The pros and cons of single-child families are getting bigger and bigger compared with multi-child families, and the gap is clear at a glance

Compared with multi-child families, the advantages and disadvantages of single-child families are getting bigger and bigger. The gap is clear at a glance

Different from the previous couples who can only have one child, now they have the opportunity to have a second child, everyone is starting to renew Thinking about whether it is an only child or a multi-child environment is more suitable for children’s growth. One more child and one less child not only have a great impact on the child itself, but also on the whole family cannot be ignored. 

Only child and Duowa families are different. The ten-year gap is terrible. Which one would you choose? 

I recently talked to a friend about the topic of having children. With only one child, she said that she would never have another child. Life is very good now, especially when compared to relatives and friends who have two children around her. 

The child of this friend’s family has already gone to middle school. She is more sensible and good at learning. In addition, her husband is also a more responsible type. She does not have to worry too much, and she looks better than her peers. Many years younger. This kind of environment was originally suitable for giving birth to a second treasure, but a relative next to her gave her a terrible negative example. 

“My cousin is a few years older than me. The two sons in the family are very stressed. They want to save more for the children, otherwise they are afraid that they will not be able to marry a wife.

The key is that two children are enough It’s a headache. One can save snacks when he grows up, and the other child is entering school again. Moreover, the two children have been playing from childhood to adulthood, and there are endless cases in her family. Every time I hear her say that she is at home I feel a headache.” My friend said while thinking about it, “But the funny thing is, I think I am happier, and she also thinks she is happier.”

Between a friend and her cousin There are so many differences in life, but they all feel very happy. Therefore, no matter how many children are born, the difference in life will not cause life to be unhappy or unhappy. The key is to see how you choose. Both single-child and multi-child families have pros and cons. As long as you think clearly, you are not afraid of the gap. 

Only child and What are the pros and cons of a family with many children? After reading this, you will know that many people don’t know how to choose

Only child can concentrate resources to nurture children

There is only one child in the family. Whether it is a boy or a girl, the family will concentrate resources on nurturing children. Once the family has two or more children, the daily expenses and education expenses have to be multiplied by two, which is still quite stressful for most families. Even if the parents are not partial and there are more places to spend money, the conditions that the family can provide will inevitably decline. 

Many problems in single-child families are too helpless

Some friends around me want to go abroad to develop, but they have to stay in the local area because their parents are unaccompanied. Some friends get married. , But because both parties are only children, after they have children again, the pressure of supporting the elderly is very great. Troubles like this are all too common. In families with only one child, there are fewer people to share the pressure, and they often feel helpless in the face of many problems. 

Multi-child families are more lively

Many parents may not have planned to ask for a second treasure, but after Dabao was born, they felt that a child grew up too lonely, and only then came up with a plan to have another one. In a family of three, adults and children do their own things, and it does appear that there is little communication and the home is very deserted. One more child in the family won’t feel that way at all, and both children will have a more cheerful personality. 

The accounts in a multi-child family are unclear

Even if the family has only daughters, they will not be taken seriously because of gender reasons. If there is one more child in the family, the son will be preferred to the parents. The problem of eccentricity is even more common. When I was young, it was clothes and toys that were unclear. When I grew up, it was the responsibilities of RVs and supporting the elderly. In a family with many children, sometimes there are simple problems, and no one is willing to take responsibility. 

It is precisely because of the advantages and disadvantages of single-child and multi-child families that so many people are struggling whether to have two treasures. Indeed, giving birth to a second treasure without really thinking about it is irresponsible for the two children, the lover and even the elderly. 

Will the second child be born? Think of these questions before answering. Many second-born parents may not know whether to have a second child or not. There are too many factors to consider. Do couples really want to have a baby instead of blindly following the trend or being persuaded to be wise fever? What is Dabao’s opinion? Does he welcome the arrival of Erbao? After Erbao is born, can the family’s economic conditions guarantee a high-quality life and education for the two children? Can you be unbiased? Does anyone bring Erbao? Is the elderly willing to help? Is the age and body of both spouses allowed? 

In addition to these questions, each family has its own situation. Only when we think about the answers to these questions can we be qualified to bring a person into the world and dare to be responsible for him. What do you think is the most important factor in the birth of two treasures? Have you given birth to a second treasure, or are you considering giving birth to a second treasure? 5 kinds of toys that are harmful to children’s safety, don’t pit your baby anymore. Many parents don’t know yet.

It is the child’s nature to like to play. Almost all children will have their favorite toys in their childhood. Parents should not be opposed to the fact that children love to play with toys. Children playing with toys is also a way for them to explore and exercise. However, parents should pay attention to the choice of children’s toys, because some toys can be harmful to children’s safety. 

The child’s life is in danger. The murderer is it. Do parents dare to play with the child?

Xiaojing’s son had a big accident some time ago. It turned out that her son was playing with friends at school At that time, I accidentally swallowed marbles. It is important to know that marbles, glass toys, are particularly harmful to children. Not only is it painful to hit people, but if ingested by mistake, it will cause suffocation. 

When Xiao Jing arrived at school, the doctors arrived at school. The doctors performed an operation on the ambulance that took her son to the hospital, cut a small mouth in the throat, and finally took out the ammunition. Beads. Although the son had no big problems in the end, Xiao Jing made up his mind to never buy such toys for her son again. 

In addition to marbles, there are five kinds of toys that are also “high-risk” toys. It is best for parents not to buy them for their children. If you have these toys in your home, you should dispose of them in time for the safety of your children, and see if you have them in your home. 

(1) Crystal baby

Crystal baby is a kind of amazing toy, because they have various colors, put them in the water, after a while, they will Will become many times larger. Children are easily attracted by this “magic” toy, not to mention its rich colors. However, some experts said that the main reason for the rich colors of such toys is because their main raw materials are industrial pigments. 

Professionals from the Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Institute of Liaoning Province said that there are many heavy metal elements in industrial pigments. This heavy metal can easily cause skin allergies when contacting the skin. If children are exposed for a long time, the stomach, intestines, and liver will be affected. Endangered. Studies have also shown that heavy metal raw materials can cause cancer after they come into contact with wounds. So don’t be fooled by the beautiful colors of Crystal Baby. Almost all of these three-no inflatable toys are poisonous, so it is best for parents not to buy them for their children and let them play. 

(2) Plastic masks

Many children find it cool to wear plastic masks. After all, this kind of toy attracts children’s attention through animated characters. Under normal circumstances, this kind of toy does not have a great impact on children, but it is best not to buy masks that have a pungent smell and are too cheap. 

Especially if your child’s respiratory tract is prone to infection, irritating plastic masks are prone to hypoxia and breathing difficulties. If the child really likes masks, parents must buy them with quality assurance, and only buy them when the child is not allergic or asthmatic. 

(3) Slingshots and darts toys

Slingshots and darts are toys that boys like to play with. Although these types of toys are very attractive, they can harm not only the children themselves, but also others. Because darts and other toys are mostly sharp, if you accidentally hit a certain part of the child, such as the eyes, it will be very harmful to the child’s body. 

(4) Hydrogen balloon

Neither boys nor girls can resist hydrogen balloons made with various animated characters. This kind of toy is sold in many places. The price is not very high, and children like it very much, so many parents choose to buy it for their children. However, many parents may not know that if the hydrogen balloon explodes and then encounters an open flame, it is prone to explosion or fire. 

This kind of toy has many products on the market, and there is no safety guarantee. Therefore, parents should not buy it for their children if they can’t judge whether the balloon will leak. Even if you buy a hydrogen balloon, place it in a place where you can’t touch fire. Of course, the knot of the hydrogen balloon is also a safety hazard. Parents must pay attention to it after purchasing, not to harm the child because of this. 

(5) Yo-yo

Yo-yo is a toy that many boys like to play with. This toy can not only exercise the flexibility of children’s hands, but also cultivate children His creativity can be said to be a very good toy. But the downside of a yo-yo is that it has a rope. This kind of knotted toy can easily suffocate the child or cause the muscles and nerves to die. 

The yo-yo is actually suitable for relatively older children, and parents must watch them by their side while playing. Generally, children younger than six should not try this kind of toys, because young children do not have a strong understanding of this kind of toys, but they are prone to suffocation due to the rope, so parents should consider the age of the child before making a decision. 

It is not a wrong thing for parents to buy toys for their children, but they must be careful when choosing toys for their children. All of the above toys may be harmful to the safety and health of children, so parents must not buy them blindly. For children to grow up healthily, parents must pay attention to these details and cannot relax their vigilance on toys.

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