There is a kind of laziness called “carrying baby and going out”. Parents think it is very convenient, but it may affect bone development.

There is a kind of laziness called “carrying the baby out”. Parents think it is very convenient, but it may affect bone development.

There is a kind of lazy called “carrying the baby out of the house”. Parents think it is very convenient, but it may affect bone development


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Nowadays, the temperature is gradually rising, and the number of times parents take their children out for walks has increased. Parents are accustomed to holding their children out, but this is very tiring and may not take long steps to go home every time. 

Later, the stroller was used again, but the stroller was too bulky and inconvenient to travel. 

Nowadays, some baby slings have become parents’ baby-carrying artifacts. They bind the children to the parents, free their hands, and take less effort, making them easy to use to take the children out to play. 

But if the baby carrier is not selected Well, the harm to the child is great. For example, the common covered baby carrier on the market. 

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This kind of harness wraps up the children and fastens them and the bodies of adults with a thread. It seems to be stable, safe, and warm, but it actually hides many risks. 

▶ Too much restraint may cause the child’s blood to not circulate

The child’s waist is too tight for a long time, and it is easy to be strangled. They can’t move, and the blood circulation is relatively poor. slow. 

Nowadays, the blood vessels are even more compressed. After a long time, it is easy to cause poor blood circulation in the lower body and affect the development of their legs. 

▶ Wrapping the feet affects the development of the hip joints

The newborn’s legs are not close together, but open like a frog. This posture is beneficial to them Development of the hip joint. 

If there is a problem with the development of the hip joint, the baby’s future walking posture and leg development will be affected. 

And this affects them It’s not easy to be discovered when you are young, and some negative effects don’t even show up in adulthood, but once you are over one and a half years old, it is difficult to treat. 

▶ Block the child’s sight and reduce the sense of security

Tighten the baby tightly behind him. Although it seems safe, all they can see is the parent’s back. Unable to observe the surrounding environment, which actually reduces the sense of security. 

For young children, looking into the distance is more conducive to the development of vision and brain. If you take your baby out for a walk, you should let them look around. 

How to take your child out for a walk, Is it better for their health? 

▶ Correct holding position< /p>

The spine of infants and young children is still developing, and the shape is very different from that of adults. Their entire spine is curved backwards, while the cervical and lumbar spine of adults are curved inward. . 

Therefore, whether it is a vertical hug, a horizontal hug or an oblique hug, be sure to protect their neck, waist and back. 

And when holding children, whether their heads are facing forward or backward, they need to be able to observe the surrounding environment. 

▶ Choose the right sling

❶ Sling

The sling is a kind of artifact recommended by the parenting expert Dr. William%uB7 Hills. It Composed of elastic cloth and rings. It is possible to allow babies weighing less than 10 kg to sit across it easily, and parents are also less stressed at this time. 

and can be easily changed to any The state allows the baby to enjoy different holding positions. 

For example, hold it diagonally. 

When breastfeeding is needed, it can be adjusted to a diagonal hug, and the baby can be placed flat in it, which can not only reduce the difficulty for mothers to hold the baby, but also has the concealment. 

❷ Front-mounted sling with seat

This kind of sling is like a schoolbag. Mothers can use both shoulders to bear the weight of the child, and put the baby in front, which is convenient for parents. Observe their state, the additional seat at the end can make the child sit up more comfortably. 

Even if the baby’s weight is heavier, parents can bear it. 

➌Pack towel

Compared with the sling, the wrapper has one less loop, and it is longer and wider, but this kind of sling is more difficult to use. It requires parents to wrap a suitable position on their body, and then put the baby Put it in and take it off is more troublesome. 

But its advantage is that the materials are easily available. For parents who don’t want to buy a wrap, they can change their scarf into a wrap. 

▶ Choose the right stroller

Although the stroller is also a good artifact for walking your baby, you should also choose the one that suits your baby. 

Experts said that babies under 6 months should try to avoid using strollers. At this time, they will not raise their heads and are placed in a stroller. They may want to look out because of curiosity, which can easily damage their cervical spine. 

is 6 Pay attention to the following points when choosing a stroller for babies after 3 months. 

❶ Stable car body

Unstable strollers are in danger of overturning. If parents chat with others when they take their children out to play, they will inevitably ignore the existence of the children. 

Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the stroller can still be stable without the care of an adult, and that it can be automatically locked and does not slide randomly. 

❷ Wheel shock absorption

The road outside is not necessarily smooth. When the car shakes, the baby’s head will also shake, which may affect intelligence, so it has a shock absorption function. The wheels make the baby more comfortable. 

❸ Lightweight

Heavy strollers are not suitable for parents to take their children out to play alone, and there will be a lot of trouble back and forth. Therefore, lighter vehicles may be more practical. 


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The four-year-old baby was fed ribs for three days in a row, but was admitted to the hospital without nourishment. It turned out to be “it” tricks

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The child’s gastrointestinal function is not yet Well-developed, relatively weak digestion ability, a little careless diet is likely to cause food accumulation. 

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After the baby is born, parents will pay special attention to their own baby Many elderly people feel that only by eating more and fragrant can they grow better when they are taking care of their children. 

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Obviously, he is a 4-year-old boy who is alive and kicking every day, but he doesn’t eat a lot all the time, and he looks thin. The child’s grandmother has been worried that he is not eating well and that it will not be easy to grow up, so she will follow behind her buttocks every day to feed, resulting in the last meal taking an hour or two to finish. 

On this day, my grandma burned her favorite ribs, and the child ate 4 of them in one go. Grandma was very happy and took a video and sent it to the child’s mother. 

The next day, grandma burned a big bowl of spare ribs, and obviously ate 6 more ribs, which made grandma very happy. 

From the third day on, I obviously didn’t want to eat, and my mental state was not very good. My mother was very worried when she saw it, and said, “Did you eat too much in the last two days?”


The grandmother said: “The child’s stomach will become bigger and bigger, and it will be better in a few days.” Then she continued to feed after Mingming, but this time the baby didn’t want to eat anything, even the ribs she loved. I don’t even look at it. 

At night, obviously turning over and over, her palms were very hot, my mother immediately took a lower body temperature, which was 37.9 degrees Celsius. During the epidemic, she was still having a fever, which would make her anxious. 

The mother took the child to the nearby hospital to ask the doctor and told about the baby’s condition. The doctor diagnosed it as food accumulation. 

Because the child’s gastrointestinal function has not been fully developed and the digestive ability is relatively weak, a little careless diet may cause food accumulation. Some conditions that occur in the early stage are ignored by the parents, and when they become more serious in the later stage, Will be discovered. 

If the baby has These five abnormal reactions are probably due to food accumulation.

1. Appetite is significantly weakened.

In the early stage of food accumulation, the child’s appetite decreased significantly. This is because the gastrointestinal function has not yet been fully developed and the digestive ability is still Poor, if there is a lot of food in the stomach, it will cause their digestion ability to keep up, then these foods will stay in the stomach and leave little space for the new food, even if the child feels very I want to eat when I am hungry, but I also feel unable to eat, and it is easy to have abdominal distension and abdominal pain after eating. 

If parents find that their children’s appetite has suddenly diminished a lot, they need to be vigilant about accumulating food. 

2. Sleeping is not reliable

Because the food is not consumed and the accumulation of food is formed, it will cause abdominal distension, abdominal pain, fire, etc., then when you sleep at night, It will be uncomfortable, toss and turn, unable to sleep well, and some younger children will wake up and cry. 

3. Thickening of the tongue coating

Under normal circumstances, the tongue coating should be white and very thin, indicating that the spleen and stomach are normal, but if there is food accumulation, then let’s talk about the accumulation in the stomach. Some excess gas will cause the tongue coating to thicken, and the phenomenon of rot and yellowing will appear. 

4. There is a peculiar smell in the mouth

The smell of the child’s mouth should be fresh and clean. If you find that your baby’s mouth has a peculiar smell, it may be caused by accumulation of food, because the gastrointestinal function cannot digest food normally. The food accumulated in the intestines and stomach emits a peculiar smell, which is emitted through the baby’s mouth and nose. 

5. Sweating hands and feet, red cheeks

Chinese medicine believes that the human face corresponds to the body organs and limbs. Therefore, if there is a problem with the spleen and stomach, such as food accumulation, It is easy to accumulate heat, and the child may show red cheeks, hot hands and feet, sweating, etc. 

The child has eaten up , What should parents do? 

1. Diet conditioning

Eating accumulation is mainly caused by overfeeding. Therefore, parents can appropriately reduce the baby’s daily food intake and reduce the pressure of the stomach. If you are worried that your child will be hungry, you can add snacks between meals , Pay attention to the way of eating smaller meals. 

In addition, you can prepare some foods that can invigorate the spleen and stomach, such as millet, yam, etc., for the baby to eat for a few days to see the effect of improvement. 

2. Massage the baby

Eat accumulation can cause abdominal discomfort. Parents can massage the baby’s abdomen appropriately to promote blood circulation and help digestion in the stomach and intestines. Improve food accumulation problems. 

The specific massage method is as follows:

Let the child lie on his stomach, and then the parents use the index finger and thumb to repeatedly knead both sides of the spine from top to bottom and then from bottom to top, repeating 3~5 times; you can also use the palm of your hand Massage the position of the baby’s belly button and chest, repeat 2 to 3 times and so on. 

How to prevent children Does food accumulation occur? 

1. Formulate diet for age

In terms of diet, parents should formulate different diet plans for different age groups. For example, within one year of age, they should use milk or breast milk as the main diet, and prepare some that are easy to digest. Baby food supplements; between 1 and 2 years old, babies will be curious about many foods, especially when they meet their favorite foods, they will eat more. At this time, parents should pay attention to help them grasp the degree. 

2. Strengthen children’s physical exercises

Parents can usually strengthen their children’s physical exercises. Don’t let their children sit at home and watch TV or play in bed after eating, but because after going out for a walk , And do some exercise to promote digestion in the stomach and intestines. 

3. Develop good eating habits.

Parents must not let them overeat for their children to fully absorb nutrition. Let children be selective, but eat to seven or eight. Just share it. Return to Sohu to see more

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