The newborn was born with an “ugly crying” mother. Unexpectedly, a month later, it counterattacked. Fortunately, netizens didn’t throw it away.

Newborns were born with “ugly crying” mothers. Unexpectedly, they counterattacked after a month. Fortunately, netizens didn’t throw them at the time.

Many people thought that mothers were excited when they first saw the newborn because they were hard to get pregnant and passed on The baby of blood has finally come to the world, and it will give people a great sense of accomplishment. However, in fact, many pregnant women will be “ugly crying” by their newborns, and may even suffer from depression. 

This is really not a legend, but something that happened in reality. That Bao’s mother was born in 1995 and gave birth to a child less than a year after she married her husband. 

When the baby was born, Bao’s mother hadn’t been relieved from the great pain of childbirth, but when she saw the baby, she couldn’t help but shivered, and then asked in her heart, “This Is it the baby I gave birth?” Mama Bao recalled afterwards that she wanted to cry on the spot. The child she gave birth to her desperately desperately could be so ugly. 

Although she was a bit disgusted, her motherhood still drove her to put her baby in her arms, feeling the temperature on her body, and her mood finally improved, thinking, “If a child doesn’t hate the ugly mother, the mother can’t hate it. Zi Chou”. 

Although I thought so, my heart was still flustered, and later I got depression. 

However, only one month later, Bao Ma completely walked out of the shadow brought by the “ugly baby”. Because this month, the baby has changed almost every day, from the original “ugly duckling” to the beautiful “white swan”. 

Bao Ma happily took a lot of photos and put them on the Internet together with the ugly photos of the baby when she was born. The contrast was very sharp. Netizens also commented and joked below, “Fortunately, I didn’t throw it away at the time, otherwise I would lose a lot!”

People who have seen newborn babies will definitely be impressed by the “ugly” appearance of the baby, which is completely subverted. The cute image of the baby in everyone’s mind. In fact, this is normal. If the child is born smooth and round, there is a problem instead, and it may be an unhealthy overweight baby. 

Why is the newborn “Ugly”, these factors are all influencing

1. The shape of the head

I don’t know if you have looked at the newborn’s head carefully. If you look at it, you will find that many newborns have The head shapes are all weird, some seem to be squashed, and some seem to be squeezed crookedly. 

In short, most newborn babies have “abnormal” head shapes, which are seriously inconsistent with human aesthetics. 

This is because when a newborn passes through the birth canal, his head will be squeezed, and his skull is a few small pieces that can move. Once squeezed, it is easy to deform. It also leads to the shape of the head shape of the infant born by the cesarean section is less “normal”, and of course it is even more “ugly”. 

2. Swelling of the eyes and chest parts

There is another factor that can also cause the newborn to look ugly, that is, the swelling of the body parts such as the eyes and chest. 

The swelling of the eyes is also an effect caused by the compression of the birth canal, which usually recovers within a few days. Breast swelling is affected by the secretion of hormones, and it takes several weeks to recover, and it will occur regardless of whether it is male or female. 

3. The skin is wrinkled

Before the baby is born, it has been soaked in amniotic fluid, and human skin is soaked in water for a long time, it will form ugly folds on the surface. This is common common sense in life. I believe Everyone should know. 

So the newborn’s skin is wrinkled, like an old man, which of course will reduce his appearance. 

The existence of the above three factors predestined that human cubs will not be beautiful when they are born. But it doesn’t matter, as long as this “embarrassing period” has passed, the baby will become cute. 

So no matter how ugly your baby is at birth, please don’t throw it away. Of course, few cruel mothers will do this. 

“ugly” It also reveals several points of attention in newborn care.

1. Do not touch the newborn’s skull with force

Because the newborn’s skull is not completely healed, it will cause its skull to be squeezed hard. Deformation may also cause intracranial infection and even life-threatening. 

So no matter how weird the head shape of a newborn baby is, don’t give him a “plastic surgery”, but wait for it to recover naturally. 

2. Don’t squeeze the newborn’s breasts too hard.

Affected by hormone secretion, no matter male or female, the breasts will be swollen at birth, and even “milk” will flow out. . 

This is a normal phenomenon, not a “bad sign”, so don’t make your own way to help him squeeze, otherwise it will easily lead to infection. 

3. Skin wrinkles will not affect the bathing

Some mothers are unwilling to bathe a newborn baby when they see wrinkled skin, thinking that this will make the skin more and more wrinkled. In fact, because newborns have a strong sebum secretion and their wrinkled skin is more likely to contain dirt and dirt, they need to bathe more frequently. 

So it is recommended to bathe your baby once a day in winter and twice a day in summer. Only by keeping your baby’s body clean can we better prevent infection and illness. 

The ugly duckling will also grow into a swan one day. Although newborns are born ugly, they will also counterattack one day. 

And this time will not wait long, as early as one month, as late as three months, by then, the cute nature of human cubs will be revealed, so mothers must not give up, Wait patiently. The three manifestations of pregnancy indicate that there is a “grind” in the belly, and pregnant mothers have to be so coaxed

After pregnancy, pregnant mothers are also full of curiosity about the children in their stomachs. , Most of the time, the focus is not on the issue of men and women, but on the character of the fetus. 

Last year, I went back to my hometown with my younger sister, because my younger sister was 7 months pregnant, and my brother-in-law’s house was bought on the 6th floor. In addition, it is still near the third ring road. There are many cars every day from morning to night. Sheng, I really didn’t sleep well, so I made a decision and went back to my hometown to raise a baby. 

I also stayed in my hometown for a day, and the neighbors in my hometown also came to sit and chat together when they saw us coming back. At that time, my sister was a little uncomfortable after sitting for a long time, so I wanted to get up and lie down on the lazy chair. 

As a result, not long after she lay down, she said that the fetus was moving a bit, and her mother said that she might not want you to lie down, so you got up and walked. But when my sister got up and walked for a while, the fetal movement that had been quiet started again. 

Mother let her sit down for a break again, and toss back and forth for a while. At this time, an old lady in the neighbor said, “I’m pregnant”, and I will be a mother in the future, and some of you worry about it. The place. 

I thought the old lady was just joking. Who knew that another old lady also said, “Yes, I was pregnant with my son before, and I liked crying when I was born. At that time, he cried and I cried. Later, I was pregnant with my daughter. I don’t toss people when I am pregnant. After birth, I don’t coax her very much. She also treats herself to play.”

My sister still doesn’t believe it. After all, this kind of statement is different from person to person. But after the child was born, it was really noisy. For a novice mother like her, it was simply a torture. She always sighed at the words of the old ladies at that time. Sure enough, this child was here to “grind people.” 

1. Come to “noise” pregnant mothers at all times

Some little guys’ “skills” are shown vividly in their mothers’ stomachs. Sometimes mothers want to sleep in, but the little guys just don’t. Let them sleep, either by “kicking their legs” or by extending their “little fists” to protest, causing the pregnant mothers to get up and walk around, making the little guys stop. 

Sometimes pregnant mothers want to watch a TV show, and the little guy is not happy. They always find the TV show boring, and they still want their mothers to talk and play with them. If mother ignores them, it will be a toss. 

Such a little guy is really a “grind”. It is recommended that pregnant mothers try to coax their temper, otherwise the baby may not stop so quickly. If the tossing time is too long, pregnant On the contrary, mothers will feel uncomfortable. 

2. I have a lot of thoughts during pregnancy

Some pregnant mothers may also feel that their personality seems to have completely changed after pregnancy. Before pregnancy, they may be a “Buddha” woman, but they suddenly have more thoughts during pregnancy. Up a lot. 

Sometimes under the “catalysis” of the baby’s “fetal movement”, I also want to go here and there, I want to do this, and I want to do this, which has a certain relationship with the baby, because During pregnancy, the fetus and the pregnant mothers are a life community, and the relationship between them is very subtle, which can stimulate pregnant mothers to do things that are not usually of interest. 

If these things are not completed, pregnant mothers will also be worried for a long time to come. This is also the place where babies are “grinding people”. Only pregnant mothers will satisfy them. The needs of the fetus make the baby happy before it can be ignored. 

3. I always like to “fight” with pregnant mothers

There are also some babies who are both “naughty” and “scrambling”. Sometimes pregnant mothers suddenly want to interact with them, or when their fetus moves. , The pregnant mothers didn’t pay much attention, but when they really felt it seriously, they found that the fetal baby stopped moving. 

So the pregnant mothers can only give up, but once the pregnant mothers give up, the baby will be b. What do you think this is not a “grind”? 

The most obvious manifestation is that when pregnant mothers go for a check-up, sometimes they just want to see the appearance of the baby, but the little guy is either blocking it with his hand or turning his body to prevent it from seeing. The careful thought of “grinding people” almost tickles the hearts of pregnant mothers. 

For these babies, if pregnant mothers have leisure or time, they can play with them for a while, or they can talk to them more, which is the beginning of early prenatal education. 

Because most babies enter the third trimester, they actually have a certain level of consciousness. When pregnant mothers interact with them for a long time, they will naturally be able to understand the little guy’s “temper” better. It’s okay to coax more when it’s time. 

These “grinding” little guys, pregnant mothers can only coax, but the best way is to sleep regularly, ensure nutritional intake, and arrange appropriate exercise. 

Only by arranging all aspects, the little guys will naturally be more behaved, and pregnant mothers will not have to be harassed all the time.

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