These behaviors when the child sleeps prove that the sleep is not reliable, and Mommy must give the child a sense of security

These behaviors when the child sleeps prove that the sleep is not secure. Mommy must give the child a sense of security.

When the baby sleeps, he can’t communicate with the parents in words, so if he feels uncomfortable. How do parents know? 

In fact, many parents know that if the baby is not sleeping well when sleeping, there will be some “abnormal” behaviors, such as turning over and so on. 

At this time, mothers must give their children a sense of security, otherwise the baby is likely to have nightmares, bedwetting, etc., especially novice mothers must take a good look. 

Baby bedwetting is Because the mother is not paying attention, how much do you know about the “abnormal” behavior of the baby when sleeping.

Quietly, she said while chatting with me that recently the three-year-old baby in her family always likes to wet the bed. This has never happened before. , She couldn’t figure out why the child would wet the bed. 

Jingjing said that she has been catching the child’s toilet problem since the child was young, so the baby has a good habit of going to the toilet. Even at night, she will get up to go to the toilet by herself. 

I told her that the reason why the baby wets the bed while sleeping is probably because he is not sleeping well. 

Be aware that in winter, the body’s metabolism slows down, so after drinking too much water in winter, you will have the habit of getting up at night. 

Baby wetting the bed at night may be due to drinking too much water on the one hand, on the other hand. Dreaming while sleeping, wetting the bed unconsciously. 

After quietly listening to my words, I suddenly understood why the baby wets the bed. It turned out that the baby didn’t sleep well before wetting the bed, and kept talking quietly, but she didn’t care too much. 

In fact, except for the baby talking quietly while sleeping, these performances all show that he is not sleeping very securely. 

At this time, a mother must give him a sense of security, otherwise it will be difficult for him to fall asleep in the future, which is also very detrimental to the development of good sleeping habits for the baby. 


1. The baby snoring while sleeping

We all know that adults snoring when they sleep because they are too tired during the day or because they have a cold, so some mothers may also think that the baby snoring is too tired. 

Actually, the baby snoring means that he is not sleeping very well. It may be snoring because of nasal congestion or poor breathing. 

There is another reason why babies snoring. It is because they eat too much during the day and accumulate food at night. At this time, the baby is very uncomfortable, so parents should pay more attention. 

2. The baby cries while sleeping.

The baby cries while sleeping. It may be because he is uncomfortable, such as nerve compression or bedwetting. Of course, part of the reason is because he has nightmares. Up. 

If the baby sleeps on his stomach while sleeping, it may compress the heart and cause blood circulation. In this way, the baby will feel uncomfortable. 

So when the baby is crying, parents must check whether the baby is sleeping on the stomach, or whether there is bedwetting. If the baby is crying because of a nightmare, parents should call his name to calm him down. 

3. The baby always turns over during sleep

The baby always turns over while sleeping, which means that his sleep is not very stable. It is the nature of children to be active and active, so if they exercise too much during the day, their muscles will become sore at night. 

So at this time Bao Ma can gently rub the baby’s calf and thigh to help him relieve the pain. When these three situations occur when the baby is sleeping, the mother should understand that he is not sleeping well, so how can we give the baby a sense of security? 

There are three ways to help you

1. Pat your baby’s back

Pat your baby’s back can have a soothing effect, so that the baby can feel it while sleeping The mother’s existence. 

Under normal circumstances, if the mother pats the baby on his back when he is restless, he can alleviate anxiety and fall asleep better. 

Second, use a soft voice to coax the baby

The baby is very recognizable to the mother’s voice. If he hears the mother’s voice when he is asleep, then he You will feel very safe. 

For example, when the baby is having nightmares, the mother can gently call him by his nickname, or gently tell him not to be afraid, so that the baby will calm down quickly. 

3. Hug your baby

Some parenting experts said that the most secure posture for the baby is to hug, because the baby is surrounded by amniotic fluid when the baby is in the mother’s body. The amniotic fluid makes them feel safe. 

The hug posture can bring the baby a sense of security, but Momma must pay attention to it. Don’t use too much force when hugging, otherwise it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. 

Of course, Momma should not hold the baby all night, because this may not only cause the baby to suffocate, but also may make him feel oppressed. 

These methods can effectively give the baby a sense of security, and mothers can use these methods to coax the baby in practice. 

Of course, some experts said that if a child always sleeps unsteadily, it may be a physical problem. Parents must take their children for physical examinations regularly to ensure their health. Postpartum wives have a bad temper and have to sleep in separate beds. The husband is puzzled until he sees this scene

Many women will have a bad temper after giving birth, especially their attitude towards their husbands, Bao Da We are also very helpless about this, do they think it is just giving birth to a child? Is it necessary to overdo it? 


After my friend Xiao Li and his wife got married, the relationship was very good, but this state only lasted until the prenatal period. After the wife had given birth, it seemed as if she had changed overnight. 

In the few days after giving birth, that is, during the time in the hospital, his wife had a cold attitude and asked to sleep in separate beds. He felt that it might be because she was too tired to give birth and had a bad temper. 

But after returning home to confinement, and after the confinement period, his wife has always been like this. He really can’t stand it. Asking his wife what’s wrong, she doesn’t say anything, even a look If you don’t give it to him, the attention is all on the child. 

He really didn’t know what to do, so he secretly installed a monitor at home, wanting to see why his wife was so unhappy every day, and if he was in such a bad mood when he was alone. 

After Xiao Li went to work, he basically didn’t work hard all day long, and from time to time he checked what his wife was doing. 

Xiao Li found that his wife would get up at 6 o’clock every day to prepare breakfast for him, and start washing clothes and doing housework at 7 o’clock. During the period, the child would cry and coax the child. The housework was almost done. At around 10 o’clock, he placed another order to buy food. While waiting for the food, he sat alone on the sofa in a daze, looking exhausted, and finally fell asleep. 

When I woke up again, the food bought by the delivery staff was delivered, and then I started to cook lunch. During the period, the child cried badly. She dropped the spatula and ran to the room, but maybe there was water or oil on the kitchen floor. The wife slipped on the way from the kitchen to the bedroom, and the scene on the monitoring screen hurts. 

The wife stayed on the ground for a long time, but she didn’t care about that much, so she hurried to hug the child. After the child was reluctant to sleep, she put the child in the stroller and pushed the stroller to the door of the kitchen. , Coax the children while cooking. 

She breastfeeds the baby before eating, and then eats. After the meal, she does the kitchen sanitation. After finishing this, it is a little too much. Xiao Li thinks that his wife should go to rest now. 

As a result, I saw my wife reading a book again. Before she suddenly reacted, she said that she would prepare for the exam. She went to cook, collect clothes, fold clothes, and talk to the children after almost 4 o’clock… Until he got home, he still saw his wife busy. 

He was finally able to understand why his wife was in such a bad mood, and he might be the same. In addition, she usually used the excuses of not being able to hold the child or knowing how to coax her, and basically didn’t help. She didn’t ask herself to play with her mobile phone. This should make her more sad. 

Postpartum mother “Transgender”, the reason is nothing more than these points

1. Husbands are not caring

Many husbands and Xiao Li have the same thoughts, thinking that they can’t help much, so they still let their wives go with their children. do. 

But in fact, many mothers just want an attitude problem. Even if the husband can’t help much, they are satisfied to be able to help them by the side. 

And the truly caring men are not only that, they also help with housework and cooking, so as to reduce the burden of the mothers as much as possible. On the contrary, when you encounter a “hands-off shopkeeper” or “big master”, which mother will not be angry? 

2. There are too many trivial things at home.

Now parents-in-laws are younger and both have their own jobs. Most mothers bring their own children. In addition to bringing children, they also need Do all kinds of housework and cook meals. If they can do some work at home, they will also do it. Such a pace of life will definitely make people feel tired. 

3. Suddenly the gap is too big.

What people are most afraid of is the contrast. The mothers are still in a state of concern before childbirth. They are not allowed to do this, and then they are not allowed to do it, just afraid exhausted. 

But the postpartum gap came out all of a sudden. This must be done, and that must be taken into account. The gap is suddenly so big, the mothers will naturally feel very discouraged, especially the sudden “transsexuality of the husband” “, it will make the mothers think like this. 

Therefore, it is recommended that you have more understanding and tolerance for your parents. Perhaps you may feel tired from working outside, but if you have taken a serious look at the daily workload of the mothers “In fact, it is really no less than you, and the things they do are often more tiring. 

A man’s sense of responsibility is often reflected in these times. Work is only a part of life. If you really want to live a good life, you must work with your wife instead of letting your wife bear the things you don’t have to bear. 

The reason why you can eat hot meals when you go home, why you don’t have to worry about your children, and why you don’t have to do housework, are all because your wife is silently taking care of all this. The most feared thing is that you will These are taken for granted. If it were you, would you feel sad? If it were you, you might become more and more cold.

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