The thicker the milk powder, the better? Do novice mothers know the two or three things about preparing milk powder?

The thicker the milk powder, the better? Do novice mothers know the two or three things about preparing milk powder? 

Before being promoted to mothers, many women felt that feeding their babies and drinking milk was a simple matter, which seemed to be similar to the steps of making coffee. 

After the baby is actually born, parents will find that feeding is not as easy as they thought. 

For example, whether to put water or milk first when brewing milk powder, whether the bottle can be shaken, how much water temperature should be controlled, etc., all need to be explored bit by bit. So these two or three things about brewing milk powder, do novice mothers really know it? 

Is the thicker the milk powder the better? The answer is of course “No”.

Mr. Qi is a novice dad and has no experience in bringing babies, so during his wife’s confinement period, he specially asked the grandmother of the child to come and help, hoping to take this opportunity to learn. 

Mr. Qi loves his son eagerly, and he will always be around the child every day after waking up. Whether it is changing diapers or preparing milk powder, he doesn’t want to use other people’s hands. 

On this day, the grandmother of the child happened to be packing things in the kitchen, and Mr. Qi came over to make milk powder. Grandma took a closer look and felt something was wrong, because Mr. Qi didn’t seem to brew according to the proportions, but put about twice as much milk powder instead. 

When grandma asks, Mr. Qi A face said naturally: “The milk powder is made thicker so that the child can eat full!” In response to such remarks, the child’s grandmother did not get angry and quickly corrected the wrong approach. 

In fact, in life, novice parents like Mr. Qi often make mistakes on this issue, so let’s take a closer look at how to make milk powder. 

There are specialties in preparing milk powder. Parents need to pay special attention to the method and temperature.

Generally speaking, most of the newborn’s sleep time per day is about 16-18 hours, but due to their own “food” Limited, so need to wake up from time to time to replenish “energy”, at this time, parents should do a good job of preparing milk powder. 

What is the way to make milk powder? 

Nowadays, most of the milk powders on the market have instructions, which clearly indicate the ratio of milk powder required by children of different months of age, so it is not that the higher the concentration of the brewed milk powder, the more parents need more Pay attention. 

In addition, when making milk powder for children, remember to put warm water before adding milk powder. While waiting for the milk powder to melt, parents should not shake up and down violently, but use palms like rollers. Shake like the baby, this is to avoid too much air in the milk powder brewing process, causing the baby to choke on the milk. 

After the brewing is over, parents should also Fasten the milk powder lid in time and put it in a dry place to avoid water stains. Also, separate the spoon for scooping powdered milk from the powdered milk can to avoid dust or dirt on the hands being carried into the powdered milk can by the spoon. 

Finally, parents must clean the bottle in time after drinking the milk powder for the baby. There are also many small things that need to be paid attention to. 

①. Avoid putting several bottles together for washing, so that the milk scale will be more removed. 

②. When cleaning the baby bottle, remember to disassemble all parts of it. Whether it is the screw or the nipple, brush it carefully and use the baby’s special lotion. 

③. If you choose a glass bottle, Parents can boil it in a pot under cold water, take it out and dry it 5 minutes after the water boils. 

④. After cleaning, remember to put it on the bottle rack to dry before use. 

What is the temperature of the milk powder? 

Many novice parents think that boiling water is required for brewing milk powder, just like brewing coffee, but in fact, the water temperature required for most milk powder is between 40-60°C. 

Therefore, it is recommended that parents can use a thermostatic kettle or a thermostatic heating pad to adjust the water temperature in advance to between 40-45℃, which saves parents the time to boil the water in advance and then let it cool. Take is also more aspect. 

There is also, parents are brewing After the milk powder, you have to try the temperature first. If the milk drips on your wrist or the back of your hand, as long as the parents can feel a little warm. It’s about to be “February 2nd”. These three conditions for babies are not suitable for haircuts. Mothers pay attention.

As the old saying goes, “February 2nd, the dragon raises its head”. Many parents choose to give their babies on the 2nd day of the second month of the lunar calendar. Haircut avoids the saying that “haircutting in the first month is unlucky.” 

A haircut does not only depend on the “Yellow Calendar”, but also depends on whether the baby is compatible and suitable for a haircut. If you force a baby who is not suitable for a haircut to cut your hair, it will only hurt the child. 

The “little buffalo” born in the New Year is about to come out of the moon, and my grandmother is going to shave her baby’s head on the full moon, arguing with her mother. Name the baby “Niu Niu”, grandma thinks that this day is very auspicious, because the fifth day is the day of “welcoming the God of Wealth”, the child is born on this day, and will definitely be rich in the future. 

The moon is almost out, and grandma comes suddenly Discuss with mother: “Xiao Lin, I think the child will be out of the moon soon. I will take the child to shave the full moon’s head until February 2nd.” I know that my mother-in-law has some old traditional ideas, but Xiao Lin still rejected her mother-in-law for the sake of Niu Niu’s health. proposal. 

The mother-in-law never thought that the daughter-in-law could refuse this kind of thing: “There is no child who does not shave the full moon. The children in our village shave. If you don’t shave now, the child’s hair will not be thick in the future. I’m all for the sake of the child.”

“Mom, now the doctors have said that the child cannot shave his head and hurt the hair follicle. Besides, in this cold weather, the child will hug it just after the full moon. I’ll get sick.” Xiaolin said bitterly for a long time, but the mother-in-law was still stubborn, and finally she just said and refused to let the child shave. 

The mother-in-law was so angry that she had a dispute with Xiaolin , This farce did not end until the son came back. In fact, Xiao Lin does not agree that it is right to shave the baby’s head over the full moon, and not necessarily all the “old traditions” are right. 

The following 3 situations are not suitable for haircutting. Mom pays attention.

Little babies’ hair grows very fast, and haircuts are necessary from time to time, but for little babies, there are 3 situations that are not suitable for haircuts. . 

The baby’s “full moon head” does not need to be shaved, just let the hair grow freely

Shaving the full moon and full moon eyebrows is a traditional custom in many places, but there is no scientific basis for this. . The baby’s skin is very delicate, and they don’t understand the mother’s saying “Sit down”. In case the knife scratches the scalp while struggling, it is easy to cause infection. 

There is no need to shave the baby’s full moon head and full moon eyebrows. Let the baby’s hair grow naturally. The baby’s yellow and soft lanugo hair will be born with black hair as the baby grows up. Instead, there is no need to shave and grow again. 

Don’t get a haircut when your baby’s scabs are still clean

When a baby is born, there will be a layer of yellowish paste on the scalp. This is the baby’s scab. The scabs cannot be removed forcibly. Mothers need to use olive oil to soften them and wash them several times before they can fall off safely. 

It is not recommended to shave the baby’s head when the scabs are still clean, as this will damage the baby’s scalp. 

You can’t shave your baby’s head after he gets sick or catches a cold.

Hair can actually keep the scalp warm. If you shave your head when your baby is sick, it will increase your baby’s Heat dissipation area, so the child’s cold will be more serious. 

Even if you are giving your baby a haircut, don’t shave your head. It’s best to leave a centimeter or two away so that your baby won’t feel “air leakage over the head.” 

The above three conditions are not suitable for the baby to have a haircut and shave, so mothers should pay more attention. In fact, many mothers may haircut their babies at home, which will be cleaner than in a barbershop and the babies will not cry too much. 

Babies are always resistant to haircuts. What should mothers do?

Many children are afraid of haircuts because they have never seen such things as faders, or because they are afraid of unfamiliar scenes. When many mothers give their children a haircut at home, they often encounter the situation that their children cry as soon as they have a haircut, so what should be done? 

Mom can secretly haircut the baby while the baby is asleep

When the baby is asleep, it is a good time. “Quick fight” when you fall asleep. 

Always be ready to divert the baby’s attention

When giving the baby a haircut, the mother can prepare a small toy, or find someone to attract his attention in front of the baby. Mom can also help the baby with a haircut at ease. 

Prepare tools carefully

At home, babies should have special bowls, small nail clippers and small clippers. Children also have electric hair clippers, which moms prepare for babies. Hairdressing supplies, it is best not to make the sound too loud, so that it can easily attract the baby’s attention. 

The haircut should be made quickly, and it is best to finish it within 5 minutes.

Besides sleeping, it is harder than going up to the sky if you want your baby to sit for 5 minutes, so mother Give your baby a haircut quickly. The baby doesn’t need to be haircut too much, just a refreshing and clean haircut. 

The baby needs a lot of patience from the mother during the growth process, and also constantly learns the scientific knowledge of parenting, so that the baby can grow up healthy and healthy. 

Has your baby ever shaved his full moon head? 28 weeks of pregnancy is too critical. It is a transitional period for pregnant mothers and fetuses. These three changes are gradually obvious.

During pregnancy, pregnant mothers need to pay attention to many things, because as long as they don’t pay attention, there will be It may affect your own physical health and the normal development of the fetus. However, the ten-month pregnancy period is really long, and it is inevitable that there are times when pregnant mothers want to be lazy. 

For example, in the third trimester, pregnant mothers feel that they have adapted to the state of pregnancy, and most of the fetal organ development has been completed, so they have the idea of ​​laxity and indulgence, so does it mean pregnancy? Can mothers relax in the third trimester? In fact, this is not the case, especially at 28 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant women should pay more attention to this transitional period, which is called a watershed. 

The pregnant mother is 28 weeks pregnant, thinking that the pregnancy is almost over A little indulgence, the doctor reminded: Hold on again.

Yingying has been careful after pregnancy. Whether it is in daily diet or lifestyle, as long as pregnant women should avoid taboos, Yingying will have some scruples. , In this way, Yingying successfully passed various pregnancy checkups, and because of this, she is very confident about the healthy birth of the little guy. 

Seeing that by the 28th week of pregnancy, Yingying, who had been cautious, began to relax, “This is the third trimester of pregnancy, and the baby will be born after a while. I feel a little relaxed at this time. It shouldn’t affect the baby!” So Yingying, who has always paid great attention to pregnancy care, began to stay up late, and she did not exercise restraint in her diet. 

During the pregnancy check, the doctor found Ying’s mental state was not very good, so she asked a few more questions, and the doctor was very helpless when she learned about Yingying’s work and rest habits during this period. “The 28th week of pregnancy is very important. It is a very important transition period for both the pregnant mother and the fetus. If you don’t pay attention to it, it is likely to cause accidents.” “The third trimester is also worthy of pregnant women. Let us take it seriously, and hold on for a while and wait until the little guy is born healthy.”

After hearing the doctor say this, Yingying regretted it. “Fortunately, it has not had any impact on the children, otherwise the previous efforts will be wasted, and I really regret it!”

Why is the 28th week of pregnancy a transitional period in pregnancy? 

1. Transition from the second trimester to the third trimester

In the second trimester, the state of the fetus is relatively stable, and the life of pregnant mothers during pregnancy is relatively easier, and in the third trimester, the fetal volume There has been a significant increase, and the physical burden of pregnant mothers has also become heavier at this time, so 28 weeks of gestation is the transition from the second trimester to the third trimester, especially pregnant women need to pay more attention. 

2. Most of the fetal organs are fully developed

At 28 weeks of pregnancy, most of the fetus’s internal organs have been fully developed, the size of the fetus has been significantly increased, and the body length is also It grows from 40 cm to about 50 cm, and its weight grows from 3 to 4 kg to 6 to 8 kg. It can be seen that this stage is a critical period for fetal development. 

3. The mood of pregnant women will fluctuate greatly

Pregnant women are getting closer and closer to giving birth, which makes their anxiety more and more obvious. This will not only affect the pregnant woman’s own emotional state, but also affect the fetus in the pregnant woman’s belly. When pregnant women’s mood fluctuates greatly, the developmental state of the fetus will also be adversely affected. 

In the third trimester, what should pregnant women pay attention to? 

1. Adjust the sleeping position appropriately to ensure the quality of sleep

During the third trimester, pregnant women have a heavy burden on their bodies. Unsuitable sleeping positions will not only affect the pregnant women’s sleep, but also increase their health. Burden, and even cause hypoxia in the fetus. Although the left side sleeping position has certain benefits for pregnant women, if the sleeping position remains unchanged for a long time, it will also make pregnant women feel tired and affect the quality of sleep. Therefore, in the third trimester, pregnant women are best to use left and right Sleep in alternate sleeping positions on the side. 

2. Pay attention to diet and control weight gain

In the third trimester, pregnant women should prepare for childbirth early. If the weight gains too much, it may increase the difficulty of childbirth and even cause dystocia. Therefore, in the third trimester, pregnant women still need to pay attention to their daily dietary intake, while controlling their weight gain within a reasonable range. 

3. Relax and keep your emotions happy

When the childbirth is approaching, pregnant women will inevitably have some nervousness. At this time, pregnant women must pay attention to the adjustment of their emotional state and appropriately relieve them. Anxiety before childbirth, learn more about the knowledge of childbirth, and prepare for the subsequent childbirth. In addition, pregnant women should also pay attention to the problem of prenatal depression, find appropriate ways to relieve bad emotions, and welcome the arrival of the baby in a happy spirit. 

It’s not easy to get pregnant in October. During pregnancy, pregnant women should not take it lightly and maintain a better physical condition to be able to achieve a smooth delivery. At the same time, understanding the necessary knowledge of pregnancy can also help pregnant women spend their pregnancy scientifically. As the 28th week of pregnancy approaches the end of pregnancy, pregnant women should be more cautious. Do you have any good experiences to share about nursing knowledge at 28 weeks of pregnancy?

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