The mother went to the hospital only 14 days after the expected delivery date. The baby was covered with meconium when the child was dissected. Netizens were ignorant.

The mother went to the hospital only 14 days after the expected date of delivery. The child was covered with meconium when the child was dissected. Netizens were ignorant.

When a woman undergoes a birth check, doctors will ask the pregnant mother’s menstrual status, and according to the pregnant mother The content described is used to calculate the expected date of delivery of the fetus. 

Of course, not all babies are born “on time” on the day the doctor calculates the expected date of delivery. It may be normal for the baby to be born earlier or later. 

Usually babies born within 24 to 36 weeks of gestation are considered to be born prematurely, while babies born between 37 to 42 weeks of gestation are considered to be born at term. 

Exceeded due date 14 The mother went to the hospital and was left by the doctor for a caesarean section. Netizens were too ignorant.

Xiaotong was a second-born woman. She was born prematurely when she gave birth to Dabao. For this reason, she has been complained. 

The mother-in-law said, “If it weren’t for you to go to the obstetrics that day, you wouldn’t be left by the doctor for a caesarean section, and the baby would not be delivered prematurely! You believe what the doctor says!”

Although Dabao was only two years old, her mother-in-law asserted that the premature child had poor physique and was not smart. 

So when she was pregnant with her second child, the child seldom went to the hospital for check-ups. Firstly, she felt that she had experience, and secondly, she was afraid of her mother-in-law’s gossip. 

In this way, the pregnancy passed day by day, and when it was the due date, the little guy hadn’t moved yet. The child originally wanted to go to the hospital for an examination, but the mother-in-law said

“According to your current situation, as long as you go to the hospital, you will definitely have a C-section! Let the child stay in your stomach for two more days and be smarter ! I don’t know what you are in a hurry for?”

After hearing her mother-in-law say this, the child can no longer mention going to the hospital for examination. Just 14 days after the expected date of delivery, the little guy still did not move, this time the little boy really couldn’t sit on the stool. 

So she secretly went to the hospital with her mother-in-law and husband on her back. As expected, the boy was immediately left to arrange a C-section. 

When the doctor opened the child’s uterus, he found that the little guy had been covered with meconium on his head and his face was choking. 

Fortunately, under the rescue of the doctor, the little guy was born out of danger, but then he was also sent to the incubator. 

Whenever he thinks of this thrilling scene, the child regrets it very much. When she shared her experience on the Internet, netizens even complained that Xiaotong and her mother-in-law were really ignorant! “Isn’t this kidding about the life of the mother and the child?”

How did you get the due date? How do pregnant women correctly view the calculation of the expected date of delivery? 

It is medically stipulated that the expected date of delivery is calculated from the first day of the last menstrual period, and the entire pregnancy period is stipulated to be 280 days. If you count 28 days per month, that is, ten pregnancy months. 

According to this algorithm, people can sum up the specific calculation method

The month of due date = the month of the first day of the last menstrual period + 9 or -3

The number of days due to due date = the number of days on the first day of the last menstruation + 7

So pregnant mothers can roughly calculate their due date through this calculation method. However, if a woman’s menstrual cycle is not regular enough, the calculation of the expected date of delivery may be biased, so the expected date of delivery is only a rough number. 

Although the due date is a Probably, what should pregnant mothers do after the expected date of delivery? 

1. Insist on pregnancy checkup

When the fetus has not started after the expected date of delivery, pregnant women must pay attention to the pregnancy checkup and check the gestational week with the doctor again to determine whether there is any deviation in the expected date of delivery. 

During this process, the doctor will ask about the time when the fetal movement occurred and the results of the early pregnancy test, because this may be used as the basis for recalculating the expected date of delivery. 

2. Pay close attention to fetal movement

In the third trimester, the fetal movement will be relatively regular. Every day pregnant mothers can determine whether the fetus in the stomach is abnormal by observing the changes in the fetal movement. 

If the fetal movement is severe or weak, pregnant mothers should pay attention to this, rush to the hospital for examination in time, and listen to the doctor’s guidance and advice. 

When monitoring fetal movement, it is best for pregnant mothers to conduct self-monitoring according to the law of fetal movement. 

If the fetus has fetal movements 1 to 2 times within an hour, or less than 20 fetal movements within 12 hours, pregnant mothers must be cautious and seek medical help in time. 

3. Relax your emotions

If the fetal movement is normal and it is within two weeks after the expected date of delivery, then pregnant mothers don’t need to be too anxious and keep their emotions relaxed, which is more helpful Yu fetus greeted delivery smoothly. 

Excessive tension and anxiety may cause abnormal fetal movement. 

In short, after the expected date of delivery, pregnant mothers must not be able to slack off, actively communicate with the doctor, monitor the condition of amniotic fluid and fetus, so as to avoid fetal hypoxia, fetal distress and other critical situations . 

In addition, it is worth noting that pregnant mothers should not believe that the longer the fetus stays in the womb, the better, because this is also likely to cause the production of huge babies, which is not conducive to the smooth delivery get on. 

How do you deal with the situation that the due date has arrived but the fetus has not yet delivered? Pregnancy diet is related to the health of the baby. If you want your baby to be healthy, these three types of food must be on the table

Pregnancy is a happy and hard thing, because pregnant mothers can welcome their baby through the October pregnancy. But some things that need to be paid attention to during pregnancy are really enough for pregnant mothers to have a headache. Especially in terms of eating, eating too much is afraid of growing too much. On the one hand, it affects the recovery of pregnant mothers. On the other hand, I am afraid that the fetus in the belly will be too large and affect the production. Worry about eating. 

Xiao Hu has been pregnant for 5 months, but since he was pregnant, Xiao Hu’s weight has only increased by 10 kilograms. At first, Xiao Hu didn’t feel anything, but later went to the hospital for an examination. The doctor’s child was somewhat malnourished, compared to the same month age. The fetus is smaller. 

After Xiao Hu listened to the doctor’s examination results, he went home and asked her husband to cook for herself. He clamored for meat every day for the nutrition of the fetus. After 1 month, Hu went back. In the hospital examination, the fetus did not seem to be much different. 

Xiao Hu is a little at a loss. He never eats meat for the sake of the fetus. Now eating meat every day can’t make the fetus grow. What can I do? 

In fact, if the fetus in the belly is healthy, the diet during pregnancy is still very important for pregnant mothers, but eating only meat will definitely not solve the problem. 

If you want a baby To grow strong after birth, pregnant mothers can eat more of these during pregnancy.

1. Eat more calcium-containing foods

Pregnant mothers should eat more calcium-containing foods when pregnant, because after pregnant mothers are pregnant The baby grows continuously in the pregnant mother’s belly, and the pregnant mother needs to supplement calcium to meet the needs of the fetus’s growth. As the fetus grows, the fetus needs more and more calcium, and the pregnant mother itself needs calcium, so Pregnant mothers should eat more calcium-containing foods, which are good for themselves and the fetus. There are many kinds of foods containing calcium, and the fish, meat, eggs, and milk that are often eaten in life are all essential during pregnancy. 

2. Eat more iron-containing foods

Pregnant mothers are prone to anemia due to iron deficiency when they are pregnant, and anemia will affect the fetus in the belly, so pregnant mothers should pay attention to supplementing iron during pregnancy. . The liver of iron-containing food animals in life, chicken, duck liver, and animal blood, pig blood, sheep blood, etc., but it is recommended that the animal liver eaten by pregnant mothers is best to buy and make by yourself instead of eating in the market. The ones that are well cooked. 

3. Eat more foods containing zinc

Zinc is also crucial to the growth of the fetus during pregnancy, because zinc is closely related to the development of the fetal brain . In order to ensure the development of the fetal brain, pregnant mothers should also supplement zinc in an appropriate amount, and the foods containing zinc in life include various meats such as lean meat, seafood, and beans such as soybeans and broad beans. 

Of course, in addition to eating carefully foods that affect the fetus during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should also pay attention to foods that affect the fetus. It is best not to touch this type of food for pregnant mothers! 

Foods that are not easy to eat during pregnancy

1. Seasoning star anise

It is best to eat less seasonings when pregnant mothers are pregnant, especially star anise and the like, because these seasonings Contains a lot of hormones, too much intake will affect the development of the fetus and easily cause fetal malformations. Of course, it’s not that you can’t eat it at all. It’s just to remind pregnant mothers to be in moderation. If you can, it’s best not to eat. 

2. Crabs

Some pregnant mothers like to eat seafood, especially crabs, before they become pregnant. Although crabs are rich in nutrition, crabs are cold food and should not be eaten by pregnant women. Crabs also have the effect of promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis. This kind of food is most feared by pregnant mothers, because eating too much can easily cause miscarriage. Even if the pregnant mother is greedy, you have to bear with it. If you lose your baby because of eating crabs, it is really worthless. 

3. Uncooked foods

Pregnant mothers should also be careful not to eat uncooked foods during pregnancy, such as meat or eggs. Because unripe food contains a lot of bacteria, it is easy for pregnant mothers to cause infection once they eat it in the stomach. The body resistance ability of pregnant mothers is relatively weak during pregnancy. If these unripe foods are eaten, it is likely to cause bad results. 

4. Foods that are too salty and too sweet

Some pregnant mothers have heavy tastes during pregnancy, so they like to eat some heavy-tasting foods, such as pickles or desserts. Pregnant mothers who eat these foods must keep a good amount, not too much, because eating too salty will cause edema, and eating too sweet will easily cause gestational diabetes, no matter which one is not good for the fetus. 

After pregnant mothers are pregnant, they no longer live for themselves, because there is still a small life in the belly, so they have to think more about what to eat and what to do. Consider whether what you are doing is beneficial to the fetus in the belly. Pregnant mothers must respect the fetus in the belly, and will satisfy the pregnant mother after the fetus is born. If the pregnant mother is not particularly concerned about the fetus when she is pregnant, she will not be merciful to the pregnant mother after the fetus is born.

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