These 3 stages are the most difficult to bring a baby before the age of six. Mom is too worried. Which stage are you going through?

These 3 stages are the most difficult to bring a baby before the age of six. Mom is too worried. Which stage are you going through? 

These 3 stages are the most difficult to bring the baby before the age of six. Mom is too worried. Which stage are you going through? 

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When pregnant, many mothers dream about the life of bringing children in the future. In the imagination of most mothers , The child should be very cute, obedient and easy-going. 

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But when the child is born, many mothers’ fantasies are shattered, and some mothers can’t wait to stuff their babies back into their stomachs, and they all sigh: “Why do other people’s babies watch? They look so cute and cute, but my children are so difficult to take.”

What many mothers don’t expect is that other people’s children may just look cute in the photos, and it may be difficult behind the scenes. band. 

Almost all children In the process of growing up, you will experience the three most difficult stages. Each stage has its own difficulties. Moms, are you going through that stage? 

Baby is just born: 0~3 months

When the baby is just born, the body is relatively weak and prone to various troublesome diseases such as jaundice, so you can’t feed too much at one time. So you need to feed the night milk, and parents must stay up late to watch, and because of the incompatibility with the outside world, it is easy to cry. 

And Bao Da Bao Ma still At the stage of a novice parent, I don’t know what to do in the face of children’s various problems. 

At this time, Bao’s mother was also in a particularly weak stage because she had just given birth, and she was easily mentally and physically collapsed because of the trouble of bringing the child or the child was too noisy. 

Baby can eat supplementary food: 6 months to 1 year old

Although babies over 6 months have just become more well-behaved, at this time they are no longer satisfied with drinking milk. Need to start feeding complementary food. 

Different babies like complementary foods with different tastes and textures. In addition to adjusting the taste of complementary foods, pregnant mothers must always pay attention to the nutritional status of the baby. If there is overnutrition or undernutrition, it needs to be adjusted in time . 

And there are other babies in After eating complementary foods, different problems will appear. Pregnant mothers also need to understand whether it is the problem of complementary foods or the baby’s body. 

At this time, the parents can be said to be upset about what their children eat. 

Baby has self-awareness: 2~3 years old

2~3 years old babies are also the subject of headaches for many parents. They don’t understand why their angel babies suddenly become ” “Little Devil”, became very rebellious against his parents, and became very rebellious. 

Actually, this is because of many Children aged 2 to 3 begin to have self-awareness. They understand that they are independent, and they start to pass experiments again and again to determine that they are independent and have self. 

So when parents ask them to do something, the child may object to it, just to express and express themselves. 

It’s harder to bring children now< /p>

The difficulty of raising children is not only affected by their age and physical conditions, but also has a lot to do with the development of society and the change of people’s concepts. 

▶ Increasing demands on parents

If some parents’ thinking about raising children is to feed their children, then this must be irresponsible to the parents. 

Nowadays, society’s requirements for parents are “omnipotent.” 

A wealth of knowledge is required, Communicate all aspects of content with children every day. 

You need to know how to match nutrition. The food you prepare every day is not only nutritious, but also delicious. 

It is necessary to understand the basic common sense of the case, when the child’s body has a problem, know the most correct way of treatment. 

It is necessary to understand the knowledge of parenting to ensure the healthy development of the child’s mental health. 

▶ The cost of parenting is high

Now that we want our children to have a healthy body and a complete childhood, parents spend more on money, especially the school district housing problems where the children go to school. , The money paid can be enough to raise a few children before. 

How can parents reduce parenting now? How difficult is it? 

✔ With the help of technology

Sometimes, parents can use some new products to make the process of bringing their children easier. 

For example, when you can’t pay attention to your child’s safety in real time, you can choose to install a monitor indoors and so on. 

✔ Learn about parenting in advance< /p>

Many parents find it difficult when they first bring their children. It is also because they are not ready to raise their children. Real preparation requires knowledge in addition to money. 

Learn how to prepare milk powder, breastfeed, and change diapers in advance. After the baby is born, the difficulty of bringing a baby may be much lower. 

✔ With the help of others

If you really don’t have children, you can also rely on their help. In fact, in addition to parents, Yuesao is really a good choice. 

Of course, if Bao Dad has time and is particularly responsible, he can also take the place of confinement, and it will have greater benefits for the child’s development, parent-child relationship and family relationship. 


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Family raising girls, don’t pick clothes for them, no matter how poor, it is easy for the baby to feel inferior.

Families, no matter how poor, don’t pick clothes for them. It’s easy to make your baby feel inferior.

Text | Mom’s Tao (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

A lot Parents are very happy with the old clothes sent by others:

They think that children can wear any clothes, why not wear them sent by others? Some old clothes are not only of good quality, but also very expensive when they are bought, which not only allows their children to have good clothes to wear, but also saves a lot of money. 

But children obviously don’t think so. When a child is about two years old, he begins to awaken his self-awareness, distinguishes himself from the outside world and recognizes himself, and has aesthetics at the age of three or four. Consciousness, there will be clothes that you like or dislike. 

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At this time, they usually hope to be able to control their right to choose clothes. They may feel uncomfortable because they wear old clothes. 

Especially girls who love beauty will feel unable to control their own life. They have always been controlled by their parents or will never wear as beautiful as other children, so they will have an inferiority complex. 

Especially these three kinds of clothes If parents often wear girls to girls, it is most likely to cause them to feel inferior.

▶ Second-hand clothes

Children who have been wearing other people’s old clothes rarely have the opportunity to buy new clothes. Especially when she knows that the meaning of old clothes is not so good, she will feel inferior to other children wearing new clothes. 

So parents should not give Children whose aesthetic consciousness has just awakened wear old clothes. Even if they think the clothes sent by others are good, let the children choose instead of choosing by themselves. 

The independent choice can make children more accepting of new clothes without feeling inferior. 

▶ Clothes that do not fit well

Although some styles of clothes on the market do not fit well, if the children are because their parents want to save money on clothes. 

So buy them big clothes or not buy clothes, let the children wear clothes that have become smaller for a few years, it will also let the children have a kind of poor family and can’t buy new clothes Inferiority complex. 

▶ Clothes bought forcibly by parents

Although some parents buy clothes for their children, they feel that children have no right to choose, or their eyesight is not good, and the clothes they choose are strange, so they buy clothes for their children by force. 

Even if some children don’t like it, they will resist, parents will say “what do you know, other children wear this” or “this is so beautiful, it’s because you don’t have a good eye” and so on. if. 

Long-term denial of children’s aesthetic vision will prevent them from choosing clothes by themselves. They will feel that their lives are controlled and they will feel inferior. 

Besides girls who wear these three types of clothes for a long time with low self-esteem, what psychology can they have? 

▶ Used to passively accept fate

< /p>

The above clothes are definitely not liked by most children, but it is useless for them to resist, they can only accept passively. When unable to resist this kind of control imposed on the body for a long time, you may be content with the status quo. 

When I grow up, I am passively accepting and unwilling to resist other problems in life. 

▶ Form a compensatory psychology

Girls who did not wear new clothes when they were young may develop the habit of over-buying clothes and over-consumption in order to make up for their shortcomings when they grow up. 

In fact, this is also a way to hide your inner self-esteem. 

Girls also have many things Inferiority complex

Not only in terms of wearing clothes, girls may also feel inferior due to other things. 

For example, parents often Quarrels, lack of good appearance and stature, lagging behind a lot in studies, poor family conditions, etc. 

These problems are encountered by many girls, but some children do not feel inferiority complex, while others do. 

In fact, the biggest core of inferiority is that a person’s understanding of the world and human nature is not complete. 

They need the approval of others too much. They are unwilling to accept their own ordinary and failures. They want perfect friendship, family, parents and so on. 

Those who think everything should be perfect, but they are not perfect, will of course feel inferior. 

But the child has this idea Most of them are indoctrinated by parents. Many parents are dissatisfied with the status quo and often complain to their children about the current situation. 

So I asked them to be better, as a springboard to change their class, but in fact it would cause psychological pressure to the children and make them lack of understanding of the outside world. 

So when faced with various setbacks and problems in life, I feel inferior. 


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