The temptation from the “bad aunt” can make the child cry. Netizen: Is this human?

The temptation from the “bad aunt” can make the child cry. Netizen: Is this human? 

I have always heard people say that children are crying, and I always think that this should be a stalk. However, I never thought that this kind of thing turned out to be true. A “bad aunt” took a photo with a chicken drumstick, but greeted the children around the table and cried. 

It turned out that at noon, Xiaomei ordered a fried chicken. Seeing that the drumsticks were so tempting, she picked it up and prepared to take pictures and send it to Moments, but she found a little cute in the camera. , This kid is sitting next to him, and he is blinking at the chicken leg. 

The child has just been pulled by the father A few bites of rice, I was about to eat something delicious. I didn’t expect to see Xiaomei’s chicken drumsticks when I looked up. When I got my small eyes, I couldn’t do without the chicken drumsticks. I kept staring at the drumsticks. The dad who was eating next to him also looked at his son. Looking in the direction, he found his son’s secret. 

Daddy Bao hurriedly apologized to Xiaomei, “I’m sorry, the child is ignorant, it must have disturbed you to eat”, Xiaomei said that it doesn’t matter, and Dad Bao directly took the child back, but the child did not do it. I cried when I opened my mouth. 

After Bao Da’s consent, Xiao Mei uploaded the video to the Internet, and netizens said that this aunt was too bad, and she really made the child cry. 

I always thought that being greedy should be an exaggeration. I didn’t want to fight. This time I saw the real scene, and I have learned a lot. Some netizens said that this aunt is too bad and she simply does not do personnel affairs. 

The upbringing of children is inseparable from the hard work of their parents. Children What are the uncultivated behaviors? 

Take swear words as a trend

Many children feel particularly novel when they hear someone swear words, and they will unconsciously apply it to their lives. I kept saying the left sentence and the right sentence, but I didn’t know that this was an uncivilized behavior, and people around him heard similar words, and they were even more unhappy. 

Loud noise in public places

Public places should take care of the feelings of most people, but some people only care about their own feelings and make loud noises at will, disturbing others. 

Even if the people around you ignore it, but Will still despise this kind of unruly people in my heart. Therefore, teach your children from an early age not to make a loud noise in public. 

I don’t know how to be polite

Some children are very polite, even if they meet a stranger, they will call each other politely, while some people are very polite, even if they meet People who are familiar will not say a word. 

Politeness is the respect for others, and one can also see a person’s upbringing. A person who does not understand basic manners is also a person who does not understand education. 

How should parents train their children to be educated people? 

Develop empathy in children

Children often don’t understand what parenting is. Parents can tell their children what parenting is from specific examples. For example, being able to keep quiet in public is an educated behavior. And loud noise is an uncultivated behavior. 

Let children understand empathy, such as children I stepped on a banana peel in a public place and almost fell. You can use this to tell your child that doing so may cause harm to others, which is an uncultivated behavior. 

Parents should be a good role model

What parents say and do is the children’s textbook. What parents do, the children will act like their parents. Therefore, parents should Be strict with yourself. Don’t litter, don’t use swear words, and be a polite and reasonable parent. Under the subtle influence of the parents, your child will change and become the educated child of others. Smart babies usually have these “cute” performances in their infancy. Parents must patiently cultivate the baby’s appearance and intelligence, which have always been the focus of attention of parents. Parents can be proud and proud because they can have outstanding appearance or superior intelligence, and prove that the parents’ innate genes or acquired well-trained well. 

Because of this, many parents will guess whether the baby is smart enough when the child is young, and Xiao Li is such a mother. 

After Xiao Li’s baby is born, she always uses various behaviors of the baby to judge whether the baby is smart in the future. 

On this day, Xiao Li’s sister came to visit Xiao Li and Bao Bao, they were sitting on the side of the baby’s bed, watching the sleeping baby while chatting, but when they talked about the baby, the little guy actually smiled in his sleep. 

This surprised Xiao Li, so she asked her elder sister with joy on her face and said, “Did the child hear their conversation when he is so young?” 

My sister replied with some dumbfounded crying: Of course not, this should be the baby dreaming. However, if the baby’s expression changes due to sleep, it can prove that the baby’s brain is well developed, and it will be in the future. Be smarter. 

Is the baby a smart baby? Seeing the clues for the first time

Many parents of people who have passed by have a deep understanding of the views mentioned by cousin Xiao Li. Generally speaking, smart babies will have the following “cute” manifestations in their infancy. If parents find out, they must Observe carefully the cultivation of patience. 

I laugh out loud when interacting with parents

When the baby is in infancy, because of the immature vision development, it is not clear between the mother and other caregivers, but when the mother picks up the baby or When someone teases the baby with a toy they like, they will giggle with joy, which proves that the baby is smart enough. 

Because, only when the brain is well developed, the baby will have such an accurate response and expression. 

I like to roll around when I sleep


In life, there are many mothers who suffer from headaches for their babies’ sleep “unfaithful”, but in fact, mothers are also relieved by this, because the baby who likes to roll around during sleep proves its motor neurodevelopment. good. 

At the same time, because the baby has a well-developed body perception ability, he will consciously adjust his posture while sleeping to make himself more comfortable. So from this perspective, a baby who sleeps “unfaithfully” is also well-developed intelligence which performed. 

I like to pick up small objects around me

Similarly, the development of the baby’s motor system consists of fine movements and major movements, such as crawling, walking, and major movements of the limbs. The characteristics of development, and grasping objects is the development of fine motor. 

When a baby is very young, he can Grasping objects autonomously, accurately, and forcefully, or like picking up objects around them, and looking carefully, are all signs of better development of the baby, and such children will grow up smarter. 

At a very young age, you will “babble” and “babble”.

Baby’s language development is even more complicated. They often start with the development and perfection of hearing. Carry out language development. 

As we all know, babies’ hearing development begins when they are still in their mother’s belly. They can hear the sounds when they are still in the baby’s belly. After birth, they do not fully see the world. Next, perceive and judge familiar people through sound. 

As the saying goes, you learn to speak after you hear it first. Therefore, if the baby starts to “babble babble” when he is very young, it also proves that the baby has a good listening ability, and the future intellectual development will not be bad. 

Seeing this, do parents think These 4 performances of the child look very cute, so after understanding the characteristics of the baby’s intellectual development, parents can also take some actions to help the baby’s intelligence to a higher level.

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