The safety period may not be safe. Do you know that these three traditional contraceptive methods should be done in contraceptive measures?

The safety period may not be safe. Do you know that these three traditional contraceptive methods should be done in contraceptive measures? 

People’s sexuality is becoming more and more open now. Many people have already lived together before they are married, because some people think that when they are not married, try to live together for a while. With time, you can get to know each other well to see if it is appropriate, and if it is not appropriate, you will not be together. 

Although people’s sexual concepts are becoming more and more open, most women still lag behind in sex education, do not know how to protect themselves, and do not know how to take some protective measures when they are in the same room. Unexpected pregnancy, finally had to take the step of abortion. 

According to data, the abortion rate in China is very high in the world. At present, the number of artificial abortions in China is as high as 9 million each year, and the repeated abortion rate has reached 56%. 

Xiao Tian and her boyfriend met when they were in college. The two loved each other very much. They lived together after graduation. Xiao Tian liked her boyfriend very much. But she feels that if she wants to talk about marriage now, it’s still a bit early. Xiaotian thinks that she can observe her boyfriend more after living together. If the two people are not suitable in daily life, then there is still time to talk about breaking up and wait until after the marriage. If we talk about divorce, it will be very troublesome. 

When Xiao Tian is with her boyfriend, she occasionally shares the same room. In the past, her boyfriend would wear a condom. Only one night, there was no condom at home. At that time, Xiao Tian asked her boyfriend to buy it, and her boyfriend said, “Aren’t you just in the safety period? This should be fine.”

Boyfriend 1 Said, Xiao Tian remembered that she was indeed in the safety period, thinking that she should be fine, so she did not let her boyfriend wear a condom. 

But this time, Xiao Tian unexpectedly became pregnant. After several weeks, Xiao Tian found some discomfort in her body. She went to the hospital for an examination with suspicion, and she was pregnant. Little Tian did not expect to become pregnant during the safe period. 

What is the safety period? 

The safe period refers to the fact that there is no ovulation in a woman’s body. Without an egg, there is no way to combine with sperm to form a fertilized egg. Under normal circumstances, the safe period is about 14 days before the onset of menstruation. 

Why is it said that the safety period is not safe? 

The safety period is actually difficult to calculate. Sometimes women think that they are in the safety period, but in fact it is not the safety period. 

Because menstruation is not always regular, menstrual cramps will be affected in various ways, sometimes it will come earlier, sometimes it will not come later. This has something to do with a woman’s diet, sleep quality and her mood. 

Under normal circumstances, having sex during the safe period can reduce the risk of pregnancy, but most of the time it is difficult for women to predict the accurate safe period, so the safe period is not safe. 

Instead of choosing a safe period of contraception, it is better to adopt these three traditional contraceptive methods.

The first condom

Condoms are the most traditional and effective contraceptive methods. First, it is easy to use, has no side effects, and the success rate of contraception can reach 85%. The use of condoms can be traced back hundreds of years, but at the earliest, condoms were not used for contraception. Its main function was to prevent the spread of sexually transmitted diseases. contraception. 

The principle of condoms is very simple. It prevents sperm from entering a woman’s body and avoids the formation of fertilized eggs. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that males and females use condoms as much as possible for contraception when they have sex. 

Second IUD

The IUD, also known as the birth control ring, is usually made of materials such as stainless steel and silicone rubber and placed in a woman’s body. By changing the environment inside the uterine cavity, the fertilized egg cannot be implanted. The birth control ring is a very good method of birth control because it is simple, safe and reversible. 

The birth control ring placed in the body of the average woman can be used for contraception in five to ten years, and when a woman wants to have a child, she just needs to take it out. 

Of course, the birth control ring has certain side effects, but this side effect varies from person to person, and not everyone will have side effects. The birth control ring is not part of the human body. When it is forcibly placed inside the human body, some women will have a rejection reaction, menstruation will begin to change, and vaginal discharge will increase. 

So when choosing to put in the birth control ring, women should consult their doctors and check their body to see if they are suitable for putting in the birth control device. 

The third short-acting contraceptives

Contraceptives are generally divided into long-acting and short-acting. Short-acting contraceptives need to be taken every day, but the dosage it contains is It is very low and does not have a great impact on the body. It is currently a relatively mature method of contraception. 

It affects the function of the fallopian tube by changing the endometrium of the uterus, and finally leads to the failure of the formation of fertilized eggs. The success rate is higher than that of condoms, as high as 90%. 

When taking contraceptives, they need to be taken every day and cannot be interrupted. Generally, they should be taken within five days of menstruation. It is best not to miss a dose. This will affect the effectiveness of contraception. 

If you are sure that you don’t want children in the short term, you must pay attention to contraceptive measures, and don’t turn a blind eye, which will eventually lead to abortion. Parents’ “frugality” in this respect not only fails to achieve their children, but destroys the pattern of their children.

For many parents, even if economic conditions are good, in order for their children to develop the virtue of frugality, Use multiple details of daily life to educate children about frugality or always emphasize to children that their own economic conditions are poor. 

But often do not have a good grasp of the scale, all aspects of frugality, not only fail to make the child develop true frugality, it may also affect the child’s physical and mental health! 

Ms. Wang works as a wealth management manager in a bank. Her husband, Mr. Li, runs a large-scale decoration company. Logically speaking, their family financial conditions are relatively rich. 

However, Ms. Wang is usually very strict with her son, Xiaoxi, in terms of money, for fear that Xiaoxi will develop the habit of spending money lavishly. 

Because Xiaoxi’s elementary school is a private elementary school that does not need to wear school uniforms except Mondays. The other students in the class have good financial conditions at home. 

The casual clothes that you usually wear, even if it is not a famous brand, are at least a few hundred dollars. It is a clothing brand with good quality and relatively high nationality. 

The styles of Xiaoxi’s clothes look outdated, and the quality is relatively average. Most of them are bought by Ms. Wang in small online shops, just to make Xiaoxi feel that her own financial situation is very bad. . 

Less than a semester after Xiaoxi wore these clothes, the whole person lost his former lively and confident appearance. He had a habit of walking with his head down, and when he was talking to others, he did not dare to look directly at others. 

Xiaoxi’s head teacher once asked Ms. Wang separately after a parent’s meeting, “Mother Xiaoxi, is the family struggling recently?”

Ms. Wang heard the head teacher’s problem very much. Doubtful, the head teacher explained that “Xiaoxi has become taciturn in the past few months, and when he gets along with his classmates, he expresses a little inferiority.”

“When I was organizing a spring outing in the class last time, Xiaoxi immediately found me. , Saying that my family is too poor to pay for the travel expenses. If it weren’t for him to pay the expenses on time, I would like to call to ask about the situation.”

Ms. Wang didn’t expect that she usually knows it or not. The rhetoric that emphasized the poor economic situation of the family in front of Xiaoxi had such a big impact on Xiaoxi. 

Perhaps many parents like Ms. Wang, in order to cultivate the virtues of frugality in their children, they will not be extravagant, spend money, etc., pretend to be poor in front of their children, and constantly emphasize their own economy to their children. The notion that it’s in a bad condition. 

However, excessive “thrifty” education has had unexpected counter-effects. 

What are the negative effects of this “frugal” education on children? 

1. Destroy the pattern of children

If parents always emphasize that their family is poor, when their children are convinced, they will always feel that they are far inferior to others when they face their peers. Gain inferiority, lack of confidence. This also makes the child become timid and indecisive. 

Children with low self-esteem and timid since childhood, their vision becomes short-sighted, and the pattern also becomes smaller. In terms of dealing with people, they lack confidence and foresight, and it is difficult for them to succeed in their careers. 

2. Develop an unhealthy outlook on money

Children who have been living in a “poverty” state since childhood can actually feel depressed in their hearts very easily. 

Because of the incorrect understanding of money, they have developed an unhealthy outlook on money and distorted values. After growing up, for the sake of money, he may be able to do many things that have no bottom line and violate the law and become a slave to money. 

I believe that no parents want their children to become people who fall into the “eyes of money”. This requires the correct guidance of the parents. 

Educate children about money from an early age, so that they have a correct and comprehensive concept of money and family economy. 

While preventing children from becoming slaves to money, it also reduces the children’s mentality of “retaliatory” consumption when they grow up, buying only expensive things, becoming vain and losing themselves. 

The idea of ​​frugal education for children is correct, but the degree of grasp is too high, and it is easy to pass it, which affects the child’s physical and mental health, and makes the child become inferior and introverted. , The pattern of dealing with people will also become smaller. These negative effects are undoubtedly harmful to the future of the child. 

When parents educate their children on frugality, in order to achieve the effect of education, they will not affect the children’s physical and mental health. 

Education should pay attention The following points

1. Pay attention to the methods of education

Through specific and vivid performance, children can be better cultivated to have the spirit of frugality. For example, taking children to experience life in the countryside, creating opportunities for children to earn remuneration through labor, etc. After the children experience in person, they will have more intuitive feelings, can also impress them, and the education effect will be more ideal. 

2. Give the child a certain amount of freedom to control money

When the child has the freedom to control a certain amount of pocket money, it is more conducive to cultivate the child’s spirit of frugality. For example, give children pocket money once a week, so that children learn to plan the use time and purpose of pocket money by themselves within a week. This not only allows the child to learn to plan the use of money reasonably, but also cultivates the child’s financial management ability. 

3. Don’t act too stingy or cry poor in front of your children

For the children’s food, clothing, housing, transportation and education, parents do not have to act too stingy for the sake of frugal education. You should buy new clothes for your children and don’t let your children wear them. Worn clothes, this will only make the child feel inferior. 

Similarly, parents should not exaggerate and cry poor in front of their children. This will only make the children believe that their own financial conditions are very tight, and at the same time they will develop an inferiority complex that “money is bigger than the sky.” Concept. 

Appropriate thrift education can cultivate children’s thrifty spirit, and will not develop the bad habit of spending money excessively and failing to realize that it is not easy for parents to make money. 

However, excessive thrift education and too stingy “pseudo thrift” will only affect the child’s character, values, outlook on money, vision and pattern, and can easily make children short-sighted and stingy. Therefore, parents must carefully choose the method of education for the physical and mental health of their children! 

How do you cultivate the thrifty spirit of your children? Welcome to leave a message to share!

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