There are more and more male obstetric doctors. Will male doctors avoid maternal privacy during delivery? These to understand

There are more and more male obstetric doctors. Will male doctors avoid maternal privacy during delivery? These should be understood

Maybe everyone has also discovered that in recent years, there have been more and more male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology, which makes pregnant mothers a bit embarrassed. After all, although the other party is a doctor, Whether it’s the checkup or the delivery process, they will come into contact with the pregnant woman’s body, which is naturally a little embarrassing. 

In response to this, many pregnant mothers have also raised their own doubts. If a male doctor accepts the delivery, will she avoid the privacy of the mother? 


Last week, my cousin gave birth. We rushed to the hospital at 11 o’clock in the evening. At that time, the delivery was a male doctor, and the cousin kept asking my cousin to talk to the doctor about changing to a female doctor. 

However, the hospital’s regulations can be changed at will. My cousin has not reacted to the doctor’s situation, but the hospital has no way to temporarily change doctors. Other doctors have their own tasks. 

Later, the entrance to the palace was almost opened. The cousin was pushed into the delivery room. According to the cousin, after she was pushed into the delivery room, only the nurse was there at the beginning. The doctor came in after a while. There are three male doctors and male nurses in the delivery room, and the rest are female nurses. 

When she gave birth, my cousin felt very embarrassed and never dared to use too much force. In addition, she had seen people saying that she might accidentally solve her physical needs during childbirth. She was worried that this might happen if she tried too hard. This situation, so I have not dared to make great efforts. 

The male doctor in charge of delivering the baby saw her restraint, and there was no progress in the delivery, so he said, “Don’t be nervous, I have delivered many mothers, and they all went well in the end, and you’ll be fine.”

The doctor actually knew that she was nervous in front of the male doctor, but he didn’t want to open it up and calm the mother’s mood on the grounds that she was nervous about giving birth. At the same time, she told the mother that “I have delivered many mothers.” , To show that it is normal for male doctors to accept labor. 

Later, the pain was better than nervousness and shyness. The cousin couldn’t take care of that much. She also slowly accepted the role of a male doctor and successfully gave birth to a big fat boy. 

After the delivery was over, the cousin was still a little embarrassed to recall this scene, but it didn’t matter, after all, the chance of seeing those doctors in the future was so small, why bother so much. 

Male doctors avoid maternal privacy during delivery ? 

Actually, it is almost impossible to avoid privacy if it is a male doctor who is giving birth. After all, during the process of childbirth, the doctor can only find out whether the fetus is about to show the head or the whole part by observing the reproductive part of the mother. What is the condition of the cervix and vagina? 

Some parturients may not give birth on their own due to the large fetal head during delivery. At this time, the doctor can only borrow forceps or cut the part of the perineum of the parturient to help the baby show up more smoothly. 

These steps also require doctors to operate on the mother’s genital area, so it is almost impossible to avoid privacy. 

At the same time, one situation that needs extra attention is that if the placenta cannot come out with the baby after the mother has delivered the fetus, then the doctor will need to “hand strip the placenta” at this time. 

And this process requires the doctor to put the whole hand into the mother’s uterus, peel it from the uterine wall and then take it out, and there may be more than one time, this process is also difficult to avoid privacy issues. 

For all kinds of ” Shy”, how does a mother adjust her emotions? 

Almost all pregnant women still feel embarrassed. After all, even doctors are considered strangers to pregnant mothers. Emotions such as escape and embarrassment are human nature. 

But this is also related to the health and safety of the fetus and the mother. Therefore, pregnant mothers must first adjust their mood during delivery, treat it as a normal thing, and don’t care too much. Otherwise, the more you care, the more nervous you are. 

Secondly, pregnant mothers should learn to communicate with midwives. In the process of communication, you will find that they just treat the mother as a patient and have no other ideas. 

Before that, I believe you have seen many “prejudices” against male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology.

“There should be no male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. They are embarrassed, and pregnant women are embarrassed.”

“What the family members of these male doctors would think, how they would come to the obstetrics and gynecology department, I really can’t figure it out.”


Similar to this There are many ridicules and dissatisfaction. This is actually particularly unfair to male doctors in the obstetrics and gynecology department. They are both doctors and discriminate on the basis of sex. This is disrespect for the profession of doctors. 

Some male doctors have expressed their views before, “We also know that pregnant women will have a lot of worries, and it is precisely because of this that we will express our professionalism more carefully.”

In fact, You will find that often the male doctors are more patient, and they are also very patient during surgery or consultation. Moreover, whether it is a caesarean section or a normal delivery, it takes a long time, and the male doctor’s physical strength, patience, technique, etc. are relatively good, which is more beneficial to the entire surgical process. 

So, try to put aside prejudice, maybe you will find more advantages for male doctors in obstetrics and gynecology. Seven months of pregnancy, I just didn’t keep it, and I got the “fallopian tube” on it. The relationship between husband and wife is too good.

For many women, they hope to have their own children. After a successful pregnancy, the biggest wish of pregnant mothers is to bring the fetus in the abdomen to the world in a healthy and safe manner. 

In order to achieve their wishes, pregnant mothers do not hesitate to change many of their previous habits or dietary hobbies. 

However, in the end, some pregnant mothers have unintentionally broken their bodies because they did not pay attention to maintaining their bodies before, so no matter how hard they work during pregnancy, they may not be able to successfully save the fetus! 

7 pregnant The moon just didn’t keep it, and the “fallopian tube” was hooked up. The relationship between husband and wife is too good to cause trouble! 

Xiao Meng and her husband fell in love when they were in college. Due to the impulse of young people, Xiao Meng experienced an abortion due to an unexpected pregnancy in college. 

After graduation, Xiao Meng and her husband entered the palace of marriage smoothly, but their work was not stable at the time. 

So there was no immediate plan to have a child, so in the first 4 years of marriage, Xiao Meng underwent abortion surgery because of three unexpected pregnancies. 

In the fifth year of their married life, the work of the two has been very stable and the house has been bought, so they began to actively prepare for pregnancy. 

Because of the 4 abortions performed before, it became difficult for Xiao Meng to get pregnant again. However, after working hard for half a year, she was still pregnant smoothly. 

However, during pregnancy, the fetus is very unstable. Xiao Meng has to go to the hospital for a fetus injection every three to five times. The doctor has always advised Xiao Meng to stay in bed as much as possible. 

It was with such care that when she finally reached the seventh month of pregnancy, Xiao Meng was awakened by the pain in her stomach one morning. 

Her husband rushed her to the hospital, when Xiao Meng was already bleeding. Although it was timely to the hospital, the fetus could not be saved after several hours of surgery. 

Because the “month” is too big, in order to save Xiaomeng’s life, the doctor had to remove Xiaomeng’s uterus and fallopian tubes together. 

After the operation, the doctor explained to Xiaomeng and her husband that the wall of Xiaomeng’s uterus had become very thin due to repeated abortions. If it is not removed in time, the danger of uterine rupture would be unimaginable. 

At the same time, Xiaomeng and her husband had no plans to give birth, nor did they use effective contraception. They reprimanded them for the repeated abortion of young people. 

Now that I have lost a child, it is not a dream that I will never have another child in the future. I regretted that because of the deep affection with her husband, she always did not pay attention to contraception when she was in love with her husband. 

Gynecologists and obstetricians have repeatedly reminded female friends to avoid induced abortions as much as possible, because the damage to the body is incalculable, and some are even difficult to cure! 

Abortion pair What are the injuries of women? 

1. Causes the uterine wall to become thinner

Frequent induced abortion will cause the uterine wall to become thinner. In addition, the uterine wall will be damaged by the artificial abortion operation again when the uterine wall has not been repaired. It is incalculable. 

The wall of the uterus is too thin. During pregnancy, as the fetus grows and grows in size, the uterus is likely to be unbearable and rupture, threatening the lives of the mother and fetus. 

2. Formation of habitual abortion

Too many times undergoing abortion operations will make women’s cervix become lax, unable to keep the fetus, and form habitual abortion. Whether it is a fetus injection or lying still, it is difficult to keep the fetus. 

3. Many sequelae are left.

Uterine adhesions, blocked fallopian tubes, cervical erosion, pelvic inflammatory disease, irregular menstruation and other gynecological diseases are all sequelae caused by abortion surgery. 

It not only affects the health of women, but also affects pregnancy again, resulting in a very low success rate when trying to get pregnant. 

Abortion surgery is extremely detrimental to women’s health. Whether it is harmful to women’s uterus, reproductive organs or physical fitness, it is not only harmful, but the impact will be very long. 

For women who have experienced abortion, they should pay attention to postoperative recovery and maintenance, and must not be taken lightly. 

If there is no childbirth plan for the time being, couples must take effective contraceptive measures in their daily lives to avoid accidental pregnancy and abortion. 

Effective contraception What are the measures? 

1. Condoms

If the couple has no plans to have children, then they must insist on wearing condoms when carrying on the couple’s life. Using condoms is the most convenient method of contraception. 

It is worth noting that when buying condoms, you should buy large brands with guaranteed quality to avoid quality problems that not only fail to achieve the contraceptive effect, but may also endanger your health. 

2, ligation

This method of ligation does not distinguish between men and women, and with the improvement of medical standards, ligation is no longer irreversible, and fertility can be restored again through reopening surgery. 

However, if you want to regain fertility through recanalization surgery, you must pay attention to the best time and age. 

3. The birth control ring

Putting the birth control ring in a woman’s womb to interfere with the implantation of the fertilized egg, etc., can also play a contraceptive effect. 

However, there is a certain chance that the birth control ring will harm the health of a woman’s uterus. For example, it will fuse with the uterine wall and it will be very troublesome to remove it. 

Even if contraceptive measures are troublesome to compare prices, compared with the harm caused by abortion surgery, contraception is very necessary when there is no birth plan. I hope everyone will not take it lightly! 

Living together as a husband and wife is to take good care of each other and take care of each other’s health. For their own sake, the wife should try to avoid the experience of abortion. If the husband really loves his wife, he should also take effective contraceptive measures! 

Have you experienced the flow of people? Does it affect subsequent pregnancy? Welcome to leave a message to share your stories and opinions!

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