There are several kinds of families, it is difficult to raise filial children, don’t blame the children, they are actually debts you owed when you were young

There are several types of families, it is difficult to raise filial children, not to blame the children, they are actually debts you owed when you were young

As the saying goes, “Hundreds of good filial piety first”, parents hope that their children can be filial to themselves when they grow up, but not all babies are It can be like this. 

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In the process of raising children, what parents expect most is that their children can live well and be filial to themselves in the future. However, in real life, some children will not treat their parents in their old age when they grow up. If you don’t ask, why on earth is this happening? 

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Lily’s father is very opinionated and listens to her mother in everything. When her grandparents are old, they feel that the old man is very sloppy and loves to be sick, so she can’t work, so let her Dad sent the old man to the nursing home, which was still a place with poor conditions. 

Whenever Lily wanted to see her grandparents, she said there was nothing good to see, and she would see it during the Chinese New Year. And my parents are very fond of Lily, basically what they want. 

In this way, after Lily got married and set up a family, she wanted her parents to come and take care of the children, but the two elderly people were really helpless, so they shrugged off. This made Lily very angry, except for the holidays. Go back to visit your parents. 

In fact, whether a child can be filial when he grows up is inevitable with the parent’s education method and growth environment, just like the case above. 

These two Children from different types of families tend to be unfilial when they grow up.

1. Families with an unhealthy family style

All the family styles here mean that the whole family does not know to respect the elders, and the parents treat their parents to their parents. They are not filial. When they need to support the elderly, they don’t want to do anything, but if they find that the elderly have inheritance or savings, they will rush to fight for money, or even fight with their family members for some money. 

Parents of this kind of family are not filial to the elders, and don’t care about brotherhood. Children grow up in such a family atmosphere, and they will slowly learn the behavior of parents and mothers when they are caught in the ears and eyes. Then wait for the parents to get old. Later, they would also “copy and paste” their parents’ pedestrians, unwilling to support the elderly. 

2. Parents are more selfish families

If parents are more selfish when they are young and only care about their own enjoyment, the first thing they think of is themselves. When taking care of their children, they can also be lazy and do not treat their children at all. Heart, over time, there will be a gap between parent and child. 

The worse thing is that this type of parents usually vent their bad emotions or tempers on their children, causing a kind of harm to the baby’s soul. 

In the story of Qihua, the debater Yan Rujing said:

“A child’s life is like a series, which will gradually change with the continuous advancement of the plot and the number of episodes. The series you You can make up if you don’t watch the later stage, but your child’s life will never make up. If you don’t watch it, you will miss it forever.”

The growth of a child is actually a dynamic development process. Parents often pay attention to the height and height of their children. External changes such as weight often overlook the core changes such as character development and mental health. 

If parents are reluctant to spend more time to understand your children since they were young, and the other party did not feel the care of their parents for them at all, then naturally they will not spend too much time on you when their parents are old. 

How parents raise A filial child? 

1. Parents lead by example

If parents want their children to be filial to themselves when they grow up, they need to educate their children through their own words and deeds. How parents treat their elders, children will gradually learn this the way. 

2. Parents care for their children

As parents, they must give their children true love and give them full care. Even if they are busy with work, they can carry out high-quality training every day, so that the children can feel the parents’ love Own love, so that when children grow up, they may be filial to their elders. 

3. Let children understand the hardship that parents have paid for the family

Parents can let their children understand the economic situation of their family according to their children’s different age groups and the questions they ask, and let their children understand Everything in this family is obtained through the hard work of mom and dad. We must learn to cherish and teach them to have a heart of gratitude. 

4. Let children do things within their power from an early age

Parents should not think that children are young and stop them from doing things. This will make it easy for the children to not feel the parents’ dedication and hard work. Therefore, mom and dad should let their children do something they can do from an early age, and allow them to actively participate in housework and experience the dedication of their parents. Not only can they cultivate a sense of independence, but also a sense of responsibility. 

Only when a child has a sense of responsibility will he feel that it is his duty to support his parents.  After winter, pregnant mothers are best not to Keeping warm in these four ways may cause harm to the fetus

Winter is a difficult stage for pregnant women. 

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After winter, many people put on the noodles early, but even so, it’s cold I still feel the air-conditioning when I hit the face. 

Women who are pregnant often need to pay special attention to keeping warm. Some ways of keeping warm should be avoided, otherwise it is likely to cause harm to the fetus. 

In winter, pregnant women need to prevent two conditions.

✦Prevent colds

Winter is a period of high incidence of colds, and the immunity of pregnant women is weaker than that of others. Therefore, Will be more susceptible to colds. 

Although the common cold may not have a serious impact on the fetus, if the cold is more serious and the course of the disease is longer, it will have a great adverse effect on the fetus. 

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✦Preventing constipation

The climate in winter is relatively dry, especially if you stay in the heating for a long time In the room, dryness, dehydration, and even constipation are often prone to occur. 

After pregnancy, due to slower gastrointestinal peristalsis, many pregnant women will experience constipation and other conditions, which will aggravate constipation in winter. 

✦Prevent skin sensitivity

After the winter, many people’s skin will become dry and very sensitive, prone to rashes, and often feel itchy and unbearable. 

Pregnant women need to pay more attention, because the skin may be more sensitive than ordinary people, and they often find it unbearable, even affecting their work, rest and emotions. 

No matter how cold in winter, pregnant mothers should not use these four ways to keep warm

1. Thermal underwear

After the weather turns cold, many people are used to wearing thermal underwear. In fact, this The close-fitting design of the clothes can ensure the storage of heat, and can indeed achieve a good warmth retention effect. 

However, most of these thermal underwear are tight-fitting styles, which fit the body very well, which is actually not suitable for pregnant women. 

Although this kind of thermal underwear has a good heating effect, it will also increase the restraint of pregnant women, resulting in chest tightness, shortness of breath and poor breathing, especially for those pregnant women who are already pregnant, wearing this type of tights will increase The growth of the uterus of pregnant women causes the fetus to bind hands and feet in the womb, which is extremely detrimental to its growth and development. 

So, even in the cold winter, pregnant women are best not to wear thermal underwear. 

2. Increase the water temperature when taking a bath.

In winter, the bath itself is a very comfortable thing, whether it is a hot bath or soaking in a warm tub , Can quickly eliminate the fatigue of the day, and the whole person is warm. 

However, when pregnant women take a bath, raising the water temperature or taking a hot bath will actually have an adverse effect on the fetus in the belly. 

During pregnancy, the fetus is particularly sensitive to water temperature. If the hot water temperature is high, the pregnant woman will suffer from hypoxia due to overburden. 

In addition, if you soak in hot water for a long time, the indoor air will gradually decrease, the temperature will rise, and the oxygen supply will be insufficient. Pregnant women are likely to experience dizziness, chest tightness and weakness. In serious cases , It may also endanger the safety of the fetus. 

So, like hot springs and hot baths, pregnant women should still have as little contact as possible. 

3. Use electric blankets to keep warm

After winter, some pregnant women are more afraid of the cold, so when they go to bed, they will put electric blankets on the bed to warm up the body quickly and sleep peacefully and comfortably. , But in fact, electric blankets are very dangerous for pregnant women, so it is best to use them with caution. 

Electric blankets are generally heated by electricity, there is a certain amount of radiation, and the quality of some electric blankets on the market may not be good enough, the heating wire is easy to be stretched, easy to break or leak, and it is likely to harm pregnant women. Safety of life. 

Therefore, pregnant women should use electric blankets less, not only for themselves, but also for the safety of the fetus in the abdomen. If you are really afraid of the cold, you can choose to turn on the electric blanket before going to bed and turn it off when you go to bed, but it is best to avoid the electric blanket as much as possible. 

4. Staying in the heating room for a long time

The outdoor weather is relatively cold, so many people like to stay indoors. In order to maintain the room temperature, the doors and windows at home will be closed tightly, especially when there are pregnant women at home. , Some families worry about pregnant women getting cold, so they always turn on enough heating. 

However, if the indoor heating or heating is turned on for a long time, the air will become very dry and the oxygen will become less and less, which will easily cause adverse effects on pregnant women and fetuses. 

So, for the safety of pregnant women and fetuses, it is best for pregnant women not to stay in the heating room for a long time. It is better for pregnant women to keep indoor air circulation. 

Tips for pregnant women to “overwinter”


In winter, due to the relatively strong metabolism of pregnant women, the heat dissipation of the skin will also increase. If you wear too much, it will be easier to burn Hot and sweating, and being blown by the cold wind, it is easier to catch a cold and catch a cold. 

So, even if the outdoor temperature is low, pregnant women should not dress too thickly. 


In the north, there is heating indoors, but in the south, although there is no heating, many families will choose to turn on the air conditioner. However, whether it is heating or air conditioning, the indoor humidity will drop and the air will be very dry. 

If pregnant women stay in this environment for a long time, they will feel uncomfortable. Therefore, it is best to cooperate with a humidifier and open windows for ventilation to ensure indoor air circulation. 

◆In terms of diet

In winter, the climate is cold, and many people have a large appetite and are more inclined to staple foods and meat. 

However, pregnant women should be more balanced and reasonable in their diet. They need to eat more fruits and vegetables to absorb sufficient nutrients. 

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