There are also “taboos” in the second trimester. Pregnant mothers of the three categories should pay special attention to avoid hurting the fetus quickly.

There are also “taboos” in the second trimester. Pregnant mothers of the three categories should pay special attention to avoid hurting the fetus quickly.

Premature babies may have worse growth and development and physique than normal children because they do not have a full term, and they may be more likely to get sick. 

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The “intimacy” between husband and wife is normal Physiological needs, but after a woman becomes pregnant, in order for the fetus in the abdomen to grow healthily, prospective parents and mothers will directly prohibit it. 

But in fact, it is true, do you need to endure the whole pregnancy? 

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Can couples during pregnancy be “intimacy”? 

1. Prohibited in early pregnancy

In the early stages of pregnancy, the fertilized egg forms an embryo, implants in the uterus, gradually forms the placenta, etc. The fetal five senses, limbs, heart and other body organs have just begun to develop At this stage, they are all extremely fragile and unstable. If they are selfish at this time, it is likely to cause uterine cramps, compress the fetus, and induce miscarriage. 

2. In the second trimester, do the right amount.

In the second trimester, the placenta has basically matured, and the implantation and development of the fetus have been basically stable. The “intimacy” between the right amount of couples is generally not It will bring harm to the fetus, but it should be noted that the movement range and strength should be small, and it should not be pressed to the abdomen of the expectant mother. Both husband and wife should take good personal hygiene and take contraceptive measures to avoid harm or infection to the fetus. , Induce premature labor or miscarriage, etc. 

3. The third trimester should be eliminated

In the third trimester, when the fetus is basically mature, expectant parents and mothers feel that they can perform “intimacy” movements. In fact, this stage is also strictly forbidden, because the placenta has gradually fallen. The cervix gradually opens, preparing for delivery, especially in the last month. If you can’t help it at this time, it is very likely that the uterus and fetus will be infected, causing bleeding, premature delivery and other situations. 

Because premature babies are not full-term, their growth and development and physique may be worse than normal children, and they will be more likely to get sick. Therefore, for the normal growth and development of children, in the first and third trimesters, The father-to-be and mother-to-be must learn to control, and can properly divert their attention to stay sensible and alleviate this need. 

these categories Pregnant mothers must be banned during pregnancy.

1. Pregnant mothers with a history of miscarriage

If the pregnant mother has had a miscarriage or a history of repeated miscarriage, the endometrium will be thinner, which will affect the implantation of the fetus and the placenta It is likely that the development is not stable. If the couple does not prohibit “intimacy”, it is likely to cause premature delivery, miscarriage, etc. 

2. The pregnant mother with placenta previa

If the pregnant mother is a placenta previa, the position of the placenta will be very low, even reaching the cervix. This situation is still going on Marital life is likely to cause placental abruption, miscarriage, bleeding and other situations. 

3. Pregnant mothers with cervical insufficiency

Pregnant mothers have poor cervical elastic fibers and smooth muscles, so the cervix will be in a relatively relaxed state. The couple also insisted on “intimacy” behavior, which is likely to cause miscarriage. 

In addition, if the expectant mother suffers from an infectious disease, it is best not to “negative distance contact” during pregnancy. Not only is it easy to cause harm to the pregnant mother, but it is also easy to cause harm to the fetus. 

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1. Quarrel

If quarrels occur between expectant parents during pregnancy, it is easy to increase the secretion of cortisol in the pregnant woman’s body, which will affect the secretion of progesterone. The saturation of blood oxygen will also decrease, so the nutrients and blood oxygen absorbed by the fetus will be reduced, which will affect normal growth and development. 

In addition, in the process of quarreling, pregnant women will be very angry, then they will secrete a lot of adrenal hormones, causing fetal defects. 

According to research, expectant mothers are often in bad mood during pregnancy, which increases the chance of defects. 

2. There are no taboos in diet

Pregnant mothers should not eat what they want to eat during pregnancy. There must be taboos, especially spicy and irritating foods, fried barbecued foods, pickled canned foods, and Acidic food, long-term eating can easily cause harm to the growth and development of the fetus. 

For example, grilled foods are burnt on the outside and tender on the inside in order to maintain their taste. The unripe parts inside are likely to breed parasites, and some may be burnt to produce benzene. And pyrene (Class 1 carcinogen), thus endangering the health of the mother and fetus. 

3. Close to second-hand smoke environment

As we all know, the main ingredient in cigarettes is nicotine, which is a harmful substance that will be transmitted to the fetus through the placenta. If the pregnant mother is close, it is very susceptible to secondhand smoke. Infringement of the fetus, thus causing harm to the growth and development of the fetus.  Several kinds of “beautiful earthwork” are not credible , It may make the baby more and more ugly, and it is easy to harm your health

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Parents will feel happy when others boast that their baby looks good. In order to maintain this kind of beauty, many parents can be said to have worked hard in all aspects. Some methods do help their children’s appearance, but some behaviors will reduce their appearance. 

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It’s a head-shaped sleeping pillow, which unexpectedly caused occipital baldness.

Ms. Hu’s daughter became a sweet potato after she was born. Because she looks cute, she has always been around The object of praise, which makes Ms. Hu very proud. 

In the previous period, after seeing the baby, Aunt Zhang also praised her first, saying that she was cute and naturally beautiful. Ms. Hu was still immersed in this kind of happiness. One sentence is that the shape of the child’s head is not very good-looking. Although I agreed on the spot, I felt unhappy. 

So Ms. Hu remembered her childhood Many parents will use hard pillows to help their children adjust their head shape. Even if they buy pillows, they will let her sleep every day. 

However, after a while, the change in head shape was not noticed, but a bald spot appeared on the head. Ms. Hu panicked and immediately took the child to the hospital. 

After the doctor heard Ms. Hu’s story, he reprimanded: “Isn’t it a nonsense to give this little child a hard pillow for the shape of the head? It’s a strange thing if there is no occipital baldness!”

In fact, this behavior is common to many parents One of the wrong behaviors, especially the elderly with children, will be more likely to happen, and we must pay attention to avoiding them. In addition, there are some common wrong behaviors that also need to be paid attention to. 

Parents should try to avoid these three kinds of “beautiful earthwork”

1. Cutting eyelashes can make children’s eyelashes longer and thicker? 

It is said that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and the eyelashes are the finishing touches of the eyes. The thick and long eyelashes make the eyes look particularly agile. Therefore, many people want to have it. For parents , I hope the baby can have it. 

So I listened to some “remedies”, saying that cutting eyelashes can make eyelashes longer and more, so many parents rush to take action. However, this behavior not only does not make eyelashes thick and long, but it will give children cause some damages. 

First, eyelashes are eye protection Layer to block the intrusion of some foreign objects. If the eyelashes become shorter, it will not be able to resist these hazards well, resulting in damage to the eyes. 

Secondly, the tool for cutting eyelashes cannot completely guarantee its cleanliness. If you accidentally touch the eyeball, it will easily cause damage to the eyes, affect the child’s vision, and sometimes even affect the appearance. 

Finally, the length of eyelashes is mainly related to genes. Even if they are cut, they may not be able to grow longer. Some may not even be long, which will reduce the child’s appearance. 

2, trimming the eyebrows to change the shape of the child’s eyebrows? 

When makeup is inseparable from the eyebrows, a good-looking eyebrow shape plays a vital role in the overall makeup. 

For children, although makeup is not needed, a good eyebrow shape will undoubtedly add a lot of points, but at this stage their eyebrows are mostly messy, so parents will have the idea of ​​repairing. 

At this time, however, there is no body When he is fully developed, shaving his eyebrows can not determine his future eyebrow shape. Sometimes he accidentally scratches the skin, which can also cause the child to be injured. At the same time, it is easy to leave scars and affect the appearance. 

3. Shaving frequently makes your hair black and thick? 

Hair loss has now become a widespread concern. In our country, 358 million people have this problem. They are either due to staying up late, diet, genetics, etc. This also makes parents feel Children’s hair problems have attracted more attention. 

Many people say that the more times they shave their heads when they are young, the more hair they will have in the future. Therefore, many parents will shave their children repeatedly just to make the hair thicker. However, there is no basis for this statement. . 

How much hair is apart from genetic factors , More of it comes from the influence of multiple factors such as diet, environment, psychology, sleep, etc. It has nothing to do with the frequency of shaving, and repeated shaving will only increase the chance of a child catching a cold. 

If you want to be beautiful, do these points well

In fact, a person’s appearance is largely affected by genetic factors, but a person’s beauty does not only depend on Appearance, temperament, conversation, and form all have a very important influence. Therefore, when parents take care of their children, starting with these points can also make them “beautiful”——

1) In form

This is mainly reflected in people’s In various environmental conditions, in our lives, people who are bent over and hunched over always lack beauty, but their tall and straight figures can make people shine. 

This requires that we should pay attention to our body shape in our lives. For example, when sitting, we must have the correct posture, do not lie crookedly or sway our legs, and we should straighten our backs. Lay your legs flat and close together. 

2) On the conversation< /p>

A person’s conversation is inseparable from his life. For children, the most important part of life is their parents. If you want to improve your conversation, you should have enough communication and Communication is gradually improved in this process. 

3) In terms of habits

Some wrong habits will affect the appearance of people, such as sleeping habits, long-term breathing with the mouth, not only easy to snoring, but also protruding lips And valgus, the correct way is to develop the habit of breathing through the nose, which can effectively avoid similar problems. 

4) On temperament< /p>

This point is actually a relatively abstract concept, and the above points will affect it. At the same time, the best way to improve your temperament is to learn and read a lot. 

As human beings, we cannot experience every kind of life, but we can understand all kinds of life through learning and reading, and these contents will become the material for us to enrich ourselves. This is what we call “poems and books in the belly”. 

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