The mother became pregnant just after she was out of confinement, and the husband frankly thought that she would not get pregnant if she did not show up.

The mother became pregnant just after her confinement, and the husband admitted that she would not get pregnant without an account. The doctor was fooling around.

Studies have shown that even if the mother is still breastfeeding, the chance of pregnancy is also Can reach more than 2%. And during the breastfeeding period, if Ruobao’s mother is not breastfeeding, ovulation will resume about 40 to 50 days after delivery. 

Some mothers even start to resume ovulation about 20 days after giving birth. During this period, even if Baoma does not have menstruation, she may become pregnant if she does not take proper contraceptive measures. 

The parturient has just given birth She was pregnant at confinement, and her husband frankly thought that she would not get pregnant if she did not show up. The doctor made a fool of herself! 

Xiaofei and her husband got pregnant after just two months of marriage. Originally, the newly married Yaner was just like a glue. Because Xiaofei was pregnant and had a relatively strong pregnancy reaction, Xiaofei couldn’t sleep well at night. 

In order not to affect her husband who has to work during the day, Xiao Fei and her husband sleep in separate rooms. After a pregnancy in October and the arduous process of production, Xiaofei successfully gave birth to a lovely daughter, and the whole family was very happy. 

And the husband who has not had any intimate behaviors for nearly a year waited until Xiaofei was finally out of confinement and was able to sleep together again, so he stopped being patient. 

Because Xiaofei has not yet started menstruation, her husband thinks that there should be no risk of pregnancy. Xiaofei doesn’t understand this very well, so she agrees to a married life without any contraception. 

However, what Xiaofei didn’t expect was that she had only been out of confinement for less than half a month and felt unwell, accompanied by her husband, to the hospital for examination. 

When the test results came out, she was told that she was pregnant again, about 10 days of pregnancy. For Xiao Fei, who has not recovered from her uterus and body, it is not only unsuitable for continued childbirth, but the damage caused by abortion is also great. 

When the doctor learned that the husband and wife thought they didn’t need to take contraceptive measures before menstruation, they couldn’t help criticizing their ignorance.

“It’s just a nonsense. Who said they didn’t have menstruation? You won’t get pregnant? In general, it’s best to have an intimate life with husband and wife 2 months after giving birth.”

Now that such a result has been caused, Xiaofei and her husband both regret it. 

Actually, as long as there is ovulation, even if the mothers do not have menstruation after giving birth, if contraceptive measures are not taken, there will be a certain chance of pregnancy. 

Many novice parents have great misunderstandings about contraception during breastfeeding, and it is easy to make serious mistakes, causing great harm to Baoma’s body and mind! 

About breastfeeding What are the misunderstandings of contraception? 

1. You won’t get pregnant if you don’t have menstruation.

You won’t get pregnant if you don’t have menstruation.

During the postpartum breastfeeding period, because Baoma’s body has not yet recovered, there is no endometrium The repair is good, so there is no menstruation yet. But the absence of menstruation does not mean that there is no ovulation. 

Research has shown that at least 50% of mothers will ovulate normally during lactation. 33% of Bao Ma will resume ovulation before the first menstrual period after delivery. 

As long as there is ovulation, there is a natural chance of pregnancy. Therefore, even if the menstruation is still in the postpartum period, the contraceptive measures should not be slackened. 

2. Breastfeeding babies can be contraceptive

Maybe many people have heard that Baoma can successfully contraception when breastfeeding babies. In fact, it requires prerequisites to achieve this. If it must be pure breast milk, there will be no mixing and matching of breast milk and formula milk. 

And before the baby is less than 6 months old, and the breastfeeding time should reach 4 hours during the day to breastfeed, and 6 hours at night. 

Under these conditions, there is only a 98% chance of achieving contraceptive effect. In order to avoid the remaining 2%, it is better to take contraceptive measures. 

3. After confinement, you can have sex with each other.

The doctor’s advice is generally that after 2 months of normal delivery, Bao’s mother has to go to the hospital for examination, and the body’s organs and functions have recovered well, before the couple can consider having sex. Matters. 

It takes a longer time for Baoma to recover from the incision, so generally after 3 months, if there is no problem in the hospital, then consider the matter of husband and wife having sex. 

Only by understanding the many things that Baoma needs to pay attention to during confinement and breastfeeding, can she not get pregnant again, hurt and sad because of misunderstandings and failure of contraceptive measures. 

Even if Bao Ma’s body can be restored to the intimate behavior between husband and wife, contraceptive measures are not to be ignored. 

For effective contraception, you can choose the following contraceptive measures.

1. Consistently use condoms

For breastfeeding mothers, in order to ensure that they have enough milk and their health, use In addition to effective contraception, the condom method can effectively avoid the meeting between sperm and egg, reducing bacterial infection and transmission. 

2. The birth control ring

The birth control ring can be placed in the uterus after 3 months of normal childbirth. After going to the hospital for examination, if there is no gynecological disease Effective long-term contraception. Baoma who had a caesarean section will need to consider placing a birth control ring after 6 months. 

In addition to the above two contraceptive methods, some people may choose contraceptives. For mothers who are breastfeeding, they should avoid taking contraceptives as much as possible, otherwise they are likely to affect the baby through the milk. 

If you have taken birth control pills, you need to stop breastfeeding for at least 3 days. 

For the mother who has just finished giving birth, the body has not fully recovered, and the repair of the uterus has not been completed. The damage caused by the immediate pregnancy is undoubtedly huge. 

Even if you give birth to a child and take care of two young children at the same time, it must be exhausted. Therefore, parents who have sex during breastfeeding must take contraceptive measures! 

For contraception during breastfeeding, what do you have to add? Welcome to leave a message to share! Children have these 3 “hate” habits. Congratulations. They will be leaders in the future.

Every child is born with a different personality, and as they grow up, they will learn from their families. There are many things learned in the body and the surrounding environment, which will prompt them to change more. 

They will show many characteristics in the process of change. For example, some children like to talk, some like to be quiet, some like to command others, and some like to follow the crowd. 

At the same time, they will develop various habits as they grow up, many of which are regarded as “bad habits” in the eyes of their parents, but do you know? Some seemingly “nasty” habits indicate a child’s future development potential. 

Haohao is 8 years old this year. He is in the second grade of elementary school. In school, although his grades are not bad, he is often criticized by the teacher because he usually does not listen carefully in class. , Often do some small movements, especially like tearing the paper origami airplane on the notebook after class. The teacher reminded him many times to maintain hygiene, but he always commits repeated offences. 

One winter, there was a heavy snowfall. The entire playground was covered with piles of snow. Haohao often ran out to play in the snow after class. He didn’t know to go back when the class bell rang. Although the teacher specifically emphasized that it was not allowed to run out to play in the snow after class, Hao Hao still didn’t listen. In the end, he was left alone in the playground and had a great time. 

The helpless teacher had to talk to Haohao’s mother many times, and Haohao’s mother also felt very speechless, because the teacher had been contacting parents to discipline her children for many days, but whether she was persuasive or reprimanded, Haohao still doesn’t take it seriously. She even took the child to check if she was suffering from ADHD. 

In addition to this, Haohao is also very talkative. The teacher said that he often whispers to the students next to him in class. Haohao’s mother expressed the hope that parents would restrain their children more. 

Ke Haohao’s mother is really hard to tell. You must know that she is very strict with Haohao at home, but the child’s mouth is always idle, eating and talking, talking in the bathroom, even writing Homework is also a lot of nonsense, which is really daunting. 

At first glance, these kinds of disobedient behaviors of Haohao are indeed annoying, but when you think about it carefully, in fact, Haohao loves to talk shows that he has strong language expression skills, good communication skills, and a comparison of personalities. Stubbornness and active behavior just show that he has a strong curiosity. These “disgusting” habits actually show that Haohao has strong abilities in these areas, and he may be a leader in the future. 

Children have these three “nasty” habits, and they will be the material of leadership in the future.

1. Talking a lot

Some children are born A small talker, I like to communicate with others all the time, even if I play by myself, I have to talk to myself for a long time. When adults are talking, they like to interrupt, and sometimes they even repeat the adult’s like a repeater. Words, it’s harder to make them shut up than going to the sky. 

Although children who talk a lot may seem a little annoying, but they talk a lot, which means that their language skills are very well developed. On the one hand, they can accurately receive external information and summarize and find out. On the other hand, they can express their points of interest clearly and smoothly. In the process of language acceptance and transformation, they can exercise their expressive and thinking abilities, and these abilities are precisely necessary for leadership. Possessed. 

2. Love to command others

Some children have acted like a “dominant president” since childhood, always asking their parents to do this and that, even in kindergartens and The school often asks other children to obey their orders, just like a “little bully”. 

Many parents think that this habit of children is very impolite, but in fact, children give orders to show that they have the potential to be a leader. 

Because children will show their own initiative and sense of responsibility when ordering others. At the same time, they also know their needs and the results they want to see, which also shows that they have excellent decision-making awareness. . 

If the family has children who like to give orders, parents can teach the children how to communicate with others correctly, and teach them to use a tactful tone and a sincere attitude to express their needs. 

3. Very active

Many parents feel that children’s disobedience is “hyperactivity disorder” “But in fact, there is a big difference between ADHD and children’s restless nature. Children with ADHD typically have deficits in attention and cannot devote themselves to accomplishing one thing seriously. In addition, they are more irritable and always do something inactive. Meaningful small movements, such as squeezing the eyes, touching the nose, and so on. 

Normal and active children just like to explore out of curiosity. The more active they are, the more flexible their brains and the more active their minds. In this case, parents should not force or accuse the children, but should guide the children to combine movement and static, and help children to reasonably release their playful nature. 

In short, the bad habits in the eyes of adults do not necessarily indicate that the children have problems. As long as parents are good at discovering the hidden problems behind the children’s bad habits, they can help the children seek advantages and avoid disadvantages and perform better Own specialty.

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