These 4 kinds of pregnant mothers will give birth to better babies? See if you are one of them

These 4 kinds of pregnant mothers will give birth to better babies? See if you are one of them

When a pregnant mother is pregnant, her greatest wish is to have a healthy baby. Of course, in addition to being healthy, pregnant mothers also hope that their upcoming baby can be very smart. 

In fact, there are many factors that affect the baby’s IQ. I believe most pregnant mothers know that most of the inheritance of IQ comes from the X chromosome, so most of the inheritance of the baby’s IQ comes from the mother. 

However, besides genetics, the baby’s IQ is actually related to the mother’s state of pregnancy. So what kind of pregnant mother is more likely to give birth to a smart baby? Let’s take a look together today! 

The pregnant mother of diet science

Pregnant mother is pregnant When you need to take in a lot of nutrients, because only the pregnant mother has enough nutrients, the baby will have more nutrients to absorb and utilize. 

Sufficient nutrition is very important for the brain and body development of the fetus. Some pregnant mothers are afraid that they will be too obese after giving birth, so they can control their diet during pregnancy, but in fact, this will affect the development of the fetus. 

Scientific diet, the combination of meat and vegetables, and balanced nutrition can make the baby develop better. 

Pregnant mothers who often do exercise

Some pregnant mothers After I was pregnant, I began to live a life of “pampering and dignified”. I tried my best not to move as much as I could. The daily life is to sleep when I eat well, and eat again when I wake up. 

In fact, proper exercise is very necessary for pregnant mothers. Appropriate aerobic exercise can not only help pregnant mothers control their weight, but the most important thing is that they can also promote the blood circulation of pregnant mothers and increase the fetus. The blood supply of the baby’s brain is very beneficial to the development of the brain. 

A happy pregnant mother

In fact, the baby is born When I was very young, I could hear the sounds of the outside world, and I could also feel the emotions of the pregnant mother. During pregnancy, the mentality and emotions of pregnant mothers can directly affect the brain development of the fetus. Moreover, the character of the baby after birth is closely related to the mood of the pregnant mother during pregnancy. 

If the pregnant mother is depressed all day during pregnancy, the baby will have a melancholic character after birth. Similarly, if the pregnant mother often loses her temper during pregnancy, the baby will also have a bad temper. 

Pregnant mothers of the right age

Women in every month At that time, there will be many egg cells in the body developing together, but in the end only one follicle will mature. 

Furthermore, when a woman is 24-30 years old, her egg quality is the best period. In addition, during this period, women’s physical condition is also in a golden period, so this period is the best period for women. Childbearing age. 

Scientific data shows that babies conceived at the “golden childbearing age” have a relatively lower chance of premature delivery and dementia. 

Of course, a baby’s IQ is not entirely determined by It is determined by heredity and the state of the pregnant mother at the time of pregnancy, and the nurturing of the day after birth is also very important. But if you want your baby to “win at the starting line”, pregnant mothers have to work hard while pregnant! Most children with good mathematics scores have these three characteristics. The head teacher: you can’t pretend to be scum.

The ancient Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras once said: Mathematics dominates the universe. 

But for parents, whether mathematics dominates the universe is not important, what is important is that mathematics dominates the children’s grades. 

What’s more, in addition to entering school, children with good mathematics also have stronger competitiveness at work. The core technologies of large companies like Alibaba and Huawei are all related to mathematics. 

So, what kind of children can learn math well? My son’s head teacher mentioned three characteristics. She said: Most children with good math scores have three common characteristics, and they can’t pretend to be scumbags. 

1. Very sensitive to numbers

Affirmative for math problems It is inseparable from numbers, so children who are sensitive to numbers have a greater advantage when learning mathematics. 

Children who are sensitive to numbers can easily find the relationship between several numbers in math problems, calculate faster, find the rules between numbers, and convert numbers faster. remember. 

Just like Andy in “Ode to Joy” is a typical “number sense”. 

In the play, Andy can win several games in a row with his super sense of number when playing cards with Singularity, Zhao Qiping, and Qu Xiaogang, showing his super talent in finance. 

2. Strong logical thinking ability

“Mathematics is everywhere in life” is because mathematics can solve many problems in life, because calculation in mathematics is a basic ability, and application problems are the key to great scores. 

Children with strong logical thinking ability can often find solutions to complex questions in a shorter time, and have the ability to see the essence through phenomena. 

This kind of ability is not something that a scumbag can have through a short period of time. 

Third, the sense of space is better

United States “New A psychologist at Emory University, one of the prestigious Ivy League schools, found that when a baby is 6 months old, he can predict future mathematical abilities from his spatial awareness. 

The reason why mathematics ability can be predicted from the “spatial awareness” is that there are many geometric problems in mathematics. Needless to say, a child with a good sense of space can show that a child with a good sense of space can show that there are many geometric problems in mathematics. Small advantage. 

What’s more, geometric problems in mathematics cannot be separated from auxiliary lines, and the sense of space is not good. Finding auxiliary lines can only rely on Meng! 

How to develop children’s mathematical ability? 

Mathematics ability is certainly part of the talent, but acquired cultivation is also important. Peking University professor and doctoral tutor Wei Kunlin said: Children are born with mathematical intuition and can be enlightened at the age of 2 years. 

1. Early game enlightenment

Many parents think that two or three-year-old children just can talk, at most they will teach him how to count? 

There is so much that can be done! 

From the time when children can crawl, parents can cultivate their children’s sense of space through games such as crawling and throwing balls. 

When children are 2 or 3 years old, there are more mathematics games that can be played. You can recognize shapes when you play building blocks, and you can try to understand concepts such as paying bills and finding change when you play with building blocks. When you know the card, you can understand concepts such as classification and collection…

As long as parents want to buy two apples, children can learn how to compare their sizes. 

2. Combination of mathematics and common sense

When children are a little older, parents should also not forget to teach their children to understand common sense in life, such as understanding time, understanding currency, and understanding comparison And other concepts. 

These are not only common knowledge in daily life, but also basic mathematics knowledge to be learned in the first and second grades of elementary school. 

Children know more about these common senses. When they encounter application problems in mathematics, they will be easier to read and understand mathematics.

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