There are “four taboos” during pregnancy. No matter how beautiful, pregnant mothers have to bear with them.

There are “four taboos” during pregnancy, and pregnant mothers who love beauty must bear with it, and benefit the fetus and oneself.

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After a woman becomes pregnant, her body becomes more fragile. In many cases, some things that can be done at will may happen during pregnancy. It is dangerous, so mothers must understand the contraindications during pregnancy and be responsible for the health and safety of themselves and their babies. 

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I have a big body odor during pregnancy, and I almost got into trouble with perfume

Hu Lili is a very beautiful young white-collar worker. After marrying her husband, she never forgets to run her own business. It is the same after pregnancy. Go its own way. 

But after a period of pregnancy, Hu Lili found out that she had an “exotic smell”, which made her very uncomfortable. She changed clothes frequently every day, and took clean tissues to wipe her body from time to time, which was easy to sweat. However, it still failed to solve the problem effectively. 

In the end she had to spray every day The perfume was used to cover up the smell on her body. It lasted for more than a month. Lily suddenly bleeds one day. A colleague rushed her to the hospital, where she was checked for signs of threatened miscarriage. 

Lily feels very confused. She has already paid attention to it. Why does this happen? 

After an in-depth conversation, the doctor thought it was probably the fault of “perfume”. 

Indeed, after a woman is pregnant, it means that you are no longer alone, and you are responsible for both yourself and your baby at the same time, so even if you love beauty, you have to bear with it and don’t touch it casually. , So as to benefit oneself. 

There are “four taboos” during pregnancy.

1. Do not spray perfume.

Many women love perfume because it can make women more attractive, but it is good for pregnancy. As far as mom is concerned, perfume is a dangerous substance. 

First of all, studies have shown that frequent use of perfume during pregnancy can affect fetal brain development. 

Secondly, perfumes basically contain a lot of chemical elements and are highly irritating, especially perfumes containing musk, which are particularly harmful to the fetus and may even cause the risk of miscarriage. 

Finally, the expert would like to say something to everyone:

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body changes and her metabolism slows down. The body may have some unspeakable tastes. In fact, this The smell is not smelly, and there is no need to cover it up. Just pay attention to a light diet and a clean body. The pregnant mother does not have to have an excessive psychological burden. 

2, avoid wearing high heels< /p>

There must be high heels as an indispensable item in the beauty-loving shoe cabinet. It is true that wearing high heels can give a person a lot of points, but after pregnancy, it is best for pregnant mothers to stay away from this kind of footwear. 

Usually, high-heeled shoes over 5cm are prone to instability of the center of gravity. If the pregnant mother falls, it will be dangerous to the fetus. 

Therefore, it is recommended that pregnant mothers should not choose high heels during pregnancy but choose flat shoes that are comfortable and close to the feet. This is not only safe for pregnant mothers, but also reduces physical fatigue. 

3. Avoid frequent wearing jewelry

It is best not to wear jewelry frequently during pregnancy, especially bracelets and rings. 

First of all, because some jewelry such as earrings are easy to scratch yourself;

Secondly, there will be problems of gaining weight and edema during pregnancy, and jewelry such as rings and bracelets will gradually be collected. Tightness puts a burden on the pregnant woman’s body, and at the same time, the problem of impaired blood circulation may occur. 

4. Avoid wearing contact lenses

Many women with myopia usually choose contact lenses, which are not only beautiful but also convenient, and they are still the same after pregnancy. 

As everyone knows, during pregnancy, the sensitivity of the eyes of pregnant mothers decreases, and the cornea of ​​the eyes will also be thickened. If the pregnant mother wears contact lenses for a long time, the eyes may experience discomfort such as tearing and refraction. Cause damage to the cornea, deepen myopia, etc. 

In addition, when using contact lenses, care solutions are often used as a complete set, which contains many pharmaceutical ingredients. Long-term exposure to pregnant mothers may have a negative impact on the health of Feibao. 

Become beautiful during pregnancy.< /p>

After reading the above points, do you think that you can only be a rough yellow face during pregnancy? In fact, this is not the case. You should still take care of your body during pregnancy and maintain a beautiful posture——

A. Facial moisturizing

During pregnancy, many women’s skin will have thickened stratum corneum, so the entire face will easily become extremely dry and must be moisturized. When doing facial moisturizing, you must choose skin care products for natural healthy pregnant women. 

B. Care and cleaning


The skin becomes very sensitive and it is a common phenomenon during pregnancy. Pregnant women should not choose some strong irritating products when cleaning, but should choose mild cleansing products that do not contain soap-based ingredients. 

C, go out and sunscreen


This is especially important for pregnant women, because the skin is very sensitive to light during pregnancy. You need to take good care of sunscreen whether you are staying at home or going out. Pregnant women should choose physical sunscreen when choosing sunscreen items. The method, such as using zinc oxide as a sunscreen, is not only effective but also safe. 

[Warm reminder]

In our country, the spontaneous abortion rate of pregnant mothers is about 12%, which is related to the behavior of pregnant mothers during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant mothers must take precautions and spend their pregnancy safely.  CCTV roll call! About 70% of these children’s toys are unqualified, but adults and children like to play

CCTV roll call! About 70% of this kind of children’s toys are unqualified, but adults and children like to play.

Wen | Mom’s Way (Senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not copy)

Now Electronic products are becoming more and more abundant, and some things that are exclusively used by adults are also approaching children. For example, smart watches and tablets have appeared in educational models for children and parents. 

There are also many children’s models of smart balance bikes, a new type of travel tool used by young people. 

However, although these smart cars are closer to children in appearance and function, such as small standing bicycles and riding bicycles. 

But it is not so applicable in terms of safety, and even some children’s balance bikes are not as safe as adult balance bikes. 

CCTV exposure: about 70% The balance scooter was unqualified

Some time ago, CCTV News specially made a report on the balance scooter. The content showed that the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau conducted an investigation on 20 batches of balance scooter. The results showed that 13 batches The balance car is unqualified, and the probability of unqualified is as high as 70%. 

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The main problems of these balance cars are poor waterproofing, weak corrosion resistance, no overspeed protection, short parking time on slopes, etc., which can be the national brand “forever” “Phoenix” The products are not up to standard. 

There are some safety-related balance bikes, which will increase the possibility of safety accidents when children ride the balance bike. 

For example, if children ride out on a balance bike, they may fall over any slope. 

In addition to these standing balance bikes are likely to be dangerous to children, the balance bikes that can be seated and ridden are also not safe. 

CCTV shows that many children’s two-wheeled balance bikes have plasticizers that exceed the standard, and some even exceed the standard by more than 300 times. Even if children do not ride out to play or simply touch them, they may cause physical discomfort. Lead to precocious puberty or infertility. 

The most serious violation of plasticizer The places are leather seats, handles, and trademark stickers. For example, the plasticizer of the balance car seat of the brand dodoto exceeds the standard by 170 times, the handle on the handle is 100 times higher, and the sticker on the sticker is 70 times higher. 

In addition to excessive plasticizers, heavy metals in some two-wheel balance vehicles also exceed the standards. For example, the lead content exceeds the standard by more than three times, and the child’s intelligence and immunity will be affected. 

The brand adds these things to the balance bike to cater to the preferences of parents. The plasticizer-containing leather seats and handles are especially soft, which can make children feel Body comfort. 

The lead in the paint of the car body can make the car body color more vivid and not easy to fall off. 

You can say These balance bikes, which both adults and children like, may cause irreversible negative effects if they are incorrectly selected and used. 

How to choose a balance car for your child ? 

▶ Standing children’s balance bike

❶ Good waterproof effect

The waterproof balance bike can prevent damage when it hits water during riding , It can also prevent electric shock. 

❷ It can be stopped on the slope

It is stipulated that the balance car can be stopped on the slope at any time and kept for 5 minutes or there is a safety warning, which can prevent people from falling on the slope. 

❸ The wheel stops turning when you lift it up

This anti-flying design can not only protect children riding, but also pedestrians on the road. 

❹ Prohibited to use while charging

If there is no electricity while charging, the child may forget to unplug the charger and start using it, risking tripping. 

Moreover, there is a risk of explosion if you encounter a balance car with poor battery quality and use it when charging. 

▶ Cycling children’s balance Bikes

Riding bikes is safer. Coupled with the balance function, parents don’t have to worry too much about their children falling during the ride. What needs to be paid attention to is the problem of various additives. 

❶ Color

The color should not be too bright to prevent excessive heavy metals from being added. 

❷ The quality of cushions and handles

The cushions and handles do not have to be too soft, especially when the price of the car is relatively low, the merchants may shoddy them. 

❸ Taste

It is best to buy a balance bike without pungent smell for children. 

▶ Other options

Price brand

From the results of the survey, it can also be known that some national brand balance bikes may also have problems, which need to be relied on. The parents went to distinguish carefully. 

The price is right The quality has a certain impact. The survey shows that all samples above 1500 yuan are qualified, the pass rate of 600-1500 yuan is 33%, and the pass rate of those below 600 yuan is 10%. 

The child is in What should parents pay attention to when using a balance bike? 

✔ It’s not allowed to take children on trips

Some parents still hold their children when using a standing balance bike. This is even more dangerous. If an accident occurs, the child is likely to be caught. Fall. 

✔ Don’t go on the road

Although many balance bikes are called scooters and vehicles, they are just toys. Children must not be allowed to ride on the road to avoid encountering When it’s dangerous, you can’t avoid it, or you rush to a moving vehicle by yourself. 

✔ Charging safety

There have also been several news about battery explosions in the balance bike. It is best for parents not to buy inferior products or use them while charging. 

✔ Take protective measures

Wear a helmet, knee pads, etc. to prevent your baby from falling seriously. 

Nowadays, children’s products are updated relatively quickly. Many products have real products first, and then have corresponding standards. These standards are also exchanged for the safety of many children. 

If parents do not take the initiative to check products or risks in life for their children, it is likely to cause irreparable accidents for their children. 


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