The pregnant mother gave birth to a second child in the middle of the night, but she was accompanied by only her daughter, and the netizens were too chilling

A pregnant mother gave birth to a second child in the middle of the night, but she was accompanied by only her daughter. Netizens were too chilling

Pregnant women giving birth to a child is a very hard work. At this time, pregnant women hope to have their loved ones by their side, especially hope The husband can accompany him to give strength. But in fact, many women are very lonely when they have children, because no one can help themselves with the pain. 

Some husbands are absent even when their wives need encouragement and company the most, so many women jokingly call their marriages “widowed” marriages. Such “widowed” marriages are not small statistics in our country. According to research, widowed marriages are particularly common and have gradually become normal. 

Pregnant women born at midnight For the second child, the husband used entertainment as an excuse. This is really hurting.

Xiaoli has been married to her husband for many years and has a daughter. The relationship between the two has long been wiped out in trivial matters. Since the birth of her daughter, Xiaoli’s family has always wanted her to give birth to a second child and add a male to the family. But she hurt her uterus when she gave birth to her daughter, and the doctor suggested that it would take a few years before she could have a baby. Finally, Xiaoli was pregnant with a second child, but her life was still difficult. Not only her husband was busy with work all day, but her parents-in-law also made excuses not to help her. 

One day Xiaoli felt sick in her stomach. She knew that she should be in labor because she had experience in giving birth to a child. She called her husband immediately, but he said that she couldn’t spare time for socializing. Let her take a taxi to the hospital by herself. 

Later, Xiaoli’s amniotic fluid broke and she couldn’t hold on. Her daughter found out in time that she had been beaten 120 and sent her to the hospital. 

After more than ten hours, Xiaoli finally gave birth to a fat boy. After giving birth, she asked the doctor if her family members had arrived. The doctor said her daughter had been crying outside the ward, but her husband had never appear. She felt very sad after hearing the doctor’s answer. She was desperate to give birth to a son for her husband, but the husband did not show up at all. 

She recalled her married life and finally understood how uncomfortable a widowed marriage was. So what harm does widowed marriage bring to the family? You will understand after reading these. 

Family Relations Association Disharmony

The union of two people is actually the fusion of two families. Widowed marriage will not only cause a lot of conflicts between the husband and wife, but the two families will also cause many misunderstandings and conflicts because of the unreasonable communication between the husband and wife. Therefore, in families where the relationship between husband and wife is not harmonious, both parents are not getting along well. 

Children’s education will be lacking

Many people think that not having a divorce is a responsibility to their children, but they don’t know that widowed marriages can also hurt children a lot. Generally, if one spouse is not at home or the spouse does not communicate at all, the child will feel sad. In particular, widowed marriages can easily lead to missing children’s education, which is not conducive to the growth of children. 

Marriage Life Club It’s a burden

It is said that men and women are not tired to work together, and two people start a family because they want to make life easier. But widowed marriage makes people feel tired after getting married than when they were single. Not only does the spouse do not understand themselves, but also has to deal with more and more complicated things than before. This kind of married life is a burden and makes people feel uncomfortable. To happiness. 

How can we get rid of this marriage model? 

Participate in more parent-child activities

It is said that children are the crystallization of love between husband and wife, so more participation in parent-child activities can not only deepen the parent-child relationship with the child, but also with your significant other There are more opportunities to communicate. A family can use parent-child activities to relax and experience the happiness and beauty of life. Therefore, couples participate in children’s parent-child activities to reduce the occurrence of widowed marriages. 

Give each other time to calm down when there is disagreement

Many couples are not in harmony at the beginning, but because they are consumed by trivial things in the process of getting along. patient. Therefore, if couples want to understand and support each other together, they should not have too many conflicts. Therefore, it is necessary to give each other time to calm down after a fight, so as to reduce a lot of conflicts between husband and wife. 

Take more time to accompany your partner

Widowed marriage means that after marriage, the other half will be the same as nothing. This may be because the other half is too busy at work, or The two have no passion for being together, so they retreat. The longer the husband and wife are together, the more they should pay attention to these problems. Taking more time to accompany their partner will help improve the relationship between husband and wife. The two have enough time to get along and communicate, and the relationship will get better and better. 

Therefore, in order for the children to grow up healthily and for the two families to live together in harmony, it is best to face the problems boldly in the married life, not to back down at will, and not to let your spouse experience a widowed marriage. At the same time, marriage requires two people to maintain and progress together, and both husband and wife must make efforts! The children keep these three words in their mouths. Parents can have a snack. Don’t bet on the issue of “old care”.

In the past, parents’ idea of ​​having children was mainly about “raising children to guard against old age.” But by now, this kind of thinking has been reduced a lot, but I still have to admit that there are still some people who have this kind of thinking. 

Of course, from a certain point of view, if you want to achieve the effect of “raising children to prevent old age” in the future, then children must have the quality of filial piety, otherwise even if the children stay by your side, they will not be filial. you. 

In fact, when children are young, from their various aspects of performance, especially verbal expressions, one can see the future direction of the child’s character development. 

Some parents hear some of the words their children said when they were young, and they always feel that their children will become filial when they grow up when they are young. After all, children are not sensible, so why bother to be so serious? 

I believe this is the thinking of many parents. However, the so-called “three-year-old sees old” is not unreasonable. Use this sentence to extend the future direction of the child’s character development. 

1. “I want to beat you with a stick”/”I want to beat you”……

Some children are more anxious. When they lose their temper, once they are fierce by their parents, or by their own If their needs are not met, they may threaten parents, such as “I want to hit you with a stick”/”I want to hit you” and so on. 

My aunt’s son Dongdong is 12 years old. He is in the fifth grade this year. The little guy has a very big temper. Listening to my aunt, he can’t fight or scold him at all. Even if he just says something, he can get anxious. 

I happened to be a guest at my aunt’s house that day. The teacher called her and said that Dongdong hadn’t done her homework and tore the book. The good-tempered aunt was also angry. 

When Dongdong came back from school, my aunt picked up a feather duster to beat Dongdong without saying a word. His first reaction was to hide, and then he began to scold his mother. 

When the aunt stopped beating him, he suddenly began to say, “I will beat you up when I grow up, I hate you.” This sentence from the child’s mouth is really unbelievable. 

But my aunt said that I don’t care about him. He has been like this since he was a kid. When he was angry, he would say these silly things, “I want to hit you with a stick”/”I want to hit you”… Then it became a habit. But I haven’t really done it, the most is just punching and kicking. 

It can be seen that this has become a habit, but knowing that there was such a tendency as a child, why not correct it at that time? You must know that when children internalize these often-talking words into a habit, they will subconsciously treat their parents in this way in the future, which is very dangerous. 

Therefore, when parents find that their children always like to say such things when they are angry, they must correct them. Don’t think that these are just children’s words and don’t take it too seriously. However, when it may be realized in the future, it will be difficult to correct it. 

2. Scolding parents

They all say that children nowadays cannot be beaten or scolded. I have seen too many mothers send private messages to me, “My children always scold me. It’s more fierce. I really can’t control it. I don’t dare to fight now, just because he is more extreme.” 

Let’s talk about a real case. A neighbor in my hometown gave birth to his youngest son after he gave birth to 5 daughters. The couple loves the youngest son very much and always give them to the child within the scope of their ability. the best. 

However, due to being overly spoiled, the children are biased in their personality in this environment. Once their needs are not met, they start to scold their parents. Since childhood, they are not good at swearing, and then they open their mouths to scold them. 

I once heard a child scolding his mother, “Insane, get out of the way, so annoying.” I thought that this kind of remarks was too much, but I didn’t expect to hear other neighbors say that the child had said something more ugly before, and I couldn’t describe it. 

However, the child who has become dirty in this way has already entered junior high school. The parents of the child are still saying that the child is just ignorant and will be much better in the future. But for such children, do any parents really dare to bet on the issue of pensions on them? 

3. “My, don’t move”

The kind of children that parents still need to pay attention to is the particularly selfish kind. This kind of children often have such characteristics. When parents encounter their things At times, they will always be very unhappy and stop the behavior of parents. 

At the same time, these children will clearly tell their parents that those things are theirs and that parents cannot touch them. Children who are clearly divided like this will not allow parents to touch their interests. In the future, it is difficult to count on them to provide for the elderly. After all, these children have too much selfishness, and even their parents are regarded as subconscious “outsiders” and do not know how to be grateful. 

If your child has the above-mentioned conditions, personal advice can be corrected for the child, then correct it as much as possible, but if it cannot be corrected once, twice, or three times, then parents can do more Prepare a back road for yourself, you can save more money, don’t think about putting everything on the child.

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