The test tube baby has a shorter lifespan? After reading the whole process of the test tube, I know the real difference

The test tube baby has a shorter lifespan? After watching the whole process of test tube, I know the real difference.

Since the birth of the world’s first test tube baby in 1978, the technology of test tube baby has gone through 43 years. 

The lucky baby girl who won the world record by her birth is about to celebrate her 43rd birthday. 

After decades of promotion, IVF is no longer unfamiliar to many people, and it has become a great savior for many infertility patients. 

However, with the implementation of this technology, there is a harsh voice that persists. Some people insist that IVF babies have lower IQs, and even say that they have a shorter lifespan. 

The former is easy to falsify, because today, the number of IVF is very large, but there is no evidence that the average IQ of this group is different from that of the general population. 

The latter is slightly more difficult, after all, the oldest IVF is not yet 43 years old. 

Because of this rumor, my friend Xiao Li’s marriage is about to end. It has been six years since Xiao Li and her husband have been married. From the beginning of their marriage, the two have worked hard to create human beings, but unfortunately, there has been no harvest for six years. 

Seeing that both of them have reached the age of 30, Xiao Li felt that he could not hold on any longer, so he discussed with her husband to be an IVF. 

As a result, my husband exploded when he heard it, saying that he would rather not have children than IVF, because IVF does not live long. Xiao Li couldn’t believe his ears. This was actually said by her husband who graduated from college. 

In order to dispel her husband’s worries, she found a lot of information on the Internet, but her husband is stubborn, and every time he fights to the end, he will say that “none of the IVF has survived 50 years old”. , Ignoring the introduction of this technology has not been 50 years. 

Because of this incident, the two had a very unhappy relationship. Xiao Li, who wanted a child, was already planning to divorce. 

The demonization of test-tube babies has always had a large market in the private sector. This is not surprising. In fact, almost every new technology launch will go through such a process. 

I believe that in another 30 to 40 years, when a large number of test tube babies live to the average human life span, the rumors of “short test tube baby life” will be self-defeating. 

low IQ, Short life? These are not the pot of IVF

The IQ of IVF is no different from that of ordinary people.

As early as more than 20 years ago, scientists have done related research and concluded that IVF technology It has no effect on the baby’s IQ, and the adult’s intelligence is no different from ordinary people. 

In fact, if it is really based on IQ, the latest third-generation IVF technology has considerable advantages in this regard. 

Because the third-generation IVF technology can carry out limited genetic screening, so as to breed better quality fertilized eggs, the babies born will naturally be better. 

The life expectancy of IVF will not be shorter than that of ordinary people.

Although the oldest IVF is less than 43 years old, this is not because of the short lifespan of IVF, but because of the emergence of this technology. It’s late. 

There is currently no indication that the life span of IVF is shorter than that of the general population, and their health status is no different from that of the general population. 

It is believed that the voice of such doubts will inevitably become smaller and smaller, because this year’s first batch of IVF babies will pass their 43rd birthday. 

Next year I will be 44 years old, and in another 20 to 30 years, when they are in their 70s and 80s, the doubtful arguments will naturally cease to exist. 

Anyone who knows a little bit of biology will not catch a cold with the rumors mentioned above. 

Be aware that test-tube babies and ordinary babies are only different in the fertilization process. The former is in vitro fertilization and the latter is in vivo fertilization. As for the later stage of fetal development, it is completed in the mother’s womb. of. 

After watching the test tube The whole process of the baby, you will know the real difference.

The first step of in vitro fertilization

The first step of IVF is in vitro fertilization. The man takes out the sperm, the woman takes out the egg, and then the test Complete fertilization in the room. 

If it is the third-generation test-tube technology, there will be an additional gene screening to prevent the baby from suffering from certain genetic diseases. Of course, the gender can also be selected artificially. This is also the third-generation test-tube baby. The place criticized. 

Second step of cultivating embryos

After fertilization is completed, embryos will be cultivated. By observing the status of the embryos, decide whether to transfer or how many to transfer. 

Usually in order to ensure the pregnancy rate, two to three embryos are transplanted at the same time, so the probability of IVF giving birth to twins is relatively high. 

After the embryo is cultivated, if it will not be transferred temporarily, it will be cryopreserved. With the current technology, it is no problem to store it safely for 20 to 30 years, so the frozen embryo of IVF can also be used as A maternity insurance. 

The third step is transplanting into the uterus

The third and final step of IVF is to transfer the embryos into the mother’s womb. After the embryo is successfully implanted, the subsequent development is no different from natural conception. 

Through the whole process of IVF, it is not difficult to find that the only difference between it and natural conception is the period from fertilization to embryo implantation. 

In addition, if the third-generation IVF technology is used, there may be one more genetic screening. 

The differentiation of embryos before implantation is limited, which has little effect on subsequent development. Moreover, the current technology has long been mature, and the journey of the few days outside the body is impossible to adversely affect the IVF baby. 

So in principle, there is no difference between test-tube babies and ordinary babies, but there is a wonderful “extracorporeal journey” early in life. Most of the children who will make a lot of money for 20 years of teaching age have these three characteristics, which have nothing to do with their grades.

In the eyes of parents, children with good grades will have better development in the future. But I have to say that whether a child can make a difference when he grows up does not entirely depend on the quality of his grades. In comparison, children’s abilities are far more beneficial to their personal development than performance scores. 

20 years of teaching experience The children whose directors can make money have obvious characteristics and have nothing to do with their grades.

Some time ago, Mr. Wang, who has 20 years of teaching experience, attended a party with the students. At the party, he watched the naughty eggs one by one have grown up. , This really made Teacher Wang sigh with emotion. What surprised Teacher Wang was that some of the best-developed children in the class now have good grades, but some have not so good grades. Looking at the high spirits of the former students, Teacher Wang thought, “Achievements and scores are important, but can children have great achievements? It really depends on personal ability!”

And speaking of the most profitable child in the class, Teacher Wang There is more to say. This kid didn’t even pass the math exams before, but now he has his own company. He who dares to start a business has won a great future for himself. In fact, in Teacher Wang’s teaching career, such examples are not uncommon. Although it is said that children with good grades will have more room for academic development, but it has to be said that poor grades do not necessarily deny a child’s personal development ability. 

Looking at it, the top-notch children may not develop better than the middle-class children. When the children really enter the society, the advantage in performance scores may not be as advantageous as the adults think. Teacher Wang said, “Children who can make big money usually have these three characteristics, strong communication skills, leadership skills, flexible thinking, can analyze problems from multiple angles, dare to think, dare to do, and have the ability to act.”

These three characteristics are found in children who make big money , Not just learning well

children who can make a lot of money, they have stronger expression and communication skills, they can make their ideas more quickly accepted and understood by the other party, and they can also be accurate in the conversation. Grasp the other’s thoughts and purpose. At the same time, having leadership also enables children to possess superior organizational skills, which also lays the foundation for future career development. 

In addition, children with flexible thinking are more able to view problems from multiple angles, and when they encounter problems, they can find solutions more quickly, which will naturally help children’s future personal development. Flexible thinking makes it easier for children to find opportunities to get rid of in a short period of time when encountering difficulties. Although insisting on one’s own ideas is valuable, if the child is a tendon, then this may make the child stubborn and miss more opportunities for self-development. 

For entrepreneurs, being able to act will naturally give them more opportunities to try. At the same time, dare to think and do makes them more motivated. Actionable people may experience more setbacks, but I have to say that this also makes them grow faster. Children who dare to think and do are more able to seize opportunities when opportunities come, and having the ability to act naturally makes children more willing to work hard to achieve success. 

How can parents train their children to be more productive and capable? 

In daily life, parents should give their children more opportunities to express their ideas, so that their expressive ability can be better developed. At the same time, create a democratic and relaxed family environment and give children a certain right to speak, so that children’s expressive skills can have room for display. Parents also need to know that divergent thinking in children is also very important, but it is not innate, and it has nothing to do with the impact they receive in the acquired environment. 

Parents who want to cultivate children’s divergent thinking should guide their children to consider problems from multiple angles. In daily life, parents should also know how to empathize, so that their children can consider problems from the perspective of the other person. When children’s inner self-driving force is better stimulated, they will naturally be more proactive in their behavioral expressions, and they will naturally become more active. 

So parents should pay attention to the cultivation of children’s inner interest and the discovery of their shining points, so that children can taste the sweetness of self-driving force. Nowadays, parents attach great importance to their children’s scores, which will naturally help their children to take high-score exams in prestigious schools. However, a person’s development is not guaranteed by studying well. They are the abilities they possess. A real advantage in development. 

Do you have any good experiences to share about the abilities of children?

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