The shorter the time it takes for the mother to give birth, the better? Shorter than this time, both mother and baby have triple dangers

The shorter the time it takes for the mother to give birth, the better? Shorter than this time, both mother and baby are at triple risk

Many women are envious of those who give birth to babies in a few minutes, but is this really good? 

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People often compare childbirth to the gate of a ghost After a while, because the pain lasts for a long time, there may also be risks in it. Therefore, many people hope that when they are going to give birth, they can be faster, and their pain will be relatively less. 

The shorter the time for childbirth, the faster the childbirth, is it really good? 

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Lily is 4 days away from the due date. On this day, her abdomen suddenly hurts, which is the contraction in the early stage. The family hurriedly brought her delivery package and sent her to the hospital. 

After arriving at the hospital, the doctor not only prevented Lily from entering the delivery room, but also asked her family members to go through various procedures, and some even sold things. 

In this way, Lily was delayed by the time she was pushed into the delivery room. As a result, the child was born before the person entered the delivery room. 

Lily’s family felt that all this was the responsibility of the doctor. Originally, Lily was anxious to have a baby, but was delayed by the doctor. 

In real life, this situation often occurs. Some people suddenly have the same situation as Lily before the expected date of delivery. Some people even give birth to babies on buses or airplanes. 

Many people feel that they are very envious of this kind of people, and they give birth to children casually. Is this really the case? 

Time of normal delivery Is the shorter the better? 

This is not the case. If the whole process takes less than 3 hours from the start of the birth to the birth of the baby, it is medically called an “emergency delivery”, which will bring harm to both the mother and the fetus. 

The harm caused by acute labor

The harm to the parturient

a. Cervical laceration. Due to the rapid delivery of the fetus, the fetus is delivered too fast and almost “rushes out” of the birth canal. At this time, the birth canal is probably not fully prepared for expansion, so it is easy for the mother’s cervix to be torn or lacerated. Case. 

b. Postpartum hemorrhage. Under normal circumstances, the placenta will be delivered after the baby is born. Because the placenta is attached to the endometrium, it will begin to bleed after it falls off. The contractility of the myometrium will promote the closure of bleeding points and reduce the probability of bleeding. 

In the case of rapid labor, the basal layer of the uterus will contract excessively, which makes it difficult to contract after the placenta is delivered, leading to an increased risk of postpartum hemorrhage. 

c. Postpartum infection. Due to the short delivery time of emergency delivery, it is likely that the disinfection will not be in place. In addition, it is possible that the mother has not entered the delivery room and the child has been born. Then the hygiene of the environment cannot be guaranteed, so it is easy to cause postpartum infection. 

The harm to the fetus

a. Hypoxia. Since the uterine contraction force is much larger than that of the ordinary parturient during the process of acute labor, the pressure of such a huge contraction may affect the blood circulation of the placenta, resulting in hypoxia of the fetus, or intrauterine distress, etc. . 

b. Damage to brain tissue. In the process of rapid labor, the birth canal may not have time to fully expand, so when the fetus’s head passes through the birth canal, it is likely to be excessively compressed and damage the brain tissue, or even intracranial hemorrhage. 

c. Umbilical cord infection. Because the time from labor pain to delivery is too short, it is likely that the baby is not born in the delivery room, and the birth environment is difficult to be sterile, which will easily cause the umbilical cord of the newborn to be infected. 

In addition, under normal circumstances, under normal circumstances, the fetus can drain the lungs of water after the mother’s contractions, so that the lungs can perform its functions better, and can also help to a certain extent Babies build touch and sense. 

But because the contractions are short and irregular, the fetus may not be stimulated by regular contractions to make the body’s functions more perfect. 

What kind of mother Prone to emergencies? 

1. Younger parturients

In medicine, the optimal age for women to bear children is determined to be 22 to 30 years old. This is because the various organs and functions of women in this age group are mature. 

So, if the age is too young, less than 20 years old, then the body’s endocrine system and organs are probably not fully developed, then the endocrine is easily disordered, and the contraction intensity is too high, it is likely to be Urgent labor caused by severe contractions. 

2. Parturients with too many births

Because every time a woman undergoes a childbirth, the position of the pelvis, uterus, etc. will suffer certain changes, and these changes are often not completely improved, so if the number of births of the mother Too much, then the pelvic floor muscles are likely to have become very loose, and the fetus can be born easily during delivery. 

3. Excessively fatigued parturients

Some parturients are still very tired during the third trimester, which may stimulate the acceleration of uterine contractions. Under the stimulation of endocrine, the pituitary gland will release the pituitary gland prematurely. Veterin, induces the occurrence of acute labor. 

How about pregnant mother Prevent the occurrence of acute labor? 

1. Avoid stimulation in the third trimester of pregnancy

Pregnant mothers should avoid intimate behaviors between husband and wife during the third trimester of pregnancy, and avoid uterine contractions caused by stimulation, leading to hormone disorders in the body, thereby inducing sudden labor. 

2. Don’t do physical work

In the third trimester, the pregnant mother will welcome the arrival of the fetus. Don’t work around at home. Do some physical work. This will cause rapid labor. Return to Sohu to see more

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“Pregnant ugly” will also pick someone! Pregnant mothers whose appearance has declined after pregnancy have something in common

“Pregnant ugliness” will also pick people! Pregnant mothers whose appearance has declined after pregnancy have something in common.

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After pregnancy and after giving birth, the body will undergo a lot of changes, and it usually develops in the direction of “becoming ugly”. For example, many mothers complain:

“Hair falls well after pregnancy Hurry, there was not much hair, but now it looks like bald.”

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“I looked fine when I was pregnant, but after giving birth After that, wrinkles and stains appeared on the face, and the value of the face has dropped a lot.”

“I gained weight after pregnancy, I don’t know if I can recover in the future.”

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However, in addition to the appearance of some mothers who are pregnant when they are pregnant, there are also some mothers who become more beautiful after they are pregnant and give birth. Although some people complain that this is due to physique, it is also related to personal habits. Big relationship. 

Pregnant treasures with these manifestations Mom, it’s likely to be “ugly pregnant”

▶ Lose your temper

During pregnancy, the hormone levels of pregnant mothers are inherently unstable. If you like to lose your temper, get nervous easily, and have a lot of stress, your hormones may become more unstable. , Leading to hair loss, sleeplessness, spots, obesity, dull skin, etc. 

Moreover, people who lose their temper for a long time will experience undesirable changes in the liver, stomach, chest, heart and other parts of the body. When a woman is pregnant, her organs are already burdened, so don’t toss her body anymore. 

▶ I can’t control my diet

It’s easy to gain weight when pregnant. If the pregnant mother can’t control her appetite, she still likes to eat fried foods, barbecues, sweets and other foods. It will cause great harm to the body of oneself and the fetus, and it is easy to cause obesity. 

Caused by fetal development Obesity can be recovered after one or two months of pregnancy, but if it is caused by eating indiscriminately during pregnancy, it is difficult to control. 

▶ Stay up late habitually

Except for some pregnant mothers who can’t fall asleep at night due to physical pain or during pregnancy, there are also many pregnant mothers whose work and rest are more irregular , I took a nap many times when I was tired during the day, but played with my mobile phone until midnight at night. 

Such habitual staying up late and long-term lack of sleep will cause the pregnant mother’s mood to be more unstable, thereby affecting the appearance. 

And staying up late is a kind of Behaviors that damage the appearance, pregnant mothers who stay up all night, may lose more hair, worsen the skin, and have dark circles under the eyes. 

Of course, after pregnancy, pregnant mother Certain changes in their bodies will also make them look better

▶ The expression in their eyes becomes gentle and firm

Although many women act like a little girl before giving birth, I am not mature, and the eyes are always sluggish and loose, but after giving birth, the eyes may become firm and gentle, giving people a beautiful and cordial feeling. 

▶ There is a kind of mature beauty

A mature and responsible mother will also exude a mature and intellectual temperament, even if her appearance has not changed much, But because of the added temperament, it has also become more beautiful. 

▶ Better complexion

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Women with insufficient blood and estrogen before pregnancy may have a little yellow and dull skin, but due to the increase in estrogen and endocrine changes during pregnancy, the skin may become better and look more It looks good. 

There are also some factors Affects Bao Ma’s postpartum appearance

▶ Bao Ma’s pregnancy age

Although 25-34 years old is a suitable age to give birth, the body of 25-year-old women is definitely better. Fortunately, after reaching the age of 34, the body’s functions have declined a lot, and the skin and body have undergone great changes. 

If you are pregnant and give birth at this time, your body is seriously damaged, your skin and body may age faster, and your appearance may decrease. 

▶ Is the family happy?


Parent-in-law, mother-in-law, and husband can help with the children, and they are considerate, attentive, and take care of Bao Ma. It makes her feel happy, happy, well-rested, and her appearance will immediately recover and may increase. 

The mother who has to stay up late to take care of the children and deal with her family may not have enough rest and emotional problems, which may lead to skin problems and decreased appearance. 

▶ Bao’s mother’s physical fitness

Pregnant mothers who are healthy, eat, work and rest regularly before pregnancy, and like to exercise, may recover faster after giving birth. 


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