The naughty son graffiti on the wall, the father did not criticize when he knew it, and then let the netizens praise it

The naughty son painted on the wall. The father didn’t criticize him when he knew it. Then he let the netizens praise it.

After having children, we knew how difficult it is to be a parent. After having a child, we not only have to take care of the food and drink of the child, but when the child grows up, we are even more worried. 

This little life who is full of curiosity about the world, when his inspiration broke out and drew a “soul painting” on the white wall, what did everyone do? The following father, faced with the “soul painter” at home, his approach was praised by netizens. 

Naughty Son Wall When I did graffiti, my father didn’t criticize him when he knew it. Netizens praised him.

There is a doctor abroad who has a very naughty son in his family. His son is a “soul painter” just like our children. 

He usually likes to paint, but in our opinion, the paintings he paints are not very good. After reading it, some parents can’t help but criticize their children. 

On this day, the doctor discovered that his son was graffiti on a clean wall. Some Chinese parents encountered such a situation and would definitely criticize their children and prevent them from painting. 

But when the doctor and his wife found out, instead of criticizing the child, they took the picture, printed it out with a printer, framed it with a picture frame, and hung it on the wall. . 

The son said that this is a painting for mom and dad. The father wrote such a paragraph below the painting (November 13th, this is a surprise gift for mom and dad by the son). Son signed. 

The father also put his son’s paintings on social software and shared his practice with everyone. The naughty son graffiti on the wall, his father did not criticize the child, his approach has also been praised by many netizens. 

From this case, we can see that family education is important to the child. The son’s behavior is supported and encouraged by his parents, which makes him more confident. 

Although we are not sure whether the little boy can become a painter in the future, his father’s approach will make the little boy more confident to stick to his dream. 

It can be seen that different family education methods will also have different effects on children, and wrong family education methods will endanger children’s life. 

The impact of wrong family education methods on children

    Family education of beating and scolding children

Since ancient times, there has been a saying in our country that “a filial son is born under a stick”, and many parents are also concerned about this The way of education is convinced. 

When children are disobedient and scribble at home, parents will use family education to beat and scold their children to educate their children. 

But the child just succumbed to the beating and scolding of his parents, and he didn’t really convince himself. Such family education of beating and scolding children will only make the children become more and more rebellious. 

    Family education of excessive indulgence of children

In the eyes of some parents, the most important thing in life is to be happy. The same is true for raising children. They feel that there is no need to discipline their children too strictly. No matter what kind of requirements the child has, as long as the child is happy, they will satisfy him. No matter what the child has done excessively, they will not hold him accountable. 

This kind of over-indulgence of family education for children will only affect children’s cognition, making children more and more bearish, and their personalities more and more selfish. 

    Disparage children’s family education

Many parents place great expectations on their children. When they see other children are better than their own children, they will also Depreciation education for children, hoping to inspire children’s self-motivated, in order to encourage children to progress. 

But this kind of family education that devalues ​​children not only fails to motivate the children, but also makes them more and more inferior. 

How can parents give their children a good family education? 

    Set a benchmark for children

In the eyes of children, parents are the objects he admires most, and they are also the goals he strives to catch up with. If parents want to give their children a good family education, they must set a benchmark for their children and be an excellent parent. 

Parents are emotionally stable in front of their children, face life humorously and optimistically, and don’t panic when things happen. This kind of family education is subtle and the best family education. 

    Know how to appreciate children

Many parents do not know how to appreciate children. When children scribble, they will only blindly deny and demean children. Such family education is destined to be lose. 

We have to be parents who know how to appreciate children, carefully discover the progress of children, and give them affirmation and encouragement. 

Excellent children are encouraged by their parents. Parents must know how to appreciate their children in order to do a good job in their children’s family education. 

    Let children be respected

Many parents do not take the dignity of their children into consideration when educating their children. Perhaps in their opinion, children are so small that they do not need respect, and family education that allows children not to be respected is also a failure. 

Good family education is based on respect for children. We want children to be respected, and to educate children on the premise of respect for children is a successful family education. 

Good family education will benefit the child for a lifetime, while wrong family education will only endanger the child’s life. Parents must do a good job in their children’s family education, so that their children can have a bright future. 

Parents, how do you usually do family education for your children? Please share your experience in the comments section! The second-child family is “the second child, the boss counsels”. The reason is not that the parents are too spoiled, but because of this.

After the second-child policy was liberalized, more and more families began to ride this “ride.” In many families, Dabao is much older than Erbao. Why is this? 

First of all, after giving birth to their first child, the mothers were mothers for the first time. They didn’t know how to deal with the little ones. They thought about how to take care of a child if they couldn’t take care of them. What about the second child? Wouldn’t the two children be more noisy then? 

Secondly, when Dabao reaches the age of six or seven, he can almost understand the mothers’ words well, and will be more obedient. At this time, he will have a second child, and he will be able to have more The energy is separated to take care of Xiaobao. 

Finally, if two or more children are born in a short period of time, and the children are about the same age, then the pressure may be great in the future, and if there is a relationship between Dabao and Xiaobao The age difference is a little bit different, so the pressure can be shared in the future, and there is no need to face double pressure in the short term. 

In addition, there is a situation in second-child families, that is, “the second child, the boss counsels”. Why is this? 

The cousin gave birth to two daughters. The eldest daughter is 9 years old this year, and the youngest daughter is 5 years old. It stands to reason that if there is no patriarchal patriarch, then the same two girls should be almost favored. 

But the cousin loves the younger daughter more, and she loves her much more than the eldest daughter. Every time the two sisters snatch some toys, the eldest daughter is always the one to be taught. 

Once my cousin took her two daughters back to her natal home, I found that her eldest daughter was very introverted and very obedient. No matter what the cousin asked her to do, she would immediately go obediently with a word. Do it, and the younger daughter is the one who is loved, dares to make trouble in front of her mother, and changes to be the eldest daughter, only to watch from the sidelines. 

Although it is said that not all families have the second child more favored and the boss out of favor, this situation can be said to exist in most families. 

Two-child family “the second child is the same, the boss counsels “The reason is not that the parents are too spoiled.

Maybe many people think that the second-child family is “the second child, the boss is instigated”. The reason is definitely that the parents love the young child too much, and think that the younger child should be more favored. After all, they are young. For one thing, it is excusable to receive more care. 

But in fact, in many cases, the reason is not that the parents are too spoiled, but Dabao’s “proactive showing of good”. 

Although the child is still young, after the birth of Xiaobao, Dabao can clearly feel that his parents care less about him, and more attention is paid to Xiaobao. This way , The child will also have a sense of crisis. 

Once the child has this idea, he will try to be more obedient and sensible. At this time, if the parent responds positively and praises them for “really good and sensible”, then the child will taste the sweetness from it, and it will naturally be so in the future. Doing so, he became more and more obedient and sensible, forming the later “pleasant personality.” 

Therefore, although it is one of the reasons that parents love Xiaobao, the most essential reason is still Dabao’s “proactive showing of goodness” and wanting to ask for it through “counseling” and “being a little bit”. Parents’ favor. 

Just like the cousin’s eldest daughter, she used to have a very naughty personality and a lot of noise, but I heard that since the birth of Xiaobao, the eldest daughter’s personality has changed and she suddenly became obedient. In response to this, there are still many neighbors. Holding this point and joking, “Are you afraid that your mother doesn’t want you.” Things like this make the child feel more insecure and become more sensible. 

There was a popular saying on the Internet, “The sensible child is the most distressing”. In fact, it is about children who are too sensible and would rather wrong themselves. Such children tend to be more introverted when they grow up. There is also a tendency to please others in interpersonal communication. 

in two How to level the “bowl of water” between children? 

It can be said that if there are two children, it is actually very rare to achieve absolute fairness between the children. After all, it is inevitable to give more energy and care to the younger child, but if this balance If the point is wrong, it will be harmful to both children. 

To give a more extreme example, if the attitudes towards two children are very different, then the older child may tend to be inferior, introverted, and timid when he grows up. 

The small one may be arrogant and more inclined to take, and take for granted the many behaviors of the parents. If you want such a child to be grateful, the road to parent education will be very difficult. 

Therefore, the “bowl of water” must be leveled between the two children. Xiaobao’s treatment should be given to Dabao as much as possible. It is also necessary to explain to the two children why Xiaobao can They are often taken care of by their parents, because they are relatively young and can’t do many things by themselves, so they can only be done by their parents, and it is also emphasized that Dabao was like this when he was young, and it will be the same when Xiaobao grows up.

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