The poorer the family, the harder it is to get along? Bao Ma’s remarks penetrate the truth and make sense

The poorer the family, the harder it is to get along? Bao Ma’s remarks penetrate the truth and make sense.

The key to women choosing a spouse and choosing a family is not to have money, but to have a healthy parent, a healthy body, a good sense of affairs, a broad mind, and a high level of accomplishment. 

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As the saying goes: Once you enter a rich family, you are as deep as the sea. The interpersonal relationships of large families are more complicated, and they are intriguing all day long. TV dramas often stage the stage where the wealthy daughter-in-law is suppressed by the mother-in-law everywhere. Most people think that the richer the family, the more difficult it is to get along with. Some people will also persuade girls not to casually climb high branches. , Then marrying a poor family must be easy to get along with? 


< p>The cousin is at the age of marriage. A few cousins ​​chatted together last week, and she suddenly asked, “You said, which one is more difficult to get along with, to marry a poor family or to marry a rich family?” We started arguing verbally, and we benefited a lot from what the cousin said. 

The cousin said: “Under high probability, poor families are more difficult to get along with” for the following reasons——

1. Different knowledge and pattern

Generally It is said that a person’s wealth status matches his abilities, character, etc. It cannot be said that the accomplishments of the rich are very high, but generally not too low, and they have a lot of knowledge and a high profile, and they look at things. Inclusiveness and long-term are better than the poor. 

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In some rural families, they are not objective and disagree with the various contributions of women. They think that women just marry home, wash, cook, and have children, and their knowledge has been finalized. Cognition is difficult to change, and thinking is relatively backward. 

Some poorer families have higher requirements for their daughter-in-laws, hoping that they can earn money, do housework, have children and take care of their in-laws, and quarrel over trivial matters all day long, especially when they encounter An old man who is unreasonable and stubborn can completely blow you up. 

2. The contradiction between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is different

The good or bad relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is the key to determining the happiness index of a family. The poorer the family, the easier it is for the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law to live in the same roof Under the circumstances, there are naturally many contradictions and frictions. 

Due to the thinking of two generations Concepts, living habits, education methods, etc. are all different, probably because of the trivial conflicts of frying rice, oil and salt. The poorer you are, the more you like to think about smaller interests and the easier it is to hurt your feelings. In families with good financial conditions, mother-in-law and daughter-in-law often live separately, and don’t care about a small amount of money at all. If you care less, naturally there will be fewer conflicts and get along with each other. There are not so many bumps. 

Nowadays, many girls have poor personal conditions, but they want to change their destiny through marriage. This is impossible. Rich people are not stupid. You don’t have the capital and value to match. Why do others want Choose you? Finding a right person is very important. It’s really hard to live too high. Unless you are good enough, what kind of person you are will attract what kind of person. 

How to judge whether a family is good get along? 

They all say that being poor is not terrible, but the terrible thing is limited thinking and insufficient cultivation. Every girl wants to marry a good family. Of course, it does not have to be a rich family. Only a good family atmosphere and good character are almost okay. How to judge whether the other family is easy to get along with? 

1. Look at the nature of children

The education of a family is fully reflected in the child. If the child is well educated, then the family education and family style are very good of. 

2, whether to get along with the neighborhood Harmony

If you get along well with your neighbors, at least your character and popularity are very good. After all, everyone gets along day and night and knows a lot. If the local public opinion is not good, then pay attention. . 

3. Are there any bad habits?

A family should get along well and beautifully. Although there is little noise, they always stay together. The family atmosphere is very good, if If you have a bad temper, violent behavior, alcoholism, gambling, etc., you should be cautious. 

4. Is the parental relationship good?

If the relationship between the parents in a family is not good, it will be difficult for a woman to be happy after marrying, and it will be difficult to get along. The impact of the lack of family concept, and you will continue to get along with this model in the future. 

Which families of girls cannot marry ? 

1. A family that is lazy and does not want to make progress.

A family is always poor, mostly because of lack of self-motivatedness. If the family is a type of lazy food, they are not enterprising and confused all day long. Passing the day, then life will be very hard and tiring. 

2, patriarchal family

If this family has a patriarchal mentality, then it’s okay for you to give birth to a boy. Once you give birth to a daughter, your family status will drop suddenly. No one in the child looks after you, and even thinks that the girl is losing money, and ignores the child, which is also extremely cold to you. 

3, quite unreasonable Family

Every family will encounter problems. The key is not to see right or wrong, but to be reasonable. If both parents-in-laws are very unreasonable, then it is absolutely difficult for you to survive in this family , I didn’t even have a foothold, and I was getting worse and worse every day. I either compromised or divorced. Three types of men can easily conceive women , Not nonsense, there is scientific basis

Studies have found that high-quality protein is the main substance for sperm formation, and vitamin E and zinc can promote sperm activity. 

Writer: Wang Xiaoming

Editor: Wang Zhifeng

Finalized: Su Zihou

When it comes to pregnancy, most people think of women. If women have not been pregnant for a long time, they will consider whether there is a problem with their body and cause infertility, but in fact, if there is a problem with the sperm of a man, it will also affect the success rate of pregnancy. 

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Linlin has been married to her husband for three or four years. Before, she wanted to live in a two-person world, but she never had children. In recent years, all her friends and babies around her have started to go to kindergarten. 

The two of them started to decide to have a baby. After a year of pregnancy, Linlin’s stomach still did not respond, and there was no problem after the examination. This time the doctor suggested that the man do a comprehensive pre-pregnancy examination. It turns out that the sperm activity is too low, making it difficult to get pregnant. 

To sum up, in order to get pregnant, it is not enough for women to have good health and good ovarian and egg quality. Men also need to have good physical fitness and sperm quality. 

Three types of men , Will make women become “prone physique”

1. Men of the best childbearing age

As we all know, women have the best childbearing age, which is 22-30 years old, because of this At this stage, the various indicators of the female’s body have reached the best state, such as the function of the uterus and ovaries have also been fully developed, and the quality of the eggs discharged is also the best, but there is also an optimal age for reproductive men. 

In medicine, it is believed that the best childbearing age for men is 30 to 35 years old. French geneticists have found through a large number of studies that the age group of 30 to 35 years old The quality of male sperm can reach the peak, and the offspring born to females will be very good. 

2. Men who don’t have bad habits

Nowadays, the pace of life is getting faster and faster. Both men and women are under great pressure, and most men bear the responsibility of the family. Heavy burdens and need to earn more money to support their families, then they need to work hard, work overtime and stay up late, and even drink and socialize. Some of them will smoke to relieve their down pressure. 

For a long time, this kind of bad living habits can easily affect the quality, number and activity of sperm, which will increase the difficulty of conception invisibly. 

Therefore, in order to increase the chance of successful conception and give birth to a quality baby, it is necessary for men to quit some bad habits. 

3. Healthy men

In order for couples to successfully conceive, in addition to women providing high-quality eggs and uterus, men also need to provide healthy and high-quality sperm. Men are required to have a healthy body. 

Therefore, before preparing for pregnancy, it is recommended that both spouses go to the hospital for a physical examination to confirm that there is nothing wrong with the body, and there is no abnormality in order to start pregnancy. 

pregnancy period, What preparations can men do to increase the pregnancy rate of women? 

1. Healthy diet

If both husband and wife are preparing for pregnancy, men need to pay more attention to their diet to ensure the normal intake of some nutrients, especially the requirements of protein, zinc, and selenium. The metabolism and formation of sperm requires certain nutrients to provide. 

Studies have found that high-quality protein is the main substance in the formation of sperm, and vitamin E and zinc can promote sperm activity. 

PS: Foods rich in vitamin E include soybean oil, sesame oil, peanuts, etc., foods that contain zinc include oysters, walnuts, squid, etc., and foods rich in protein include milk, eggs, and fish. 

2. Keep proper amount of exercise

Research shows that men keep proper amount of exercise, not only can relieve the pressure of work and life, but also can effectively improve sperm activity, suitable for His sports include jogging, playing badminton, swimming and so on. 

3. No exposure to harmful substances

Some men are exposed to harmful substances such as benzene, formaldehyde, food additives, radiation, etc., which will affect the production and vitality of sperm. Therefore, in order to increase the chance of conception, men must stay away from these harmful substances. 

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