The ten-year-old girl model took artistic photos, dressed up and looked mature and charming. Netizens: Are you afraid of being taken advantage of?

The ten-year-old girl model took artistic photos, dressed up and looked mature and charming. Netizens: Are you afraid of being taken advantage of? 

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor-in-chief: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Empress Su Zi

The changes of times bring us more than just It is the improvement of material life, and people’s thinking has been opened to a large extent. However, today when the mind is open enough, some education has not been able to keep up. This is a huge harm to children. 

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The 10-year-old child model’s artistic photos cited controversy

Some time ago, a 10-year-old mixed-race model became popular on the Internet. She has good looks and exquisite features, which is eye-catching. I don’t forget, but what is more surprising is her dress. It may be because she is engaged in the modeling industry. She will naturally look a little mature and sexy, and her look is more charming. However, from the comment section, we can see that people hold this behavior. There are polarized views:

“If it is my child I will definitely not let her dress like this. She should be dressed like this at a young age. The child should still be dressed like a child.” “At a young age, she can make money and support her family. She is also fair and beautiful, and her temperament is also superior. Her parents must have spent a lot of thought. If I had a daughter like this, I would wake up in my dreams.” “At a young age I wear so little, I am not afraid of being taken advantage of…”

However, these remarks are relatively well-meaning, and they are towards girls Compliment and praise, there are also worries about girls. 

What makes people speechless is the remarks outside of these two viewpoints. Looking at the comments one by one, they all mean that the girl is eyeing the girl. It may be just like the aunt in the comment said that it was “taken advantage of.” It also makes us realize that the lack of gender education may bring great harm to children. 

Children’s “gender” awareness Development process

A. Early childhood

Scientific research has shown that children already have gender awareness when they are 3 years old. At this stage, children will be aware of the differences between themselves and others. Certain doubts and curiosities. 

So we often hear children asking questions such as “Where did I come from?” Unfortunately, most parents choose to ignore or deceive. 

B. Childhood


This stage is usually for children before the age of 10. Now is the era of information explosion. Children usually receive a lot of knowledge about gender through various online media and social life experiences. Gained a certain understanding. 

But this understanding is not complete and not necessarily correct. Children will begin to desire to grow up and become adults. 

C, adolescence

At this stage, children are no longer limited to their own physiological structure or the physiological structure of the opposite sex, but have a certain knowledge and understanding of it. 

But nowadays, the knowledge about this area is chaotic and overflowing. Without proper guidance, it is difficult for children to make correct understandings and judgments, resulting in distortions and misunderstandings. 

For many years, gender education in China Loss has led to more and more accidents, and the damage to young people is huge——

1. It is easy to cause children to distort and misunderstand the genders, so that they do not have to face danger. Ways to make correct choices and judgments, and there is no way to guarantee their own safety, which is likely to cause huge harm to the body. 

Some young people are completely in a state of ambiguity and irrationality when facing the intimacy of the opposite sex, which leads to huge spiritual harm and lifelong regrets. 

2, in the child When the knowledge is not understood, it is very likely to be “used by people with intentions.” 

Most children may not be aware of the related problems at all when they are hurt, and may just feel that it is a pure affection. 

Some children may not understand the harm of this behavior for many years, which directly leads to fear and rejection of the opposite sex after adulthood, and affects lifelong happiness. 

What should I do? 

1) Correct guidance by parents

As an important part of children’s gender education, the guidance of parents will become the most basic cognition of children. This requires that when children ask related questions, parents should not simply and rudely avoid directly or use some clumsy methods to deceive and conceal. 

Instead, we should face the problem head-on and answer the child from a scientific point of view. Because usually parents do not avoid such problems, then children can also face these problems, instead of wearing colored glasses to pry into the secrets. 

Of course, parents should also lead by example, not to make some lavish behaviors and set a good example for their children, which can also enhance their children’s self-control and family responsibility. 

2) Increase education in schools Intensity

After school, children spend much more time in school than at home, so school education is also urgent. 

Schools are places where students gather, and relevant education can often play a better preventive role. 

Through the course to teach children the correct gender knowledge, and at the same time in the process of education can also answer the children’s doubts, so that they can better understand this. 

3) Enrich life


Enriching children’s lives and adding some extracurricular activities, such as interest classes, sports meetings, etc., can help children divert attention and relieve impulse.  Be careful about wearing shoes for your baby after the winter , These kinds of shoes were put into the “cold palace” by experts, and parents are still buying them

Writer: Xiao Xiao

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

The weather is getting worse When it is cold, the child’s feet may be ice all day long. Many parents hope to buy a pair of warm cotton shoes for them so that their children can spend the winter easily. 

However, when many parents choose cotton shoes, they often like to follow their own experience. They think that keeping warm is the end, but they ignore the accidental damage caused by some thick cotton shoes. 

Buy snow boots for children to warm up, but they wear out “Neiba”

Recently, the snow is getting thicker and the weather is getting colder and colder. Beckham takes off the shoes for the children At that time, he found that his socks were wet and his feet became cold. For the sake of the child’s health, Beckham hurriedly bought a few pairs of snow boots for the baby. 

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Looking at the thick fluff in the boots and the waterproof upper and sole, she feels that the child’s feet will not be cold again this winter. 

But a few days later, Xiaobei discovered that something was wrong. The child used to walk and run normally, but now he has become a “Neiba”, and it is not as lively as before. Xiaobei just At first I thought he was not used to it, and criticized a few words, but later discovered that his walking posture had changed to “Neiba” and realized the problem. 

The child said aggrieved: “The shoes are thick and heavy, and they are slippery. They can’t walk. The kindergarten children laugh at me like a sissy.”

Suddenly I felt very distressed, and I changed a few pairs of lightweight cotton shoes for the child. Sure enough, the child became cheerful again. 

There is no choice of winter cotton shoes Well, the damage to children is more than that. The following three kinds of cotton shoes have been beaten into the “cold palace” by experts, and many parents are still wearing them for their babies——

1. Snow boots

< p>The snow boots are thick, warm and beautiful. They are a must for many adults in winter. But it is not suitable for children. 

Her soles are hard and flat, not suitable for the child’s arch, which may affect the development of the baby’s feet, or make the child fall easily when walking. 

Some snow boots have too high soles, too heavy shoes, and loose shafts. This causes snow boots to not follow the children’s feet. They walk more hard and tend to walk in “Eight”, after a long time, it is easy to become a “leg in a circle”. 

Heavy shoes put too much burden on the bones of children’s feet and affect their development. 

2. High boots

Although high shoes are more beautiful and can prevent water from entering the soles of their feet, some children who are too young don’t have the soles of their feet after wearing these shoes. The feeling of gripping, if you can’t walk, you will easily get your feet sprained and sprain your ankles. 

Moreover, if the soles are too thick, the muscles of the children’s feet will lack exercise, and the nerves of the soles of the feet will not be stimulated. 

Some children are accustomed to leaning forward or unable to control their posture when walking in these shoes, which may make their legs unsightly. 

3. Caterpillar shoes

Although this kind of shoes is relatively thick, but its forefoot is upturned, which will Keep your baby’s feet in an upturned posture or always exert force, which greatly affects the development of the arches. 

Moreover, such shoes are one-step pedals, and the elasticity cannot be adjusted. The child’s feet are too thin and may fall off easily. 

How to choose shoes for children in winter to keep warm and protect the feet

1. The inner length of the shoes is 1 cm longer than the feet.

The weather is a bit colder When children need to wear thicker socks, leave 1 cm of space for them to add socks, so as not to wear too tightly and cause deformation of the feet. 

When babies try on shoes, hold down their feet and press the toe of the shoe with your thumb, leaving a thumb distance between the toe and the toe. 

2. It’s better not to have hair in the insole.

The insole with hair may reduce the friction between children’s feet and the upper, so that the feet will slide in the shoes as soon as they walk. Go, so the baby always has to hook one side hard, which will form a wrong walking posture, and the legs will become ugly. 

3. The thickness of the sole is 3~5mm, the sole should not be too non-slip

The thickness of the heel of the child’s sole should be 3~5mm. Too thick makes the baby unable to feel the ground, and too thin has no shock absorption effect, which affects walking. posture. 

The forefoot should be as thin as possible so that they can grasp the ground, and the back should be harder to give the ankle a little support. 

Parents should not buy special shoes for their children for anti-skid in winter, which will affect their walking posture on ordinary roads. In order to take a step, their feet must use a lot of force in the shoes. 

4, the upper is breathable or The material inside the shoes absorbs sweat

Children’s metabolism is relatively strong, and their feet are easy to sweat. If the shoes do not absorb sweat or the uppers are not breathable, their feet will easily become wet and the soles of their feet will become wet. It is easy to catch a cold if it is cold. 

If you don’t wick away perspiration in time, your baby will become “sweat feet”. The feet are smelly and may have athlete’s foot. 

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