The older the child is, the less likely he is to go to relatives’ homes? Parents don’t rush to scold impolite, there are three main reasons

The older the child is, the less likely he is to go to relatives’ homes? Parents should not rush to scold and be rude. There are three main reasons.

I believe that the most popular thing for many children to do when they are young is to visit relatives’ homes. Go with it. However, when the child grows up, it is completely different from when he was a child. It is the most annoying to go to relatives’ homes. This makes many parents wonder why the older the children, the less likely they are to go to relatives’ homes. 

Yue Yue is 15 years old this year. My mother’s relatives here are very good, and I often go to visit with my mother. But in the past two years, my mother has found that the child makes excuses to shirk every time, which makes her very distressed. 

This day is the Mid-Autumn Festival. My parents decided to take Yueyue to my grandma’s house, and then go to my uncle’s house for a walk. But Yueyue didn’t agree with anything she said, preferring to stay at home rather than going out with her parents. 

Watching the child become like this, my mother felt very sad and couldn’t help scolding him loudly: “Why are you so unconscionable? How kind of grandma and relatives were to you when they were young, how can you be so rude now? ”

The last month is also forced , Couldn’t help crying and said the reason. It turns out that my uncle has made a lot of money in business in recent years, and my grandmother loves her son’s children even more, but she is not so good to her granddaughter carrying Yueyue. 

In addition, every time her aunt liked to show off her wealth and secretly belittle Yueyue, this caused a lot of harm to the child, so Yueyue became less and less fond of going to relatives. 

After listening to the mother, she realized that she had misunderstood the child. After calming down, she also talked with the child, which allowed the child to untie the knot. 

In fact, many children will appear in reality With this change, when I was young, I liked going to relatives, but my attitude changed greatly when I grew up. Sometimes parents can’t help but scold, but this will hurt the child instead. Therefore, when parents find out that the child has the above situation, don’t rush to scold the child for being rude. Basically, there are the following three reasons. 

What are the three reasons? 

First, relatives are partial.

Children’s feelings are always delicate and sensitive, and sometimes they even experience subtle feelings that adults cannot. Because of the differences in family background and estrangement between relatives, it is easy to be biased towards children, which will cause a huge psychological gap in children, so they are reluctant to go to relatives’ homes. 

Second, restraint and sense of distance< /p>

Although transportation has become very convenient nowadays, relatives move less and less. Sometimes they don’t see a few faces a year. When children go to relatives’ homes, they may feel very uncomfortable. I am at ease, I am very restrained in what I do, and I have become a lot more distant from my relatives. This sense of distance makes my child feel uncomfortable. 

Third, body, distance and other reasons

Some relatives are relatively far away and need to travel by car, and the time is relatively long. Some children feel uncomfortable because they have been in the car for a long time, and some children feel that the road is too far because they are too far away. Bored, so I have thoughts that I don’t want to go. Adults may think this is a trivial matter, but for children, this can already be a reason not to go to relatives. 

So, parents don’t scold blindly Children, after all, they also have a reason. But if relatives do not move for a long time, the relationship will gradually fade. 

In order to prevent this from happening, parents should pay more attention to the following two issues:

1. Talk to your children more

Usually parents can talk to their children more and tell them about relatives Interesting facts between the children can also let the children know that relatives are very concerned about the children, which will shorten the distance between the children and their relatives and avoid the children from being restrained and resisted. 

2. Cultivate social skills

Going to a relative’s house is also a kind of etiquette. If the parents don’t teach it, it will be detrimental to the growth of the child. Parents can pay more attention to cultivating their children’s social skills and let them know how to contact and communicate with others. This is of great benefit to their children’s future, and it can also help children learn to communicate with relatives. 

When parents find that their children are getting more and more When you don’t like to communicate with relatives and friends, you can’t scold and complain blindly. Instead, you should find out the reasons and help your child make better progress. This is the most correct approach. “Dad Zhang Xingxing” is popular and is a joke in the group of parents. After reading it, I am inexplicably fancied.

In most parents’ mobile phones, there is a special group called “Parent Group”. As a parent, you know that all groups can be ignored. Only the exclusive long group. Not only must the top function be set, but also the mute cannot be set. Once the teacher sends a message, he must reply in time. 

Many parents really love and hate this group, but some parents have become the “soul” of the group, such as the sparkling “Star Zhang”. His actions were sent by his classmates’ mothers. After coming to the Internet, it is very popular among parents and is called “soul jokeman”. So what is the experience of having such a parent? Come, let us feel it together. 

What is the experience of having a writer in the parent group? “Papa Zhang Xingxing” is very popular among netizens

In fact, the main reason why Zhang Xingxing’s father is popular is that he can suddenly change the style of painting among parents. 

For example, a parent in the group discussed with the teacher about the child’s isolation. The teacher patiently answered the parent’s doubts and encouraged the parent to give positive guidance to the child. The style of painting was once warm and moving, and the parent also replied, Empowerment”. 

But Zhang Xingxing’s father suddenly appeared “you There are endless, in the middle of the night, the mobile phone keeps shaking, and people don’t let others sleep.” Later, he offered a way to “who won’t play with Jiayi (name of classmate), right, ask Zhang Xingxing to beat her”. Originally, the viewer was moved to tears and turned into laughing and crying. 

Furthermore, Zhang Xingxing’s father takes the style of the painting to the side More than once. For example, in the process of queuing for Solitaire, parents always copy and paste, but Zhang Xingxing’s father has to type the reply himself. The previous parent replied: XX has been familiar with it, and Zhang Xingxing’s father “skewed” the building again, and when the parents at the back copy and follow up again, people feel helpless. 

Of course, if there is a father, there must be a son . On this day, Zhang Xingxing’s father asked the teacher in the group again: “Do you still need to learn martial arts for parents now?” Teacher: “I’m talking about going back and asking your parents, who has the time to hold a parent meeting.” 

Funny things like this happened to Zhang Xingxing’s father are endless, and his off-track style has made him a joke in the parent group naturally, but I have to say, I’m finishing it. Later, I was inexplicably circled by fans. 

“Daddy Zhang Xingxing” tells the hearts of many parents Words

Actually, “Papa Zhang Xingxing” is popular not only because of his simple fun and humor, but because we see the words “equality” and “freedom” in him. 

For example, when Zhang Xingxing’s father said that he scolded him for failing to pass the exam, the teacher persuaded Zhang Xingxing’s father with affection and reason, which also touched many people. As a result, Zhang Xingxing Father Xingxing replied: “I know the teacher, go to bed earlier, I can’t open my eyes because of sleepiness.” Netizens were so touched that they couldn’t laugh or cry again. 

In many teachers’ speeches, parents’ When it is necessary to pay attention to the formation, parents must also dare not speak, and “Dad Zhang Xingxing” has said many things that parents are afraid to say. 

At the same time, Zhang Xingxing’s father also embodies the reciprocal relationship between parents and teachers. In humor, people see the equality and harmony between teachers and parents. 

“Daddy Zhang Xingxing” is actually very good.< p> Zhang Xingxing’s father is not alone, and he often encounters it in real life. In fact, this kind of father has their own outstanding qualities, and they are often the performance of great wisdom and stupidity. 

1) Know how to deal with problems in a witty way

No matter how boring life is, you need to add a little wit and humor. Different people will deal with the same problem in different ways and achieve different results. It has to be said that Zhang Xingxing’s father’s handling skillfully resolved many embarrassments. 

2) Do not deal with children’s learning problems Impatient

Current parents pay too much attention to their children’s learning, and then too much attention to the movements of the teacher or the parent group. And like Zhang Xingxing’s father, although he is also active in the parent group, he will not take the children’s performance in school too seriously, and will not cause too much pressure on the children. From this perspective, Zhang Xingxing’s father is superior. 

3) Change one in the parent group This kind of “painting style”

Parents like Zhang Xingxing’s father also injected a different “painting style” into the serious parent group. At the same time, such parents are too down-to-earth, presumably they will not become a burden to other parents, so they will naturally get along well and get along well.

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