There are three kinds of native families, and there is a high probability that they will cause harm to the child, teach you a few ways to improve

There are three native families, which are likely to cause harm to children, teach you a few ways to improve it

Native family is a sociological concept that refers to a family where children are not married and still live with their parents. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

The famous American psychotherapist Satya once said: “A person’s self-presentation is inextricably linked to the original family.”

In other words, what a person will appear is inseparable from the original family. Therefore, the original family is inextricably linked with the original family. Human influence is deeply etched in the bones, and it is not easy to get rid of it. 

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Which native families will bring harm to children? 

The survey found that when children grow up in a harmonious and happy family atmosphere, they will become lively, cheerful, positive, optimistic, and self-confident people. 

And if you grow up in the following types of native families, I am afraid you will be hurt. 

1. The relationship between family members is estranged

If in a family, the relationship between parents is relatively estranged, and they are busy with their own affairs every day, and they hardly communicate with each other in life. There is a sense of alienation between them. 

So in such a family environment, the members of the family feel that the other party does not understand and care about themselves, then it will only make the relationship between each other worse. Comparing communication is the best way for humans to understand each other. After all, no one can read minds and can directly understand the thoughts of others without any communication. 

The relationship between parents is so alienated, then the child will also bring great harm to the child, so that his childhood life is not a little bit of laughter and laughter. 

2. Family members are easy to be emotional

If family members are easy to be emotional, then they are prone to quarrels and will like to criticize their children, whether it is between husband and wife or Children’s education problems are easy to explode, and in the end many things cannot be communicated well. 

Then the child has been in such a family atmosphere with constant quarrels and constant scolding for a long time, and it is easy to bring great harm to his psychology. 

3. Family members have a stronger desire for control.

If parents have a stronger desire to control their children, they must control everything, even if the baby is older, follow his Willing to carry on life, even when looking for a partner, they will strictly check the rules, and if they don’t meet them, they will be forced to break up. 

In the end, kidnapping the child in the name of love, such an excessive intervention in the baby’s life, will eventually make it difficult for him to gain a foothold in life and society. 

bad native What harm does the family bring to the child? 

1. Influencing the child’s character formation

If parents are more emotional and prone to quarrels, they will often yell during the process of educating their children. Over time, the baby will become a temperament. Grumpy person. 

Psychologists believe that the way children get along with their parents when they are young will affect their way of getting along with others in the future. 

As a result, babies are prone to impulsiveness after encountering an accident, they simply cannot communicate well with others, and they are also poor in handling interpersonal relationships. 

2. Marriage rejection

In the original family, the relationship between parents is not good, there are often conflicts, or the relationship between the two is relatively distant, then the children will be full of rejection of marriage. I think getting married is a terrible thing. 

3. Pleasant personality will develop

If parents are more powerful and like to discipline their children, they will easily belittle their children. This will invisibly impact their self-confidence and make the children feel I am very bad, forming a sensitive and inferiority personality, and gradually rely on to please my parents to gain self-affirmation and recognition. 

Then such a way of dealing with others will continue to be used after children go out of society. They will blindly please others, and they do not know how to refuse other people’s requests, and such blind self-sacrifice , Will not be respected by others. 

How to make People get rid of the influence of the original family? 

1. I saw the impact of the native family on me

If a person can see the impact of his native family on him, such as the relationship between a person and his parents, especially his mother, and the relationship between his adulthood The construction will have a great impact. The reason why children have problems in the relationship with their parents is usually because the parents left a psychological shadow in the initial stage, and they have not been dealt with. This problem will continue to the children. . 

2. Start “violating” the parents and have the final say.

If children realize that they are affected by their parents, those in the original family will begin to bow their heads to their parents everywhere , Obedient people, they don’t want to be arranged by their parents anymore, they want to create a space of their own, and then they will do things that “contrary” their parents, wanting to have the final say on their own. This is also the right of the original family. An important step in your own influence. 

3. Reconciliation with your parents is to let yourself go.

When you grow up, or when you grow up, you may realize that there are a lot of dissatisfaction in your native family , And even a little bit of hatred, this is often incorrect. 

This is because parents are likely to be “victims” too. Their problems stem from their original family. In addition, if you keep resenting them, it is equivalent to staying in that relationship and it is difficult to re-establish a new relationship experience. . 

So, if you can reconcile with your parents, it means letting go of yourself in the greatest sense and separating yourself from your original family.  A child with a face, IQ and EQ Relatively high, but the parents do not lead well, the baby can easily become inferior

Parents want to know what will happen to their children after they are born? So how can we see from some characteristics? 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su After the child

In real life, some older generations would like to take their children to see palmistry and face-to-face, and want to understand the future of their baby in this way ? 

But due to lack of scientificity, it can only be regarded as a good blessing. There is a saying in psychology that “face is the mirror of the soul.” There is a saying “coming from the heart”, which means that you can see something through the face of the child. 

All the pictures in this article are from the network, and the pictures and texts are irrelevant

Children with these three face shapes will be blessed in the future.

1. National character face

This type of face has the same width as the cheekbones. In the thinking of the older generations, people with the Chinese character foretell good luck and stability. 

Children with this type of face have very active thinking and a sense of responsibility, and no matter what they do, they work step by step, steadfastly and persistently. Direct success, and they will be particularly loyal to marriage when they grow up, and they will be very good to their spouse and children. 

2, round face

This kind of face is more rounded, with smoother lines and moderate forehead width , Balanced evenly with the lower half, round face and round face, looks very cute. 

Children with this type of face look kind and close, and their luck will not be too bad. They will be very blessed throughout their lives. They will have a high EQ when they grow up, and they will be very good in dealing with people and doing things. So social skills will not be bad. 

3. Guazi face

This face shape is slightly rounded at the upper part, slightly pointed chin, and has smooth lines. It is a very popular face shape nowadays. In order to pursue beauty, many women will make themselves into this face shape. 

When children with this face shape grow up, they will have super self-esteem and professionalism, and their EQ and IQ will be very high, but parents need to pay attention.” “Just extremely easy to break”, they need to be well guided in the way of acquired education, do not hurt their self-esteem, otherwise they are likely to become weak, inferior or rebellious. 

these kinds Sleeping children will be happy in the future.

1. Large-character style

From a psychological point of view, the baby’s This sleeping position completely relaxes and unfolds his whole body, showing a big character, indicating that he is very satisfied with his family life, so he is very happy and relaxed. 

Therefore, if the baby keeps this sleeping position, his personality will be more cheerful, there is no anxiety in life, he is good at listening, and he has a positive and optimistic attitude towards life, and his future interpersonal skills It will not be bad. 

From a health point of view, this sleeping position allows the baby’s body to be fully relaxed, which is beneficial to the growth and development of the body. 

2, supine style

From a psychological point of view, babies’ sleeping positions are usually more introverted and speechless. But the self-control is strong, and they have their own principles and bottom line, so long as the parents provide more guidance and encouragement. 

From a health point of view, this sleeping position is also good for the baby’s own growth and development. 

The American Pediatrics Association pointed out through the experience gold report that after the baby is born, the sleeping position is supine, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of accidents in newborns and also has a protective effect on the heart . 

3. Lying on the side

From a psychological point of view, the baby in this sleeping position The personality is usually extroverted, and he is kind to others, has a good temper, and has strong adaptability. If they still like to fall asleep holding things, then there will be strong revenge in their hearts. 

From a health point of view, this sleeping position has certain limitations on the baby’s own development, because the body parts are fixed, so there is no way to relax. 

There are a few Children with these characteristics do not need to worry about their parents in the future.

1. Learn self-discipline from an early age

by a psychologist at Stanford University Experimental research surveys found that children who have learned self-discipline since childhood have stronger attention and reasoning abilities than other children, better academic performance, and less likely to develop bad habits. 

Therefore, in the end, psychologists concluded that self-discipline and self-control are also a kind of ability to delay enjoyment, which will determine a child’s future What is the achievement. 

Therefore, a child who has learned self-discipline since childhood does not need parents to worry about when he grows up. 

2. Have a positive and optimistic attitude since childhood

Kazuo Inamori once said, “Anyone who is optimistic and enlightened will never be lucky. Too bad.”

Optimism can promote the vitality of the brain and even the entire nervous system, and coordinate the activities of various organs in the body, thereby exerting the previous year and promoting the mind and body Healthy development is conducive to improving the efficiency of study, work and life. 

Therefore, a child who has a positive and optimistic attitude from a young age can always face life with a smile and always maintain an optimistic attitude, even in the face of difficulties and setbacks. Able to face difficulties. 

3. Have a habit of persistence since childhood

The American psychology professor once said: “The key to success is not IQ, but Hard work and enthusiasm.”

If a child has a good habit of persistence since he was a child, the possibility of success in the future will be greater. In times of difficulty, when you want to give up, parents can give encouragement and let the baby persevere, so that parents don’t have to worry about it when they grow up. 

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