The pregnant mother pays attention, not only do you gain rapid weight during these periods, but the fetus also develops rapidly

The pregnant mother pays attention. Not only do you gain rapid weight during these periods, but the fetus develops very quickly.

There are several golden time points in the pregnancy stage. Both the fetus and the pregnant woman will have relatively abnormal changes. This golden time is of great help to the health of the fetus and the safe delivery of pregnant women. 

For example, when a pregnant woman suddenly becomes a very fast weight and increases a lot, it is the golden period of fetal development. During the golden period of fetal development, supplementation of nutrition can get twice the result with half the effort. What are the time periods that are so important? 

Xiao Liangzhang from Sichuan found that his weight had changed very strangely during this period. Xiao Liang was pregnant in the 4th month. In the first two months, Xiao Liang’s weight had not changed much. Others exclaimed that Xiao Liang’s belly was too small to see that she was pregnant. 

This month, her weight has increased very rapidly, and her weight is getting heavier day by day. Is this a good thing or a bad thing? What does a sudden change in the weight of a pregnant woman mean? If a pregnant woman gains weight suddenly, it is the golden age of the child’s development, so it is not a bad thing, but a good thing. During these periods of sudden weight gain, pregnant women should also pay special attention to nutritional supplements. 

1. Which time periods will pregnant women suddenly gain weight

1. Two months of pregnancy

The body of the first two months of pregnancy is actually There is not much change, but after two months of pregnancy, the fertilized egg begins to fully enter the state of development, and the trunk and limbs of the fetal body also begin to grow, so the weight of the pregnant woman will change significantly during this time . 

2. Four months of pregnancy

At the fourth month of pregnancy, the fetus has already undergone obvious gender differentiation, and the nervous system is about to begin, a new stage of development. 

At the 4th month of pregnancy, the fetus will gradually become conscious, and will also change from a cell to a conscious fetus, a conscious life body. In the 4th month of pregnancy, the growth rate of weight should be much faster than in the second month of pregnancy. At this stage, pregnant women can see the obvious changes in their belly with the naked eye. 

3. Six months of pregnancy

When pregnancy reaches 6 months, the fetus has developed quite mature and there will be obvious fetal movements. The fetus at 6 months of pregnancy will also show signs of communicating with mom and dad. The fetus will also kick the mother’s belly. When interacting with the mother, the mother will obviously feel the baby’s presence. At the same time, the weight of the fetus at this stage is increasing again. 

4. The stage of fast birth

When the birth is fast, the amniotic fluid is getting more and more abundant, and all aspects of the body are also in a state of being fuller and about to give birth, so the weight will also increase. If a pregnant woman finds that her body suddenly becomes heavier in the 10th month, she may be about to give birth, so she must go to the hospital early to make a reservation. 

2. When suddenly gaining weight, how should pregnant women replenish their body

1. Eat more vegetables for two months

In the two months of pregnancy At this time, pregnant women should eat more vegetables, because the stomach and intestines may not adapt to being squeezed suddenly, the stomach is compressed, and digestion is prone to poor. 

When other conventional squeezing has become a common thing, the stomach and intestines will not have much reaction. Therefore, pregnant women should eat more vegetables at this stage to avoid hemorrhoids caused by poor bowel movements. . 

2. Take folic acid at four months of age

When pregnant to four months, mothers need to take folic acid, because at this stage the baby’s brain is developing and needs to be taken in A large amount of folic acid can keep the baby healthy and healthy. For some pregnant women who are relatively weak, they are too thin. For pregnant women who are not healthy, they may need to start taking folic acid at the stage of pregnancy. 

3. Adjust the diet for six months

When the body suddenly gains weight for six months, Baoma needs to adjust the diet, eat clean and eat safely health. The speed of fetal development at this stage is too fast, so the requirements for the system of pregnant women are also compared. Pregnant women need to adjust their diet to ensure that they eat healthy, and this stage will also develop well. 

4. Give birth and eat well

When it comes to giving birth, many women are actually scared. When they think that they are about to have a baby, they worry about not having enough food. At this stage, what the mother has to do is to eat well and maintain a consistent amount of food at ordinary times. Don’t blindly increase or decrease your food intake, don’t eat more because you have to give birth, and don’t stop eating because you have to give birth. The parturient body suddenly becomes heavier, and the body suddenly becomes drowsy. In fact, it is normal. This is the mother’s physical strength and physical fitness changes when the baby is developing. 

So there is a sudden change in weight, mothers don’t have to feel flustered, and pregnant women don’t worry too much. Take advantage of this good time for your body to get heavier, to make up your body, so that the baby is healthy inside the stomach, and the mother is healthy outside. Zhao Liying is praised for her good postpartum condition. Look at Yinger who is younger than her. The gap between them is clear at a glance

Zhao Liying gave birth to a child at the age of 32. After giving birth, not only did she not look bad, she was in better condition, and her temperament was more gentle. After giving birth to a child at the age of 31, Ying Er was not as good as before. She looked weak and sluggish and looked very unhealthy. 

Zhao Liying and Ying Er are relatively short in height, they are also petite, and both of them are pure flowers Looks and types are very close. But after passing through the hurdle of having children, the two people are in completely different states. Why is this? 

Before Zhao Liying gave birth to a child, she had stopped work and was ready to give birth with peace of mind. After giving birth, he confinement honestly, rested with peace of mind, and only recently returned. Ying Er was pregnant with twins, but in the end she only gave birth to a daughter, which was thrilling. 

The speed of Yinger’s comeback after giving birth is even more shocking. After giving birth to the baby, she didn’t raise her own body, so she lost weight and returned to earn money for the baby in less than ten days. When Ying Er came back, her skin was sallow and her figure was thin, which made people very distressed. Whether women do confinement or not, the difference is so big. 

1. Why do you have to confinement?

1. Regain vitality

Ten months of pregnancy, the child was born all at once. The vitality and blood of the mother before pregnancy are used to support the growth of the fetus. Traditional Chinese medicine often says that the essence of human beings lies in blood qi. And having a child is a waste of blood. Confinement is a time for mothers to regain their vitality and self-cultivation. Many mothers of “confinement sickness” have fallen because of not doing confinement properly. 

2. Change the physique of the parturient

The changes in the body’s hormone levels and endocrine before and after delivery Is very large. With such a huge gap, the maternal physique is not good, and it is easy to cause body discomfort. But the child of the parturient is just born and needs to be fed and nurtured by the parturient. Confinement can help weak mothers recuperate, strengthen their physique, and take better care of the baby. 

2. How to confinement can help Baoma recover better

1. Avoid hair blowing

The body of Baoma who gave birth will be very sensitive to external stimuli. The ability is even weaker. If the mother sees the wind at this time, it is easy to catch a cold, causing other bacteria and viruses to take advantage of it. Or it may have an impact on Bao Ma’s physical recovery and fall into “confinement sickness”. 

2. Scientific recuperation

Because of the backwardness of material conditions, the conditions of confinement for parturients were also relatively difficult. Now that the economic level has been improved, it is more advocating the scientific recuperation of mothers. I used to eat oily water, but things that were too oily were not conducive to the recovery of Baoma’s wounds and breastfeeding. Eating some nutritious but non-greasy broth, such as fish soup and chicken soup, can replenish Baoma’s vitality. In the past, you had to cover your hands, but now you can turn on the air conditioner to create a warm environment in the room. But mothers can’t relax either. After all, there must be a reason why old experience can be passed down. 

3. Observe the taboos and do not do things that cannot be done

When pregnant, pregnant women have many taboos. After giving birth, there are also confinement mothers, so you can’t relax just because you have a baby. You can’t eat foods that are cold in nature and not mild, such as crabs and other fruits that are not mild. It can cause abdominal pain and diarrhea in women. Cold food should also be avoided. It is advisable to consume nutritious and peaceful soups.

Don’t cry, crying will make the mother easily become “windward eyes”, and will be prone to eye discomfort in the future. Depression and depression can also lead to breast milk return. In severe cases, breast milk may be blocked and no breast milk will be delivered. The baby is just born and needs mother’s breast milk very much. The mother needs to adjust her mood and calm her mind. The most important thing at this time is to take care of her body and prepare for the long-term growth of her baby. 

4. Take your body temperature every day and observe the recovery every day. If you feel unwell, deal with it immediately.

The parturient has just experienced childbirth, her body is weak, and her immunity and resistance are not good. At this time, we must take a good rest and prevent diseases. If you are accidentally invaded by a disease, you must pay attention to it. Many mothers are prone to fever, heat, or other diseases during confinement. 

Be sure to measure your body temperature every day, observe the recovery of your body, and see if there is any discomfort, and seek medical attention in time. It is not recommended to handle it at home. And during the period of physical discomfort, do not breastfeed your baby, and take good care of it. Many medicines cannot be used by breastfeeding mothers, and mothers must read the instructions carefully and use them carefully. 

For Bao Ma, confinement is a period of personal self-cultivation and recovery, and it is also a good opportunity to rehabilitate and strengthen the body. Moms must treat the confinement period carefully, pay attention to taboos, and keep healthy. 

The follow-up growth of the baby requires a lot of hard work from Mommy, and Mommy must recover well. 

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