These behaviors of men hurt a woman’s womb the most, none of them are touched. Congratulations on finding a good man.

These behaviors of men hurt a woman’s womb the most, none of them are touched. Congratulations on finding a good man.

In a happy family life, the couple can only create a warm and harmonious family environment when they are considerate and caring for each other. Atmosphere. 

In a relationship between the sexes, men with a sense of responsibility and responsibility are more able to assume the responsibility of protecting the other half. 

So when couples get along, husbands should be more considerate of their wives. Whether it is physical or emotional care, the wife’s feelings and health should be given priority. 

Frequent abortions The wife’s womb was very injured. Facing the end of infertility, the husband knew that he should regret

Xiao Bei had no plans to have children after marriage, and Xiao Bei’s husband also made it clear that it is not the stage of planning to have children. . But shortly after marriage, Xiaobei was found to be pregnant. 

The news made the couple feel at a loss, but compared with Xiaobei’s hesitation, Xiaobei’s husband’s attitude is very firm. 

He believes that “we are still young, and we will have the opportunity to have children in the future, but the time is not yet ripe this time!” Although reluctant, Xiaobei still listened to her husband. 

In less than three months after Xiaobei’s abortion, Xiaobei actually became pregnant again. When she learned that she was pregnant again, she hoped to keep the child, but Xiaobei’s husband complained that his wife was fertile. 

The two argued over this for a long time, and ultimately ended in Xiaobei’s compromise. 

Two consecutive miscarriages have caused Xiaobei’s body and mind to be greatly harmed, especially her uterus. The doctor said that if Xiaobei had another miscarriage, his desire to have a baby in the future might be There is no way to achieve it. 

Xiaobei, told her husband what the doctor said, but her husband disagreed, “Abortion is very common nowadays, don’t let the doctor scare you!”

Just like this for a year, Xiaobei is pregnant again. This time Xiaobei said that he must give birth to the child anyway, and even proposed to divorce if not. 

Seeing that his wife is so determined, Xiaobei’s husband had no choice but to agree. However, I did not expect that because of the frequent miscarriages before, Xiaobei’s uterine condition was very fragile. Although I wanted to prevent the baby this time, the fetus still had a habitual miscarriage. 

Although Xiaobei was out of danger in the end, the doctor told her that her uterus was greatly damaged, and it should be difficult to give birth in the future. 

Faced with the outcome that he would never be able to get pregnant, Xiaobei was very sad, and Xiaobei’s husband also regretted it. 

on a man What actions can cause great harm to women’s uterus? 

1. Do not take the initiative to use contraception

If you do not intend to become pregnant, you must take contraceptive measures before having sex. If men are not able to take the initiative to do a good job of contraceptive measures, or even consciously ignore them, then this can easily cause harm to women’s uterus. 

Frequent abortions can cause great trauma to the female uterus, and may even cause irreversible damage. 

2. Menstrual sexual behavior

In menstruating women’s physical condition is not good, and during menstruation, women’s uterine openings are open, which also makes women’s vaginas and uterus more Easy to be invaded by bacteria. 

In addition, at this time, their resistance is weak. If they have sex, it is likely to cause gynecological diseases. In severe cases, it will affect the state of the female’s uterus. 

3. Frequent pregnancy

Whether it is delivered by normal delivery or caesarean section, every pregnancy in life will cause damage to the female’s physical condition. 

After giving birth, women need a certain amount of time to recover their health. If you get pregnant and give birth frequently, it will naturally harm the woman’s uterus. 

Relatively speaking, women who give birth by cesarean section take longer to recover their uterus health after delivery. If they become pregnant frequently, it is likely to cause very serious consequences. 

in daily life How do women care for the health of the uterus? 

1. Pay attention to healthy diet

In daily life, women should pay special attention to their diet, try to ensure a balanced intake of nutrients, and eat less irritating foods, such as spicy foods. Food, cold food, etc. 

If these irritating foods are used for a long time, women’s uterus is prone to various inflammations due to more stimulation. 

And if a woman’s uterus is unhealthy, it is likely to cause physical discomfort such as irregular menstruation. 

2. Adhere to a healthy sex life

A healthy sex life can help women avoid unnecessary troubles. Therefore, taking contraceptive measures correctly, refusing sex during menstruation, etc., these little details in life deserve more attention from women. 

Only when women know how to cherish and protect themselves, they can take good care of themselves. 

3. Pay attention to the cleanliness of the private parts

Pay attention to the cleanliness of the private parts in daily life to avoid the breeding of bacteria and the invasion of some viruses. Therefore, women should develop the habit of changing underwear frequently, adopt correct cleaning methods, and protect their private parts. 

When cleaning the body, it is best to clean the private parts with warm water. Excessive use of cleaning products may disrupt the acid-base balance of the private parts. 

Taking care of the health of the uterus is a very important part of protecting women’s health. Therefore, both men and women should pay attention to the maintenance of the uterus and try to avoid behaviors that harm the uterus. 

What do you think about these behaviors that harm women’s uterus? The “golden three stages” of preschool education in Cambridge education for children, the second stage is easy to overlook

Parents now pay more and more attention to their children’s education. In the past, children basically belonged to the In the “stocking state”, parents are busy with work. The kindergarten is equivalent to the current nursery and does not require children to read good books. 

But now it’s different. Today’s young parents take their children’s preschool education very importantly, and they put a lot of effort into it, just to lay a good foundation for their children. This approach does not It is not without any basis. 

The Cambridge University Children’s Education Research Team has done a similar follow-up survey and found that children have three golden education periods before school. help. 

Children’s preschool “golden three stages”, it is easy to overlook the second stage

Children around 1 and 2 years old

The Cambridge University research team believes that children are at 2 years old. The left and right will reach a peak period of brain development, which is one of the ideal stages to educate children. 

In fact, in China, there is also a more interesting saying for 2-year-old children, that is, “the stage of being ignored by dogs”, because children will become very naughty when they are around 2 years old, and they don’t take care of them. It may turn the family upside down, and the parents are also having headaches. 

This also means that the brain development of children at the age of 2 begins to strengthen. At this stage, they show strong thinking and practical skills. If the parents can guide them, then there will be no so-called “dogs”. Headache behavior like “ignore”. 

Some parents may feel that if a 2-year-old child understands what his parents say, education is a waste of time and energy. In fact, this is not the case. In fact, children at this stage have their own cognition and understanding. If parents can patiently guide them, they believe that children can grow in the ideal direction. 

The research team is more inclined to recommend parents to conduct rules awareness education for children at this stage, which is of great help to children’s self-behavior restraint and strong self-discipline ability, and the method cannot Be stricter, otherwise it may be counterproductive to the child. 

2. Children around 3 years old

The results of the study show that although children begin to speak at the age of 1 year old, their language ability will only show obvious changes around 3 years old, which means this At the time, they can be given comprehensive logic education in their expression skills, and communication education is also highly recommended. 

The thinking of children before the age of 3 is less logical, and you can say what you want to say. Words and sentences that do not have any coherence will be spoken as they want. 

But after the age of 3, the child’s subconsciousness is bound by logic. This is why some parents find that although the child did not speak very well before, it is still quite smooth. How come after the age of 3 On the contrary, I dared not speak. In fact, this is the logic restricting the child. 

This is also the easiest stage to be ignored by parents, because most parents feel that their children begin to speak when they are over one year old. Where is it necessary to exercise their children’s expressive skills, if necessary, also 1 Things around the age of, in fact, this kind of thinking is more one-sided. 

Therefore, teaching children to express correctly can be through frequent communication with children. The role of communication not only allows children to input more, but also allows children to output more. It is a very beneficial parent-child activity. 

Of course, parents can also try to read a story book to their children, let the children listen carefully, after reading it, let the children express what they have learned from the story, or let the children simply repeat it The content in the story book can also exercise the child’s expressive and logical abilities. 

3. Children around 5 years old

After 5 years old, the development of concentration should be promoted. Different from the previous stage, 5-year-old children have stronger understanding and cognitive abilities, and stronger self-discipline ability. Therefore, the effect of training them on concentration is better than any previous stage training. 

So how to exercise children’s concentration? Professor Li Meijin once put forward a suggestion that you can let your child draw. At the beginning, take a piece of white paper and a drawing pen to the child and tell the child that he must draw for 5 minutes before he can stop, and the content and method of painting are free for the child to play. 

Wait until the child can get used to persisting for 5 minutes, then let the child try for 10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes… until about 40 minutes. This process is increased by 5 minutes to allow the child to adapt slowly. Instead of changing from 5 minutes to 30 minutes or higher, the child will quickly reject this training. 

The reason why the target value is finally set at 40 minutes is that most of the children’s subsequent class time is 40 minutes per class, so this can be used as a standard value. Of course, if you want to achieve longer-term results, parents naturally need to continue to exercise, but the difficulty of exercise and the time it takes will be much more difficult than the previous period.

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