There are 3 changes in the child, indicating that it may stop growing taller. Check with your baby

There are 3 changes in your child, which means you may stop growing taller. Check with your baby

The height of the child has always been the focus of parents’ concern. 

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The height of the child is one of the most important things for parents, especially when both parents are not tall At that time, I was even more worried that my child was not tall enough. 

In the process of growing up, parents will often find ways to make their children grow taller, but if these 3 signs appear on the child, it means that the height may have been set, and it will be a futile effort to make up for it. 

Case: He was tall when he was a child, but he “stalled” after junior high school.

Xiao Chen’s son is in junior high school. He is obedient and sensible, and has excellent academic performance. He belongs to the kind of “children of other people”. It has always been Xiao Chen’s pride. 

However, Xiao Chen has recently had an annoyance. She found that her son hadn’t grown much since he entered junior high school, and his height was “stagnant”. But when he was in elementary school, his son had always been He is taller than his peers and stands out from the crowd. He has never worried about his son’s height before. 

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But as he grows older, Xiao Chen finds that his son grows more and more slowly, and his peers are far away. Far away throwing it away, and the original tall son is now only mid-level in the class, Xiao Chen is worried, worried that his son’s height will be “fixed”. 

In fact, every child’s developmental rhythm is different. 

Some children grow slowly. They are not tall in elementary or junior high school, but they suddenly jump up when they are in high school; while some children grow faster and may behave unexpectedly when they are young. Height, but due to insufficient follow-up strength, there will eventually be weakness in the later stage. 

If the child has these 3 “signs”, the height may have been shaped

①, the feet are not long

As we all know, the size of the feet is directly proportional to their own height, and the higher the height, the higher the height. The larger the foot size. 

When the child is in the “surge period”, the shoes are often small before they are worn, and they need to buy new shoes. Similarly, if the child’s feet have not grown for a long time, they basically wear the same size Shoes, it means that they are going to stop growing tall, and their heights are basically shaped. 

② Loss of appetite and beginning to gain weight

Children at the peak of growth tend to have a particularly large appetite, but they will not gain weight significantly, because most of the energy in the body is used to grow taller Up. 

But if the child has a loss of appetite, eats less and less, and the body has a tendency of “horizontal development”, the food eaten is turned into fat and accumulates in the body, which means that the body does not need these calories to grow High, naturally, the height of the child will be at a stage of stagnant growth. 

③. Facial shape and facial features gradually become fixed

As the saying goes: Women’s eighteenth changes, the more they change, the better they look. It can be seen that the five senses of a person actually change with age. 

Generally speaking, children begin to enter puberty in junior high school, and this period is also the “golden period” for children to grow up. If you want to make your child’s height breakthrough, parents must grasp the final sprint stage , Give your children more nutrition, ensure a good three meals a day, a combination of meat and vegetables, take more exercise with your children, and provide the best quality environment for height growth. Do not let your children lose weight at this stage. 

But with the passage of time, the child has left puberty, the body and facial features no longer change, and the baby’s fat has faded, which means that the child has begun to stop growing tall. 

Is there any way to make a child grow taller? 

The height of a child is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner, that is to say, a child whose parents are tall is often taller, but if one of the parents is tall, the child may also be taller. Stature, but if both parents are shorter, they can only grow taller with acquired factors. 

First of all, the nutrition of the child must be kept up. The staple food must be matched in thickness. Vegetables and fruits are more important than meat. The intake of beans and dairy products must be ensured every day. 

Secondly, children should exercise regularly, such as ball games, running and other aerobic exercises, which can help children grow taller. Boys who like basketball in adolescence are generally not too short; girls recommend volleyball, swimming and other sports to help their children grow taller. 

Finally, children must ensure adequate sleep. Night is the key period for the secretion of growth hormone, and adequate sleep is necessary to grow up.  Can the child adapt to kindergarten as soon as possible? Depending on age, parents do three things well

Parents need to prepare in advance before sending their children to kindergarten and elementary school to avoid some trouble. 

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“Send my child to school as soon as possible and I will be free!”

This It should be the voice of many parents, but is it true? 

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In order for children to adapt to the kindergarten life as soon as possible, parents should do three things

1. Know the kindergarten

Parents should understand the kindergarten before sending their children into the kindergarten. , Because different schools have different emphasis on cultivating children’s abilities. 

For example, bilingual kindergartens pay more attention to cultivating children’s second mother tongue; semi-custodial kindergartens pay more attention to the development of children’s character and habits; pre-school education kindergartens pay more attention to the advancement of one-year elementary school knowledge, etc. . 

All these need to be understood by parents in advance, but don’t think that as long as they reach the age, it is enough to send their children to kindergartens. You need to consider all aspects and choose a suitable school for the future development of your baby. lay the foundation. 

2. Teach children to get along with their peers

Even if the second-child policy is open, most families now belong to only children, and most of these only children are favored by their parents, who have been the family since childhood The center point, and the spoiling of the elders from generation to generation. 

Children who grow up in this environment may be self-centered in everything, and usually get along less with their peers. Therefore, conflicts will inevitably occur when getting along with a group of children with similar personalities. 

Therefore, before sending their children into kindergarten, parents need to stop spoiling and let the children realize that the world does not revolve around them. In addition, they can also bring more children to play with children of the same age, so that the children can learn to play with children of the same age. Get along with others. 

3. Teach children how to take care of themselves

Before entering kindergarten, parents take care of everything in children’s lives. If they go to kindergarten, it means leaving their parents and they need to take care of themselves, even if the teacher will Give care, but it can’t be like Mom and Dad. 

Therefore, it is necessary for parents to gradually cultivate their children’s independence and autonomy in daily life before sending their children to kindergarten, so that they can learn to eat, dress, wash their hands and face, organize things, and go to the toilet. Wait. 

In addition, I believe that many parents find that children are more likely to get sick after entering kindergarten than at home. According to investigations, babies are most likely to get sick within two weeks after entering kindergarten. Periods are mainly colds and fevers, respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal disorders, etc. 

This makes the parents very worried. If the child is sick all the time, the heart of the parents seems to hang up. This also requires Bao’s parents to take precautions in advance. 

How to avoid children Get sick as soon as you enter the kindergarten? 

1. Don’t over-protect the baby

Before sending the child into the kindergarten, parents should not over-protect the baby at ordinary times, let alone create some sterile environment artificially, which will not only provide no protection The effect is not conducive to the establishment of their immunity. 

2, timely vaccination

Parents should take their children to get vaccinated in time, which can improve the baby’s immunity to a certain extent and can prevent some diseases. 

3. Take your children out to play more.

Parents usually don’t keep their children at home to play, but can take them out to play, exercise and sunbathe with their children. This will not only promote the baby The metabolism in the body enhances immunity, and can also be exposed to the sun and promote bone development. 

The child is rising Before childhood, what kind of preparations do parents need to help them make? 

1. Psychological development in advance

Parents can introduce the situation of elementary school to them near the school before sending their children to elementary school. For example, what are the differences from kindergarten and which state will be When changes occur, you can also bring your baby to prepare things for school, such as pencil cases, school bags, etc., so that they can participate in the selection and make them feel a little bit involved, so that they can adapt better after school. 

2. Cultivate habits

As a parent, you can properly establish some small rules when your child is in a big class, and then follow them together, for example, do a few questions every day, let him Slowly develop that every day is not just playing, but also learning. 

In your life, you can choose some better picture book materials, as the books to read before going to bed, read to your children every day, paving the way for the next elementary school study. 

3. Cultivation of self-control

After children enter the big class, parents and teachers need to start to cultivate their self-control slowly Ability, you want your baby to be able to consciously control yourself, don’t walk around, always move and wait. 

Parents can let their children focus on something in their daily lives. Parents should not bother them. In this way, they can slowly cultivate self-control and concentration. 

4. You can consider reporting a preschool connection

Parents can give their children a preschool connection, so that their children Before going to elementary school, you can not only cultivate your own abilities, but also prepare for knowledge. 

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