These 3 “crimes” during pregnancy indicate that the fetal treasure is also “crushing up”. Don’t be silly and unclear about the pregnant mother.

These three “crimes” during pregnancy indicate that the baby treasure is also “crashing”, pregnant mothers don’t be silly and unclear

During pregnancy, 50%-90% of women will have an obvious pregnancy reaction. 

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As we all know, pregnancy is a very hard thing. During this period, pregnant mothers are physically and psychologically Various discomforts will also occur, and at this time, what the pregnant mother is most worried about is whether the fetus in the abdomen is healthy. 

But in fact, during pregnancy, if the pregnant mother suffers from these three kinds of “crimes”, it means that the fetal treasure is also “crushing”, and pregnant mothers don’t need to worry too much. 

Case: The pregnant mother suffered a crime, and the whole family was worried.

After Ms. Wu became pregnant, her pregnancy reaction was particularly severe and she was also very uncomfortable. Especially in the third trimester, she always felt chest tightness and her body was weak and weak. very bad. 

Seeing that Ms. Wu feels so uncomfortable, the husband is also worried, so he asks his wife to take a leave of absence to the hospital for a check-up, and ask the doctor what is the situation with his wife? Is there a problem with the body of the pregnant woman or the development of the fetus? 

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Unexpectedly, the doctor is not surprised by this, telling the couple that chest tightness and weakness in the third trimester are actually This is a normal phenomenon, because the fetus develops faster, the pregnant woman’s belly becomes larger and expands into the chest cavity. After the chest volume becomes smaller, there will naturally be a feeling of chest tightness and shortness of breath. 

Ms. Wu felt relieved after hearing this, but her husband was still worried and asked the doctor for a solution. 

The doctor smiled and said: “You are the first child. This is a normal phenomenon in the third trimester. On the contrary, it means that the fetus is developing well. Usually, you only need to eat lightly, pay attention to the sleeping position, and wait for the baby to come.”

Hearing the doctor’s reply, the couple was relieved to go home. 

These three “crimes” during pregnancy indicate that Tibao is “crashing”

1, chest tightness, breathing difficulties

After pregnancy, many pregnant mothers will feel that their breathing has become Difficulty, I often feel tightness in the chest and shortness of breath. Sometimes I can’t breathe when I walk just a few steps. 

Although this situation makes many pregnant mothers feel collapsed, this is actually a normal phenomenon during pregnancy. After 28 weeks of pregnancy, the uterus becomes larger and expands to the chest cavity, while the chest volume becomes smaller, and the fetus Having matured, the amount of oxygen required by pregnant mothers has greatly increased, and naturally there will be chest tightness, shortness of breath, and a feeling of shortness of breath. 

In addition, the enlarged uterus of pregnant mothers will also load on the heart. Studies have shown that after the second and third trimester, the circulating blood volume of pregnant women has increased by 50%, which greatly increases the burden on the heart, and is also one of the reasons for pregnant women’s chest tightness and poor breathing. 

In short, no matter what the reason is, in the final analysis, it shows that the fetus is well developed, and pregnant mothers don’t have to worry too much. 

2. Low back pain

Back pain is a problem that women often face during pregnancy. Especially in the third trimester, many pregnant mothers often have low back pain and can’t sleep. 

In the third trimester, as the number of months increases, the pregnant woman’s belly will become larger and larger, which will increase the burden on the waist. Under this pressure, pregnant mothers are also prone to backaches. 

But in fact, these conditions also indicate that the fetus is developing well. During this period, pregnant mothers need to rest more and try not to do corresponding massages to avoid harm to the fetus. Relax and do some aerobic exercises. . 

3. Lower limb edema

After a woman is pregnant, more than 30% of the blood in the body is used to help the fetus develop. 

In the third trimester, the development of the fetus is accelerated, and the uterus compresses the inferior vena cava, which slows down the blood circulation of the lower body and forms the phenomenon of swelling of the lower limbs, which makes it difficult for pregnant mothers to walk several steps. 

But in fact, this situation is a normal phenomenon that many pregnant mothers will experience. Don’t worry too much. On the contrary, this way, it means that the fetus is developing well. 

How to relieve discomfort during pregnancy? 

➤Pay attention to sleeping position

Many pregnant women choose to sleep on the left side, because this is beneficial to themselves and the fetus, but in fact, not all pregnant women are suitable for this sleeping position. 

Under normal circumstances, more than 80% of women have dextrorotation of the uterus during pregnancy. Therefore, it is not wrong to choose the sleeping position on the left side, but whether it is suitable for this sleeping position depends on the pregnant mother’s uterus. The direction of deflection. 

In the second trimester, pregnant mothers can ask the doctor about the direction of uterine rotation to determine the direction of their sleeping, which can effectively relieve chest tightness, back pain and other discomforts. 

➤Light diet

During pregnancy, there are many foods that pregnant women need to avoid, and sometimes even some foods that are too greasy may cause morning sickness and other reactions. 

But even so, pregnant mothers must ensure that they eat normally. They can choose to eat small and frequent meals. The diet is as light as possible and supplemented with sufficient nutrition, which is beneficial to the pregnant woman and the fetus in the abdomen.  Women of this age are more likely to have a higher education , But during pregnancy, mothers and babies each have to bear a risk

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Nowadays, social and life pressures are high, and people pay more attention to their own quality of life, leading to more and more women getting married and childbearing late. Have you missed the optimal age for childbearing? , Will it cause harm to yourself and the fetus? 

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About the best childbearing age

According to medicine, the best childbearing age for women is 25~29 years old. 

Nowadays, the pressure in society is relatively high. It is not only the physical condition of women to determine the optimal age for childbearing, but also psychological preparations, financial preparations, etc., so as to be responsible for the children. . 

Foreign scientific research also feels the same. The “Wen Cui Weekly” conducted a survey of more than 4,000 children between 5 and 10 years old and found that those babies who were born when their mothers were about 30 years old have language expressions Ability, logical thinking ability, intelligence and other aspects are better. 

This study fully shows that women born around the age of 30 have a higher IQ and are more likely to give birth to school-dominant babies. 

In addition, a British magazine also clearly stated that 30-year-old mothers can create more favorable growth conditions and environments for their children. 

Female age Fertility, the reason why babies have higher IQs

1. During pregnancy, they will pay more attention to nutritional supplements

When women reach the age of 30, they will pay more attention to their own problems. If you don’t get pregnant outside the plan, you will be very scientific in terms of pregnancy checkups and nutritional supplements from preparation to pregnancy. 

In this case, the quality of embryos is often higher, which is more conducive to the health of the fetus and the development of intelligence. 

At the same time, they also pay special attention to prenatal education during pregnancy, which can also promote the baby’s intellectual development to a certain extent. 

2. More mature thinking

Young women, due to lack of social experience, tend to be impulsive in their thinking, temperament, patience, emotional management, etc. During pregnancy, it may also be emotionally unstable due to the influence of hormones, which stimulates the brain to secrete harmful substances and affects the fetus. 

And 30-year-old women have more experience, thought and emotional management, etc. will be more mature, can maintain emotional stability during pregnancy, so that the fetus can grow and develop in a happy situation; after birth, can accept the mother’s gentleness and patience According to the teaching, even if the baby makes a mistake, it can be dealt with in the correct way without excessive behavior, which will promote the child’s intellectual development. 

3. Economic conditions More abundant

Women have reached the age of 30, have worked for many years, have a certain financial strength, and raising a child is a very expensive thing, as small as milk powder, diapers, and various Such training, cram schools, etc., if they can have sufficient funds, the baby can also receive a better education, and the intelligence will not be too bad. 

Although having a child at the age of 30 is good for the growth and development of the baby, most experts recommend that the best childbearing age is more than 20 years old. Why? 

Women are pregnant at 30 years old, mother and baby must be separate Take a risk

Because the growth and development of the human body follow certain rules, various functions of the body will degenerate with age. 

1. Harm to the fetus

According to research conducted by British experts and scholars, it is found that women’s chances of getting pregnant after 30 are much lower than when they are in their 20s, and the amount of egg cells stored is much lower. Will also be reduced to 90%. 

And with the increase of age, due to the decline of female physical functions, the quality of eggs, chromosomes, etc. is relatively poor, the probability of the fetus suffering from Down syndrome increases. According to the survey, it is found that between the ages of 30 and 34, The probability reaches 1/900, and the probability rises to 1/300 at the age of 35 to 39. 

2. Harm to pregnant mothers

According to statistics, most older pregnant women will have a strong pregnancy syndrome reaction. That means more energy is needed to ensure the healthy growth and development of the fetus. 

In addition, due to the reduced physical function of the pregnant mother, the chance of complications during pregnancy increases, the difficulty of childbirth also increases, and the recovery of the body after childbirth will also become difficult. 

Attention to senior mothers Matters

1. Do a good job of pregnancy checkup and birth checkup

Elderly mothers should do a pregnancy checkup before pregnancy, so that their body can prepare for pregnancy in a healthy and good state, which can not only increase the chance of conception, but also It can also give birth to a healthy baby. 

Timely check-ups during pregnancy can promptly understand the growth and development of the fetus, especially the NT, Down’s screening, and four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examinations that require attention. 

2. The law of life

Women must pay attention to the law of life before and during pregnancy, go to bed early and get up early, so that they can maintain a good state and create favorable conditions for the growth and development of the fetus. 

In addition, elderly mothers must stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. These substances are likely to threaten the quality of eggs and the healthy growth and development of the fetus. 

3. Balanced nutrition

The normal growth and development of the fetus is inseparable from adequate nutrition, which requires pregnant mothers to pay attention to their own balanced intake of nutrients to meet the healthy growth of the fetus. 

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