which can easily lead to dental caries and obesity in children. 

At the same time, parents are advised not to give their children too sweet fruits, especially fruits with high sugar content such as watermelon, lychee, and longan. 

In addition, I personally don’t recommend that parents turn fruits into dried fruits for their children. After all, dried or roasted fruits have a lot of sugar attached to them, so they can be eaten fresh directly. Wouldn’t it be better? 

4. Eat nuts for their children

Some parents like to eat nuts for their children every day, especially the kind of “Daily Nuts” in small packages. Nuts are indeed helpful for the growth and development of their children. Can provide more vitamins, minerals, fiber and so on. 

But it needs to be clear that most nut products on the market have excessive bacterial strains. Children eat it easily to affect their gastrointestinal health, and even some brand nuts have been found to have such types. Question, do parents still dare to feed their children at ease? 

It is recommended that parents buy original and natural nuts for their children, and prepare them for their children. Although it will be a little troublesome, it is also a guarantee for the health of the children. 

These seemingly healthy and nutritious foods are actually covered in “pseudo-nutrition” on the surface. How to protect the health of children requires parents’ attention. To discern.

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