The wrong sleeping position of pregnant mother is not corrected, which not only affects the development of the fetus, but also causes the fetus to asphyxiate too

The wrong sleeping posture of pregnant mothers is not corrected, which not only affects the development of the fetus, but also causes the fetal suffocation to be late

After having a baby, have you found that it seems to be easier to get sleepy? ? Hormonal changes during pregnancy are greater, and energy consumption has indeed increased, and it is indeed easier to get sleepy. But if you have a baby in your belly, don’t sleep too casually, otherwise the baby may be at risk of suffocation. 

Bao Ma is sleepy How to sleep? The sleeping posture is wrong, and the child may not be able to breathe

Recently, a mother of the treasure submitted a question about how to sleep after being pregnant. I have been suffering from insomnia recently. The mother said that she used to lie on the left side before, and after having a baby, she also lie on the left side during the pre-pregnancy period, and she didn’t feel anything. 

Later, I heard from the elderly at home and friends around me that the left side was compressed to the heart, which would affect the blood supply and cause the baby to be hypoxic. I don’t know if it is a psychological effect. After knowing this, Bao Ma felt that her baby would be uncomfortable every time she lay on her left side. So Momma tried to change to lying on the right side, but she was used to lying on the left before, and it was difficult to fall asleep after changing the sleeping position, and staying up late was not good for the child. 

Later, Bao Ma searched the Internet and found all kinds of claims. There are many people who support lying on the left side and think that lying on the right side will cause hypoxia in the baby. “Which sleeping position will cause the baby to be hypoxic, I don’t know at all right now, but I think that lying on the left side may not affect the child, but staying up late will definitely affect it, so now I basically still sleep on the left side.” Bao Ma said , Now I am too embarrassed, I have to struggle with it every time before going to bed. 

Baoma’s sleeping position may indeed cause hypoxia in the baby, especially when the month is older. For the average person, lying on the left side will indeed compress the heart, while lying on the right side will not. But for Bao Ma, it is true that lying on the left side is better than lying on the right side. Many Bao mothers who know more about it have heard of this. 

Why Is it better for pregnant mothers to lie on the left side than on the right? These two reasons are very powerful and apply to most people.

Lying on the left side is more conducive to blood circulation

Isn’t it said that lying on the left side will press the heart? Why now it is said that lying on the left side is more conducive to blood Is it looping? In fact, these two statements are not wrong, but the applicable people are different. 

Lying on the left side does cause pressure on the heart, but as long as the range of lying on the side is not very large, it basically doesn’t matter. The blood circulation of the inferior vena cava of pregnant mothers will be greatly increased due to the presence of the baby. In most people, the inferior vena cava is on the left side of the spine, and the right side will directly press the inferior vena cava. Under the balance of the two situations, lying on the left side is more conducive to blood circulation and oxygen to the baby. 

The left side is more friendly to the right rotation of the uterus.

Just like most people’s heart grows on the left side, most people’s uterus will turn right in different degrees during the third trimester. At this time, lying on the right side will increase dextrorotation, too much dextrorotation is naturally not conducive to childbirth, while lying on the left side can play a certain role in relief. Moreover, lying on the left side can also avoid too much pressure on the blood vessels around the uterus and ensure the oxygen content in the blood. 

For most mothers, lying on the left is better than lying on the right, but this is not absolute. Mom and baby are in different situations, and the best sleeping position is also different. What kind of sleeping position is the best, you must first understand the state of yourself and your child, don’t rush to follow the trend blindly, or it will be counterproductive. 

For pregnant mothers with these three conditions, don’t lie on the left side. Both yourself and the child suffer. The best one is for you.

Lying on the left side affects sleep.

People’s habit is Deep-rooted, sometimes deliberately changing will make you feel awkward and move your whole body. If Bao Ma was used to lying on the right side before, she felt more resistant to lying on the left side. If she consciously changed to lying on the left side, she would easily suffer from insomnia and poor sleep quality. The pregnant mother is not resting well, and the baby in her belly is also uncomfortable. At this time, Bao’s mother should choose to lie on the right side with peace of mind. 

Uterus left rotation

Most people will have right rotation of the uterus in the third trimester, but it is not absolute. Some mothers will also have left rotation. At this time, Bao Ma chooses to lie on the left side, the pressure on the uterine blood vessels will be too great, and the effect is not as good as lying on the right side. Therefore, the choice of lying on the left or right side in the third trimester depends on the results of the pregnancy test and the doctor’s advice. 

The heart is not so good.

The health condition is not very good, especially the risk of pregnant mothers with heart and blood vessel diseases is far higher than that of ordinary mothers. In the third trimester, this risk will be even greater. If your mother’s heart is not very good, and the heart pressure increases during pregnancy, lying on the left side will easily cause discomfort, and sometimes it may even be very dangerous. 

The situation of adults and children during pregnancy may be very complicated, and what is suitable for other pregnant mothers may not be suitable for them. As for the choice of sleeping position, Bao’s mother needs to comprehensively consider various conditions before making a decision, focusing on health and comfort. Do you think what behaviors of pregnant mothers may also cause hypoxia in the baby’s belly? Hurrying to give birth to a child in these three periods is not only beneficial to the couple’s emotions, but the child is also happy

Even now, many people still show their children the birth date because they think that if the child can appear In the “good hour”, then the child will not have to worry about the future. 

But if this is just a personal belief, it doesn’t matter so much, but because of this problem, someone is almost in danger of life, that really needs attention. 

There may also be such a saying in some areas that it’s best not to have children born at night. Children born at night are “yin-qi” heavy. Children are prone to minor illnesses after birth, which is what we often say. it is good. 

A mother-in-law sent me a private message to her mother-in-law, saying that she almost lost her life in the hospital when she gave birth some time ago. What’s the matter? 

Originally, the contractions started at noon that day, and I was immediately taken to the hospital. At that time, the mother-in-law asked the doctor when she would give birth. At that time, the doctor estimated that it was night, and the mother-in-law was not happy to hear it. 

Later, I said directly to the mother, “You have to bear with me, and it is best to last until 6 or 7 tomorrow morning. The child born at this time is the healthiest.”

Mother-in-law. Later, I talked to her about the “yin and yang theory.” Bao Ma never dared to sing against her mother-in-law, so she agreed. However, after 12 o’clock in the evening, the doctor said that the palace mouth was almost opened and that the delivery room could be moved into the delivery room. The mother-in-law refused to say anything, and said that the Yin Qi was very heavy at this time, which was not good for the child. 

This is the first time the doctor has seen such a family member, and the mother has been holding back, and the doctor only learned about the situation later, so she must arrange to enter the delivery room immediately, otherwise the mother may be in danger. 

But the mother-in-law still refused, saying why she wouldn’t let the nurse push the bed away. Seeing the mother’s condition, the doctor became anxious and immediately furious, “Don’t say how the child will be. At that time, both of them are in danger! Haven’t you seen her state!”

The mother-in-law was also stunned by the doctor’s roar, and then let go. Fortunately, the childbirth went smoothly later, and the child was also very healthy after birth. The mother-in-law had nothing to say when he was born at 3 o’clock in the night. 

Therefore, there is no such thing as auspicious time when a child is born. Whether it is in the morning or at night, as long as the child is born in a healthy and safe manner, then it is worthy of joy. 

Of course, it is indeed worth discussing about the time when the child was born. 

1. The period when family conditions are better

We all know that the cost of a child after birth is also relatively large, ranging from children’s diapers, milk powder, clothes, to children’s health checks, etc. It’s a lot of money. 

There are also some parents who have to pay a lot of money in order to teach their children early. Therefore, if a child can be born in a period of better family conditions, the material conditions that the child enjoys will also be better, and it will be one step ahead of others in terms of education. 

Therefore, I also suggest that both spouses should prepare a certain amount of savings before pregnancy to cope with the woman’s “unemployment” in the next one or two years and the child’s upbringing expenses, if possible, together with the child’s If the education expenses are prepared together, it will be more complete. 

2. The period when couples’ feelings are better

What kind of family environment is the most beneficial for children to grow up in? The only answer is “love”! Only the children who are loved will they feel happy and will be full of upward motivation in their future growth. 

On the contrary, if the child’s parents quarrel all day long, the impact on the child is also great. The child’s happiness index is not only very low, but also affects the child’s character development, mental health, etc. Various aspects. 

3. Both husband and wife are in the best childbearing age period

Now the emphasis is on “eugenics”. If both husband and wife are at the best childbearing age stage (the best childbearing age period for women is 23 to 33 years old, and for men, The best childbearing period is 25~25 years old). When both parties marry and have children in the corresponding age range, the children born are healthier than those of other age groups, and to a certain extent, they will be more healthy. Smart and flexible. 

It is said that the child is the bond between parents, and whether the child is healthy, well-behaved, and academic performance, etc., will affect the relationship between husband and wife to a certain extent. 

Therefore, this is also why parents are advised to give birth to children during these special periods, because these special periods have a certain connection. After the couple enters the optimal gestation period, the two usually have a certain amount of savings. And it hasn’t been a few years since I got married, and my relationship foundation is relatively strong and stable. At this time, I have time and conditions to train my children, which naturally adds fire to my children’s growth. 

Of course, if you have not been able to give birth to your child in these more special periods, it is a pity. It is recommended that you don’t feel too sorry. You can devote more time and energy to the child later, then you can also Train children to grow up.

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