There are data showing that schoolmasters often come from this kind of family, and parental occupation is a key factor

There are data showing: Xueba often comes from this kind of family, and parental occupation is a key factor

Data shows: Xueba often comes from this kind of family, and parental occupation is a key factor

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In recent years, when watching interviews with the top students in the college entrance examination, everyone should have discovered that the family situation of the top students in the college entrance examination seems to be getting better and better. 

Many netizens also left messages on the Internet saying that nowadays, it is difficult for a poor family to have a good son. The more families with excellent resources, the easier it is to teach them. In order to prove this point of view, some organizations have conducted surveys on the Internet, and the results are surprising. 

Mom is a teacher, dad is Children from civil servants’ families are more likely to become academic masters.

Someone has conducted a survey of the parents’ occupations of the top candidates in the college entrance examination for 10 years, and found that their parents are teachers in a higher proportion, followed by civil servants and engineers. 

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Some media have conducted a questionnaire on the Internet to investigate the occupations of the parents of Xueba. The results show that teachers accounted for the largest proportion, followed by civil servants, and then corporate managers. 

And if mother is a teacher , The father is a civil servant, and the child is the most likely to be a master. The combination of “teacher + teacher” and “civil servant + civil servant” are tied together, and then the enterprise administrator. 

The family of these combinations Why can you teach a schoolmaster? 

▶ “Teacher + teacher”

If parents are teachers, they have more theory and experience in educating children, and they know how to train them to get good grades and study Resources are also more. 

Even if a child lags behind others in class, he can have separate tutoring from his parents after returning home, and the learning atmosphere at home may be stronger than that of an average family. 

And study and exam, except Efforts also require skills. Teachers and parents have studied the exam questions for many years, and because they have a better understanding of the exam skills, after teaching them to their children, their exam results may also be better. 

▶ “Civil Servants + Civil Servants”

Parents are civil servants, and they also value their children’s education. They pay attention to national events and public opinion hotspots, and can give more information on their children’s choices. Many suggestions. 

Some civil servants can commute to and from get off work on time. There is more time left to educate children, and they can also help them become better. 

▶ Business Administrators

Parents, as business managers, are also very good at management. The children they educate may learn more efficiently. 

Their household income is also compared High, even if you don’t have time to train your children, you can still spend money for others to train. 

▶ Civil servants + teachers

The family of civil servants + teachers can not only provide children with skills or resources, but parents may also have more time to accompany and guide them, so Children are more likely to become schoolmasters. 

Then, parents of other families What can we learn from them? 

★ Maintain the learning atmosphere at home

❶ Don’t interfere: Although children study in school, they can’t be too relaxed in the family, especially when they need to do homework , Parents should not interfere on the sidelines, it is likely to destroy the child’s concentration. 

❷ Cultivating habits: Learning habits are cultivated since childhood. Children with a strong learning atmosphere at home are used to how to learn from an early age. Even in the classroom, they can manage themselves well. 

❸ Cultivate interest: learning is true It is a relatively boring thing, especially when the education before university is relatively basic. Many children don’t know what is the use of learning, so they will be tired and slack. Some parents of school bullies tell their children their professional knowledge when they are young. , Arouse children’s interest in learning. 

★ Provide children with learning resources and accompany them as much as possible.

The girls who scored 701 in Tianjin’s test a few years ago said that their parents are civil servants and they have a lot of time. With her, when the time of the third year of high school is very tight, my mother will help her copy the answers to save time. 

Therefore, when parents have time, they also need to accompany their children as much as possible to provide them with learning conveniences as much as possible. Don’t think that the tasks assigned by the teachers should be done by themselves, and there must be some choices. 

★ Pay attention to children’s learning, But we can’t oppress them.

Many school tyrants have said that although their parents pay attention to their studies, they are not pressured. They will be taken out to play during holidays, and they will also play together for a few hours. Games, if they fail the exam, their parents will comfort them. 

Other parents should also establish this understanding that good grades are not something that everyone can achieve. Don’t deny all the children’s efforts just because of poor grades. The child’s mental health is the most important thing. 


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The most common checkups for pregnant mothers are useless at all. It is better to spend the money on the other four checkups.

A maternity checkup is required during pregnancy There are many projects, but it’s not that the more detailed the better. Some of them are meaningless and just a waste of money. 

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After pregnant women, in order to ensure the healthy growth and development of the fetus in the abdomen, they will have the birth checkup on time, and they don’t want to leave any of them, but the mothers of Kebao didn’t realize that some checkups are meaningless. . 

In order to increase the income of themselves and the hospital, doctors will prescribe various check-ups without fully understanding the pregnant mother, and this includes some optional check-ups. For items, expectant mothers must learn to distinguish and refuse. 

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These four items in the maternity check-up did not help and waste money, and it was added to the pregnant mother.

1. Gene test of folic acid metabolism ability

This test is to check the pregnant mother’s folic acid The absorption and utilization rate of folic acid can be screened to find out whether it is a high-risk group of folic acid deficiency and whether additional supplements are needed. 

It is well known that the supplementation of folic acid is related to the development of the neural tube of the fetus. Therefore, it is recommended to insist on taking 0.4mg a day during pregnancy and pregnancy. If the pregnant mother has folic acid metabolism disorders, she needs to take folic acid twice. After dropping a part, there is still enough amount to meet the needs of fetal growth and development. 

But mothers with folic acid metabolism disorders are generally children who have had a history of miscarriage or have been pregnant with neural tube defects. In this case, this item needs to be checked additionally, otherwise there is no need to do anything. 

2. Nutritional analysis items

This check is to understand the type, amount, and nutritional elements of the pregnant mother’s daily intake of food, and to see which foods are ingested too little, this It is often used to check some people who have obvious malnutrition. For expectant mothers, it has no practical significance. 

This is because pregnant mothers can’t remember exactly what they ate on the first day. Even if they write it down, there will be errors in the weight. In addition, they only rely on food for the day. When calculating, there will be a big error in this value. 

3. Bone Density Check

This check is to detect the density of bones through a bone densitometer. If the value is above -2.5, it indicates that there is osteoporosis. 

For pregnant women, regardless of the bone density value, it is recommended to supplement with 1000 mg of calcium in the first trimester, 1200 mg of calcium in the second trimester, and 1500 mg of calcium in the third trimester. 

It can be supplemented by food, milk or calcium tablets can also be used to achieve the daily required amount. There is no need for bone density at all. 

4. Trace element inspection

This inspection is carried out by drawing the serum of pregnant mothers for trace element inspection, but there are only 18 trace elements in the human body that are currently determined to be related to health , But the content in the human body is less than 0.1%. 

In addition, this inspection has long been clearly stipulated that it is not necessary for diagnosis and should not be inspected at will, and the accuracy is not very high. It is better to spend the money on the following inspections. 

Must be Several items to check

1. B-ultrasound in the first trimester (within 2 months)

B-ultrasound in the early pregnancy can determine whether the fetus is in the uterus, fetal heart rate, fetal bud, pregnant mother Wait for the development to be normal, if all the checks are normal, then the expected date of delivery and gestational week can also be calculated on this matter to facilitate follow-up check-ups. 

2. Down’s screening (14-20 weeks)

Analyze the development of the fetus by extracting the serum of the pregnant mother, plus the age and gestational age of the expectant mother to make judgments Whether the fetal baby is Down’s child or has other defects, the accuracy rate is 70%. 

If the examination is of high risk, the doctor will ask for another amniotic fluid puncture or non-invasive DNA to confirm the diagnosis. 

3. Four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound examination (20~24 weeks)

This examination is performed by doctors on the various organs, limbs, trunk, and digestive system of the fetus through the use of four-dimensional color Doppler ultrasound imaging technology. Observe carefully to see if there are defects. The accuracy rate is 95%. This is the most important check during pregnancy. 

4. Fetal heart rate monitoring (30 weeks to childbirth)

This check is mandatory for every birth check in the third trimester. The doctor can clearly understand the growth and development of the fetus in the uterus through the fetal heart rate monitor. How to make corresponding measures in time. 

Maternity checkup Things to pay attention to when

1. Choose a good hospital

Because there are many items for pregnancy check-ups, the accuracy of each check-up is very important, so expectant mothers can learn about the major hospitals in advance and choose A trustworthy hospital not only avoids some unnecessary troubles, such as inaccurate examinations and insufficient professional doctors, but also prepares for delivery. 

2. File in time

After the B-ultrasound is done in the first trimester, after knowing that everything is normal and the gestational week is calculated, you should go to the hospital in time to establish maternal health care after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The manual is convenient for the check-up during pregnancy, and the doctor can understand the situation of the expectant mother and the fetus more quickly. 

3. Know the things you need to pay attention to during the check-ups in advance.

Except that there are no precautions for the check-ups during pregnancy, some check-ups may require fasting or other things that require attention, such as sugar. Tolerance test, liver function test, etc., require fasting for 8 hours before the test can be performed. Return to Sohu to see more

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