The old people often say that the spring covers the autumn freezing, how to “cover” the baby in the spring is the correct way? Three warms and one cold is the principle

The old people often say that the spring covers the autumn freezing, how to “cover” the baby in the spring is the correct way? Three warms and one cold are the principle.

Every spring and autumn are the peak seasons for girls to go shopping and buy clothes. For Bao Ma, it is also the time to buy new clothes for her children. However, in the eyes of some elderly people, Chunqiu does not need to buy new clothes, because “spring cover the autumn cold” is a good transition. 

Fairy’s family of three lives with her parents-in-law and her parents-in-law. At the beginning, Mayfair and her husband only considered the convenience of life and that there will be someone to help take care of the children. But when they are really living together, everyone finds that there will be more or less conceptual contradictions between the two generations. 

For example, in the process of taking care of children, Mayfair advocates that children develop naturally, while her mother-in-law believes that “small trees cannot be made without cultivation.” 

In the matter of children’s clothes There are also different opinions between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law. Mayfair thinks that children are very active and wear light clothes to facilitate activities, while her mother-in-law thinks that children should not be cold, especially in the spring season, they should cover more, and if they lose their clothes too quickly, they can easily catch a cold. 

Mayfair doesn’t understand, is there any basis for the old people’s saying that Chunmuqiu freezes? And seeing that spring is coming, how should parents “cover” it? 

Why should the child cover it in March and April? 

As the saying goes, the coldness of spring is precipitous. Although the beginning of spring means that the temperature is getting warmer day by day, there are still cold weather in March and April. If parents blindly reduce clothes for their children, it may be difficult for children to adapt to such changing weather. 

In addition, the baby’s body temperature regulation ability is weak , The resistance is relatively poor, if it enters the spring, parents are eager to put on spring clothes for the baby, it is easy to catch a cold. 

So, experienced parents will cover their babies appropriately in spring. But this “covering” also needs to pay attention to methods. 

How to “cover” the baby in spring is correct? There are four key parts.

Faced with “spring cover”, many elderly people believe that the principle of three warmth and one cold is the principle of paying attention to the four body parts of the baby, namely the back, feet, belly and head , So parents need to pay more attention. 

Three warmths: warm back, warm feet, The belly is warm. 

When babies feel hot, they usually start to sweat from their backs. If they are blown by the wind at this time, they will easily cause discomfort for the babies. So the back is the key to keeping warm, but at the same time, pay attention to the children. Choose clothing that absorbs sweat. 

The baby’s feet are the end of the circulation, and the temperature itself is relatively low. Therefore, parents should pay attention to keeping the baby’s feet warm and avoid “cold birth from under the feet”. 

In addition, the baby’s physical development is not yet Perfect, when the baby’s stomach catches a cold, it will have stomachache, diarrhea, etc., so parents should pay attention to this part of the warm work. When you fall asleep at night, be careful not to show your baby’s belly. 

Yihan: The small head is cold.

On the one hand, the head is the main part of the human body to dissipate heat. If parents hold the baby’s head too much, it will easily cause the baby to sweat and cause discomfort. 

On the other hand, keeping your baby’s head cool is not to keep your baby’s head cold, but to wear a thin, moderately thick hat to ensure that it is not cold but also breathable. 

How do I know if my baby is cold in spring? 

Although the spring covers the coldness in the autumn, the mothers need to add or remove clothing according to the weather changes, the child’s environment, and the child’s body temperature and physical activity. 

Generally speaking, parents can judge whether the child is hot or cold by touching the back or neck. If the child’s back or neck is already sweating, then parents should consider whether the child is wearing too much. 

In addition, when the child is playing sports or running and jumping, parents should also appropriately reduce the clothes for the child, which is also convenient for the child to fully move the body. 

If you want to keep your baby relaxed and warm, you can try “onion Dressing method”

If parents want their children to dress warm without being too thick, they should try the “onion dressing method”. As the name suggests, this means that children wear clothes like layers of onions. 

In the inner layer that the child wears, choose a pure cotton shirt or vest, in the middle you can choose a sweater or a small sweater, and the outside can choose a jacket or a cotton suit according to the weather, and enter the room Or you can take off your jacket during activities, so that no matter how the weather changes, babies have a way to cope. The five types of obesity can be understood after reading them. Parents should know.

There are data showing that childhood obesity has become one of the most prevalent chronic diseases in the world. The latest survey results show that since 13 years, the prevalence of obesity among adolescents and adults has increased significantly every year so far. Obesity is a chronic disease that can cause many complications and threaten our health. 

Recently, many parents are optimistic about their children’s dressing issues in the parent group. Some parents said that the children’s school uniforms are long and the trouser legs are quite long, but they are not wide enough for the children to wear. . Not long ago, the school organized a physical examination, and after the results came down, the parents were notified that the child was overweight. I hope that parents can pay attention to the health of the child. 

So, what is the definition of obesity? 

Obesity is a chronic disease caused by the interaction of many factors (such as genetic factors, environmental factors, etc.). The specific medical understanding is generally that the calorie intake is greater than the calories consumed, the accumulation of calories, the formation of fat, the excessive increase in body fat or the abnormal distribution of the child’s weight, or the obvious obesity of the body. Excessive obesity can easily induce a variety of chronic diseases (such as high blood pressure, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, etc.). Generally speaking, it is more dangerous and easily interferes with your health. 

What are the more common types of obesity in life What about 5 types? 

1. Overeating type

This type of obese patients may lose weight through a reasonable diet. It is caused by the frequent accumulation of heat in the stomach and intestines due to overeating. Generally, you can choose to take traditional Chinese medicine to have the effect of eliminating fire and clearing the intestines. If you can’t control your appetite reasonably, you may rebound. 

2, anemia type

Due to insufficient blood in the body, the basic functions of the body are reduced, and the metabolism is abnormal, which causes obesity. 

3. Edema type

It often manifests as thigh and buttocks edema, and the lower body looks obese. The main cause of obesity is the accumulation of water in the body and poor drainage function in the body. . 

4. Tired type

Children’s digestive abnormalities caused by insufficient “vital energy” in the body are usually accompanied by manifestations, and they love to eat snacks. 

5. Stress type

Now the children’s learning pressure becomes greater, which may cause liver function to decline, stomach prone to fever, often manifested as loss of appetite, irritability, etc. 

In fact, many parents still don’t understand. Didn’t the child just eat a little fatter? When you grow up, you will lose weight. I don’t think that the weight of a child is a chronic disease. This concept is wrong. The secret to loving children and making children grow up healthily is to match the diet properly and exercise more to increase immunity, not the fatter the better. In life, if a child’s weight is found to be seriously inconsistent with the weight of the age group, parents should pay attention to it, take the child to a regular hospital for examination, and intervene early to avoid harm to the child’s health. Good intestines and stomach can absorb good nutrition. Pregnant women’s stomach nourishment 4 common sense, ruddy complexion, nourish a good fetus

After pregnancy, the first problem that a pregnant mother has to face is the pregnancy reaction of nausea and vomiting, what to eat Don’t say what you vomit. Some pregnancy reactions are severe and even vomit when smelling oily smoke. 

I can’t eat it, but there is still a baby in my belly waiting to be fed, who is in urgent need of nutritional development! The body can only take in more nutrients if the stomach and intestines are well maintained. 

So pregnant mothers must improve their stomachs. So how does a pregnant mother nourish the stomach? The following 4 tips for nourishing the stomach during pregnancy will help you nourish your stomach while taking in a balanced nutrition, making pregnancy more worry-free and at ease! 

Balance nutritional intake

First of all, of course Regular meals, balanced nutritional intake, milk, vegetables, oils and other foods must not be less, because these foods can provide pregnant mothers with different essential nutrients. 

For example, milk can provide protein and calcium; vegetable foods can provide vitamins and minerals, and the dietary fiber contained in vegetables can also help pregnant mothers with gastrointestinal motility and avoid constipation during pregnancy. 

Food is the safest and most convenient source of all kinds of nutrition. No matter which kind of nutrition is lacking or preference, it will lead to malnutrition, so balanced nutrition is the first step to nourish the stomach. 

Eat less and more meals

Another common way to raise the stomach The method is to eat small and frequent meals, especially for pregnant mothers who have a poor appetite. In addition, with a large appetite during pregnancy and frequent abdominal distension, eating small meals and frequent meals can both relieve hunger and nourish the stomach. 

Eat 4-6 meals a day, and each meal is 5 minutes full. Avoiding large amounts of food can also control pregnancy weight and make it easier to lose weight after delivery. 

In addition, special attention should be paid to the selection of snacks between meals. It is best that some nutrients that are not obtained in the meal can be taken in the snacks, such as fruits, oatmeal, etc., taking into account nutrition and calories. 

Food Substitution Method

The taste of women after pregnancy is huge Changes, picky eaters are serious, making it more difficult to raise the stomach. At this time, we must learn to be flexible and use the same nutritious food to replace each other to help pregnant mothers eat their favorite foods while ensuring a balanced intake of nutrients. 

For example, if you don’t like fish, you can eat more meat and eggs; if you don’t like milk, you can choose goat milk or soy milk. 

Drink milk often

When it comes to nourishing the stomach, except Food and drinks can also help, and milk is more suitable for pregnant mothers to drink. After milk enters the stomach, it will form a “protective film” on the gastric mucosa, which helps to relieve the stimulation of gastric acid on the stomach; and the rich protein and calcium in milk are not only good for pregnant mothers Well, it also helps fetal development. 

A good stomach can absorb nutrients better. With good nutrition absorption, the fetus will develop better, and the pregnant mother will look more beautiful and healthier.

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