The newborn was born deformed, which was related to the behavior during pregnancy. The husband learned that he was threatening to divorce

Newborns are born deformed, which is related to the behavior during pregnancy. The husband learned that he was threatening to divorce.

As for the baby, parents are always full of expectations and plans, but to say the one that cannot be abandoned, many thoughts Will choose the child’s health without much thought. 

The health of newborns is mainly affected by genetic genes and the pregnancy status of Baoma. Inherent factors are uncontrollable, and Baoma’s tasks during pregnancy are even heavier. 

Xiao Qi has always been in the habit of smoking. Because the baby was pregnant by accident, he didn’t know the arrival of the baby until 3 months of pregnancy. Therefore, Xiao Qi also smoked a lot of cigarettes in the first trimester. 

It is said that smoking is not good for the baby, but Xiaoqi sees that the test results are all normal, so if he continues smoking without incident, he will only restrain a little when the family reminds him repeatedly. Until the third trimester, Xiao Qi would still bring a cigarette from time to time. 

But after the child was born, the whole family was dumbfounded. It turned out that the child was missing a finger on his right hand, which looked as strange as a chicken paw. One less finger is more troublesome than one more finger, and it affects your life more. The whole family is in trouble for this. 

“Doctor, I ate chicken feet once during pregnancy. Is it because of this that my child’s hands look like this?”

Faced with Xiaoqi’s problem, the doctor was very helpless and even She said angrily, “Why don’t you worry that you smoked so much during pregnancy will affect your child?”

Seeing the deformity of the child’s hand, Xiao Qi’s husband was very upset and angry, and thought Xiao Qi would also Cannot take good care of the children, insisting on divorcing Xiaoqi and raising the children alone. 

Such a tragedy is far more distressing than a baby’s congenital malformation, and it can even be said that it is a “man-made disaster” that can be completely avoided. 

After having a baby, some of Bao’s behaviors are no longer just personal behaviors, but will also have a real impact on the baby’s body. It may become the source of misfortune for a child’s life. 

Special for pregnant women These habits need to be changed no matter how dependent they are.

Smoking and drinking alcohol

for the sake of the children.

With the increasing acceptance of society, nowadays there are not a few female friends who like to smoke and drink, and habitual behaviors are often It is imperceptible. 

Unknowingly lit a cigarette or drank a few glasses of wine, so that women who are in the habit of smoking and drinking can easily continue to smoke and drink after pregnancy, or falsely quit, behind the scenes Secretly smokes and drinks. 

In all external factors except radiation, smoking and drinking can be said to be the habit with the highest rate of teratogenicity. 

Therefore, women who are accustomed to this aspect are best to conceive and have children after a year of withdrawal. At the same time, Bao Dad should also give up smoking and alcohol during the pregnancy stage, and should not smoke in front of the pregnant mother. 

Excessive tonic

If the harm of smoking and drinking is obvious, then excessive tonic is a kind of bad thing, and it is difficult for people to be vigilant. 

After having a baby, the first thing that many people think of is that it is time to replenish their body, so they start to eat special food, completely abandon the previous cautiousness when controlling the body. 

I don’t know that excessive tonic will harm mother and baby. For example, mother is more likely to suffer from complications such as high blood pressure and diabetes, even if the baby gets better after giving birth. 

There is also a 30% more chance of getting sick again than others. The baby may also be born with a huge baby, be troubled by high blood pressure and high blood sugar, and develop abnormalities. 

Rarely exercise

A lack of exercise is closely accompanied by excessive tonic, especially the elderly in the family who like to tell Baoma to do less exercise. 

In fact, this is because in the past, women usually had small feet, their clothes were more complicated, they were inconvenient and prone to wrestling, and there was a lack of effective nursing methods, which made them move less. 

Nowadays, the notion that pregnant women move less often is no longer practical. On the contrary, it easily leads to obesity of pregnant women and children, incorrect fetal position, and dystocia during delivery. 

Irregular work schedule and unhealthy diet

Some mothers have the habit of staying up late and eating junk food, and they still do their own way after pregnancy. Or maybe some mothers are too uncomfortable after pregnancy, so they just break the jar and become more casual in terms of work, rest and eating. 

The physical condition of the pregnant mother is closely related to the baby’s condition. The mother’s biological clock is disordered, and the baby’s development is easily affected if she does not get a good rest. 

Baoma’s diet is unhealthy, and the baby’s nutritional supply is prone to problems. To make long-term plans, Bao Ma still has to work and eat regularly. 

Drinking too little water

There is another thing that is difficult to attract everyone’s attention, that is, pregnant women drink too little water. Some people don’t like to drink water themselves, and they always have to wait until they are very thirsty to drink a few sips. 

Some people drink water only when they remember, and the daily intake of water is insufficient. Pregnant women who drink too little water will not only increase the burden on the kidneys, but also easily lead to hypoxia in the newborn, which can lead to abnormal brain development and even life-threatening babies. 

Pregnancy itself has all kinds of discomforts and pressures, and some original living habits have to be changed. I can only say that it is not easy for every mother. 

Although this process is difficult, it is worth it for the healthy birth of the baby, and it makes sense to be careful. Do you also know what common lifestyle habits may harm your baby? Parents saying these things to their children before going to bed will not only make their children sleep better, they will also become better.

In the current family education, parents are encouraged to communicate with their children more, but most parents both You have to work during the day, and sometimes you may spend less than 2 hours with your children a whole day. 

After waking up in the morning, I hurriedly ate breakfast with the child, then the child went to school, and the parents went to work. It was not until the child was over from school and the parents were off work. Will there be a lot of exchanges? 

As soon as the children return to their homes, they go back to the room to do their homework. Parents have their own tasks and they have no time to take care of their children. 

So, if you really want to study it carefully, most of the time parents can communicate with their children is gathered in the 1-2 hours before going to bed. 

If parents can make good use of this time to communicate and communicate with their children in depth, it will be of great help to their children’s growth! 

1. “What have you experienced today?”

Every child is an object of eagerness to be paid attention to. Strong desire to share. 

Parents can understand their children to a certain extent by letting their children share what they have experienced. After all, many parents nowadays don’t even know what their children are doing and what their personalities are. Knowing that such a parent is actually equivalent to a “feeding machine”, and they are not even qualified. 

While letting children share what they experienced on the day, they can not only exercise their expression skills, but also exercise their thinking and logic skills, because this process requires children to constantly recall, and the brain continuously retrieves various information before permuting and combining. , Just to express it more clearly. 

Many parents say that their children “do not know how to express.” That’s because parents seldom give the right to speak to their children, let alone give them this opportunity, without training, how can they have What about expressive skills? 

When parents get along with their children 1 to 2 hours before going to bed, they will also make the children feel that their parents care about themselves, the children’s happiness index will be improved, and the quality of sleep will naturally become better. it is good. 

2. “Then do you feel happy or sad today?”

Sometimes the sharing of things does not reflect the child’s emotional state, and some children will unconsciously omit to express their emotions. This is a situation that many children exist, but they are often ignored by their parents. 

At this time, parents are further concerned about their children’s emotions today, not only to sort out their children’s emotions before going to bed, but also to protect their children’s mental health. 

Usually only when children are invited to answer questions about this type, their feelings will be quite deep. Whether they are happy or sad, they will share it with their parents. This At this time, parents should listen carefully and stop doing other things, otherwise it will arouse the child’s disgust. 

By the way, I remind parents and friends that it is best not to bring your mobile phone when you spend time with your child before going to bed. Children sitting and sharing together will increase the intimacy between parents and children in details. 

However, if parents are always disrupted by other things during this period, such as looking at their mobile phones, habitually tidying up their children’s room, etc., then the parents’ attention will actually be distracted during this process. Although parents feel that they are listening to their children, there is a clear gap in empathy, and children feel that they are being ignored. 

3. “Want to hear what mom and dad think?”

While parents let their children share, they must also participate in the communication with their children, and express their opinions appropriately, especially in children When sharing some hard-to-solve problems, it may be related to learning problems, or it may be related to interpersonal relationships. Parents can discuss with their children. 

Before this, you can ask your children for their opinions and see if the children want to listen to their parents’ opinions, or let them solve them first, and then ask their parents for help when they really can’t be solved. This will make children feel that they have gained a sense of respect from their parents and make them more like to communicate with their parents. 

4. “Sleep well and love you”

When the conversation is over, many parents will think that the next step is to tell their children to sleep well and stop doing other things. It is inevitable that they have to nag. Sentence, but many children actually don’t like to hear this. 

In response to this, parents can express in another way, “Sleep well.” Because they are essentially caring for their children, the latter expression is more able to make children feel the warmth before going to bed. 

When the child’s emotions are vented, he also gains love and care from his parents, the child’s worries will be reduced a lot, and the quality of sleep will also improve, which has a great impact on the child’s growth. Help affects all aspects of them. 

Parents saying these things to their children before going to bed will not only make the children sleep better, they will also become better

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