There are a lot of benefits of childbirth in water, as can be seen from Ella’s delivery process, but these 5 types of pregnant women are not applicable

There are many benefits to childbirth in water, as can be seen from Ella’s delivery process, but these five types of pregnant women are not applicable

According to research, pregnant women in developed countries have only eight out of 100,000 deaths due to dystocia, but Global big data show that out of every 100,000 pregnant women, 1,900 pregnant women die due to dystocia. Although our country is not currently listed among the developed countries, the level of medical care in our country has made great progress, and the mortality rate of pregnant women due to dystocia is also declining. 

In addition to normal delivery and caesarean delivery, there is now a new type of production method-water delivery. Although there are many benefits to childbirth in water, it is not suitable for these types of pregnant women. 

Ella failed to give birth in water. Whether this method is good or bad, you will understand after reading it.

Ella previously recorded the process of giving birth in water through VCR. Therefore, many people have learned about the method of childbirth in water. As the name suggests, childbirth in water is to give birth under the water. Because the environment of warm water is similar to that of amniotic fluid, it is more beneficial to newborns. 

And water childbirth is also very helpful for the parturient, because the parturient will have labor pains during the delivery process. The warm water environment can relax the muscles and relieve the pain, and it can also protect the female perineum. The production method is helpful for women’s vagina and uterus. 

However, this method of childbirth has not been widely popularized in our daily lives. One is that this method of production is not conducive to the observation of doctors; the other is that water delivery requires proper water temperature, which is not easy in reality. Satisfaction; Third, because some pregnant women are not suitable for childbirth in water. 

For example, Ella failed to give birth in the water, and finally transferred to the bed to give birth. This process is also very physically demanding for pregnant women. So if you are not fully prepared, it is not recommended to give birth in water. At the same time, if the pregnant woman’s physical fitness is not good or the fetal position is not correct, there are also great hidden dangers in choosing water delivery. These five pregnant women are not suitable for water delivery, so you must not blindly follow the trend. 

1. Old-age parturients

It should be understood that the advanced-age parturients refer to the parturients who are over thirty-five years old. Women of this age are inherently a very dangerous thing to give birth. Because they are older, their physical fitness and uterine contraction ability are worse than younger women. Medically, it is generally recommended that older women undergo caesarean section. 

Although childbirth in water will relieve pregnant women’s labor pains, warm water will relax their muscles. For an elderly parturient, it will make her unable to exert strength during childbirth, so it is not suitable for childbirth in water. Older parturients. 

Second, women who need Caesarean delivery

Actually, water delivery is also a natural childbirth process. It is only on the basis of normal delivery to create a watery Environment, so that mothers can give birth more smoothly. However, a cesarean section requires the intervention of a doctor. Obviously, an environment like underwater is not conducive to a cesarean section. Of course, for example, if the fetus is overdeveloped or the fetus is in an incorrect position and requires a C-section, don’t think about this method of delivery. Instead, you can have a C-section in the ward with peace of mind. 

3. Pregnant women with heart disease

Some pregnant women have heart diseases, so doctors generally advise them to have a Caesarean section to avoid the harm caused by the normal delivery. Of course, if this group of people chooses to have a normal childbirth, they also need medical equipment to monitor the mother’s physical condition and decide whether to continue the childbirth according to the condition of the heart. 

But if this kind of parturient adopts water delivery, there is no way to detect the condition of the heart, so if the parturient has a heart attack during the birth, it will be very harmful to the parturient and the child. At the same time, women who are susceptible to vaginal infections should not choose the water delivery method, because it is difficult to ensure that the water environment is completely sterile, and once the infection is difficult to recover. 

Four. People who are susceptible to infection

Pregnant mothers in some special populations can’t give birth in water. For example, women who are infected with HIV must give birth in a sterile environment. There may be bacteria in the water, which can cause great damage to the mother’s body. Once the infection is serious, the price of life may be paid. Therefore, if people with AIDS want to give birth, they must ask the doctor if they can give birth and what method is best to choose. Don’t choose blindly. 

Fifth, pregnant women with coagulation disorders

Some maternal doctors with coagulation disorders generally recommend giving birth in bed, so that you can see the bleeding of the mother and consider whether or not to have a blood transfusion, etc. factor. If you give birth underwater, the doctor cannot help the mother to stop bleeding, because the blood is soluble in water, so the doctor can’t judge the amount of bleeding. It is still recommended that women with impaired blood coagulation function give birth in the operating room, so that hemorrhage can be avoided. 

Before giving birth, mothers must cooperate with the doctor’s examination to choose the most suitable method of production. If the wrong method is selected, it is very likely that dystocia will occur. The most important thing is to give birth to a child safely. of. Of course, there are corresponding benefits to childbirth in water, but these five types of parturients should listen to the doctor’s advice and give up this method of production. “Sleep early” did not sleep enough, the child’s height should be at least 5cm less than the length of the child. Don’t call up early during this time period.

Many parents like to call their children early. There is a good reason to get up early to read. The child has a better memory in the morning. But many parents are not clear about when this concept of getting up early is. 

Since the 8-year-old Xiaotian was in the first grade, she was called up by her mother to recite ancient poems every day. Now the child is in the fourth grade and is about to start learning English, so that the child can be both English and Chinese in the morning. Recite, so Xiaotian’s mother simply wakes up the child earlier. 

But after a week, Xiaotian’s mother found that the child had become very tired, and she kept yawning in broad daylight. And not long ago, when several adults were sitting and chatting together, the children were playing around. 

They found that the heights of the children are uneven, and Xiaotian is the shortest, and the tallest child is exactly one head behind. It is obvious that the two are the same age, and other mothers suggested that she take Xiaotian. Take a look at the hospital. Maybe the child lacks any nutrition. This child’s lack of nutrition will also affect his schooling. 

Mother Bao also echoed, “Yes, only by going to the hospital can we know exactly what the difference is, otherwise it will be useless to supplement it blindly.”

Hearing this, Xiaotian’s mother couldn’t sit still. I took Xiaotian to the hospital for an examination the next day. After a series of examinations, no problems were found, and there was no shortage of nutrition. After all, Xiaotian’s mother usually does a good job in nutrition. 

Immediately afterwards, the doctor asked about Xiaotian’s daily living habits. Finally, when Xiaotian’s mother told the doctor that Xiaotian would wake up at 5 o’clock every day, the doctor judged that the crux of the problem might lie in Here. 

It turns out that the earlier the child gets up, the better. On the contrary, if the child rises earlier in the age of growth and development, the child’s height development may be more affected. 

We all know that growth hormone is indispensable for children to grow taller. Most of them only know that growth hormone is secreted in the middle of the night, but do not know when the specific time period is. 

Actually, the secretion of growth hormone is mainly in two stages, one is from 11 o’clock in the night to 2 o’clock in the morning. Therefore, parents must let the growing and developing children fall asleep before 11 o’clock. And it is best to enter a deep sleep state. 

Because growth hormone can be secreted in large quantities only when the human body enters a deep sleep state, it is necessary to ensure that the child enters a deep sleep state at about 11 o’clock, then the child has to fall asleep only at about 10 o’clock to achieve this effect. 

But nowadays, most children are only willing to go to bed at about 12 o’clock, even some 5 or 6-year-old children are like this. How can this ensure that the children’s height development is normal? 

The second stage of growth hormone secretion is the time period from 4 am to 6 am. Therefore, if parents call their children early before 6 o’clock, this will not only not exercise the child’s memory, but will affect the child’s growth hormone. Secretion, and finally affect the height development. 

In addition, the morning recitation finally starts at around 7 o’clock, because the brain’s memory function is most vigorous during this period, and the recitation will be more impressive. 

Therefore, it is best for parents not to call their children to get up too early, and let the children rest for an hour. Don’t underestimate this hour. Often times, this time period is missing. 

Parents can also learn about their children’s sleep from other parents. Generally speaking, when nutrition is guaranteed, children who sleep adequately will not be too short. 

To help children grow taller, parents still need What are the issues to pay attention to? 

1. Exercise properly

Nowadays, many parents seldom pay attention to their children’s exercise problems and focus on their children’s learning. Some parents even think that children do not need to exercise, eat well, Sleep well, how can there be so many diseases. 

Actually, a child’s weekly exercise can increase the body’s metabolism and promote the rapid absorption of nutrients, which will help the child’s height development to a certain extent. 

Therefore, we must let the child exercise more appropriately, about 3 to 5 times a week, and the best time is about 1 hour each time. Of course, you can’t let your child do high-intensity exercise, otherwise it will hurt the child. 

2. Not only to ensure adequate sleep, but also to ensure good sleep quality

If the child’s sleep quality is not good, in fact, it is not only the child’s height development that is affected (because growth hormone cannot be secreted in large quantities). And the child’s physical condition will also be affected. 

Previous studies have shown that children with poor sleep quality are more likely to have mental illnesses and cause a series of other physical problems. 

Therefore, parents must pay attention to their children’s sleep quality problems, create a good sleeping environment for their children, ensure light, humidity, temperature, air, etc., only in this way can children sleep more soundly. A healthier body makes learning easier.

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