The parents are tall, but the child suffers from short stature? Listen to what the director of pediatrics says

The parents are tall, but the child suffers from short stature? Listen to what the director of pediatrics says

People think that if the parents themselves have very high births, the children’s births will not be short. However, there are many tall parents whose children are short, which makes it difficult for them to understand why they are tall but their children are short. So, why is the parent so tall, but the child suffers from short stature? What should I do if my child suffers from short stature? 

Let me also say that although the height of the child is genetically important, there are other reasons that may cause the child’s short stature. 

Our height, genetic factors account for about 70%. Therefore, we can see that in families with taller parents, children are generally taller. If the parents are not tall, the child seems to have difficulty growing taller. But this is not absolute, because the height of parents and even the growth and development of children will be affected by other factors. 

1. Recessive genes that affect height: Although some parents are tall, there are other people in the family whose height is not ideal. For example, if the grandfather’s height is not high, then the grandfather may carry genes that are unfavorable to the height, which will be passed on to the next generation through some recessive inheritance, which will affect the height of the grandson. 

2. The child has a problem: Sometimes there is no major genetic problem, but the child has a physical problem, such as the child’s pituitary gland which causes the child to be short. 

How should children’s short stature be treated? 

Children’s shortness needs timely intervention and treatment. There are many ways to treat and interfere with shortness. It is necessary to prescribe the right medicine for different reasons. 

1. The child’s shortness is caused by the lack of vitamin D, so the child only needs vitamin D supplementation. If the trace elements are not balanced, add trace elements to him. Malnutrition needs to adjust his diet. 

2. Growth hormone supplement: Carefully judge whether the child needs supplemental growth hormone therapy. Generally, children who meet the criteria for short stature should undergo a series of examinations by a specialist doctor. The test also includes a series of tests, such as blood tests, growth hormone determination, bone age determination and head MRI, etc., to determine whether the child is a child who can be treated with growth hormone. 

After the child’s treatment reaches the standard for growth hormone use, the doctor will prescribe a prescription, and the parents agree that the child can receive growth hormone treatment. According to the different conditions of each child, the treatment effect will be different. I believe that parents are more curious about whether the child’s growth hormone therapy can make the child reach the average height. 

To sum up, it’s not that both parents are taller, and the child born will be taller. Therefore, if the height of the parents is very high, but the height of the child is not ideal, they should take the child to the hospital. Check the reasons for the child’s short height, and strive to allow the child to have room to grow taller. Pediatrician popular science, “precocious puberty” may be eaten out, parents should know

Sometimes, I suddenly find that I suddenly grow up and grow old. I still remember that when I first moved to the community, the child who lived in the same community as my neighbor’s house was just born, and now he’s almost reaching my height. When I look at my surroundings, they are all half-old children, sometimes even myself. They all admire their innocence. 

Envy them not to worry about food and clothing, worry-free Carefree, but this is the child I envy. While their parents were gratified, they looked sad. When they turned back to ask the child’s mother, Ms. Li, she realized that when she accidentally played with her child, she felt that the child’s body was a little strange, so she took the child. After going for a checkup, the doctor told her that the child was “precocious”. When Ms. Li heard it, it was incredible. She didn’t understand why the child was like this. Through the doctor’s understanding and examination, the conclusion was actually taken. 

With the popularization of health knowledge, we have some understanding of what is precocious puberty. Usually “precocious puberty” refers to the symptoms of the second development of physical characteristics in boys before eleven and a half years old and girls before ten and a half years old, such as a boy with a long apple, a dull voice, and a girl with raised breasts. Development and so on. 

So, what kind of food is likely to cause the child’s body What about “precocious puberty”? 

1. Skin care products: It is understood that Ms. Li and the elderly in the family are eating skin care products. When the children want to eat, Ms. Li often gives them to their children. Ms. Li felt that it was okay for the children to eat skin care products. child. However, the actual situation is that there are a lot of hormones in skin care products. Children are still relatively young. If a large amount of hormones are taken in, it is easy to cause precocious puberty.

2. Ripening food: now due to the market There is a large demand for food, often in short supply. (For example, many fruits are ripe in July and August, and they are often sold in winter. They have bright colors but no fruit aroma). Therefore, some suppliers sell some ripened foods. If you want food to mature as soon as possible, you need to inject a lot of hormones, which is another cause of precocious puberty in children;

3. Fried and puffed foods: related investigations show that the oil in fried foods will be used repeatedly Children often eat fried foods. With the continuous intake of calories and fat, it will affect the normal operation of the child’s body endocrine, leading to obesity, which is also one of the murderers of precocious puberty. 

In life, you must restrain your children reasonably Diet, especially before the child develops puberty, try to let the child eat less high-calorie food. If it is found that the child is developing abnormally, take the child to a regular hospital for examination as soon as possible, and try to avoid a series of harms caused by precocious puberty to the child’s body. “Grandma frozen age” is on fire. I held my daughter 27 years ago, but now I am holding my granddaughter. It’s even more beautiful

When it comes to “freezing age”, I believe many people will I am envious. After all, everyone wants to be “eternal youth”, but there are not many that can really do it. Perhaps only those celebrities in the entertainment circle who have earned both fame and fortune can give themselves a non-discounted appearance. 

Especially in real life, many mothers will find that since they got married and had children, the aging speed of their faces makes them almost never recognize themselves, let alone “frozen age”. But why do some precious mothers still look the same even if they become grandma? 

“Grandma frozen age” is on fire. I held my daughter 27 years ago, but now I am holding my granddaughter, but she has become more beautiful.

Some time ago, a netizen shared There are 2 photos of my mother’s “frozen age”. The first one was taken 27 years ago by my mother holding her newly born self. 

Although the photos are in color, in the era when there was no beauty and no PS technology, the mother’s face value could be called “prosperous beauty”, and the hairstyle was also very popular in that era with curly hair, coupled with curvy hair. Her willow eyebrows and red lips look very youthful and beautiful, with a very fashionable style. 

27 years later, his daughter was also born. The woman in the photo was upgraded to a grandmother and took a photo with her granddaughter in her arms. 

However, comparing these two photos, it is surprising to find that after 27 years, grandma’s face seems to be as beautiful as ever, with Qi bangs and jet black. Straight long hair, looks even more beautiful than before. If this is the child’s mother, I believe many people will believe it, and she is a very young mother. 

Many netizens left a message after seeing these two photos:

“It makes me sore!”

“I don’t care if I look good, I’m not too old, it’s really enviable!”

“This looks is probably the legendary’Frozen Man ‘Let’s!”

After 27 years, I believe that many people have undergone tremendous changes. Even the children who were held in their arms have become people. Mother, but this grandma still maintains a youthful and beautiful appearance, which has to be envied. 

If you want to achieve “freezing age”, it is closely related to the following points. It is also very happy to account for one item.

1. It has a certain relationship with heredity

“Frozen age” is in There are several things in common in appearance, such as delicate and shiny skin, no obvious wrinkles, and higher appearance. This skin condition can actually be inherited. If someone in the family has good skin condition and can still maintain the state of youth after entering middle age, then it is very likely that oneself will inherit this advantage. 

2. It is related to mentality

I believe many people have seen You Benchang’s version of “Jigong” This drama, but what many people don’t know is that Mr. You Benchang was 53 years old when he participated in this drama. Now that decades have passed, Mr. You Benchang is still alive, and it doesn’t seem to be much different from the previous year. . 

In fact, this is because he has a good mentality and often participates in various activities, reading and writing, interacting with children and having fun. Therefore, if you want to keep yourself “frozen age”, your mentality is very important. 

3. It has a certain relationship with family conditions.

Generally speaking, families with better conditions Women also have fewer things to worry about in their lives. For example, many rural women nowadays do not have to work all day, and they have less physical, energy, and exposure to the sun, and their skin becomes better. 

In addition, women with better family conditions are able to go to skin care, beauty, and use better skin care products. This is also a way to maintain “frozen age”. Therefore, many female celebrities age much slower than ordinary people. 

4. Related to family relationships

As the saying goes: family and everything flourish. For a woman, family harmony is also very important if she wants to maintain her “frozen age”. 

In a family, if the relationship between husband and wife is harmonious, the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law is harmonious, and the children are worry-free and sensible, then women in the family will have fewer disputes and more A lot of happiness. Women’s happiness is the best nourishment for the skin, and aging naturally slows down. 

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