The photos show you the evolutionary history of Chinese school uniforms. Which one do you wear? Accidentally exposed the age

The photos show you the evolutionary history of Chinese school uniforms. Which one do you wear? I accidentally exposed my age

Writer: Chen Fang

Editor: Liu Yizhi

Finalized: Su Zihou

As a school uniform The uniform dress of the students is not only a display of the students’ spiritual outlook, but also a sign of the youth age. Although many early school uniforms have been criticized by students, with the development of the times, they have already changed their appearance. 

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The origin of the school uniform may be different from what you think

When it comes to school uniform, it seems very disgusting, but in fact it first appeared because of the social environment at that time Under the circumstances, many students have difficulties in their families, and it is difficult to put on a clean and complete suit. 

In order to prevent these poor children from having an inferiority complex because of their clothes, and at the same time wealthy classmates are not too ostentatious, the school stipulates a uniform dress, so that the children wear the same clothes to school. This concept was accepted by most schools, and in the end school uniforms became the standard clothing for students. 

The emergence of school uniforms has pros and cons , It has strengthened the overall image of the school to a great extent, is conducive to enhancing the collective sense of honor of the students, and avoiding the style of comparison, making the students more equal. 

However, school uniforms also have some shortcomings. For example, there will be disadvantages in the cultivation of innovative spirit and student personality, and the quality and size of school uniforms are not suitable for all students. 

The history of school uniform development in China, which one do you wear? 

Many students think that school uniforms are ugly. In fact, school uniforms have been beautiful. Every stage of school uniforms inevitably leaves the mark of the times. Let’s see which school uniform you wear below? I accidentally exposed my age–

The first stage:

In the early years, when school uniforms first appeared, that is, after the Revolution of 1911 to the end of the 1930s, some Uniform-style and cheongsam-style school uniforms, these school uniforms are not only beautiful in appearance, but also carry the new culture and new ideas of the time, and are the sustenance of people’s mind and aesthetic culture. Only later due to some more complicated social reasons, school uniforms were gradually randomized. 

Uniform school uniform: female main The dress is a Chinese style slant-breasted stand-collar waist top + western-style knee-length pleated skirt + white stockings + black western-style Oxford shoes. The main attire for boys is Indan Shilin cloth robe + suit / tunic suit / + cap. 

Cheongsam-style school uniform: boys are in There are not too many changes in school uniforms, and women’s school uniforms are dominated by cheongsam. 

The second stage:

In fact, in the 1980s, the interrupted school uniform culture had been restored, but overall it was still relatively scattered, until the 1990s It was not until the beginning of the 21st century that school uniform culture was truly restored and strengthened. 

Of course, this stage of school uniforms is also the stage that we criticize the most, because sports school uniforms have become the mainstream at this time. 

At this time, school uniforms are mainly based on sports elements, with red, blue, white, and green in various colors. I believe that when friends from 8090 saw these clothes, most people would think of themselves That “ugly adolescence” really accidentally exposed his age. 

Traditional red, yellow and white color scheme< /p>

Cool blue and white color scheme< /p>

Classic black and white color matching

Elegant white and purple color scheme

After reading these color schemes, is there an urge to interview a designer? However, the ugly goes to the ugly, the sports school uniform is the youthful memory of our generation, and in addition to not good-looking, it is still very convenient. 

The third stage:

With the gradual improvement of living standards, traditional sports school uniforms have long been unable to meet the requirements of students and parents, and some uniform school uniforms have gradually become the current mainstream. 

These school uniforms are not only fashionable, in line with the aesthetics of contemporary young people, but also of high quality. The most important thing is that they fit well, because each child’s clothing is tailor-made, not like the previous ones. School uniforms often have the problem of being too fat. I really envy children born in 00s and 10s when I see them here. 

New idea: “Hanfu Chao “It’s popular, can you use it as a school uniform?” 

With the rise of traditional culture, Hanfu has become a favorite of many young people, and has even become a common wear for many young people. Therefore, some people have put forward a suggestion: Hanfu has traditional Chinese characteristics and is loved by everyone, why not What about Hanfu as a Chinese school uniform? 

However, in fact, Hanfu is not suitable for school uniforms, mainly because–

A. Poor practicality: Hanfu is indeed impeccable in appearance, but in practicality The above is slightly inferior. Because Hanfu is usually relatively large, it is inconvenient for children to go to the toilet or engage in sports activities. 

B. Security risks: Hanfu Skirts are usually longer, and there are more students in school, so stamping is more likely to occur during peak school hours. 

C. It is not conducive to the development of cultural diversity: As a multi-ethnic country, many ethnic minorities have their own costumes with ethnic characteristics. Hanfu is not its traditional costume. Therefore, it is necessary to force Hanfu to be a school uniform. Disrespect for the culture of other ethnic minorities is also not conducive to the development of cultural diversification.  Fertility is related to husband and wife’s blood type, research It shows that there are more couples and children with a blood type combination.

Text | Fortunately pregnant sister (senior maternal and child nurse, original is not easy, please do not plagiarize)

Our parents seem to be particularly afraid of others Boasting of their own children, and especially dislikes about boasting about their children in front of others. Examples of this can be seen everywhere in life:

When others praise their children for excellence, when they are serious about their studies, parents immediately He would say: “He just pretends to study and doesn’t like to do homework.”

When several parents gather to talk about their children, they always talk about their children’s shortcomings:

“My children watch TV as soon as they go home.”

“My family is also very lazy. When I get home, I like to play with mobile phones and do not write homework.”

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Every time a parent reveals a child’s short-term behavior, there are always people who are particularly puzzled. Why is this? Is it so hard to praise? 

Why do parents like to expose their children? 

▶Inequality between personalities

Many people will subconsciously praise each other when chatting with outsiders, even if others say that they are not good, they will also compliment: “Which Where is it, you are obviously very good.”

But when faced with children, this is not the case. 

This is because many parents have never treated their children as independent individuals, thinking that they are their own appendages, because children are part of themselves, so while being self-effacing, they should also belittle them. they. 

At that time, the children and their parents were not one after all. Of course, they would feel sad and negative emotions when they heard criticism. 

▶Worry about the child becoming bad< /p>

The famous saying that humility makes progress is printed in almost everyone’s mind. Parents also believe in this when educating their children, so when others praise or talk about their children’s achievements, they always have to On the bad side. 

So that the child will not be proud and complacent when he hears it. 

▶Unable to accept that children are better than themselves

Sometimes even parents don’t realize that they can’t accept that their children are better than themselves, even if it’s academic performance, such parents will be raising their children When there is a sense of superiority. 

They find fun in hitting and educating their children, and always proving that they are better than their children. 

So, once someone else praises When I have a baby, I feel unhappy. 

What harm will the child bring to the short circuit? 

▼Children become inferior and self-closing

Children who are often criticized by their parents will have a low sense of self-identity and will doubt if they are really bad, and they will become Inferiority complex and self-closing. 

▼Develop as parents criticize

When a person is labeled, there are generally two actions. One is to give up and reinforce this label. Since everyone does not Be optimistic about me, why should I change. 

Another kind of child with very strong self-direction ability may successfully transform himself and correct his image, but how many such children are there? 

Therefore, parents are better off starting Just use the way of praise and praise to bring positive reinforcement to the children’s strengths and make them more outstanding. 

In addition to exposing the shortcomings, what other behaviors do parents use to harm their children with words? 

★Cold sarcasm

Habitually deny everything about your children. If you can speak well, it will be very yin and yang. Common mantras are:

“You too Doing housework, the sun has come out from the west.”

“I said you can’t succeed. Who told you not to listen to me.”

“Who will show you in this way? ?”


★slander children

Always trust others, distrust children or whenever they do Something, will doubt the motive, think that the child is lying. 

★Complain to children


Instill all the negative emotions in life into your children. 

For example, “Your father/mother is useless. I worked hard for this family.” “This society is unfair. Others have relationships. You can’t do it without it.” And so on. 

Parents’ language can make children despair and make them better

✔Praise the children for their specific actions

There will be many challenges, not every time they can be successful, parents may wish to praise their efforts, rather than praise their children after success, which will make them more motivated. 

✔Encourage children

Encourage children’s positive interests and hobbies and help them persevere, so that even if they fail to succeed, they can exercise their concentration and willpower. 

✔On the matter

When a child does something wrong, it is enough for parents to talk to them about it. It will be disgusting not to mention similar mistakes before. 

[Xing Yun Shuo]

Language is a way of communication between people. It is more straightforward and concise. The harm caused by inadvertent is often great, and it is more than imagined. Get more. 

Compared with caring in action, it is mean in language; it is also the expression of caring in language and action, which is more acceptable to children. 

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