The person in charge of the trustee slapped the pupils, and beat the children while earning the children’s money? The police report came

The person in charge of the trustee slapped the pupils, and beat the children while earning the children’s money? The police report is here.

Current parents are busy with work all day and do not have time to take care of their children, especially for those with two children at home, the eldest goes to elementary school, the second goes to kindergarten, the age difference between the two children is not too big. Parents really can’t take care of it. Therefore, some parents will choose to let their older children take care of them, which can reduce some of the burden on parents. Of course, some trustees are more responsible, but most of them are not very formal. Parents must keep their eyes open when choosing a child to prevent the child from being wronged. 

Some time ago, such a video was circulated on the Internet, and many parents must have seen it. A childcare center in Bazhou, Henan Province beat up children, and the video was shot very clearly. The parents of this child are all working in other places. It is not particularly convenient to take care of the children, and it is also inconvenient to take the children to school in other places, so the parents chose a local custody agency for the children. When the parents chose the trusteeship agency, they didn’t know each other. They spent money to send their children to this place, and the teacher would treat their children like this. 

When the child was beaten, it should be noon from the video. There were many children nearby who were taking a nap. The teacher took the child to a corner, said something to the child, and beat and kicked the child as he said. 

After the parents learned that the child was beaten, the parents did not condone the trusteeship agency, and directly chose to report to the police and let the police intervene in the investigation. Now the person in charge has been administratively detained for 13 days. 

I believe that many parents see the video of their children being beaten, and their psychology must be particularly distressed. The most heartbreaking thing for parents is that they have spent money and thought they have found a good place for their children, but they did not expect some trusteeship agencies. It’s really chilling to do something conscience with the parents’ money. But thinking about it the other way round, not all escrows are of different styles, and not all escrows are problematic. 

Parents are giving When a child chooses a custody agency, he must pay attention to

choose a custody agency with formal procedures

When parents choose this kind of custody agency for their children, they must carefully investigate, after all, parents want to put their children in the custody agency , Then this institution must assume the responsibility of the child. Therefore, when parents choose, they must choose a trusteeship organization with formal procedures. Don’t choose some small organizations, which are not protected at all. If there is a problem with the child, there is no place to reason. 

Choosing a hosting institution with a better reputation

Parents choose a hosting agency for their children, but also consider the parent’s reputation. Parents should choose a hosting agency with a better reputation, because the word-of-mouth thing cannot be compiled, and it is all parents Experienced one by one, so parents must listen to the word-of-mouth introductions of friends and parents before choosing hosting for their children, so that the chosen hosting is more reliable. 

Choosing a more responsible custody by the teacher

Parents should not blindly choose custody for their children. Parents should consider various factors. If time permits, parents should experience the attitude of the teacher of the custody agency to their children. , And feel whether the teacher of the trusteeship agency is responsible for the child. Parents will give their children choices after field inspections and personal experience, so that parents may be able to avoid some detours. There are indeed no formal procedures for custody in some places, and parents may send their children to such a custody agency without knowing it. 

if the child is in Such custodial institutions are treated unfairly. Parents should first

find the person in charge of the custodial institution

When the child suffers some danger or harm in the custodial institution, parents must not swallow their anger, it will only help Parents should directly find the person in charge of the trusteeship organization to face the problem directly due to the bad atmosphere of the trusteeship organization. If the matter is relatively minor, parents can consult with the trustee based on the attitude of the trustee. If the trustee can give a clear attitude, the parents can handle it at their discretion. If the trustee cannot give a reasonable explanation, then the parents must choose to use it. The right way to help yourself. 

Parents can choose the police to intervene if the matter is serious.

If the child’s matter is serious, as in the case of directly slapped the child mentioned in the case, parents can directly choose to let the police intervene. Parents must remember not to be too serious. Over impulsiveness, many parents become impulsive when they see that their children are harmed. They want to help their children. In the end, it is not only the children but also the parents who are injured. Therefore, parents must pass the law to protect the rights of themselves and their children, and let the law punish them. Bad guys. 

Of course, there are now an endless stream of trusteeship agencies. Parents will inevitably be unable to make choices. Therefore, the most important parents should teach their children the ways and methods to protect themselves. In this way, in any dangerous place, The most important thing is that children can protect themselves from harm. After 00 couples show affection in the mother-infant room, they also call “feeding is really eye-catching”. The aunt teaches how to be a person in minutes

For breastfeeding mothers, breastfeeding is not easy, the baby’s stomach capacity Very young, and frequent breastfeeding makes the mothers very tired. What makes Baoma even more embarrassed is that breastfeeding in public is really embarrassing if you take the child out. Although there are many people who can understand the behavior of breastfeeding in public places, some people with low quality will criticize it. 

Lovers after 00 Occupying the maternal and infant room to show affection, Bao Mom’s request was rejected and she was really dazzled by Tucao. At the critical moment, the aunt taught to be a person.

The weather was hot, Xiuxiu took the baby to the mall, and wanted to buy some seasonal clothes for the baby. Clothes to wear. Although I was ready before going out, I didn’t expect that the baby would still cry after shopping for a while. Xiuxiu thought that the baby might be hungry, so she wanted to find a place to feed the baby. Xiuxiu was very happy to see the sign of the maternity room in the mall, so she walked to the maternity room while holding her baby. 

When he walked to the door of the maternity room, he found two couples born after 00 were taking selfies in the maternity room. So Xiuxiu stepped forward and asked with some embarrassment, “My baby is hungry, I need to breastfeed him immediately, can I leave the maternity room for me first?” The couple in front of me unexpectedly was in the maternity room. Li Xiu felt affection and completely ignored Xiu Xiu’s request. 

This made Xiuxiu feel very embarrassed, but the baby in her arms cried louder. In desperation, Xiuxiu had to feed her milk at the door of the nursery room. But unexpectedly, the couple actually mocked Xiuxiu, “Feeding in public is really eye-catching!” Although Xiuxiu, who was breastfeeding her baby, was aggrieved at heart, she was so angry that she didn’t know how to respond. 

At this time, a passing aunt discovered the situation, and saw the aunt walk over quickly, and said to the couple, “You all grew up drinking mother’s milk, occupying mothers and babies. Room, are you lacking in virtue? Do you two need to breast-feed the baby after being a mother?” The aunt’s output made the young couple blushing and hurried away, and Xiuxiu also thanked the aunt for her help. 

in public , What should I do if my child is hungry and wants to take milk? 

If the baby is hungry and wants to drink while going out, then mothers can choose some more hidden locations to breastfeed. If you are on public transportation, the mothers can also cover them with clothing appropriately. If it is in a shopping mall, mothers can look for the location of the mother and baby room. Relatively speaking, the environment in the mother and baby room is better, and mothers can breastfeed more comfortably. You can usually find out by asking the security guard or looking at the signs. 

Of course, if you have to breastfeed in public, mothers should not feel embarrassed. After all, qualified people will understand this, and look away from it. The public’s tolerance towards Bao Ma is a manifestation of the quality of the nation, and it should be human nature to be considerate of the difficulties of others. 

How to avoid The dilemma of breastfeeding in public? Moms can prepare well in advance

Before there is a travel plan, moms should make adequate preparations, such as bringing hot water and milk powder, so that they can drink a bottle when they are hungry. In addition, if the travel time is not very long, the mothers can also breastfeed before going out, so that the baby will not easily feel hungry when going out. In addition, mothers should also control their travel time and try not to allow the travel time to be too long, because this may cause the baby to be too tired and crying, and they have to be fed and comforted by the mother. 

There are also many breastfeeding gowns on the market that are convenient for breastfeeding. They are very convenient to put on and take off. They can also effectively cover sensitive areas during breastfeeding. And breastfeeding gowns are usually set relatively light and thin, so the baby will not feel stuffy while drinking. Bao Ma can be easily carried when going out, avoiding the embarrassment of breastfeeding in public. In addition to breastfeeding gowns, mothers can also choose to use gauze to cover them, and the effect is very obvious. 

In addition, breastfeeding mothers try not to take their babies alone. If they are accompanied by family members, they will not be in a hurry. And if you are breastfeeding in public, family members can also help with sheltering, which will make Baoma more secure. In addition, there are more items to carry when going out. If there are family members to help share the burden, the mothers will have more energy to calm the baby’s emotions. 

The civilization of a city starts from giving others understanding and respect. I believe that no mother is willing to breastfeed in public, but for the baby in their arms, the mothers have to do it. Therefore, the public should give more understanding and support to breastfeeding mothers so that they can feel more considerate and caring. Breastfeeding is not easy, and breastfeeding in public is not ashamed.

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