There are “taboos” when visiting a parturient woman. It is best not to say two sentences. It is ignorant if you don’t say it hurting people.

There are “taboos” in visiting pregnant women. It is best not to say these two sentences. It is ignorant if you don’t say it.

The hormone changes in the body of the parturient mother after giving birth, coupled with the need to take care of the baby, the change of identity will bring A lot of pressure makes it very sensitive and mood fluctuates easily. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

After giving birth, mothers will feel weaker In addition, giving birth to a baby is a happy event, and many friends and family will bring gifts to visit. 

It is a good thing to visit this incident, but if you accidentally say something or give something wrong during this period, it is likely to cause harm to the mother’s body and mind. 

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Linlin and Minmin grew up playing together when they were young, so the relationship between the two is very close. 

Linlin stepped into the palace of marriage not long after graduating from university. She became pregnant shortly after that. Minmin was still in the upswing of her career, and she never considered getting married and having children. 

After being pregnant in October, Linlin gave birth to a daughter, and Minmin prepared a lot of nutrition and baby clothes to visit. 

Linlin was naturally very happy to see the arrival of the baby girl. During the two people chatted a lot, Min Sen sighed: “How did you give birth to a daughter? It would be fine if you had a son. In this way, two men will protect you in the future, and you can only protect her in the future.”

When the mother-in-law on the side heard this sentence, she immediately said: “Our family has no life for a grandson for the time being. , It seems to have a second child and fight for a son.”

When Linlin heard such words, her face suddenly became a little ugly. Minmin watched the little baby chat with her mother-in-law and left after receiving the call. Up. 

It didn’t take long for me to go out, and I received a text message from Linlin, which seemed to be a bit interesting in her words. “I think it’s good to have a daughter. Whether it’s a boy or a girl, it’s my little baby.”

After reading the short text message, Minmin was stunned for a long time and felt that she had said it accidentally. In a word, I didn’t expect it also caused a misunderstanding. 

3 Bogey, don’t say one thing in two sentences and don’t give it away

Because the hormones in the body change after the mother has given birth, coupled with the need to take care of the baby and the change of identity, it will bring a lot of pressure. Become very sensitive and fluctuate easily. If you are not careful, it will cause them to be unhappy. Therefore, you should pay attention to some taboos when visiting a parturient. 

1. “How did you give birth to a daughter?”

Many people would chat about the baby’s gender after seeing the mother and say, “How did you give birth to a daughter?” “With similar words, although the patriarchal thinking is gradually being changed, there are still gender preferences in some families. 

The momentary unintentional remarks during the visit are likely to bring harm to the mother’s psychology. Just like Minmin in the case, a single sentence made the relationship between the two young people a little strange, so in When visiting a parturient, try not to talk about the baby’s gender, so as to avoid suspicion. 

2, “Why are the children so thin?”

Some babies look thin when they are born, and are not fat. Some visitors will tell the mothers, “This The child is a little thin” and similar words, this will put a certain amount of pressure on Bao’s mother’s psychology. 

The mothers who have just given birth all hope that their babies are healthy and healthy. It is hard to hear that it is not good. After all, when the baby is young, it will be better for the baby to get a little fat. This means that the baby has absorbed enough nutrition during pregnancy. , And good health. 

Therefore, when relatives and friends go to visit the puerpera and the newborn baby, do not say such words. It is easy to cause psychological harm to the puerpera, which will not be conducive to the physical recovery of Bao’s mother. 

3. Send flowers

Some people will habitually buy a bunch of flowers when visiting others. Visiting other people is a normal behavior, but visiting the parturient It’s not suitable for a newborn baby. 

Therefore, the newborn’s respiratory system is not yet mature, and it is easy to be allergic to the pollen in the flowers. Originally, the visit is to show concern. If it causes some unnecessary troubles, it will not be worth the gain. 

When visiting a parturient What details need to be paid attention to? 

1. Shorten the visiting time

If you choose to visit the lying-in woman and the newborn baby, you must pay attention to shortening the time, so as to reduce some unnecessary troubles. After all, Bao’s mother and the baby need more time Come and have a good rest. 

In addition, family members also need to take care of the mother and the baby. If visitors go for too long, it will not only disturb their rest time, but it may also make the people in need of care not get well. Care of. 

2. Traveling without children

Because the child’s immune system is not yet mature, the body is likely to carry pathogens. In addition, the baby’s natural activity makes it difficult to keep the body clean and tidy. It is very bad to be careful to bump into the newborn baby. 

3. Sick relatives and friends should not go to visit

The immunity of mothers and newborn babies is relatively weak. If you are already sick, especially if you have a cold or infectious relatives and friends, it is best Don’t go to visit, so as not to infect Baoma and the little baby, this is very bad. Return to Sohu to find out more

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The “nibbles” are quietly emerging, It seems to be a good baby, but it is actually more disgusting than “grabbing the old”

Nowadays, a new term is popular in the society, called “nibbles”. 

Writer: Muzi

Finalized: Su Zihou

The so-called “nibbles” means that parents use their children for work to earn benefits. 

In life, many parents use their children in the name of love. This behavior is not only shameful than “gnawing the old”, but also a bad behavior that corrupts the social atmosphere. 

Case: 10-year-old “little star” suffers from depression due to work

When Tongtong was 6 years old, she was regarded as a model by an online celebrity shop. Different ways. When he was 10 years old, Tongtong was already an “old man” in the model circle. In the past four years, accompanied by his parents, Tongtong took countless photos, and every day he had to wear makeup to “get on the scene”. One after another, day after day, the whole person’s face is stiff. 

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Although in the eyes of others, Tongtong is a “little star”, so you can go out to make money at such a young age, but In Tongtong’s eyes, this job did not actually bring her much happiness. 

While people of the same age are laughing and playing, Tongtong is putting on makeup, changing clothes, and taking pictures. There is no time for free activities. The occasional resistance is forced to go back by her parents’ reprimand. 

Not only that, for filming, parents even often take time off for her, which leads to Tongtong’s homework has been unable to keep up. Although the conditions at home are getting better and better, the food, clothing, housing, and transportation are getting better and better. It has become more and more high-end, but Tongtong has become more and more silent. 

I thought it was because the child became sensible, but it was not until one day that Tongtong’s mother discovered that the child was holding a pair of scissors to cut clothes, or even cut his own hair, that she suddenly realized that Tongtong’s mental condition seemed to be wrong. 

After seeing the doctor, it was discovered that Tongtong was suffering from depression. The couple regretted it. But now, a big mistake has been made. 

Why is there a situation of “nibbles”? 

In fact, many “child models” have very high salaries, with an annual salary of several hundred thousand yuan, which is far more than some adults earn a year. So many parents will agree or even regard this as a Of course. 

➤Parents are too heavy on money

There is a saying: Money cannot be everything, but no money is absolutely impossible. This also proves the importance of money. 

In this society, if you want to survive, you need a certain amount of money. However, under the premise that the family conditions are poor and the children can earn money by their ability, some parents will indeed let their children become their own money-making tools. Consider the pressure the child is under and whether he is willing to do such a thing. 

Furthermore, many parents think that making money for their children is much lighter than making money by their own work, and the children will not be too tired, and the amount of money earned is not a small amount. You can have a good life without working. Naturally Will be dazzled by the desire for money. 

Because of this, some parents will use their children to make money, resulting in the formation of “nibbles”. 

➤Think that there is nothing wrong with working early.

Many parents believe that the purpose of their children studying for college is to have a high-paying job. 

But if a child has a certain skill and is excavated by others, he can now have a career and earn a considerable monthly income, which is actually a good thing for the child. 

Because in their opinion, children will have to work outside sooner or later, and it’s okay to work earlier. If they can improve the economic conditions of the family at this time, they will not hesitate to join ” Gnaw on the tribe”. 

➤Parents’ vanity is too strong

For most parents, if a child is famous and receives attention from many people, it is naturally something to be proud of. Listening to the praise of people around you may become addicted Which can not extricate themselves. 

Not only that, in front of peers, using children to make money is not only easy but also easy to improve the economic conditions of the family. In the eyes of others, it should be a very “face-saving” thing. Psychology also forces parents to continue to use their children to make money. 

And some parents may have a well-known dream in their hearts. After they have children, they put this dream on the children, and want the children to fulfill their dreams. So gradually, they also joined the “nibbles”. Family”. 

What kind of harm will “nibbles” bring? 

● Children lose their happy childhood

Everyone has only one life, and only one childhood. This should be the happiest and most carefree age for children. 

But if the child is used by the parents as a tool to make money during this period, the child’s once-in-a-lifetime childhood will be deprived. 

Furthermore, if adults do not like work, do children like work? 

Some parents may say that their children like it themselves, but there are certain prerequisites for this kind of liking. It is fine once or twice occasionally. If children are allowed to continue the same task for a long time, I believe that every child will feel resentful. . 

In short, parents who go to “gnaw on children” will have a great impact on the growth of their children. 

● Children’s psychological pressure is high, resulting in personality distortions

Parents’ excessive consumption of children will cause a lot of psychological pressure on the children. The innocence, liveliness and cuteness that should be of their own age are all gone, and only young adults are left. , Impetuous, eager for quick success and instant benefits, the three views can even be distorted, and often have extreme views on things, which will affect future life. 

● Disrupting children’s understanding of concepts

The consequence of parents’ “nibbles” is that children mature prematurely and become “social atmosphere” too early, and they lose their innocence. Secular, and in the process of maturity, they often produce many ideas that they understand. 

In addition, because children have more opportunities to access money during work, the concept of money is prone to confusion and may lead to excessive spending behavior in the future. Return to Sohu to see more

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