The second-born baby mother posted a “work schedule”, got up at six o’clock and took a rest at 9:30, netizen: Where is Bao father?

The second-born baby mother posted a “work schedule”, got up at six o’clock and took a rest at 9:30, netizen: Where is Bao father? 

After giving birth to a baby, many mothers will sigh that the child is their own and the housework is also their own. There is obviously a “helper” Bao Dad, but he can’t help at all, only eats , Sleep, look at the phone, grab the toilet. 

Full-time mothers are busy from morning to night, and have no rest for 365 days. Workplace mothers also feel that going to work is easier than bringing a baby, because at home will only be more busy. 

Looking at my dad again, there is almost no change before and after the baby is born, playing football, playing games, partying…it seems that nothing has been delayed. In this comparison, it is no wonder that Mom is unbalanced in her heart. 

The second child mother posted her “work schedule “

On the Internet, there is a second-born mother who posted her “work schedule” on the Internet, which records in detail her and her husband’s all-day work and rest. 

The table shows that Bao’s mother will get up at 6 o’clock in the morning to prepare breakfast for her baby, wake up her family one after another, take time to wash herself, and then go to work. 

Get home from get off work at 5:30 in the evening and eat After the meal, she helped the child to do homework, clock in, and review. After the child washes and rests, she has to continue to do housework… In this way, Bao Ma keeps repeating the routine of getting up at 6 o’clock and taking a rest at 9:30. 

Looking at the child’s father again, apart from sleeping and playing with his mobile phone, the only moment when he is present is to send Dabao to school. It’s no wonder that this second-born mother’s “work schedule” will cause controversy among netizens. 

Netizen A: If you can have dinner at home without giving away the second treasure, it proves that you are happy if you have the help of the elderly at home. Otherwise, Mom would only wake up earlier in the morning and sleep later at night, and I feel tired thinking about it. 

Netizen B: Bao Ma, this life and treasure Dad is so different! But I took a closer look and found that many things can be shared by the husband and wife. What about Dad Bao? 

Netizen C: Hey, whether it is a one-child family or a two-child family, a working mother or a full-time mother, we always have our own ways of busying. 

Actually, as this netizen said, after looking around for a week, it is not difficult to find that the living conditions of the mothers around us are mostly similar. 

The lives of mothers are mostly similar

The above is just the work schedule of the mothers at work. If they are full-time mothers, I am afraid it will only be more difficult, because they not only repeat the same work, but also It is open throughout the year, there is no AB post, and it is impossible to transfer to other posts. 

Because of Bao’s diligence, the family always Spotless, three meals a day are well organized, and the children’s grades can be kept stable, but if Bao’s mother is on a business trip or if Bao’s father is to take the baby, then the family may be a different story. 

This is also the main reason why many mothers are uneasy and must do it by themselves. But in fact, after thinking about it carefully, many things in the family can be shared by Bao Dad. After all, children are a common gift for husband and wife. “The role of the father cannot only play the role of “watching.” 

Taking care of children is the common responsibility of both husband and wife.

In taking care of children, mothers should not only work hard, but Bao Dad should also be involved. After all, the children themselves need to be raised by the husband and wife together. It does not mean that the father is responsible for making money and supporting the family. 

Because the child is growing up, if the father If they are absent for a long time, they will feel insecure to a certain extent, and many of the excellent qualities of their fathers can’t be felt by the little guys. Therefore, from all aspects, dad is not suitable for being a “passerby” in the growth process of children. 

Seeing this, some mothers should ask, the father of the child doesn’t know anything. Isn’t it a disservice to let father bring the baby? So let’s talk about how to let the old father of the family participate in the matter of bringing the baby. 

How to let Bao Dad participate in this matter of bringing the baby? 

1) Mommy, don’t want to take things all the time, let go.

Don’t think Mommy can’t do this well, or that Dad can’t do that well. In fact, looking at yourself, who was not a “little princess” before getting married? What we can do, Bao Dad will definitely be able to do and do well. 

Mothers can gradually let their fathers start to try to take care of their babies, and if they fail to do it once, they will try the second time. One day, Bao Dad will be able to give their children and Bao Mom a satisfactory answer. . 

2) Let Bao’s father beat his mother Get started

If Dad Bao just lacks confidence in taking care of his children, let him start with lay hands. 

For example, the task of taking the children out is left to the father. After all, for the father, picking up the children is a very simple matter. 

For example, if Dad Bao doesn’t know how to cook, Mom can write a shopping list and ask Dad Bao to buy vegetables, fruits, and daily necessities for the baby. 

As for housework, such as washing clothes, electricity Electronic products such as rice cookers can be directly handed over to my father. By the way, let the father wash the dishes, wash the small clothes, etc., and then gradually “let go” to the father. 

When Bao Dad has done well enough, the job can be handed over to him smoothly, and new tasks will be gradually added. The baby exchanged Christmas gifts in the kindergarten, and the thousand-yuan Lego exchanged for cheap greeting cards. Mommy asked to return but was rejected.

To say which stage of school the child has the strongest holiday atmosphere, the kindergarten must rank first. Children in kindergartens do not have a heavy academic burden, and it is common for them not to fall into holiday activities. 

Recent Christmas and New Year’s “Double Days” festivals, many children still have a strong holiday atmosphere, but some parents are not happy, and some even cried because of their children. 

The children exchanged Christmas gifts at school, and the thousand-yuan gifts were exchanged for small greeting cards. Bao Ma was annoyed.

The international kindergarten where Orange is located holds some grand activities every Christmas, such as English speech contests, Christmas-themed costume shows, Christmas garden activities, etc., let children feel the Western New Year culture, and each activity will have a link to exchange gifts. 

The children carefully prepare a gift and each other When exchanging gifts, the teacher will prepare pairs of signs for the children to draw lots, and the children with the same number will exchange gifts. 

Such activities can bring huge surprises to children, because the children don’t know who or what gift they will receive, but the orange mother was “scare” because of this gift. 

Chengcheng only went to kindergarten this year, and the family attached great importance to the tasks assigned by the teacher. After the notice of this event was issued, the mother of Chengcheng discussed with her children to prepare gifts, and finally decided to buy a set of value one. Thousands of Lego toys are carefully packed and taken to the kindergarten for children. 

After the event is over Bringing the gift home to her mother, Chen Cheng’s mother was dumbfounded, and the gift she had spent more than a thousand to prepare was exchanged for a “cheap” greeting card. This greeting card does not even have the simplest packaging, even a card. The logo of the business is also on it; moreover, the congratulatory message written by the child is also very simple, looking crookedly and not serious. 

Chengcheng was also very unhappy to receive such a gift, after all, he picked the Lego that he had been looking forward to for a long time. Cheng Cheng’s mother couldn’t help checking the price of this brand of greeting cards online. It was less than 10 yuan. She felt very unbalanced in her heart. The more she thought about it, the more angry she could only secretly wipe her tears behind her back. 

Orange orange mother asked her son for the name of the gift-giving child, and sent a photo of a greeting card in the group and @了儿童妈妈找她说, said that she received a gift of more than 1,000 yuan, and returned less than ten yuan. Qian’s greeting card, and I was very careless. I hope that the other’s mother can talk to the child and return the Lego to Orange. 

Ke Orange Mom did not expect that the other parent To put it mildly, this is a school activity, and it’s not good to take back the gift I exchanged. As a result, the two sides quarreled in the group over this issue! 

There are expensive and cheap exchange gifts, parents hold different views! 

Some parents, including Cheng Cheng Ma, believe that sending gifts between children is an important ceremony that can help children make more good friends. Therefore, choose gifts carefully and give them as long as the children like it. Yes, it’s not a big problem at all. 

These parents are very attentive to the gifts their children prepare, and at the same time they have high expectations for the gifts their children exchange back, because in their opinion, exchanging cheap gifts for gifts is a fluke. If you change for an expensive gift, you will earn it. If you don’t change it, you won’t lose money. It’s very unfair to children with expensive gifts. 

There are also some parents who think that children pay attention to gifts It’s the mind, just keep it simple. A greeting card and a bunch of handmade flowers can be used as gifts for children. Sending gifts should be based on sincerity and heart, so that children learn to share, rather than fight for the price, especially for such randomly drawn gifts, parents should not buy too expensive of. 

Preparing valuable gifts for your children can easily arouse the children’s psychology of comparison, and it will also easily cause an imbalance between the children and their parents, so the best gift is simpler! 

Here comes the question, what should I pay attention to when choosing gifts for my baby? 

1. Tell your children the meaning of giving gifts

If you want your children not to compare with gifts, parents should educate their children in advance, and tell them that giving gifts to children is not to show how rich the family is. Gifts are not as expensive as possible. Gifts must be gifted with heart and heart is the best gift. 

If you talk to your child too much, the child will not have the idea of ​​comparing. 

2. Parents ventilate each other

For activities like exchanging gifts, parents can first understand the rules. If the object of the gift is clear, then the parent can contact the parent of the other child’s child, and the adults can discuss privately the scope of the gift, such as reaching an agreement. Price consensus, and at the same time, you can learn about the gifts your child likes and tell your child about the gifts that your child likes, so as to help children choose gifts. 

The same applies to other gift-giving situations. It is best for the parents of the entire class to reach a reasonable gift-giving consensus. 

3. Choose the right gift with your child

Choosing a gift is not an easy task. The gift is given by the child, so it is best to choose with the child. Parents who have more time You can also make some meaningful gifts with your children, such as making graffiti photo frames, immortal flowers, etc., and prepare small greeting cards to write blessings, no children will just refuse interesting and fun gifts! 

It is true that you choose gifts for your baby Be careful, and the price of the gift must be within your abilities. Since the gift is for others, don’t expect high returns. If so, you can choose high-quality and inexpensive gifts with your children!

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