There are two types of kitchen utensils. If you have a pregnant mother, you should use less. One type may cause lead poisoning, and the fetus will suffer.

There are two types of kitchen utensils. Pregnant mothers should use them sparingly. One type may cause lead poisoning and the fetus will suffer.

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During pregnancy, pregnant mothers may have been cautious in all aspects, but in many cases, it is easy to overlook the use of kitchen utensils. One carelessness may Will cause harm to mother and fetus. 

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The newly bought kitchen utensils were returned and the pregnant mother collapsed

After Xiao Zhang became pregnant, whether it was diet or exercise, he strictly followed the doctor’s instructions. When I was eating at the company some time ago, I chatted with a hot mom colleague about some things during pregnancy. 

At the end of the conversation, my colleague told her that most things during pregnancy are commonplace, but you must remember to change the kitchenware. Xiao Zhang was puzzled at first, and only learned of the problem after checking the Internet, so he went to buy new kitchen utensils with her husband after get off work. 

Who knows to use it at home on weekends When I couldn’t find it, I asked my mother-in-law, and the mother-in-law said, “I think it’s thousands of dollars on the receipt. It’s too expensive, so I will refund it.”

When Xiao Zhang heard the whole person collapsed, he asked her mother-in-law: “I used to rely on you wherever you save money, but do you know what kind of harm our aluminum products can cause to your baby?”


After knowing this, my husband hurried to comfort Xiao Zhang and explained the reason. The mother-in-law regretted it. 

These types of kitchen utensils cannot be used by families with pregnant women.

First, plastic products

The biggest advantage of this material is that it is easy to store and not easy to be beaten. Broken is also very light, and many businesses play the banner of pure natural and harmless, and are welcomed by many families. 

In fact, plastic products will release various harmful substances as long as the temperature exceeds 50 degrees. 

If we use it to store food, then we will unknowingly ingest this harmful substance. Over time, the most likely problem is chronic lead poisoning. Pregnant women have special physiques and are often more vulnerable to injury, and the baby in the abdomen may also suffer. It is recommended to replace it with porcelain. 

Second, aluminum products


This material has also been widely used. Aluminum will dissolve in various seasonings such as salt, enter the human body and destroy cells. 

But for normal people, it will not cause much harm, but for pregnant mothers, it is easy to cause discomfort and affect the development of the fetus. Therefore, it is best to avoid using it and replace it with iron products. 

Besides, chopsticks that have been used for too long should also be careful–

The traditional eating tool of the Chinese nation is chopsticks. Nowadays, chopsticks are made of various materials on the market. The selection criteria for these kinds of chopsticks are different, but no matter what the material is, one thing they have in common is that they cannot be used for a long time (it needs to be replaced every 3 to 6 months). 

Because there may be a lot of bacteria remaining on chopsticks that are used for a long time, it is difficult to completely remove it during washing, and when it comes in contact with food, it will enter the stomach with the mouth and cause gastrointestinal discomfort. . 

Also note Selection of chopsticks used by pregnant mothers:

It is usually recommended to choose natural bamboo chopsticks or wooden chopsticks. This kind of chopsticks usually does not contain too many additives and the possibility of containing toxins is relatively small. , Naturally will not cause too much damage to the body. 

It should be noted that because this kind of chopsticks does not add too many additives, the protective layer is also weak, and it is easy to be corroded and worn, which is also easy to breed bacteria, so it needs to be disinfected and replaced in time. 

Pregnant mothers should pay attention to cooking These points

From the perspective of eugenics, pregnant women should try to avoid cooking by themselves, but some families may not be able to avoid this. In this case, you need to pay attention to these points——

1) Enter after ventilation.

The taste of the kitchen is more complicated, not only the smell of oily smoke, but also the smell of carbon dioxide, these smells will aggravate the morning sickness of pregnant women Wait for pregnancy reaction. 

Therefore, before entering the kitchen, you should open the kitchen door and windows to let in fresh air, so that the pregnant mother can breathe better quality air after entering the kitchen, and the discomfort will be great reduce. 

2) Wash the vegetables and then Entering

It takes about 15-20 minutes for the air to circulate in the general kitchen. If you want to start washing the vegetables immediately, you cannot enter the kitchen. You can take the dishes to other places with water faucets to rinse and rinse. After that, you can enter and start cooking when the air in the kitchen becomes better. 

Note: When washing vegetables, you should use warm water, about 20 degrees. 

3) Turn on the cooker hood

When pregnant mothers are cooking, they must not forget to turn on the cooker hood. This way, on the one hand, it can prevent the fume from running around. As a result, the whole house smells of oily smoke. On the other hand, the oily smoke will cause harm to the pregnant mother’s body and affect the skin condition at the same time. 

In addition, if you have purchased radiation protection suits at home, you can also wear them while cooking. Some electrical appliances have a large amount of radiation, which may cause harm to the fetus. 

4) Pay attention to safety


While cooking, you may need to make a lot of physical movements. At this time, pregnant mothers need to pay attention: Return to Sohu to see more

One is to keep a distance of about 5~8 cm between the stove and the stove to prevent hitting the stomach and adversely affecting the fetus; the second is to pay attention to the kitchen environment, if the ground is slippery, be sure to dry it before entering to prevent Fall; The third is to try to choose lighter kitchenware (pans, shovel, etc.), because the strength during pregnancy will be relatively small, and it is not convenient to move. Too heavy kitchenware may be difficult to control and easy to burn. 

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“New gnawing on the old” is spreading quietly. Many parents don’t know it. On the surface they are filial piety, but in fact they gnaw on the old.

The ancients said: filial piety comes first. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

Since ancient times, filial piety has been the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. 

As parents, what I want most is to see in old age, children and grandchildren share the joy of family, but in real life, “gnaw the old” is still the label of many young people. 

Case: The new type of “grabbing the old” is quietly emerging, and the parents don’t know it

Xiao Liu’s family is relatively rich, the only child in the family, and his parents are also pampered and live a life of good food and clothing since childhood. , It can even be said that “clothes come to reach out and open their mouths.” 

After getting married, Xiao Liu said that he did not rely on his parents. The couple went to work and took care of their children full-time at home. But when the children went to kindergarten and the wife went to work, they found out that the couple was off work with the children. There was no time to catch up, so I thought of my parents. 

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Xiao Liu thought very clearly, just picking up the children to school and leaving school, there should be nothing to delay, and the parents also He readily agreed, so the matter was settled quickly, and Xiao Liu also took his parents to his side. 

After a few days, I realized that things were not that simple at all. In addition to picking up and dropping off the children, the old couple had to take care of everything at home, not only cooking for the whole family, but also taking on all housework and leaving get off work. When they got home, Xiao Liu and his wife had nothing to do. Although they had paid for their living expenses, the old couple resolutely did not want it. 

New “chewing the old” method

①, “group visits” chewing the old

Nowadays, many young people have less time to go home, and they devote themselves to work on weekdays. , Always excuses to be busy, leading to a handful of visits to parents home. 

However, every time when he comes home, the old man is happy, but he is also busy. Not only does he have to buy vegetables and cook, he wants the children to have a good meal, but also secretly stuffs some “pocket money” for the children. “There are more bridges like this, and the little savings that the old people hold in their hands can easily be overdrawn by the children. 

②, “Helping and Bringing Baby” to nibble the old

It seems that the old people help and bring the baby is the general trend. Young people are busy with work and don’t have much energy to take care of their children, so they have to throw their children to their parents. Now this society, Most young couples seek help from the elderly. 

In the process of raising children, the elderly will unconsciously spend a lot of money and energy out of love for their children and grandchildren. 

However, parents who have worked their entire lives should actually enjoy their old age, but now they are working so hard to take care of their children. Isn’t this a new type of “grabbing the old”? 

③. “Children’s companionship” nibbling the old

Many young people live with the elderly. Although on the surface they are indeed accompanying their parents, but in daily life, they are also at the same time. Is consuming the old man’s money and energy. 

When living together, most elderly people are responsible for the housework, whether it’s washing, cooking, or mopping the floor. As children, they also enjoy the privileges given by their parents after get off work. This is really not for people’s children. What should be done. 

How to prevent the appearance of gnawing in disguise? 

As the saying goes: One slap won’t make a sound. 

In fact, this is indeed the case. If children become “grabbing the old”, sometimes they are inseparable from their parents’ practices. If the parents can correctly guide the children’s life values ​​when the children are young, they will naturally Better. 

★Let children learn to be grateful

Chewing old is an act of not being grateful. 

As a child, it is only natural to honor your parents. If you clearly have the ability to be independent, but you still cheekily eat and drink with your parents, and even spend your parents’ money, you can’t see the hard work of your parents. Give, and don’t know how to understand the difficulties of the parents, but take all this as it should be, then the character of this person also needs to be investigated. 

To prevent children from gnawing on the old when they grow up, they must learn to be grateful and let them understand that even if they are parents, it does not mean that children can endlessly ask for it. 

★Don’t spoil unconditionally

In terms of educating children, spoiling must be resolutely eliminated. 

Some parents spoil their children too much. They try to be satisfied with everything they want, fully support everything they want to do, and arrange all major and minor matters properly for their children, resulting in their children having a great deal with their parents. Strong dependence, even inseparable from parents. 

Even if you get married and have children in the future, the first thing you think of is your parents. Not only do you let your parents help you with housework and take care of your children, but you also want parents to pay for the education of their children and grandchildren. . 

Therefore, if you want to prevent your child from gnawing on the old when he grows up, the most important thing is not to spoil the child and let it go appropriately. Not only is it good for the child, but the parents will also live easier in their later years. 

★Let children learn to be independent

Independence is a sign of a person’s maturity. 

Some parents are always worried about their children. They have to intervene in everything. After forming a habit, it can be said to be harmful to their children. It is often difficult for children who cannot do without their parents to have a great future. Even if they are married and have children, it is their parents who will suffer in the future. 

If you don’t want your child to become a “grabbing old clan”, you must cultivate your child’s ability to live independently from an early age. In this way, when you grow up in the future, you won’t be thinking about getting it from your parents all the time. Return to Sohu to see more

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