There are three obvious differences between the mother who raises a son and a daughter. People who come over can see through it at a glance.

There are three obvious differences between the mother who raises a son and a daughter. People who come over can see through it at a glance

Nowadays, many people have the idea of ​​having children, but not everyone can get what they want, so does having a son and a daughter make Mommy feel different? ? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Empress Su Zi

When a woman is pregnant, her family will have a baby in her womb. Curious, especially about gender and what they look like. After all, people’s thinking has changed now. They no longer want to have a son and pass on the family line. Many parents feel that their daughters are more caring, so many people want to have sons and daughters. in. 

There are still many people who want to have both children. In this way, they will have intimate little padded jackets and warm military coats, and they will be able to truly appreciate the real difference between having a son and a daughter. Then daughters and sons What are the differences? 

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There are obvious differences between the mother who gave birth to a son and a daughter.

1. Voice

Because boys are more mischievous, lively and full of energy, just wake up , Will run around and make trouble, so when taking care of her son, the mother will inevitably become anxious to get angry. After many communication failures, it is very likely that Bao’s mother’s blood pressure will rise, and over time, it will become a characteristic of a loud voice. 

Girls are generally gentler, able to calm down, and language skills and comprehension skills are developed earlier than boys, so Bao’s mother will be able to communicate better during parenting In terms of education, there is no need to speak with a voice, so when raising a daughter, mothers should speak in a calm tone. 

2. Dress up

Because the boy is lively and active, he prefers to practice with his hands, and he likes to use his body to explore the unknown. Therefore, when Bao’s mother takes care of her son, she needs Be cautious, and be careful not to let the baby run away from the bottom of his eyes if he doesn’t pay attention. In order to take care of the boy, he needs to wear flat shoes, sports shoes and comfortable clothes, which makes it inconvenient to take out the high heels and small skirts in the closet. 

The girl is quieter and gentler, able to understand her mother’s words. When going out, she would be more willing to hold Bao’s mother’s hand, so while the mother can dress her daughter finely, she can also dress herself, and she can also wear it with her daughter. Be a fashionable hot mom. 

3. Skin condition

Because boys are more energetic, they are lively and vigorous every day. As long as they wake up from sleep, they will run around most of the time, which leads to It takes a lot of time for Baoma to take care of her, and she may still be playing until bedtime. In this way, Baoma’s sleep time cannot be guaranteed. If she doesn’t get a good rest, it will cause a kind of damage to the skin. 

The daughter is relatively quiet and gentle, so Bao’s mother can take care of the children while also doing beautiful skin care. In addition, the girl will start to like to stick to her father after the age of three, so mother We will also spend more time relaxing, and we can also take time to do what we like, so that the mental state of the whole person will be much better, and the skin condition will appear to be better. 

Photos: The difference between having a son and having a daughter

1. (Picture above) When the child wakes up every morning, if the son wakes up and finds his mother is sleeping, he is likely to wave his little arm or kick his leg to express that he is awake. Got up. 

When a daughter wakes up, most of them will look at her mother tenderly, and then kiss her mother with a little incense. When she finds her mother wakes up, she will look at you with a smile. 

2. Children are lively and active by nature, and have the spirit of exploring unknown things, but because they don’t know much about dangers and right and wrong, they often make mistakes. After making mistakes, boys will cry when they see their mother being angry. Daughters will bow their heads and admit their mistakes, so that parents can’t bear to punish them. 

3. Bathing the child is something every mother has to do every day. When bathing the boy, they may keep splashing with water to get the mother’s body wet; when bathing her daughter, most of them can Seeing a peaceful scene, the mother bathed the baby while teasing the baby. 

The difference between a son and a daughter

@翠烟: I am a mother with both sons and daughters. I think it’s more tiring to have a son when I was a child. After all, boys are more naughty, but when the child is adolescent, I worry more about my daughter. For fear that the girl will learn badly or be bullied. 

@画画饼: Actually, I think it’s good to have children. As long as you educate your children well, you will be happy. 

@翻滚吧: I think it’s better to have a daughter. The girl will be more attentive and caring. Not only will she worry less when she is a child, but when she grows up, she will also get more care when she gets old. The son will start a family. , They mostly revolved around their own small family. 

@花湖世界: I think it’s better to have a son. My son is a little warm man. Now he has grown up. Now there are two men in the family to protect me, which is still very good. 

Conclusion: Yes, regardless of whether you have a child or a daughter, the main thing is your own education method, because raising a child is never an easy task. As long as you educate your children well, you will have children. It will be the same for all girls. 80% of parents have said this sentence, Its hidden dangers may accompany a lifetime, so quickly change it

Parents’ words and deeds can help children grow up healthily, make their children become more successful in the future, and may also make their children fall into the abyss. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

After the child is born, the parents are the ones who have the most contact. The eldest parents are also parents. People often say that “parents are the children’s first teacher”. Therefore, as a parent, some unintentional actions or words may become a weapon to harm the baby. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant


Xiaozhi is 8 years old this year. Because he did not develop good study habits when he was a child, and his concentration was poor, he was always distracted during class and what the teacher taught was easy. Forget, I often remember mistakes or omissions for the homework assigned in class. 

In order to correct the child’s distraction when he was doing homework, Xiaozhi’s mother decided to help him do his homework. I thought it was enough to just stare at the child to write, but what I didn’t expect was, The baby is just poor in concentration and lack of concentration. It is because the teacher does not understand the class at all. Even the most recent addition and subtraction will make mistakes, let alone the more difficult homework. 

After the mother explained the topic to the child, she would ask her baby if she could understand it or not. Xiaozhi would tell her every time, but when she was really asked to do it, she would be silent for a long time, and in the end she would still not be able to write. 

Xiaozhi is always like this, which makes his mother angry, even angry, saying “Why are you so stupid, are you a pig?”

Mom’s words like this, It is possible to hurt the child’s self-esteem, causing Xiaozhi to gradually become disgusted with learning. At the parent meeting, the teacher reported that the baby is often distracted in class. This has increased the difficulty of the mother’s tutoring homework and turned into a vicious circle. 

The words and deeds of parents can help children grow up healthily, make their children become more successful in the future, and may also make their children fall into the abyss. 

Parents this 3 It’s better to have a bad stomach, and don’t say to your children anymore.

1. “You are too stupid, how can you be so stupid!”

Like the mother of Xiaozhi in the case, she is tutoring the child Sometimes, I will be very angry, and will say some evaluative words like “You are too stupid, how can you be so stupid!”, which brings great harm to the baby. 

This type of discourse can easily hurt children’s self-esteem. Parents’ long-term negative evaluations make it easy for children to slowly agree with such views, feel that they are stupid and stupid, and constantly deny themselves, which slowly breeds inferiority complex. 

Psychology has found that most of a person’s low self-esteem comes from childhood, and his parents or other close relatives have made a derogatory evaluation of him. 

I even broke the tank, thinking that I was like this, and the relationship with my parents developed very tense. 

2, “Look at other people’s XXX, why can’t you do it?”

According to data from the China Youth Daily survey, 83.4% of the parents interviewed Compare your child with other children’s. 

Parents like to compare their babies and say something to motivate their children, such as saying “You look at other people’s XXX, why can’t you do it?” Similar words, but they have a counterproductive effect. Parents don’t like themselves. 

Because children are eager to be affirmed by their parents, but this kind of parental remarks will essentially deny them, and to a certain extent hit the baby’s self-confidence. They feel that their parents do not like themselves, and even produce resentment. This not only affects the parent-child relationship, but also makes the child suspicious of himself. 

3, “If you don’t obey, I will throw you away.”

Many parents will say some threatening words when facing their children’s disobedience. For example, “If you are not obedient, you will no longer be”, etc. Although it may make the baby obedient, it will cause harm to their psychology and produce some negative emotions. 

Children who have lived in an uneasy environment for a long time are prone to emotions such as fear, anxiety, depression, and anxiety. Some children may become more timid, while others may choose to alienate their parents and no longer trust other people. 

In the process of educating children, parents hope that their children will become better and better, but if they often say the above three sentences, it will not only be detrimental to their growth, but will have a counterproductive effect. Therefore, as a parent, one should pay attention to methods and methods when raising children. 

What should parents do Educate children correctly? 

1. Calmness and communication

In the process of growing up, children are likely to make frequent mistakes. Parents are likely to be angry. They are likely to yell at their babies when they are angry, which will be harmful to their growth. . 

Therefore, parents should learn to calm down and communicate with their children, and first understand the truth of the matter. If the baby really makes a mistake, he should teach them the way to deal with the error, and correctly understand their own mistakes, and take the corresponding responsibility. Consequences, let the child continue to grow. 

2. Learn to empathize.

Some parents feel that their children are still young and do not have mature social experience and outlook on life. Therefore, when their children make mistakes, they are likely to think of each This kind of interests, morals, etc., judge their behavior, so that the children do not understand. 

Parents may wish to learn to think from the perspective of the child, so that the problem will become simple, and it will be easier to solve the problem from the root, which is more conducive to the physical and mental health of the baby. 

3. Set an example

As a parent, if you want your child to have a good character, personality, cultivation, etc., you need to have these first. Then the baby will be slow in the ears and eyes. Acquire these good qualities slowly, and become better and better, without the need for parents to preach. 

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