The parent has a wrong feeding method, which has hurt the child’s stomach, and the height development may also be affected

The parent has a wrong feeding method, which has hurt the child’s stomach and height development may also be affected

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In the parent’s subconscious, stomach discomfort is a phenomenon that only adults can experience, but children may also suffer from some ill effects. Habits, and cause damage to the stomach, which threatens normal growth and development. 

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About the stomach

The stomach is the digestive organ of the human body. It connects with the esophagus at the top and the small intestine at the bottom. The gastrointestinal tract is mainly innervated by the central nervous system (CNS) and enteric nervous system (ENS). 

If the stomach is damaged, it will not be able to digest food well and supply the nutrients needed by the body, which will inevitably cause harm to health and weaken the resistance. 

According to investigations and studies, 45%-84% of children in my country suffer from gastritis, and gastritis in children has become a common digestive system problem. 

Therefore, as a parent, you must pay attention to the way when taking care of your child, so as not to hurt your stomach health. 

Parents The wrong “feeding” method is hurting the child’s “stomach”

1. Feeding the child too much

In daily life, some parents use how much their children eat to measure their growth and development In fact, the stomach function of the baby is not yet mature. If you eat too much food, it will easily burden the stomach and affect the digestion and absorption rate, thereby damaging the “stomach” and causing harm to the body. 

2. Give children irritating foods

Some children like to eat spicy and irritating foods, such as spicy strips, peppers, coffee, etc., but are also greedy for cold, and like to eat cold drinks, such as ice cream , Ice cream, etc. 

This kind of strongly irritating food is likely to cause irritation to the baby’s intestines and stomach, leading to damage to the gastric mucosa. 

In addition, children love snacks, but they do not know that they contain various additives, which can easily stimulate the nerves of the stomach and interfere with digestive functions. 

3. Irregular “feeding”

Some parents usually have poor eating habits and seldom eat on time. They skip meals in the morning to stay in bed, and eat supper with extra meals in the evening. The child has gradually developed this habit. 

Such a hungry and full meal can easily hurt the stomach. Especially if you don’t eat breakfast, the stomach’s food has been emptied, and it will begin to secrete gastric acid and pepsin, which is easy for the stomach. The mucosa is eroded. 

Eating midnight snacks at night often makes it difficult to digest the food. This will not only increase the burden on the stomach, but may also cause excess nutrition, leading to fat accumulation, and also affecting height development. 

4. Unhygienic diet

As the saying goes: “Illness comes from the mouth.” Now many stalls on the roadside, most of them do not meet the sanitary standards, and summer fruits and vegetables are also easily affected by bacteria. Violation and so on. 

Therefore, as a parent, you must pay attention to dietary hygiene and don’t just give your children some food. Although gastric acid can break down most of the bacteria, there are still some stubborn bacteria that can easily lead to gastritis. Helicobacter pylori and so on. 

How should parents regulate their children’s intestines and stomach? 

1. Dietary conditioning

Parents want to regulate their children’s intestines and stomachs, they can regulate their children’s intestines and stomachs, such as small and frequent meals, regular meals, etc., and they can also make some foods that invigorate the spleen and stomach, such as Pumpkin millet porridge, carrot yam porridge, etc. 

You can also eat some warm, flat fresh fruits, such as apples, strawberries, etc., which can protect the gastric mucosa to a certain extent. 

2, moderate exercise

Parents can take their children to do more exercises, which will not only promote the metabolism of the body, but also have certain immunity The lifting effect of the gastrointestinal tract can also accelerate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote digestion, and help the recovery of gastrointestinal function to a certain extent. 

3. Tuina massage

Parents usually use Tuina massage to stimulate and regulate the baby’s acupuncture points. Specific methods As follows:

  • a. Before going to bed every night, parents use index and middle fingers to lift 1.5 inches of meat next to the spine from bottom to top, with moderate attention. Repeat 3~5 times;
  • b. Use the pad of the thumb to push straight from the tip of the child’s thumb to the base of the finger, and repeat about 10 times. 

    Taking care of a baby is not an easy task in itself, especially for children with relatively weak physical constitutions, which require more attention from their parents.  A graduation book written by a primary school student, leave a message But it was full of malice. The teacher was both scared and sad after reading a graduation book written by elementary school students, but the message was full of malice. The teacher was both scared and sad after reading it

    Writer: Xiao Xiao

    Editor: Muzi

    Finalization: Empress Su Zi

    Most people think that children should be particularly innocent and kind. They have not been disturbed by the outside world and do not know how to say something hurtful, because Parents and other relatives take care of me carefully and understand how to be considerate of others. 

    Internet, pictures and texts are irrelevant

    But because children have not been restrained and educated, they may not control their own desires and bad ideas, and often require parents and others to be satisfied Own requirements. 

    When facing people who do not like or agree with, they may also say very hurtful and vicious words. 

    Primary school students write graduation booklet, sunshine Underneath his appearance is full of malicious

    Some time ago, a teacher posted a few photos of his graduation book on the Internet. He also said that he had never thought that the students he taught would be like this. Obviously He is usually very optimistic, cheerful and warm-hearted. 

    This teacher was hit hard by this incident, and he began to question his career, not knowing whether he should continue to do it. 

    After seeing the content of the picture clearly, netizens also started a lively discussion. 

    “I remember When I wrote my classmates in the past, regardless of whether they were familiar with or liked, I would write blessings on their classmates and answer every question seriously.”

    “His text is really vicious, The writing is also ugly. Children really can’t just look at their appearance. Who knows that a child who looks fat and cute is so vicious?”

    “Don’t talk about kids anymore. Simple and kind, some children are purely bad and are born bad, and some children are little angels when they are born.”

    Indeed, there are too many personality differences between different children, and there are such children who are opposite to classmates , There are children who love strangers very much. 

    1, (pictured above) A child saw the water on the bus seat and took out a tissue to wipe it clean. After he wiped it, he did not sit by himself, but gave it to other passengers. Netizens even ordered for such a child. great. 

    2, there are children After accidentally damaging the adult’s car, he left in a hurry and took the initiative to leave his contact information. 

    3, some little babies She is very filial and lets her mother rest on her body. 

    Why do children’s characters Is there a big difference? 

    ▶ The influence of heredity

    Many people only know that height and intelligence are inherited from their parents. Few people understand that a person’s personality is also affected by their parents. 

    In order to study the genetic aspects of personality, some scientists have found a lot of identical twins who were forced to separate. Although these children did not live together when they were young, they have surprising personalities when they grow up. The similarity. 

    Furthermore, scientists also said that when a person gets older, the influence of genes on him becomes stronger and stronger, and the child’s personality will be more like a parent. 

    Because children can also change their personality by making friends when they are young, but when they grow up, they will be more affected by genes because of the fixed environment. 

    So the elderly often say “If you have a father, you have a son” is very reasonable. 

    ▶ The influence of family education

    Although scientists believe that human personality is affected by genes, when they are still young and cannot determine the environment, their personality is also easily affected by the family environment. Impact. 

    Many netizens have also demonstrated this point of view: some of them were brought up by their grandma and other relatives in the countryside by their parents when they were young. If those parents are full of swear words, they will also Let me start with an swear word. 

    If you are lucky enough to leave there when you grow up, your personality will change. 

    So, how to teach children to become A kind-hearted person with a good personality? 

    ▶ Parents’ role models

    Parents are the children’s first teacher and the source of their children’s character. If you want your children to be a kind person, you must first become A kind-hearted person with good qualities. 

    Even if I want to lose my temper again , Talking trash, doing something against morals, you must also consider your own influence on your children. 

    ▶ Choose a good environment for your child

    When a parent can’t take care of the child from time to time, it’s also important to choose someone to look after him. If the other person’s character is not good, it’s best to take care of the child or Please take care of better people. 

    When a child goes to school, it is equally important to choose an excellent school and teacher, and the child’s personality may become better as a result. 

    If parents don’t want their children to have a certain personality like themselves, they can also choose better playmates for him, encourage him to make friends, and make changes in good friends. 


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