The test tube was pregnant with twins, but the pregnant mother insisted on killing it. The netizen’s problem was with her mother-in-law

I was pregnant with twins, but the pregnant mother insisted on breaking it down. The netizen’s problem lies with the mother-in-law.

Nowadays, many infertile families choose to conceive their lives through the test tube, and the IVF operation has gone through decades Experience examples also make people have a higher degree of trust in it. 

However, for some old people with conservative ideas, this particular method of gestation is still misunderstood and rejected. 

IVF is very Successful, but the pregnant mother who was pregnant with twins insisted on killing her. Netizens blamed her mother-in-law.

Xiaoran has been married to her husband for three years, but Xiaoran’s belly has not moved. Then knock on the side. The mother-in-law always talked about the urging words, which also made Xiao Ran feel very stressed. 

So in order to reassure her mother-in-law as soon as possible, Xiaoran and her husband went for a physical examination. 

But what the couple did not expect is that although the couple is very young, they are of the type that is difficult to conceive normally. The doctor suggested that the young couple can try the IVF method to nurture their lives. 

After hearing the doctor say this, Xiaoran expected her mother-in-law to be dissatisfied, but in order to have a baby in a hurry, Xiaoran couldn’t take care of that much. 

So after discussing with her husband, Xiaoran decided to secretly tell her mother-in-law to do IVF. Fortunately, Xiaoran and her husband’s IVF operation went well, and it was successful after only one operation. And even more amazing is that Xiao Ran is pregnant with twins this time! 

But the paper can’t contain the fire. The young couple’s IVF was discovered by the mother-in-law. 

My mother-in-law was furious about this, “What did our family do to marry a daughter-in-law who can’t have children! She also secretly told me to do test tubes, and who owns the baby? I don’t know!”

The mother-in-law’s words made Xiaoran very wronged, and Xiaoran angrily explained, “The child is my husband and I. How can I say that I don’t know who it belongs to? The child has not yet I was born, I can’t tolerate you to slander like this!”

But no matter how Xiao Ran argues, the mother-in-law still clings to “the child is not his own”! 

Thinking of the hardships she had to have to give birth to a child, Xiao Ran felt very sad. Xiao Ran was very sad to think that after the child was born, he would be criticized by others. 

Thinking that neither he nor his children will live in peace in the future, Xiao Ran loses the courage to continue nurturing. So after the argument, Xiao Ran ran to the hospital for an abortion operation. “Since the children are not happy after they are born, it is better not to let them be born!”

When Xiaoran posted his experience on the Internet, netizens talked about it. Although some netizens questioned that Xiao Ran was too impulsive, but the person who came by Bao Ma thought that the problem was with her mother-in-law, “the mother-in-law said too much!”

What are the common misconceptions about IVF that should be treated scientifically? 

1. “Not born by the parents”

In the IVF operation performed in a regular hospital, the little guys must be attributable to their biological parents. Sperm and eggs from the father and mother are combined in the body. 

Then return to the mother’s body in the form of a fertilized egg for subsequent gestation. Therefore, the babies who survive IVF must be born to their parents. 

2, “Poor physical fitness”

So far, there is no research that can prove that babies born by test tube are inferior to ordinary babies in terms of physical fitness. 

In daily life, it is also difficult for people to clearly distinguish the difference in physical fitness between test-tube babies and other children of the same age. 

3. “Low IQ”

There are rumors in life that test-tube babies have low IQ, but in fact, test-tube babies do not have obvious disadvantages in terms of IQ. 

It may even be more advantageous for the baby’s intellectual development due to screening. Questions about the IQ of test-tube babies are completely unnecessary. 

Before trying IVF, what issues should the couple consider? 

1. Elderly’s views on test-tube babies

Although it is said that couples have the right to choose the method of reproduction, it must be said that if they are not recognized by the elders, then the child may also suffer after birth. Received some unfair treatment. 

If the couple are willing to explain to the old people patiently, and get the support of the old people, then this will also pave the way for the future growth of the IVF baby. 

2. Are you prepared for test tube failure?

Although the success rate of test tube surgery has increased significantly, this does not mean that the couple will succeed as long as they try it. 

Moreover, the probability of multiple attempts in families trying IVF is also higher, so the couple should make adequate psychological preparations before the operation. 

3. Is the relationship between the couple stable?

It can be said that the process of trying an IVF baby is more difficult. If the relationship between the couple is not stable enough, then the test tube surgery is likely to be give up halfway. Therefore, the couple should weigh each other’s feelings before deciding to undergo test-tube surgery. 

In short, the process of gestating life is full of surprises, but this also means that the couple have to take more responsibility for this. IVF babies deserve the same love from their parents and respect from the outside world. 

What do you think about test-tube babies to share? Three years old is not the best age for children to go to kindergarten. After 20 years of work, preschool education gives these reasons.

After the child is three years old, almost 90% of parents will rush to send their children to kindergarten. The reason is very simple. There are two main points.

First, the earlier the child receives education, the earlier the brain development will be. Besides, the other children around are going to kindergarten at about 3 years old. If their children are too late at night Kindergarten, doesn’t it start later than other children? In the future, it will also affect subsequent learning. 

Secondly, as parents, you can “free yourself” as soon as possible. After all, the pressure on young families is not small now. In addition, the parents-in-laws are young and basically have not retired yet. They also have their own jobs. Can help bring the baby, so the mothers can only bring the baby by themselves, relying on Bao Dad to work hard to make money outside. 

But after the children go to kindergarten, it will be different. The mothers are relatively relaxed, and they can also find a lighter job. This will relieve the pressure on Bao Dad. 

It is precisely because almost everyone around me is doing this, so few parents will think about whether three-year-old children are really suitable for kindergarten? 

Some time ago, I talked about this issue with an early childhood educator who has been in business for more than 20 years. In response to this, she gave her own views, let’s take a look. 

Three-year-old is not The best age for children to go to kindergarten, preschool education gives these reasons

1, 3-year-old children are weak in self-care ability

Now a kindergarten class is almost the same as elementary school, most of them are in their 30s and 40s. About. There are a little less, but there are at least 20. According to the least number of students, 20 students with one teacher, which is tiring enough. 

Just imagine, if every child can’t take care of themselves, can’t eat, can’t wear clothes, and needs a teacher to lead the toilet, can the teacher be able to cope with these situations? 

Some parents may also say that the teachers in the kindergarten are not still taking good care of them, but have the parents thought about deeper problems? If the teacher’s work time is all spent on dealing with the children’s self-care ability, how can the child develop the child’s brain and intelligence and cultivate the child’s other abilities? 

2. 3-year-old children have poor awareness of rules.

Many parents feel that it is unnecessary to teach children some rules too early. After all, after children go to kindergarten, the teacher will teach again, so all the education responsibility is delegated to the teacher . 

But in fact, for the teacher, the task is quite severe, and the same problem is still the same. If a child is disobedient and has no sense of rules, it may be better to let the teacher handle it. 

But if all 3-year-olds have poor awareness of the rules, isn’t the class a mess? Similarly, such an environment is not good for cultivating children’s willpower and sense of discipline. 

Therefore, parents are advised to instill a certain sense of rules into their children before letting their children go to kindergarten. In this way, after the children go to kindergarten, the teacher will give them a deeper level of education and inspiration. It’s easier. 

The physical fitness of children aged 3 and 3 is relatively poor

Medical studies have shown that children’s immunity between 3 and 4 years old is more than one level worse, even though they are only one year old. However, the degree of perfection of the immune system is quite different. 

Therefore, for 3-year-old children, because their own immune system is not yet perfect, when they go to kindergarten, they are easily infected by the external environment. 

After all, kindergarten is also a complex environment. Children themselves are susceptible to infection. Once a person gets sick or catches a cold, other children will be easily affected during the flu season. 

4. The 3-year-old child’s ability to control emotions is low

My friend’s daughter only went to kindergarten when she was 4 years old. My friend also tried to let her go to kindergarten at the age of 3. But in only 5 days, the child kept making noise in the kindergarten. I thought I would get used to it later, but the facts proved to be of no use at all. 

My friend simply stopped letting her children go to kindergarten, and she felt that this year was not bad. In the following year, she continued to build a sense of security for her children, cultivate their ability to be alone, and let them Socialize more. 

When the child was 4 years old, she enrolled the child in kindergarten again. This time, the child was obviously able to adapt, and she especially liked the kindergarten atmosphere. More importantly, she did not enroll her children in small classes as usual, but jumped directly to the middle class, and the teacher did not have any comments. 

Many children have low emotional control ability before the age of 3, which also has a greater impact on their going to kindergarten. Therefore, parents can let their children go to kindergarten later, or give their children psychological development before they go to kindergarten to prevent their children from rejecting kindergarten life. 

Therefore, parents don’t have to choose a proper route, especially in the early stages of their children. They should try their best to find a way that can better adapt their children and also educate their children. Well, at the same time, it can also be a good way to connect the children’s primary education.

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