The time when the daughter first came to the “period leave” is very important. If it is earlier than this age, it may be difficult to grow taller in the future

The time when the daughter first comes to the “period leave” is very important. If it is earlier than this age, it may be difficult to grow taller in the future.

The child is entering After puberty, both psychological and physical changes will take place. For girls, the most significant feature of puberty is the first period, which is also a sign that girls are gradually maturing. 

Generally speaking, a girl’s first menstrual period should be between 12 and 16 years old. If menstruation comes prematurely, it is probably because of precocious puberty, and precocious puberty will bring great negative effects to the child’s growth and development. influences. 

Lingling is 8 years old this year and she is in the second grade of elementary school. She is the tallest in the class. She is more than 1.5 meters tall, which is a little bit taller than the tallest boy in the class. Every time Lingling’s mother went to pick up her children, she would hear parents boasting that her daughter was tall and beautiful, and she didn’t know how beautiful she was. 

One ​​day when school was over, Lingling walked home with her mother as usual. When she was upstairs, her mother Following Lingling, she suddenly saw that there was blood on Lingling’s skirt, so she asked Lingling what was going on, but Lingling didn’t know what was going on. 

After arriving home, my mother helped Lingling to check and found that the child was menstruating. She was very surprised to know that her daughter was only 8 years old, and the menarche came too early. . 

The worried Lingling’s mother decided to take the child to the hospital for an examination. After the doctor understood the specific situation, she roughly diagnosed precocious puberty and opened a list for the child to do a bone age test. The result was It means that the 8-year-old Lingling’s bone age has reached 12 years old, and the epiphyseal line has begun to close in advance. 

In this regard, the final result given by the doctor is that the child comes to menstruation so early because of precocious puberty. The bones have developed in advance and may not grow much taller in the future. He suggested that Lingling’s mother adjust her diet, exercise more, and maintain a regular schedule in the future. This might allow her to jump up again before the epiphyseal line is completely closed. 

What does the first period have to do with height? 

According to scientific investigations, the average girl’s first menstruation is between 12-16 years old, which is the normal interval for girls’ menarche. There are also a small number of girls who experience menarche within 10 years of age. This situation is generally caused by precocious puberty. 

Menarche represents a girl entering puberty. Its advent will promote the rapid growth of the hypothalamic pituitary gonadal axis, thereby interfering with the secretion of growth hormone, thus affecting their height development, which is why girls generally arrive No longer grow up since junior high school. 

Generally speaking, the difference between the final height of a girl and the height at menarche is about 5-10 cm, so if a girl is younger than 10 years old at menarche, symptoms of precocious puberty will appear and the bones will develop in advance Generally speaking, the child will be fixed at that height, it is difficult to grow taller. 

It can be seen that in addition to genetic factors, the height of a girl is also affected by menarche. Therefore, parents must pay attention to the time of the girl’s first menstruation and try to prevent it from sex. Precocity affects its physical development. 

How to effectively prevent children from precocious puberty? 

1. Eat more healthy foods

Generally speaking, precocious puberty has a lot to do with eating habits. Children with precocious puberty generally like to eat fried foods and sweets, and All kinds of snacks, these foods are high in fats and calories, but also contain many additives and preservatives, and may even contain some hormones, which will cause the child to absorb too much harmful substances and eventually lead to precocious puberty. 

To avoid precocious puberty, parents should always pay attention to their children’s balanced diet, eat more fruits and vegetables, ensure the combination of meat and vegetables, do not eat too much protein and meat, and add more dietary fiber and physical development All kinds of nutrients needed to ensure the health of the child. 

2. Pay attention to the regularity of work and rest

Night is the peak period for children to secrete growth hormone. During this time, children should ensure adequate and high-quality sleep, and try not to stay up at night. . It should be noted that parents should ensure that their children’s sleeping environment is quiet enough, and the light is dim enough, and do not turn on the night light for the child, so as to ensure the normal secretion of growth hormone. 

3. Don’t give children health care products indiscriminately

Many parents are afraid that their children’s nutrition is not balanced, so they often give their children a variety of nutrition and health products, but it’s normal. It is said that children can get the necessary nutrients through a balanced diet. If too many supplements, they will easily become over-nourished, which makes them more likely to have precocious puberty. 

In addition, many nutritional products and health products contain hormones, which are very harmful to the growth and development of children, so parents should try to avoid eating nutritional health products for their children. 

Children’s growth and development is a slow process. Parents must not be too impatient, and don’t frantically supplement their children with nutrition because they are short. In fact, children only need to ensure balanced nutrition, regular work and rest, and moderate exercise. , Then they will grow up slowly and healthily in accordance with the normal growth and development curve. The fetus enters the “surge period” of development, and pregnant mothers must choose the right nutrition to achieve long fetuses without meat.

In China According to traditional wisdom, pregnant women should eat more “tonics”, otherwise they will worry about the development of the fetus. But should pregnant women really eat so much? 

In fact, it’s not necessary. You might as well think intuitively. Newborns with “melon ripeness” are usually only six or seven kilograms. How much nutrition does such a small baby need in a day? What’s more, in the middle and early stages of pregnancy, the fetus is smaller and lighter, and of course it needs fewer nutrients. Therefore, pregnant women do not actually need to eat themselves fat, especially in the early and middle stages of pregnancy, when the fetus’s demand is limited, and the more eaten part is actually absorbed by the mother. 

My friend Xiao Zhang gave birth to a child last year. Since she became pregnant, her mother rushed over from her hometown to take care of it. Xiao Zhang’s mother is a typical rural old woman, insisting that “pregnant women should eat more”, otherwise the fetus will not grow well. So after I came to Xiao Zhang’s house, I continued to make various supplementary meals for her. Only the old hen bought seven or eight. 

After a period of time, Xiao Zhang has obviously gained a lot of weight. She was worried that she was out of shape, so she decided to adopt the countermeasures of yin and yang. Every time she eats, she finds reasons to distract her mother, and then she doesn’t want to eat. Secretly throw away the things, or wait for her husband to come back at night to let him eat secretly, after a while, he actually puts her husband on weight. Although she did not follow the mother’s wishes, after several checkups, the fetus in Xiao Zhang’s belly was all normal, and the baby’s weight at birth reached seven kilograms or two, which is equally healthy. 

After the child was born, Xiao Zhang told his mother the truth. Looking at the healthy grandson, although Xiao Zhang’s mother was dissatisfied, she couldn’t argue with it, just mumbling about herself. Good intentions are fed into the dog’s belly. 

Eat more when you are pregnant? Pregnant mothers don’t be fooled anymore. The fetus in the first trimester of pregnancy is limited in size and doesn’t need much nutrition.

Why does Xiao Zhang dare not take the “supplements” that his mother has prepared so hard? This is thanks to her cousin, an obstetrician and gynecologist, who told her that the development of the fetus only needs adequate and balanced nutrition. Excessive intake will only be absorbed by the mother and may cause harm to the fetus. So I decided to take such a countermeasure. For example, in the early stages of pregnancy, the fetus will only gain 1 to 2 grams a day, so pregnant women only need to eat a little more than usual to meet the needs of the fetus. By the second trimester, although the growth rate of the fetus has accelerated, it is mainly for organ differentiation, and it has not yet entered the “growth stage”, so it pays more attention to the comprehensive nutrition rather than the quantity. 

The late pregnancy is the “surge period” of the fetus, and the weight gain can reach 100 grams per week.

After the pregnancy enters seven months, the fetus will truly usher in the “surge period”, and the weight will go steadily. Rising, an average weight gain of about 100 grams per week. Therefore, if you really want to give pregnant women a lot of supplements, this time period is the most appropriate. However, even in the period of rapid growth, pregnant women should not eat too much, because blindly emphasizing nutritional supplementation may lead to excessive obesity of the fetus. Once the birth weight exceeds 8 kg, it is considered an overweight fetus. This kind of baby is not only difficult to deliver, but also has a lot of health. Big hidden danger. 

So, even in the period of soaring, pregnant women should be reasonably arranged for their diet, and under the premise of ensuring the normal development of the fetus, avoid overweight, so that the baby can be born healthier and safer. . Not only that, a balanced and comprehensive nutritional intake is also of great benefit to pregnant mothers themselves, and can effectively prevent getting fat during pregnancy. 

During the soaring period, pregnant mothers should choose the right nutrition to achieve “longer fetus without meat.” Supplementing specific substances such as folic acid, vitamins, DHA can have a multiplier effect.

Everyone should Know that folic acid should be supplemented after pregnancy, because it is very important for the normal development of the fetus. In fact, apart from folic acid, certain substances like vitamins and DHA should also be taken frequently by pregnant women. Vitamins can promote the absorption of various nutrients so that the fetus can develop better, while DHA can promote the development of the fetal brain, so that the born baby has a smarter brain. From the perspective of the amount of demand, these substances are quite small, but their importance is very unusual, so pregnant mothers need to pay attention to them. 

Eat more high-protein foods, and eat less and more meals.

Why do many celebrities keep in good shape during pregnancy and childbirth? The reason is not how well they eat, but the right nutrition. For pregnant women, the best food is not the “supplements” that people think, such as very greasy old hen soup, but high-protein, low-carb foods, such as milk. In addition, eating small and frequent meals can significantly increase the utilization rate of food, thereby avoiding excessive food intake to cause fat accumulation in the body. In other words, pregnant mothers should not overeating. Eat moderate amounts at each meal, but you must always remember Eat more meals. 

As long as you can do the above two points, you can maintain your figure while giving birth to a healthy and smart baby, truly “longer birth without growing flesh”, in this way, Pregnancy is no longer a fear of beauty lovers.

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