The optimal age for women may be lowered. At 25, “late childbirth” occurs. Have you missed the best time?

The optimal age for women may be lowered. At 25, “late childbirth” occurs. Have you missed the best time? 

With the increasing pressure of modern people’s lives, more and more married women choose to postpone the childbirth plan, because they think that giving birth to a child now not only takes time, but also causes problems for their careers. Great influence. 

Although late marriage and late childbirth is a major trend in our country, studies have shown that late childbearing is also harmful to the body. Generally speaking, the best childbearing age for women is 25 years old. But nowadays, many women have declining physical fitness due to factors such as excessive work pressure. More and more people believe that the best time for women to have children before the age of 25 is. 

I was urged to marry by my parents as soon as I graduated, true The reason I have to agree is, are you willing to have children before the age of 25

Yingzi is a fresh graduate. The girl at this age should worry most about work, but she Very troubled by the parents’ urging behavior. Her parents arranged for her a blind date all day long, but she felt that she was only 22 years old and was not in a hurry to consider marriage. If she wanted to work for a few years and succeed in her career, she would consider getting married. 

But Yingzi’s parents believe that getting married earlier is the most suitable for contemporary youth. After all, after a blind date, it takes about one or two years to learn that getting married. After marriage, the birth of a child also requires the process of pregnancy and pregnancy. If you want to give birth to a child before the age of 25, you must hurry up and find a reliable one. The other half. Yingzi couldn’t understand why her parents had to let them have children before the age of 25, but after talking with her parents one day, she finally understood the hard work of her parents. 

It turned out that her parents thought women’s employment pressure It’s very big, and once you’re employed, it’s hard to spare time to have children, and it’s hard to return to the work environment after giving birth. It is better for women to have children earlier so that they can concentrate on work after their children are a little older. 

And now the two-child policy is open. If you can have a child before the age of 25, you can also plan to have a second child. After listening to his parents, Yingzi also understood the painstaking efforts of his parents. So what is the danger of late childbearing? Have you missed the best childbearing age? 

1. Women’s bodies are not easy to recover.

It is important to know that fertility can cause great damage to women’s bodies, and if they do not recover well, the root of the disease may fall. Therefore, the advantage of giving birth early is that women are strong at this time and their cell metabolism is fast, so that the uterus will recover faster. But pay attention to the range of giving birth early is after the age of 20, because now the legal age for marriage in our country is 20 years for women. If the uterus is not fully developed for women, it will be difficult to give birth. 

Nowadays, many women think about giving birth after the age of 30 because of work reasons, but we must pay attention to the childbearing age preferably not more than 35 years old, because women over 35 years old are considered advanced mothers. Not only is the chance of dystocia during childbirth very high, but it is also difficult for the body and figure to recover after childbirth. Therefore, if you can give birth early, you should choose to give birth at the right age. 

Second, there are no young people with the energy to bring children Ok

It is not easy for older and older women to have children, and it is even more of a test for them to have children. After all, when women get older, their physical fitness will not be so good. The need to stay up late to bring children can cause great damage to women’s energy and body. Bringing children while young can not only be less tired, but you can also leave the children to their parents for help. When you have a child in your thirties, and your parents are getting older, you will be even more overwhelmed if there is no one to help you with the child. 

3. The possibility of becoming a full-time mother will increase.

Some women think that marriage and childbirth can only be achieved when they have a certain financial foundation. But in fact, if you are late for work, you may not have the opportunity to work again. According to research, the percentage of young people in my country who have given birth full-time at home has reached 58%, and this figure is still rising year by year. 

So it’s better to give birth early when you’re young, so that when your child is around three years old, you can ask your parents to help you take care of your child, and then you can go to work. Generally speaking, it is better for a husband to raise a child before going to work than having a child at work first, which can reduce a lot of pressure. 

Four, there is little chance of having a second child

Nowadays, the optimal age for women to conceive is declining. This is because of the opening up of the second-child policy, more and more people want to have a second child, so the age of the first child is required to be earlier . If you give birth too late, you don’t have the energy to think about having a second child, you don’t have the energy to take care of the second child, and giving birth to a second child too late will cause great damage to the female body. Therefore, those who plan to have a second child must consider having a child early, so that they can satisfy their desire to have a second child. 

In fact, whether you choose to have a baby early or have a baby later, it must be decided according to the different circumstances of various families. Choosing the right time to have your child is responsible for you and your child’s life. Don’t choose blindly. Terry’s Law: When you make mistakes, it is a good time to grow up

Parents may find that after a child reaches a certain age, they will “self-taught” and begin to use lies to deceive adults. The most common lie that everyone hears is probably “I finished my homework, but I forgot to take it!” At this time, as long as the teacher asks the child to go home to pick up the homework immediately, the child’s lie will be exposed, because most children do this Saying it means they didn’t do their homework at all. 

In the process of children’s growth, making mistakes is inevitable, and what parents will do after a child makes a mistake determines what kind of person the child will become. 

In the eyes of most parents, regardless of the child No matter what age he is, he shouldn’t make a mistake. 

But parents should understand that children are at an age where they don’t know anything, making mistakes is natural, and the reason why children make mistakes is because they are trying to grow up. 

Why should parents accept that their children make mistakes? 

French writer Romain Roland said: “Life should do something wrong. To do something wrong is to gain insight.”

Life is a process of continuous making mistakes and continuous improvement. Every one of us will make more or less mistakes as we grow up, whether it’s holding the pen in the wrong posture at the beginning, or lying to our parents for a little more tuition, only after making such mistakes, we can Only when we understand that this approach is wrong can we correct it. 

Parents can calm their minds. After children make mistakes, as long as they guide themselves, they can learn valuable experiences and lessons from them. 

It is the parent’s responsibility for the child to become a lie? 

Terry’s Law believes that it is not terrible for a person to make a mistake, as long as he can bravely admit his mistakes, then he can gain a lot from it. 

This seems very simple, but it is still very difficult to implement. 

For example, even if a child accidentally falls a cup, he will try to make the parents think that someone else did it. This behavior means that he dare not face his own mistakes. 

The reason why children do this, It is nothing more than that when he makes mistakes, the parents always behave very angry and use extreme methods to punish him, so that no matter what mistakes they make later, they will only think of throwing the blame on others, for fear that they will be punished by their parents again. . 

In this way, the behavior of parents and children becomes a vicious circle. The more angry the parents are, the less the children dare to admit their mistakes, so they become lie, even if it is a particularly small mistake. Reluctant to admit mistakes easily. 

Children will not be raised for no reason In the habit of lying, it is often the parents’ words and deeds that affect the children. 

After a child makes a mistake, what should parents do? 

First of all, parents should consider their children’s self-esteem.

The British educator Locke once said: “If parents do not publicize their children’s faults, the children will value their reputations more seriously. They feel that they have a reputation. Therefore, they will be more careful to maintain others’ praise for themselves”

Some parents may find it funny when they hear the three words self-esteem. In their opinion, their children still don’t understand anything, and How can there be self-esteem? 

In fact, when children have self-awareness, their self-esteem has already taken shape. If every time the child makes a mistake, the parents will publicly accuse him and do not save him face at all, the child will feel his self-esteem is frustrated. 

Locke put forward a point, if the parents are outsiders If the child has created a perfect image in front of him, then the child will continue to correct his behavior, because he does not want his perfect image to be stained. 

If parents always tell others about their children’s mistakes, then the child will think that his image in the eyes of others is bad enough, and he will no longer deliberately maintain his own image. 

Secondly, parents should learn to communicate with their children

Whenever a child makes a mistake, parents will always feel that they can’t suppress the anger in their hearts and start without saying a few words to the child shouting. However, parents should know that this screaming communication method will only make children fear the parents, and will not let the children understand the views that the parents want to express. 

So parents should try to control themselves You must be calm when communicating with your child, so that the child can try to understand the parent’s point of view. 

Finally, parents should let their children learn to know their mistakes and correct them.

Many parents feel that after their children make mistakes, the best thing they should do is to yell at their children, and then punish them and let him Never dare to make a mistake again next time. 

However, after this set of procedures, children will only have one idea, that is, they will never be caught by their parents after making mistakes. 

What parents really need to do is not to let their children Learn to hide your mistakes, but let your children learn to correct them when they know their mistakes. 

After the child makes a mistake, parents should not rush to punish the child. They should guide the child to let the child know where he made the mistake and what to do in the future to avoid such mistakes.

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